Awaken to Pleasure

Awaken to Pleasure

Nalini Singh / Dec 16, 2019

Awaken to Pleasure WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO MARRYING ME The proposal was as unexpected as her feelings for the man whose dark good looks rivaled an even darker past Painful experience screamed that Taylor Reid should run f

  • Title: Awaken to Pleasure
  • Author: Nalini Singh
  • ISBN: 9780373766024
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO MARRYING ME The proposal was as unexpected as her feelings for the man whose dark good looks rivaled an even darker past Painful experience screamed that Taylor Reid should run far and fast from Jackson Santorini But keeping custody of her brother meant becoming her former boss s bride.And giving Jackson a baby.Despite his powerful size and presen WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO MARRYING ME The proposal was as unexpected as her feelings for the man whose dark good looks rivaled an even darker past Painful experience screamed that Taylor Reid should run far and fast from Jackson Santorini But keeping custody of her brother meant becoming her former boss s bride.And giving Jackson a baby.Despite his powerful size and presence, Jackson had been woundedeply a woman Yet he d protected her at a personal cost, if his restrained ardor in deference to her virginal apprehension was one indication Suddenly, for Jackson s sake, Taylor wanted to replace pain with pleasure Only, she d never imagined what sensations and secrets she would awaken.

    Awaken to Pleasure by Nalini Singh Jan , Awaken to Pleasure is the story of Taylor and Jackson When Jackson, the Hollywood superstar finds his old secretary soaking in the rain on a deserted road, he immediately rescues her and takes her to his apartment Jackson has always been attracted to Taylor, even when he was married to Awaken To Pleasure Read Novels Online quotWHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO MARRYING MEquot The proposal was as unexpected as her feelings for the man whose dark good looks rivaled an even darker past Painful experience screamed that Taylor Reid should run far and fast from Jackson Santorini But keeping custody of her brother meant becoming her former bosss bride And giving Jackson a baby. Awaken To Pleasure read online free by Nalini Singh Awaken To Pleasure read online free from your Pc or Mobile Awaken To Pleasure is a Romance novel by Nalini Singh. Awaken to pleasure YouTube Jan , This feature is not available right now Please try again later. Awaken to Pleasure Nalini Singh NYT bestselling author I love all my books and adore all my heroes and heroines, but I have to admit that Awaken to Pleasure and Jackson Santorini have a special place in my heart This book still makes me cry each time I read it, and Jackson well, as a hero, he set a pretty high bar. Awaken To Pleasure Page novel Page Awaken To Pleasure is a Romance,Young Adult novel by Nalini Singh, Awaken To Pleasure read online free from your computer and Smartphone, Mobile Awaken to Pleasure by Tomoko Takakura Jul , Awaken to Pleasure has ratings and reviews Taylor is all out of options After years of raising her beloved maternal half brother, her abusive step

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        I ve been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes I love creating unique characters, love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head There s no other job I would rather be doing In September 2002, when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted to buy my first book, Desert Warrior, it was a dream come true I hope to continue living the dream until I keel over of old age on my keyboard.I was born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand I also spent three years living and working in Japan, during which time I took the chance to travel around Asia I m back in New Zealand now, but I m always plotting new trips If you d like to see some of my travel snapshots, have a look at the Travel Diary page updated every month.So far, I ve worked as a lawyer, a librarian, a candy factory general hand, a bank temp and an English teacher and not necessarily in that order Some might call that inconsistency but I call it grist for the writer s mill.


    1. A sweet and sexy story featuring a swoon worthy alpha hero and a strong heroine. Even in its very simple plot, it shows Nalini Singh's talent for relationship building. The "petting" scene definitely helped me start the already long Psy-Changeling series (when I started it, the series already had 9 books and Kiss of Snow was going to be released). She improved and refined her writing since but her signature style is already there.

    2. I used to devour Harlequin books (at first very old HP's, later Temptations, Desires and Blazes) starting when I was a young teenager, until about early in my twenties.I bought them secondhand for €1, and always got the ones that had 3 books in them (the Dutch Harlequin publisher often prints different books in one edition). They were my cure for heartbreak (I would bury myself in bed with 10 Harlequins, weep and read through my tears and weep at all the romance again. After the weekend I'd be [...]

    3. This is a disappointing read. Usually I love a romance writer's id-filled early category works, when her heart's still in it. I didn't expect a book by Nalini Singh to be so clunky and boring. It's got some well-loved tropes -- an arranged marriage, a virgin bride, an abusive background, a custody battle, a Hollywood lifestyle -- but it's hard to care what happens to a pair of such irritating and unevenly drawn characters as they try to out-protect one another from various unlikely tragedies and [...]

    4. This book started off good but quick became contrived and cliché-ridden. Elements of this book had the potential to be incredibly emotional and add really depth to the story, but instead the author just skims the surface and the issues raised just seemed to resolve rather too easily.Nice descriptive writing, although taken (in my opinion) a little too far with the physical description of the hero. He ended up sounding like some hulking-great, thick-necked, pulsing-veins WWE wrestler - not the t [...]

    5. The book had a lot of elements I like, but it could've been better. Jackson is a successful, very wealthy movie producer (something big in the movies, anyway). His wife Bonnie cheated on him quite a bit, then committed suicide, taking their unborn child with her. He was devastated and humiliated by the press. The book starts with him driving home and glimpsing Taylor, his former secretary (a temp), waiting for a bus in the rain late at night. He was always deeply attracted to her, but he held ba [...]

    6. Super-sweet yet dangerous-when-necessary swoony hero reconnects with a heroine who is somewhat hung-up and in need of some of the special healing he can offer. Some of the situations seem rather contrived so that the protagonists can put their mutual possessiveness and protectiveness on display, and too many of the secondary characters are perfectly awful (probably to allow for the aforementioned possessiveness and protectiveness), but the hero made up for a lot.

    7. Wow. Every time I go back to category romance I end up with a big ol' DNF. Really, were Desires always so tropey? Big, rich alpha male takes care of little spunky but downtrodden heroine with issues. YAWN. This felt soooo dated

    8. Awaken to Pleasure is a stand-alone Contemporary Romance Story by Nalini Singh.This story is about Jackson Santorini and Taylor Reid. Jackson is a successful movie producer who once employed Taylor. Jackson was married and loyal to his wife. She was anything but loyal and addicted to drugs. In the end, she killed herself and their unborn child. Jackson longs for a child and to be loved unconditionally.Taylor was Jackson’s secretary but left the job to pursue a career in a less corrupt and vain [...]

    9. Although this is an early novel of Singh's, I can tell the writing style that Singh will eventually develop so well in her Psy-Changeling series. The sex scenes are steamy, too - the workout room scene is definitely x-rated. It's a modern contemporary romance, light on plot, about a movie producer mogul w/the baggage of a dead druggie first wife and a secretary with intimacy problems. Unless you're a completist like me, this one is easily skipped.

    10. Touching story of woman who was molested as a child and can't get past it and her special relationship with a man who's smart and patient enough to help her work past it. Nalini Singh writes hot stuff even when it's Harlequin.

    11. I love Singh, even when I don't like her books. This book has less story than any random erotica book but the depth of characters, and the respect for them, is trademark Singh. Not anywhere NEAR her best, but you can see the promise in her writing.

    12. Leído el 22/12/2011¿Qué dirías si te pidiera que te casaras conmigo?Sus sentimientos hacia aquel hombre cuya mirada era tan oscura como su pasado eran inesperados. La experiencia le decía a Taylor Reid que debía alejarse de Jackson Santorini inmediatamente. Pero si quería conservar la custodia de su hermano, debía convertirse en la novia de su ex jefe. Y darle un hijo.A pesar del aspecto fuerte de Jackson, era un hombre herido por una mujer. Y aun así la había protegido y respetado al [...]

    13. It was ok. The couple had strong chemistry but that’s it. The over-protective attitude of the Hero and his wanting to “claim” the heroine as his made him seem a bit paranormal. I guess that’s why the author concentrates more on that genre now. The trauma of the heroine seemed a bit excessive considering her experience, though awful, did not merit it.

    14. I think this was the first Nalini Singh book I ever read and I was captivated by how different it was to all the other Harlequin romance novels. The hero is definitely not a jerk but still strong. Ms Singh shows it’s possible to write a compelling hero and level story without falling into tropes which make me want to knock some sense into the couple.

    15. Short novel; I didn't realize this began as a Harlequin published item. Got the ebook, and it was a quick read. Found it interesting as far as the characters, but a bit thin on plot. Overall, a fairly enjoyable escape piece.

    16. It was short, nice and a little different from what I am used to from this author. I expected some more conflict and it to be just a tad bit longer, but nonetheless it was a good book to read.

    17. Para Despertar al placer (1 estrella) demasiado pasa en tan pocas páginas y parece un mal resumen. Para Atrapados en el matrimonio (4 estrellas😚😚😚😚) que diferencia

    18. Sinnliche Stunden mit dirDie Protagonisten Andrea und Jackson sind absolut unterschiedlich dargestellt. Jackson ist eher der große Typ mit breiten Schultern und absolut sexy Aussehen, recht still in der Art, was ihm etwas geheimnisvolles verleihen soll und er wirkt weniger wie ein Geschäftsmann, der er ist, als mehr wie ein Mafiosi. Dass er entfernte familiäre verbindungen zu eben dieser in Italien hat, ist somit wenig verwunderlich. Die ernste, sowie zierliche Andrea würde alles dafür tun [...]

    19. I found this a nice story. I had some trouble relating to the characters, and in identifying with their concerns. This may be because the story was set in the movie industry, which seems like another planet to me. The protagonists' injuries by and dealings with the papparazzi were a factor in the story that left me cold.Other than that, this is a darned good book. The characters experience and show personal growth. The plot, while dependent upon big money realities that I did not feel comfortabl [...]

    20. I actually liked this novel. The whole time I was reading I kept wanting these two to have a conversation. I also was surprised that they didn't have real conflict. You know what I mean. With Harlequin and Silhouette there is a bit of an obligatory big blow up and this book didn't have it. I was a little surprise and kept trying to predict when it would happen. I thought that the stepfather was going to try to kidnap his son, Nick and then Taylor would blame Jackson for not protecting Nick. That [...]

    21. Awaken to Pleasure4 StarsTaylor Reid is desperate to retain custody of her younger brother of her younger brother, but lacks the resources. Thus, when her former employer, sexy movie mogul, Jackson Santorini, offers her a solution, marriage, she eagerly accepts. But, is she ready for the passion and pleasure Jackson needs from her?One of Nalini Singh’s earlier category romances that has all the hallmarks of her later bestsellers although her plotting and dialogue have definitely come a long wa [...]

    22. Since I got my ebook credit this week, I decided to clear out some of the books on my wish list, and pick up this book. I am so glad that I did. I loved this story! There are some parts, particularly with the cutlery issues with Nicks father, that seemed too easily solved and glossed over. However, I liked how the relationship developed between Jackson and Taylor. They may have at times jumped to conclusions, but they talked about them rather than let them fester. There is one part at the end th [...]

    23. Harlequin category romance used to hold no appeal for my reading material, as the storyline almost held the same premise. But as big fan of Nalini Singh works, it felt like an obligation to read all her books. Reading with low expectation and to get such wonderful journey in the end is like getting birthday gift. And yes, Nalini Singh deliver such sweet present with this book.Though the story has the usual premise as category romance, but the characterization, plot, and storyline got itself a 5 [...]

    24. Well, I read about the existence of this book in Nalini Singh's website and she did warn that it was one of her first books ever and her writing style had "changed" over the years. This is not good, her style didn't change, it improved 400%. This is one of those reads that you will get to the end just because you're compulsive and don't like to leave things unfinished. I could criticize so much about it, but for one's first forays in writing I must say I'm glad she did it and turned into such an [...]

    25. Age makes no difference to the person you become once you're an adult.- TaylorMore experience, more life lived.- JacksonBy holding me, by being there whenever I need you, by never leaving me to flounder, by being there, just being there.- TaylorWe went through the sadness together and we'll go through the joy that comes.- TaylorLoving is the greatest trust a woman can give to a man.- TaylorSometimes, I look at you and my heart feels like it'll explode with the intensity of what you do to me.- Ta [...]

    26. I absolutely adore Nalini Singh, although I generally read her paranormal romance novels. This wasn't quite up to her usual standard. I don't know when it was written but it feels like an earlier work. Having said that, it is still very good. I did get a little irritated at the point of view changing repeatedly and without warning. I love multiple viewpoints but one at a time please! The book is really very sweet as we see both characters heal from their emotional scars. Lots of steam too. It wa [...]

    27. I've had this book on my TBR forever almost. LOL. I've read her other series Psy-Changeling, Guild Hunter and even Rock series and finally buckled down and read one of her older novels. This was beautifully written and typical Singh's style of writing and finding true love. Enjoyed this read just as much as her others. Taylor and Jackson were perfect together. I loved Jackson's vulnerability about falling in love again and his total alpha Italian attitude. Loved it!

    28. Overall, I found parts of it to be repetative and the character building wasn't the strongest. Both the hero and heroine were fairly basic, but there was some development. Most of the story was character-study, since the plot of the heroine fighting to keep her brother was resolved quickly and off screen. In the end it's not a story I will reread, but it was an interesting peek into Singh's writing past.

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