One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap

Kay Simone / Jul 18, 2019

One Giant Leap Houston we have so many problemsCurtis Launchpad Larkin s career as an astronaut has had its share of ups and downs Alternately lauded as the single handed savior of NASA and condemned as a reckless

  • Title: One Giant Leap
  • Author: Kay Simone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Houston we have so many problemsCurtis Launchpad Larkin s career as an astronaut has had its share of ups and downs.Alternately lauded as the single handed savior of NASA and condemned as a reckless, hot headed bully, Curt has been through the wringer of public opinion and come out on top When he embarks on his final mission with NASA, Curt figures there s no curveb Houston we have so many problemsCurtis Launchpad Larkin s career as an astronaut has had its share of ups and downs.Alternately lauded as the single handed savior of NASA and condemned as a reckless, hot headed bully, Curt has been through the wringer of public opinion and come out on top When he embarks on his final mission with NASA, Curt figures there s no curveball that life has left to throw him.But when the role of spacecraft communicator is passed to a young engineer back in Houston who he s never met, Curt s mission takes on a new trajectory CAPCOM to commander Do you read Patrick Harte s life is turned upside down when he s called to fill in at mission control, working directly under his hero, Curtis Larkin.Falling for Curt is just a small step for Patrick but it s one giant leap to think that the astronaut could ever return his feelings The I talk to you, the I know that we understand each other After Curt connects with Patrick from worlds away, he can t imagine life on earth without the other man Despite the fact that he s never laid eyes on Patrick And their problems won t stop once he s cleared for landing.The bad boy astronaut is no stranger to controversy but will the genuine and soft spoken man of his dreams be able to keep up with the trouble Curt seems to stir everywhere he goes One Giant Leap is a slow burn m m contemporary romance novel with a May December theme, lots of humor, medium angst, medium heat, and a happily ever after ending plus a sexy bonus chapter.

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    1. If I could, I would give this book a 100 stars instead of these meager 5, this book was that amazing for me. As I just told my friend Kavita, this book has effortlessly surpassed my devotion for my most favourite book of all time, Axel's Pup by Kim Dare. And that is not a light statement coming from me: as so many of my good friends on GR can attest, my love for that book has been incomparable, ever since I first read it. No other book has even come close to touching the spot I had allotted to t [...]

    2. Prepare for sugar-shock! This one is sweeter than honey. If you are looking for an impossibly sigh inducing romance, this one is for you. It is low, low, low on steam so don't expect any sexy time. I didn't miss it and I'm a BDSM loving, dirty talking, wall-sex enthusiast.I was ready to give this one 5 stars but the last 10% pushed me into diabetic shock. It played on every cliche imaginable and didn't really match the mood of the rest of the book. It was a little too perfect, you know? But that [...]

    3. UPDATE: After I wrote my original review, my OCD kicked in hard, and I forced myself to keep reading. I skimmed from 46 to 70 percent. Once Curt lands on earth, and he and Patrick finally meet, I became more invested in the outcome. The first time Curt and Patrick set eyes on each other is magical. It's a moment worthy of a Hollywood sunset and champagne. I really did like that part and the getting-to-hold-you moments that followed. The ending here is pretty damn sweet and almost makes up for th [...]

    4. 5 StarsWell, I've just officially found my favourite M/M read of 2016. This story was absolutely wonderful.Curtis "Launchpad" Larkin is a soon to be 40 year old world-famous (and infamous) astronaut, on his last mission in space, when his usual CAPCOM (the person back on earth who holds main communication between flight control and the astronauts) falls ill and is replaced by 27 year old Patrick Harte. The two get off to a rocky start, but over the course of the mission they form a fast friendsh [...]

    5. *I was provided with an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*It's not a secret that I enjoy Kay Simone's writing, as I've read and positively reviewed her previous works. I'm guessing that anyone who enjoyed her two previous books will probably enjoy this one, as well. That being said, there are a few things I took issue with. Simone's technical prowess is still not up to par if she wants to compete in the top tier of m/m romance authors. She has issues with commas. Not as bad as [...]

    6. 4.5 StarsThis story, with its low heat and practically non-existent sex content, will not appeal to everyone. It did, however, hit all of my other buttons. It was touching, funny, sweet, romanticd all built around a subject very near and dear to my heart (space exploration and NASA funding).It was also very clever with its made-up celebrities (Neil deGlass Bryson, Bill McCann the Science Man) and television shows; I really liked how the book used footage and articles to weave the current state o [...]

    7. Refreshing set up and completely grounded in reality, this was a perfect romance amidst the background of showcasing great efforts towards propelling humanity forward.Newly minted communications officer Patrick is in way over his head. He's overwhelmed with nerves and anxiety, and he can barely keep it together as he realizes that he's in charge of coordinating the entire mission. Lives are depending on his abilities and smarts, and it doesn't help at all that he's secretly had a crush on the he [...]

    8. 4.5 starsTwo guys falling in love before they even meet - so very romantic! Lovely slow burn and an HEA you can believe in. The astronaut theme was a fun twist (and somewhat unique) although be prepared to suspend your disbelief a little about the workings of a NASA mission. As the author herself indicates, this is more along the lines of a fairy tale!

    9. This was just adorable! I loved this. I loved how the romance unfolded while Curt was in space and Patrick on earth. They fell in love by just talking to each other.They do finally meet at 80% and it was wonderful and everything I’d hoped for.I did have one major problem with this book and that was the interview stuff at the beginning of each new chapter for the first half of this book. I hated those parts and I skipped all of them. But other than that I really loved it. It was super romantic. [...]

    10. After just reading this for the second time I can say that this book is as good for me now than it was when I wrote this review after my first read.Very often I can relate to one of the main characters very well, maybe because the book is written from his POV, or because of the way the story is told.In this book, I liked them both so much and it absolutely felt as if they were perfect for each other.Even without (almost) any sex scenes and most of the communication taking place via intercom this [...]

    11. Wow. Just Wow. This was great. I've been kinda wanting this story for a long time. I love space and science and they whole astronaut things so I was a little sad to see that no one had written a book that takes place in contemporary times that deals with all that. Not that I'll ever turn a good scifi down, but there are a lot of really cool things that happen now (or even in the past) that would make really great stories. And I'm really glad someone finally did it. And did it so very very well. [...]

    12. Overall book rating: 4Audio Book: Greg Tremblay - 4Book Cover: 3.5 I really enjoyed the whole astronaut thing. I enjoyed the majority of the story, although the ‘romance’ aspect between the two MC’s maybe could have had a little “more” to it when they finally met. There were times I wasn’t really sure if I liked-liked Curtis or just tolerated him, but I’m leaning towards like. Again, the idea of the story was something else and I had fun with that. Also, Patrick was sweet. I liked [...]

    13. This started a bit slow. I will admit I probably would have DNF had it not been for the wonderful narration by Greg Tremblay. Then something amazing happened. I started getting into the story. I started enjoying the banter between commander and his CAPCOM. There is no steam in this book, but I truly didn’t miss it. I’m very glad I picked up this story, and I will gladly try something else by this author in the future.

    14. Alert : dissecting opinion !The story is quite unique : it takes place during a mission in the space. It's full of characters : the astronauts making that flight, among them, Curt, the captain, a veteran and quite a character, and the NASA personnel on the ground, more specifically Patrick, who has just been promoted as the communication officer between earth and the spaceship just after the launch. The story is about how the program got stopped and then reactived, about the space travel, and th [...]

    15. When you know, you know. And Curtis and Patrick both knew - immediately and irreversibly - across the miles. I loved the sweetness and purity of the connection between these two in the most bizarre and unlikely of scenarios while Curtis was orbiting the Earth in a shuttle and Patrick was white knuckling his way through an unexpected promotion to CAPSCOM. What I loved the most about this story: Patrick's personality. Curt's personality. The secondary characters, including Amal, Carmen, K.C Wyatt, [...]

    16. This was a wonderful discovery (thanks Roger!). A great novel of realizing attraction and just going with it - in the most unlikely of places. Patrick, who has had a crush on Curt for ever (literally!) and Curt realizing that Patrick can be his everything. This is very slow burn. It's not UST either - just growing via amazing dialogue and gradual understanding into each other as a couple. I loved the convo's, really enjoyed the NASA components (live about 1 1/2 miles from NASA myself felt very c [...]

    17. I'm not sure why I didn't write a review for this back in January when I read it. *smh* However, I've been listening to the audio throughout the past few days while driving, cleaning, etc and it's just a reminder how much I loved this book. The story was completely brought to life by Greg's narration. It's not often that I listen to an audio and feel like it's better than actually reading it, but this is one of those times. I just want to put Greg in my pocket and have him tell me stories all da [...]

    18. 4.75 stars. This story really captured me. I love space, older/younger pairing, falling for someone's mind as opposed to their body, combining recent history with fictional characters, lovers slotting/meshing together. It was all glorious. Not a lot of sex, but I enjoyed what was there. Author has a free chapter for what happens after if you join her mailing list. I truly want to read more of her work.

    19. This. Was. Awesome. It's a totally different type of story from anything I've ever read and I loved how Patrick and Curt fell in love. The whole NASA aspect was super interesting and now I'm going to go watch every movie I know about space exploration! Loved this and now I definitely want to check out more from this author.

    20. This book As intimate as it is sweeping in scale. There are no words that I possess that accurately describes the impact of this story.Astronauts, space exploration, love story If you are drawn in any way to MM romances, then you must read this book.

    21. I was utterly enthralledSci-fi stories were my favorite reading choice for a very long time starting in high school. I devoured Heinlein, Clarke and Asimov, among others. So, of course I had to read this when I saw it and I'm so glad I did.This is not an ordinary romance, and for the majority of the book, our MC's are connected only by voice. Curt, now 40, is the mission commander of the Hermes 1. He's NASA's bad-boy: hot-tempered, hard-drinking, brash and an unapologetic straight talker. He was [...]

    22. 3.5 rounded up to 4. This is my first book by this author and it wasn't bad. I enjoyed how they met and got to know each other. (view spoiler)[More sweet than steamy, not a lot of sex. (hide spoiler)] I have to admit for me in some places it dragged, of course most of them getting to know each other while Curtis was in space and Patrick was doing his mission control duties. I thought they were both sweet together when they finally met.

    23. "Humanity is nothing without the individuals who make it up," Patrick says. I am going to be honest here and say I don't know what to write for this review. I am kind stumped right now. The reason I can't write the review is because I can't put it into words how much I loved this book. Although the book had no drama and it was friends to lover thing but it still made it in my favorite list. My preferences is usually reading paranormal or mystery but my biggest weakness is when there is a geek or [...]

    24. I don't even know where to begin. I read the preview chapters I'd gotten through Ms. Simone's newsletter and I was instantly hooked. I even re-read them 5 or 6 times in anticipation for the rest of it. After reading The Aftermath, I knew that it was going to be nothing short of spectacular.Ms. Simone has ability to pull you into the story and make you feel like you're part of it. I felt connected to Curt and Patrick. I felt like I was right there with them as their story unfolded. I felt such de [...]

    25. 4.50 Stars!! I absolutely love this story about the renegade astronaut and his younger, shy CAPCOM (spacecraft communicator). Their slow slide into first friendship, then love is so sweet and romantic. While there is very little on page loving, it's really not missed because the story is so good! Highly recommend!!

    26. Really like this author's styleAnother surprising romance from Kay Simone. The premise of this is so unlikely but it just works. I love how she uses language in her previous novels and this one was no exception. She has the ability to describe complex emotions in words which not only flow beautifully but which evoke vivid mental imagery.These book is heavy on the details of the NASA space program but they are never overwhelming and while it is light in terms of the steamy sex scenes, the love an [...]

    27. Absolutely an amazing story!!! I had this book in my kindle since foreverwhy I didn't start it before I don't know! Such a great and SO sweet story, Curt & Patrick so cute together! Something different in the MM landscape, so worth to read!

    28. 3.5 starsMan, I was tempted to give this four stars because honestly, I thought Patrick and Curt were cute and I liked their characters individually as well, but I settled for giving this 3.5 stars instead because honestly, the book was mostly "meh" for me. First off, I went into this expecting for the space mission to be a hell of a lot longer than three weeks - so then, by the time it was over, I was like 'sure, Patrick and Curt really wanna see each other and really like each other' but at th [...]

    29. Absolutely wonderful story. I enjoyed every minute of it, even if it was really really long.This is a real nice slow burn romance and on top of that it's filled with the wonders of outer space. It's just fantastic.Recommended to everyone who likes their romance sweet, science-y, low steam, and thick on the plot.

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