The Haunting of Pitmon House

The Haunting of Pitmon House

Michael Richan / Jun 25, 2019

The Haunting of Pitmon House No one not even experienced ghost hunters and mediums will enter Pitmon House Its dark abandoned halls hold inhuman secrets and the spirits inside are violent and uncontrollable Exploring its room

  • Title: The Haunting of Pitmon House
  • Author: Michael Richan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • No one, not even experienced ghost hunters and mediums, will enter Pitmon House Its dark, abandoned halls hold inhuman secrets, and the spirits inside are violent and uncontrollable Exploring its rooms is an easy way to get killed So Pitmon House sits locked up, abandoned, and silent Eliza s younger brother is struck down by an infection that has turned him from a n No one, not even experienced ghost hunters and mediums, will enter Pitmon House.Its dark, abandoned halls hold inhuman secrets, and the spirits inside are violent and uncontrollable Exploring its rooms is an easy way to get killed So Pitmon House sits locked up, abandoned, and silent Eliza s younger brother is struck down by an infection that has turned him from a normal, vibrant teenager into a raving lunatic, requiring constant sedation She quickly realizes the medical community can t help him she will have to use her dormant gift to save his life Although Eliza is frustrated that her father died before teaching her how to use the gift, with practice she starts to see things that normal people cannot Thanks to her co worker Rachel s encouragement, Eliza becomes convinced that she can save her brother When the clues point to Pitmon House, even Rachel has second thoughts Eliza must find the courage within herself to enter the frightening and perilous mansion, even if it puts everyone s lives at risk.

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    1. 4.5 stars!THE HAUNTING OF PITMON HOUSE, by Michael Richan, is a stand-alone novel based on the early life of one of his "River" characters. Although followers of the River Series will recognize Eliza's name, this book takes place before any of those references--after she leaves college to care for her 14 year-old brother, following the death of their father. At this stage, Eliza has virtually no idea that she is "gifted", and is forced to learn about her abilities after her brother is mysterious [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book by author Michael Richan. The story is about a young woman's brother who becomes deathly ill and enraged after encountering an object in the Pitmon House. The woman acquires friends along the way to help her find out what made her brother ill to the point where they have to enter the Pitmon House to find their answers. But what lies within the Pitmon House gives the woman and her friends something they wish they had never encountered. Two bad entities rule the top floo [...]

    3. The Haunting of Pitmon House is a book that stands alone. You do not have to be familiar with any other books in The River Series. Eliza brother Shane, is infected by something at The House of Rock, where Eliza works. Shane goes from an average teenager to a raving maniac. It is so bad, that Shane has to be admitted to the hospital and kept sedated. Eliza, finally realizes, that the doctor's can not help her brother. Eliza works at The House of Rock with Rachael, who is gifted. Rachael notices t [...]

    4. The blurb sounds great and with lots of positive reviews I was sure I would love this. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a struggle to finish. I didn't really like or care about the characters and the world was hard for me to picture and understand. Maybe if I'd read some of the other books first it would have helped? For some reason I just wasn't engaged in the story and my attention would wander. I think it is probably an "it's me, not you" thing.

    5. Interesting book. I'm glad I came across it, as it seems to be a prequel, instead of the other books first. Now if I choose to read them, I'll know what I'm getting myself into.Full review up later.

    6. I really loved this story! Not anything I have read before, and I understand it’s part of a “river” series. This story was more supernatural than I usually like, but it really worked for me! It was exciting, fast paced, and I loved the characters. I will be reading more in this series :)

    7. A solid, enjoyable read. Simple, but engaging. I wasn't sure I would continue by the end of the book, since it wasn't really as 'haunted' and scary as I was hoping for, but it drew me in and I started up the 2nd book right off.

    8. There is much to the plot of this novel. Eliza has a "gift" but she doesn't know from whence it came. Her friend, Rachel, has the same gift and instructs her to enter a river with her eyes closed. This river is the source for the gift. It contains ordinary things with super-ordinary powers.So, when Eliza's brother, Shane, becomes violently uncontrolled, and is sent to an asylum, she suspects something else is wrong. Eliza's friend, Rachel, introduces her to an array of extra-sensory people who l [...]

    9. This isn't a great book, but it interested me because i'm familiar with the locations where it takes place. The book begins at a place i've visited several times, The House on the Rock, in Spring Green, WI. It is an amazing, creepy, awesome place where you might be convinced anything could happen. To believe there are things there that hold evil, is not all that difficult, and that is the premise that starts the book. The brother of an employee there comes under the influence of some sort of cur [...]

    10. Too lengthyThis book would use a paragraph of three words for numerous chapters I admit I fast forwarded, half way through to last three chapters and still got the gist of the plot. Too much unnecessary dialogue for me. As a child I would use this authors use of words to fill two pages of homework. The teachers cottoned on to what I was doing and was told, minimum 3 sentences per paragraph.

    11. GreatThe Haunting of Pitmon House is very different from what you read about other haunted houses. What a relief! It's true Sci-fi at its best. Almost every story you read about haunted houses starts at the house. Not this one! Please read this book by Michael Richan and venture down every valley he's created with all the twists and turns.

    12. Great ReadEliza has mo idea the gift that she has until her younger brother goes insane.Now she has to learn fast before the "infection" from a haunted house takes him over fully.Will she be able to figure out why the house is haunted and be able to cure her brother?Find out in this smooth taleuld not put down.

    13. This one didn't do it for me. Maybe it was geared towards kids, but the story was just overly simple and the character development was shallow. Also, the whole river concept was just sort of goofy. Some of the character's word choices and interactions were simply humorous; I have no idea how old the author is but it feels like an old person trying to talk like a young person.

    14. IntriguingIt is easy to say that this book was a true mystery. It was well written and on the weird side. I would have enjoyed it more as a teenager. The author left you hanging page after page. The ending leaves you in suspense and wanting to read the next book. An easy afternoon read.

    15. Bad GhostsInteresting story about paranormal activity surrounding Pitmon House. The place where evil lurks with mischievous ghosts and a murder took place, years ago. Even though this is not my genre for book-reading, the story was interesting enough to flow.

    16. The Haunting of Pitmon House Don,t go up those stairs! Dang you went up there. Don,t go to the next floor. This book has some unique spins on haunting. The characters are interesting and the storyline keeps the action moving. Beware of the evil in the haunted house.

    17. Unique twist on paranormalThis was a great paranormal/ghost story. I liked the unusual abilities and incidents that the characters presented. Great for early teens and older.

    18. Michael Richan's supernatural tale, The Haunting of Pitmon House, is as hauntingly well written as his other novels. Eliza Winters works at The House on the Rock, a strange tourist-attraction museum, and acts as mother to her younger brother, Shane, following the death of their father. He and his friends visit the museum, but during the trip he becomes ill and then hospitalized, causing Eliza to learn more about her "gift" to try to save him. Rachel, a coworker, recognizes Eliza's gift, and deci [...]

    19. This book started out weird, I thought I wasn't going to like it because of the weird "river" element and the stuff that was happening to Eliza. I was also concerned that it was veering down the path of the love interest taking the main focus off the plot line. I'm glad I kept reading because my concerns were unfounded. Eliza was a great character with a strong head on her shoulders. I really liked the supporting characters and the vibe of the Pitmon house, even if the ghosts were a little uncon [...]

    20. FANTASTICI loved this book from start to finish and I think I put it do w n once. He really has a way of gripping you and pulling you into a story. The plots are always spot on and there is always at least one character you can relate to. So I say thank you Michael Richan for another fantastic read.I really like this author and have started reading The River series -- more books you can't put down.

    21. It was really goodI chose this because I love all of Michael's books. This one did not let me down, as it had all the paranormal mystery I enjoy reading. Shane, a fourteen year old goes crazy and attacks one of his friends while in The Pittman House, and gets put into a mental hospital, restrained because he is so violent, and then finding out the cause leads into a great story. I do miss Steven and Roy. But this is a great book.

    22. Another home run for one of my favorite authors! How wonderful to get Eliza's origin story. She could be a series all on her own, her evolution and all. "I've got a shotgun! " she said. "Come one out if you don't want to get pumped full of pellets!" - I can so hear Elmer Fudd. As always, looking forward to the next. Can't wait to read "The School of Revenge" in September sounds like it will be a vicarious read.

    23. Love it! You'll see some familiar names. Learn a little about Eliza. Still a lot to know. A great River addition. I read this in one sitting. Can't wait for another story. Michael Richan is one of my favorite authors and the River world is my favorite series. A must read.

    24. Just like all of Michael's books, I couldn't put this one down. It was nice to get some more background on one of the other characters.

    25. Pittman HouseLoved this book. New characters and some of my favorite characters from the River series. I hope this book has a follow-up, and I will be a happy customer. Enjoy!

    26. AwesomeLoved the characters an storyline of this book, I can't wait till October when the second book comes out, five stars

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