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Shadowcaster A lifelong war Alyssa ana Raisa is the reluctant princess heir to the Gray Wolf throne of Fells a queendom embroiled in a seemingly endless war Hardened by too many losses Lyss is comfortable striki

  • Title: Shadowcaster
  • Author: Cinda Williams Chima
  • ISBN: 9780062380975
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A lifelong war.Alyssa ana Raisa is the reluctant princess heir to the Gray Wolf throne of Fells, a queendom embroiled in a seemingly endless war Hardened by too many losses, Lyss is comfortable striking with a sword than maneuvering at court After a brush with death, she goes on the offensive, meaning to end the war that has raged her whole life If her gamble doesnA lifelong war.Alyssa ana Raisa is the reluctant princess heir to the Gray Wolf throne of Fells, a queendom embroiled in a seemingly endless war Hardened by too many losses, Lyss is comfortable striking with a sword than maneuvering at court After a brush with death, she goes on the offensive, meaning to end the war that has raged her whole life If her gamble doesn t pay off, she could lose her queendom before she even ascends to the throne.A life in peril.Across enemy lines in Arden, young rising star Captain Halston Matelon has been fighting for his king since he was a l tling Lately, though, he finds himself sent on ever dangerous assignments Between the terrifying rumors of witches and wolfish warriors to the north and his cruel king at home, Hal is caught in an impossible game of life and death.The shadow of defeat.

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        New York Times bestselling author Cinda Williams Chima comes from a long line of fortune tellers, musicians and spinners of tales She began writing romance novels in middle school, which were often confiscated by her teachers.Her Heir Chronicles series magic comes to contemporary Ohio comprises The Warrior Heir The Wizard Heir The Dragon Heir The Enchanter Heir, and the Sorcerer Heir Chima s Seven Realms series launched with The Demon King in 2009 IThe Exiled Queen in 2010 The Gray Wolf Throne in 2011, and The Crimson Crown 2012Her Shattered Realms quartet launched with Flamecaster in April 2016 with Shadowcaster scheduled for April, 2017 Chima is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and the University of Akron Chima has been a workshop leader, panelist, and speaker at writing conferences, including the Northern Ohio SCBWI Conference, the Western Reserve Writers Conference, and the World Fantasy Convention She frequently speaks to young writers and readers at schools and libraries nationwide Chima lives in Ohio with her family, and is always working on her next novel.


    1. OK SO I WAS RLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS (still am tbh) BUT WTF THEY CHANGED THE COVER. I HAVE 10 BOOKS THAT ALL COORDINATE BUT NOW THEY CHANGED IT TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE ToG. THIS IS NOT THRONE OF GLASSugh. publishers after money pissing this girl off.The spins better still coordinate.

    2. Update: Kindle US for $1.99 11-27-17Noooooooo, cliffy! I need that next book now! This book is so bad @assed! I'm loving all of these strong women fighters! Lyss is the princess and heir to the Gray Wolf throne. (Hell's Yes!) But she likes fighting with her peeps which are men and women. They are all awesome fighters. And Lyss moves up to Captain, she's not a dress wearing society girl, she is in there fighting with her people. The mages hadn't seemed to notice her yet. In fact, they seemed dist [...]

    3. Ok now I remember why I read the whole Seven Realms series in 5 days. Cinda Williams Chima is one of my absolute favorite authors and I am shoving this book at everyone I see now. I just adore this whole world she's created SO much! She writes some of the strongest, most realistic characters I've found. I only meant to read a few chapters of this book buuuut ended up finishing the entire thing in one sitting.The first book (Flamecaster) had several POVs but mainly focused on Ash and Jenna. The m [...]

    4. 3.5 -4.0 StarsSomething I wish I would have known before going into this book is that there is really no Ash in it….*gasp* He is there in a few flashbacks and he is mentioned but he doesn’t get a PoV and we never see him after the timeline events of the last book.I tell you this because I think that my frustration with the first half of the book was partly because I was waiting to get to a part with him in it. Had I known going in this was the case I wouldn’t have been so distracted by it. [...]

    5. Shadowcaster is the sequel to Flamecaster.Gotta be honest I didn't love it. I think it suffered from middle book syndrome. Firstly, the things that disappointed me:* the two main characters (and my other fave), Ash, Lila and Jenna were barely in this book. Jenna had a few chapters but not much. I didn't even read the synopsis so I wasn't aware of that going in. It was a disappointment.* The pacing: this book felt soooo much slower then the first book until closer to the end. * Insta-love again. [...]

    6. IT seems the publishers are sticking with their egregious mistake of changing the cover for the U.S. Hardcover. So fingers crossed the U.K. publishers maintain the original design for their paperback. ---OMFG, they did not just go and change the cover on me. They did not just add a cover model to this book for no reason! The original cover was beautiful. Why publishers, why!? ---Got an email from Cinda Williams Chima's newsletter with the official book description! Love it!Me after seeing the co [...]

    7. WHY would you step on your original wonderful series, flush your original characters down the toilet, and plunge readers into a long-standing conflict with long-suffering characters we don't care about?WHY is the novel so transparently managed, with so many points of view just missing each other even as they overlap entirely too cleverly?WHY would you turn Raisa into her mother, with no explanation of the transformation and no logic behind her actions in this novel, beyond them serving the plot? [...]

    8. I liked this even better than the first book!This time, the story follows Lyss - Ash's sister, and Raisa and Han's youngest - heir to the throne and also known as the fierce Captain Gray to her soldiers, and the ghost story "The Gray Wolf" to the Ardenine enemy.The setting: is mostly centered on the Fells (nortern part of the map) and the events run almost parallel in time to the previous book - so Ash doesn't make an appearance (although Jenna and her dragon do!).Plot: I really loved how differ [...]

    9. I have been putting off this book for so long since the first one was average and as the months went on, I slowly forgot what happened in it. Which obviously made me want to read this book less. However, this book was everything the seven realms series was! It was just as amazing as all the books I loved in that series and I’m so glad I continued on with this book. The characters are just so much better in this book. The only reason why it’s a 4 star and not a 5 is because I was a little con [...]

    10. 4 Mage Mark ★'s“Sometimes you have to get away to remember who you are. Believe in yourself, Lyss. You’re strong and smart enough to do this job. Never let anyone tell you different.”This books is the best Cinda Williams Chima book I have read so far. I'm glad it took me sooo long to get started on Seven Realms and Shattered Realms because I only have to wait 2 more months until I can read Stormcaster :) Thank goodness after how it ended, I don't think I could wait any longer!! In any ca [...]

    11. This book reminded me of why I loved the Seven Realms series. :D Alyssa ana’Raisa is all set to be queen to the throne. Except she doesn’t want to be. But even so, Alyssa is great at following her responsibilities and believes in doing things right for her kingdom and for those who come after it. This book was definitely better than Flamecaster. Mostly because (1) the romance made sense instead of the insta-love in the previous book and (2) Haleston and Alyss had more established, independen [...]

    12. This book was badass. Seriously everything is coming together nicely, the action is heating up and I cannot wait to see what happens next. *Review to come*

    13. Fantastic, as expected. Going into this book I had no idea that it would be somewhat of a parallel to the events of Flamecaster. I really enjoyed this, but I definitely felt the absence of Ash and the original group really strongly as a result. That being said, I absolutely adore all the new characters. Especially Lyss. I obviously didn't expect Ash's little sister to be such a central part of this series, but I'm so glad I was wrong. Before I get into the central characters really briefly, thou [...]


    15. No spoilers in this review. This is a hard one to rate because it started off slow for me, but then I enjoyed the second half. Ultimately, I decided on 4 stars. This rating is partially influenced by my love for this world Chima has created as well as what I anticipate in the rest of the series based on what she presented here.This installment focuses on Lyss, Ash’s sister and heir to the Grey Wolf throne. Their mother Raisa still reigns, and Lyss has taken up life as a Fellsian soldier. She i [...]

    16. Minor spoilers below. Chima has done it again. She manages to weave three separate stories into one, cohesive plot. We follow Lyss, Breon, and Hal. Three very different people from different backgrounds that become connected after a series of events. I love Lyss. She's strong, determined, and honest. She knows her strengths, but acknowledges her weaknesses. The youngest of three children, she is now the crown princess of the throne and will become queen once she turns 16. More comfortable in com [...]

    17. Cinda Williams Chima I love your writing! Yes I'm throwing out that coveted 5th star. I Love this book. This book reminded me why I originally fell in love with the seven realms series, and why on your blog I begged for more. I'm so happy you gave us more. This book was everything I was hoping it would be. THANK YOU! ♡

    18. Over the years, Cinda’s world of the Seven Realms has become one of my favorite places to read about. So I was chomping at the bit to read more about it, and I loved being back there. Shadowcaster was an interesting proposition, because it’s not actually a sequel to Flamecaster, it’s more of a midquel. Most of the action takes place at the same time as Flamecaster, and follows different characters. It’s only toward the end that the timeline catches up to the last book, and goes slightly [...]

    19. Another out-of-the ballparkSo, this is the second installment in a 4 book series, which is a 2nd generation series.The first half of this book parallels the first book time wise for two characters mentioned in the first book, but it is not simply a different POV, so you can easily read this book and not have hardly any spoilers from the first book.Also, if you did not the first series (The Seven Realms)ame on youbut it is not necessary to still understand and enjoy this series.If you had read th [...]

    20. Also posted at Library of Colors.I’ve waited a little over a week to write this review, and I think it’s finally time for me to try to put my thoughts into words. If you’ve followed my reading and reviews at all or just happen to follow me on bookstagram (@libraryofcolors), you know how much I love Cinda Chima and the Seven Realms world. The Demon King was one of the books (along with Twilight and Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce) that got me really into reading again. The world building, the c [...]

    21. So much tension, and so many threads to follow. I love the way Chima writes! This book was much more political than her previous books, I thought, so it may not be as exciting for some. But I absolutely loved it. I loved seeing things from an entirely different side (Alyssa and others), and seeing so many familiar names.I love the way that she has so many different things happening at the same time, and I really have no clue where this is going. I love that she has the long game in mind when she [...]

    22. An improvement on Flamecaster by far, though it features far too many POVs -- some of which seem exceedingly random and unnecessary. Still, 3.5 because this has better plotting and the badass that is Lyss was enough to reel me back just when I thought I was out.

    23. After I read Shadowcaster Hmm, it was okay. Review to come Before I read Shadowcaster Update #1: THERES A DESCRIPTION Totally not what I was expecting but, somehow even better than I could have hoped for it's still too early to tell but, I'm getting good vibes. The more I think about it the more excited I am to read a story about Lyssa (this is totally premature but, from those few brief sentences I have this feeling I'm going to love her who I'm I trying to fool? Obviously, I'm going to love he [...]

    24. Probably actually a 3.5. This one fell a bit short compared to all of her other books that I have read. Not that I didn't like it but that comparatively, I just wasn't as excited about this one. Part of the problem for me was that this book has a whole new cast of characters so it really felt like a first book in a series where I was expecting a second book. I will definitely read the next two books in the series when they come out because I think great things are still yet to come.

    25. *Source* Publisher via Edelweiss*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*MY Thoughts*Shadowcaster is the second installment in author Cinda Williams Chima's Shattered Realms series. It is important to note that this series takes place 20 or so years after the ending of the Seven Realms series. While there may be guest appearances from some of the cast of that series, the current series focuses on the sons and daughters of the cast of the Seven Realms series. Flamecaster featured Adrian sul [...]

    26. This was a pretty disappointing continuation of the series, considering I pretty much devoured everything that came before. I was hanging out for a continuation of the first book's adventures but instead it's all about Adrian's sister, Lyss, who has to be one of the most boring characters of the series. There's a ton of boring war talk and lots of marching, and most of the time I didn't really get what was happening. Probably didn't help that I'd mostly forgotten the first book, so there were a [...]

    27. 4.25 stars. An exciting sequel with lots of great new characters. Chima really knows how to write excellent YA Fantasy. My dislike is that this book focused a lot more on war and strategic planning at times, which I just found uninteresting. Besides that I really adored this book and can't wait to read the next book in the Shattered Realm series!

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