Mates, Dates, and Sole Survivors

Mates, Dates, and Sole Survivors

Cathy Hopkins / Mar 28, 2020

Mates Dates and Sole Survivors I decided that next time I saw him I d have a word about maybe giving each other a bit space After all Mum s always saying that you have to work on relationships and not give up at the first hiccup

  • Title: Mates, Dates, and Sole Survivors
  • Author: Cathy Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9780689859922
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • I decided that next time I saw him, I d have a word about maybe giving each other a bit space After all, Mum s always saying that you have to work on relationships and not give up at the first hiccup Lucy seems to be out on a limb Everybody has a boyfriend except her, and since she put Tony on the back burner he s found someone else Then on a spa weekend with IzzieI decided that next time I saw him, I d have a word about maybe giving each other a bit space After all, Mum s always saying that you have to work on relationships and not give up at the first hiccup Lucy seems to be out on a limb Everybody has a boyfriend except her, and since she put Tony on the back burner he s found someone else Then on a spa weekend with Izzie, she meets someone who seems just right for her And he feels the same way about her.But after a while, Lucy starts to feel smothered Can someone love you too much Maybe the life of a singleton isn t so bad after all

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    1. There is no way I could have managed the horrible teenage years without this series! I read it multiple times!!

    2. i have read these before but know going back as adult must admit find the one thing that i s annoying hat the series does not flow [ properly with some one different from the teenage girl gang telling a story i cant really remember what happened to each one . Most teenagers know how important it is to fit in and how lonely it is without a boy friend the reason i like these books is their humour what can be worse going to cinema and playing gooseberryI . This is one of my faves so far showing how [...]

    3. 4/5 stars.~~~~~~~~Sejujurnya aku juga kaget bahwa aku cukup menyukai serial Mates, Dates ini. Yang mengherankan juga aku membaca buku pertamanya, yang the Inflatable Bras, dan itu sangat menyenangkan untuk dibaca. Sekedar light-reading tentang cita-cita dan impian hidup. :) Aku baca lagi buku ketiganya (gila ga urutan-_-), dan aku memutuskan untuk minjem Sole Survivors dari tempat rental kesukaanku hehehe. Dan aku baru tau kalo ini adalah buku kelima dari seri Mates, Dates. Cukup nyesel juga kar [...]

    4. Lucy has finally decided to give a relationship with Tony a chance, but he's found someone else. Being the only singleton in her group makes her feel either left out, seeing as her friends are living under a couple bubble and have less time for mates, or like a third wheel.These summer holidays are proving to be quite lonesome and boring, until she meets a boy who seems perfect for her at a workshop weekend with Izzie. He likes her too and everything goes just right at first, but soon Daniel tur [...]

    5. Baca buku ini karena disodorin temen. Katanya lumayan :DTrus, ya udah, coba baca.Baca ini jadi inget film AADC (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta). Tapi cuman global doang, sih. Tentang empat cewek yang sobatan. Trus, mereka berempat ini saling mendukung satu sama lain. Termasuk masalah kisah cinta. Dibanding ketiga sahabatnya, cuma Lucy-lah yang jomblo. Setelah sebelumnya bermaksud pengen balik lagi ama Tonny, kakak Nesta, cowok yang cakep banget. Cuma ternyata, pas udah mau nembak Tonny, ternyata Lucy baru [...]

    6. I read Mates, Dates, and Sole Survivors as an IR book. This book was about all of them getting out of school, ready for the summer and dealing with boyfriends. Since everybody has a boyfriend except Lucy, she feels left out. Nesta has Simon, T.J. has Steve Lucy's Bro, and Izzie has Ben. So all her mates have a mission. Get Lucy a Boyfriend. Soon they realize they just can't find anybody. But when she goes on a relaxation trip with her dad and izzie and her mom. Izzie is digging it but lucy isn't [...]

    7. Delightful, charming, cute YA novel featuring Lucy and her three good friends. This is the first in the series that I read and ended up enjoying reading about Lucy and her pals summer and remembering what it was like at that age to have ones heart broken. I admire Lucy and loved how she didn't need to define herself by whether she had a boyfriend or not. When she was kind of dumped, she looked at her options for the summer holiday (including finding another boy) and decided that she wanted to fi [...]

    8. The Mates, Dates books are great in general! I read this one and really liked it! They are very teen novels (particually for the older teen) but they are filled with lots crushes with boys, things with friends and lots more! It tells about 4 friends living in London (even though a few words are British such as the bathroom is loo in England, the only majorly used word that is not used in America that I could find is snog which means kiss). One of the the down sides to these books are that each b [...]

    9. 3.5-4Collective ReviewI first read a couple of these books in 2006. I had a long bus trip and grabbed a couple of the series from a local bookstore. I had no idea they were part of a huge series. Over the years I had forgotten the names of the books but every now and then would try to find them. I finally found them this year from a list. Yay!I really enjoyed this series. I think the main reason is because the books were released in 2001 and the girls are 14. I was 13 in 2001 so can connect wit [...]

    10. This book is about a girl called Lucy who doesn't have a boyfriend. A boy called Tony has been begging her to date him for nine whole months but she said no.It was going to be the summer holidays, so she thought why not and wanted to finally go out with Tony.Instead of telling Tony in person she thought of sending a letter instead. But later that day Tony said to Lucy I am going to move on because clearly you have no feelings for me and well our relationship did not even started.She was gutted. [...]

    11. Nesta, Izzie, and Lucy are the main characters. It is in London. There was in internal conflict with Lucy. This book is basically how Lucy was going to try to make it official with Tony. When that didnt work out she was on a search for the right guy for herself.Text to self connection. Lucy was pretty much in love with Tony. But something went wrong between them. She still totally liked him and was having a very hard time getting over him. I could connect to this because in 6th grade I really, r [...]

    12. A book that will drive you way far from boredom. the story is told in a perfect way that can make you picture how they look like and what they're feeling at the moment , everything described brilliantly , I seriously recommend it for teens.-When summer is finally over , everyone starts to put out plans. Lucy, who was fearing relationships finally stands up and decides to put things straight between her and Tony . But when she starts to feel everything is gonna be perfect Tony lets her down. her [...]

    13. The main character is Lucy! this book is about Lucy having trouble with love. at first she was planning to be with Tony but suddenly Tony didn't want to anymore. Lucy later met Daniel. she thought he was the perfect person but nothing is as good as it sounds. he is a control freak! they broke it and Tony and Lucy was about to be together again. an important lesson was that your friends are still important even though yu have a boyfriend. overall this book was alright since it kept me reading but [...]

    14. Lucy finally gets the guts to tell Tony that she likes him and wants to date in a note. Tony has gotten sick of waiting though and tells her he wants to move on to other girls. Lucy heartbroken goes home and tells her friends including Nesta Tony's little sister. She tells Nesta to get the note she left for Tony out of the mailbox, but it's too late and Tony has already got a hold of the letter and read it. Lucy decides to focus on herself and dating other people. She meets Daniel whose sweet an [...]

    15. Oh how I loved this one! I've made Lucy's mistake before. I sympathized with her. If Hopkins is good at anything, she's good at creating characters that are relatable (I love Georgia Nicolson, but she's completely and totally unrelatable - impossible lifestyle!). I've mentioned in other reviews about the life lessons she teaches, in this book they're a bit more in your face than usual. Though I applaud Nesta and Izzie for keeping their mouths shut and letting Lucy realize her mistake on her own; [...]

    16. This is another book of the series I have read and I liked this one but not a smuch as the others. In this book all the friends have a love interest except for Lucy. Lucy breaks it off with her friend's brother and meets another boy. But, as everything starts to go good, Lucy's new love interest starts to try and change her and becomes controlling. So, this book is mainly on the "stay true to yourself" theme and to not let a boy control you or ruin your friendships. I recommend this book for gir [...]

    17. Well this was one of my favorites, too. I am really excited to read all of Cathy Hopkins's books. This book was about Lucy who don't know if she can trust Tony, her boyfriend who was always flirting with someelse the next minute. Finally they broke up and she met a boy and they became boyfriends and girlfriends. Lucy felt that it wasn't the same kind of love she wanted but at least she have her friends! Friends forever! I think that friends are more important than my boyfriend or whatsoever. Boy [...]

    18. I bought this book at a second hand bookshop in California not knowing there were other books before it. Even though there was a story line that was going on prior to me reading this book, it was still absolutely adorable and easy to follow. I ended up finishing this book in less then 12 hours and what I liked most about it was I could relate to some of the things that were being quoted. The chapters were nice sizes and it kept me entertained at all times.

    19. Lucy is a really good book, from a popular series. This is the 5th. book and a total success. The main character is Lucy, and her friends Izzie, Gina and Charlie. In this story Izzie and Lucy go to a Hippie relaxation camp, where they meet David. He seems to be nice, but a bit full of himself. The story goes on and Lucy as to find, that David is not her type. This story is a great book for girls and fun to read.

    20. Lucy's bummed out, because she and Tony are back off-again and everyone else has a boyfriend. Lucy goes off on a self-discovery weekend with her dad and meets a lovely boy named Daniel. He's also into fashion and designs his own stuff. Then he turns really possesive and keeps trying to change Lucy. And I thought Mates, Dates, and Sleepover Secrets was heavy on the be-true-to-yourself theme. Also preachy on the don't-let-boys-rule-your-life theme.

    21. Another book in the series that is just filled with good girlie fun. In this book from the series it mainly centers on Lucy. One of the things that is sor tof taught in this book is that when you get something you may not always be happy with it. I wish this book would have not been so subtle on the start of an abusive relationship. The only way I feel you would realize what was starting was that if you knew the signs.

    22. hithis book is about 4 best friends . on the last day of school they made plans . they made plans but they didn't expect that one of them was going to break up with her boyfriend . they try to shop for boys but it doesn't go very good so . she goes on some yoga thing and she finds a very nice guy and she falls for him .

    23. Buku ini keren abis! Banyak kata2 mutiara bertebaran yg bikin aq ngakak, berpikir "bener juga ya?" atau "ouwh, gitu ya?" dan mengangguk2 setuju. Lucy benar waktu bilang "Banyak cowok yg akan datang dan pergi tapi teman tetap tinggal!" hehehe sayang banyak juga yg merasa ngga punya pasangan berarti ngga ada tempat untukku di dunia. Ouwh, please deh

    24. I really like Lucy. I've always thought teenage girls had a sort of resemblence to little babies. They're so confused! And cry over the smallest of things- though that isn't really what Lucy does! In these books- I don't feel like the girls are as dumb as in other books. I like that. They aren't totally stupid. Well- that depends on which one of themyou're talking about ;D

    25. Honestly This series is getting more dull with every book. I used to love it when I was the same age or younger than the characters, but I think I've aged out of it. I'll still read the next one and perhaps the rest of the series, but I don't think they're for me anymore. Also, Daniel's a jerk. 3/5

    26. I liked this book but I think Nesta is a bit vain. I think she should have something that makes her just as good as everybody else like she should like playing video games. That would make her a bit more normal. She should have something like she works in charity or does volunteer work to get her money. She should have a bit of a hard time at home and at school but still look awesome.

    27. Lucy is feeling left out as all her friends have got boyfriends, she meets Daniel. Daniel seems like a nice guy with loads in common with Lucy but soon shows his true colors and Lucy's better off with out him but she doesn't always listen to her friends advice. good read

    28. READ IN DUTCHIk vond het altijd leuk om Tina Toppers te verzamelen, omdat ze maar een paar weken verkrijgbaar waren. De meeste heb ik dan ook verzameld via internet.

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