Steal Away

Steal Away

Jennifer Armstrong / Feb 21, 2020

Steal Away Set during the Civil War Era this heartwrenching novel of two girls one African American one white and their flight North to freedom was called powerful moving and thought provoking by Publishers

  • Title: Steal Away
  • Author: Jennifer Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9780590469210
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set during the Civil War Era, this heartwrenching novel of two girls one African American, one white and their flight North to freedom, was called powerful, moving, and thought provoking by Publishers Weekly An American Bookseller Pick of the Lists in Orchard hardcover.

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      142 Jennifer Armstrong
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        Jennifer Armstrong learned to read and write in Switzerland, in a small school for English speaking children on the shores of Lake Zurich The school library had no librarian and no catalog just shelves of interesting books She selected books on her own, read what she could, and made up the rest It was perfect As a result, she made her career choice to become an author in first grade When she and her family returned to the U.S she discovered that not all children wrote stories and read books, and that not all teachers thought reading real books was important Nevertheless, she was undaunted Within a year of leaving college she was a free lance ghost writer for a popular juvenile book series, and before long published her first trade novel, Steal Away, which won her a Golden Kite Honor for fiction More than fifty additional novels and picture books followed, and before long she also tried her hand at nonfiction, winning an Orbis Pictus Award and a Horn Book Honor for her first nonfiction book, Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World In late 2003 she will travel to the South Pole with the National Science Foundation to do research for a book on ice.


    1. Very strong message on the immorality of slavery. Two young girls, 13 and 14 are bound together as friends forever. The story begins in the future and goes back and forth in time as the now two old women are penning their life story.As Susannah's parents die, she is shipped to her Uncle's farm in Virginia and presented a slave of her own,to her utter dismay. Enter Bethlehem,the slave girl. They tentatively become bound together as Susannah plots to run away back North where she has determined to [...]

    2. Steal Away is a historical fiction book by the author Jennifer Armstrong. This book is about an orphan girl named Susannah and a slave named Bethlehem. Susannah’s parents died and she had to move in with her uncle. She used to live in Vermont which was a free state of slaves. But had to move to Virginia, which had slaves. At Virginia, her uncle gave her a slave, which was Bethlehem. In the scenario, it was like a “what the heck” moment for Susannah because they didn’t have slaves back wh [...]

    3. I do not recommend reading this book. *WARNING!!! MAJOR SPOILERS!* Pretty much the whole thing was a story of two young girls who weren't very nice to each other but wanted to escape Virginia. It was a sad, dismal story and they still aren't wonderful friends in the future and in the end of the book, they write their escape story down and one of them dies. That's the end. There was nothing happy about this story at all, nothing. Any no one was nice to each other in that book. They were all unhap [...]

    4. Wonderful, poignant story of courage, strength, friendship and faith. ( One instance of profaning God's name by a drunk man)

    5. IS HOME MORE THAN JUST A PLACE? This book is frankly hard to put down, for Armstrong weaves a compelling story of interracial relationships—a tale within a tale, in fact. Spanning three generations and alternating Time between 1855 (when slavery was a grim reality) and 1896 STEAL AWAY presents readers with a literary device w known as Shared Narrative, so that each girl has the opportunity to offer a personal account of her flight from Virginia to a new life up North. Both their contemporary [...]

    6. Bethlehem a slave and Susannah endure a dangerous journey together. Their journey is to achieve reaching up north where there is freedom. Savannah's plan to escape the southern plantation is a hazardous risks that could jeopardize both of their lives. Though the help of each other and the bond of their friendship could help save them, and help them reach their goals.The strength the two girls had was admirable that they were able to stick together being aware of the risks that were at hand if th [...]

    7. I enjoy stories about runaway slaves, and so I picked this one up on a whim. It was an easy read, and could be a little slow at times, but it was never truly boring. The chapters alternate between the past and present, intertwining the stories of two different generations. I was a little more bored with the chapters in the present, as not as much was going on there, but it never took me long to get through them.Even with knowing some of the end results of the past, most of it was left a mystery, [...]

    8. I read Steal Away for a book group in middle school, so when I spotted it at a thrift store, I decided to buy it and read it again. Now, I liked it when I read it the first time, but I LOVED it the second time! The format is creative and helps readers view racism from different perspectives. There's Susannah, an northerner who is against slavery, but doesn't completely understand it. There's Bethelhem, the slave, who is the more mature of the two. And there's Mary, Susannah's granddaughter who t [...]

    9. What I most enjoyed about this book was the unique relationship between Susannah and Bethlehem. Susannah, a white girl raised in the North, watches her parents die when they fall through the ice of a frozen lake, and is sent to live with her father's brother, who is a slave owner in the South. Bethlehem, a black girl who is about Susannah's age, is assigned to be her slave, and, having been taught the evils of slavery all her life, Susannah hates everything about life on her uncle's farm. She ma [...]

    10. Armstrong, Jennifer. Steal Away to Freedom. . 1993. 224 pp. ISBN: 0590469215. Genre: Historical FictionRating: 3.41 Stars. Two friends run away during the Civil War from Virginia to Vermont in search for freedom and a better life.Summary: Susannah is an orphan after her parents die from falling in a lake and goes to live on her uncle’s farm. Bethleham is a slave, both develop a special friendship when they run away in search for a better life and freedom during the Civil War. The book is writt [...]

    11. Steal Away is about two girls both living in the south(in virginia) that become friends and run away. one is white and the other is black. susannah's parents died back in vermont were she lived befor. bethlehem is a slave. they must travel from virginia to vermont, on foot. both want a better free life.i was able to connect to susannah when she got sick and bethlehem help her thruoght the hard time. my mom and dad always on my side to help me when i'm sick.i would recomand this book to all peopl [...]

    12. I remember that I had to read this book in fifth grade for a book group, the highest level one in my class, and I absolutely adored it. Not sure how it would compare if I read it now, but I remember that it started so slow that it bored everyone else in my group, but I found the story fascinating and devoured it (no one else got past chapter 7, haha). So, depends on the kid- if you have a younger kid with a higher reading level who enjoys historical fiction, hit this up. Or, if you don't mind go [...]

    13. I liked the way this author chose to tell both sides of a story. I thought it was creative and made for an interesting read. The frame story within a frame story tactic was a little weak and muddled though. I think it's a good book for younger kids to connect to a more personal side of the history, but it still left a lot to be desired as far as historical aspect. I felt that many of the characters could be better developed as well. Overall ok.

    14. gr 5-8 206 pgsalternates between 1896 and 1855, 13 year old Susannah is horrified when she is orphaned and sent South to live with her slave-owning relatives. She is determined to return home to Vermont. 13 year old Bethlehem, a slave, is also determined to leave, so that she escape North to freedom.I didn't like Susannah and found the alternating between the story of their escape in 1855 and their retelling the story to Mary and Free in 1896 disruptive.

    15. A friendship is forged between a young, northern orphan gone to live with her family on a southern plantation, and her uncle's adolescent slave girl. The story is told from the future, each girl taking a turn to narrate as their descendents look on. This is the story of pre and post Civil War characters clinging to their own versions of both truth and history, as well as learning to accept alternate viewpoints. A wonderful book for adolescents!

    16. Two young girls; one black, one white, run away from Susannah's uncle's farm in Virginia. She is trying to get back to her home in Vermont while her companion is trying to get to Canada. The story is told as a rememberance told forty-one years later as the black person is dying. A bit trite in places and the ending was a little disappointing. It is an easy read so it might be good for a pre-teen who wants to read about events preceeding the Civil War.

    17. Susannah's parents die, so she is sent down South to live with relatives in Front Royal, Va. & is given the gift of Bethlehem, her own slave girl. Susannah is miserable and fears for her soul as slavery is a sin, so she and Beth run away together. Told in alternating viewpoints as a memoir as Bethlehem lay on her deathbed years later. (This book had been on my bookshelf, unread, for 5 years).

    18. Interesting format--granddaughter recording (in late 1800s) first-person pre-Civil War narrative of escape of two girls (one black) from slave-holding uncle/master. Shows how narrative was handed down to 1960s' present. Some text vague, hard to follow for adolescents, but powerful none-the-less.

    19. This was a good had to be on your toes to follow the story, due to two different people telling the story and two different timelines. But very good and a real insight into how difficult it was to be black. We just don't know!!!!

    20. I'm in eighth grade and in the highest level reader In my class but I got so confused about what was happening. I couldn't even remember who each person was by the end.

    21. I am a 5 th grader and am reading steel away me this book is counfusing e the writer kept witching back and fourth to different seems!!!!!!!!!!

    22. This book was written in an interesting way. It was told in two time perspectives. There were some good parts to it, but I was very unsatisfied with the ending.

    23. This book left me speechless. As I closed the book I knew my heart had been touched, yet so many loose ends were left.

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