Right as Rain

Right as Rain

George P. Pelecanos / Feb 22, 2020

Right as Rain A couple of ex policemen turned private detectives are hired to investigate the death of a black policeman at the hands of a white one The two detectives soon find themselves up against institutionali

  • Title: Right as Rain
  • Author: George P. Pelecanos
  • ISBN: 9780752843889
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • A couple of ex policemen turned private detectives are hired to investigate the death of a black policeman at the hands of a white one The two detectives soon find themselves up against institutionalised racism and the worst killers in the USA.

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        George P Pelecanos born 1957 in Washington, D.C is an American author of detective fiction set primarily in the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C He is also a film and television producer and a television writer He has worked extensively on the HBO series The Wire His novels use an ensemble cast of characters, following their exploits across several generations While there are some elements of redemption for these characters, Pelecanos tends to focus on hard luck, small time criminals and crooked cops whose only way to survive on the crime infested streets of D.C is to get over any way they can His gritty depiction of street life spanning from the late 1960 s to the present puts him in the running as an heir to the work of Jim Thompson and James M Cain.


    1. A white cop kills an off-duty black cop and the black cop's mother hires Derek Strange to get to the bottom of things. Strange stumbles into a world of drug dealers and dirty cops, and the only man who can help him is Terry Quinn, the white cop who shot the son of the woman who hired himRight as Rain kicks off the Derek Strange series. Strange, a sixty-ish black PI, is a pretty smooth character, a former cop who is fond of westerns. Terry Quinn is a white disgraced former cop who works in a used [...]

    2. The first of the Strange-Quinn mystery series, with a black and white pair of former cops working as private detectives in the D.C. area. It is an effective and violent thriller, and deals perceptively with issues of race.

    3. I just discovered Pelecanos, and I’d like to issue him a challenge, because I think he’s a very talented writer. Mr. Pelecanos, someday please write a buddy novel about, say, a middle-aged woman detective and the gay former football player she teams up with. I think you could do it, maybe even have fun with it. To make it even more of a departure, start the story out someplace bland like Old Town Alexandria.“Right as Rain” is the first in a series about two former cops in Washington, D.C [...]

    4. RIGHT AS RAIN: A DEREK STRANGE NOVEL by George Pelecanos is the first book in the “Derek Strange & Terry Quinn” series that begins with an older detective named Derek Strange, who is black, (and a former police officer in D.C. from '68) who is requested by an older woman he knows from church to look into the shooting death of her son; a young police officer named Chris Wilson (who is also black) by a young white police officer named Terry Quinn.Quinn has been cleared of any wrongdoing, a [...]

    5. Holy bejesus, Right as Rain is good. Workmanlike, maybe, but the kind of workmanlike that leads you to admire a well-made tool (heh) or table and say, "That sucker will last forever. Solid." I picked Right as Rain up after reading Drama City and finished the last sixty pages in the bath today. Very satisfying. Both the bath and the novel. Right as Rain is up there, as far as I'm concerned, with Ellroy's and MacDonald's best. Nothing too out of the ordinary here, nothing groundbreaking, but top-n [...]

    6. Pelecanos is one of my standby favorites. Aside from being a writer on HBO's "The Wire", he's the only author that I bother to read in hardback. His stories are set in the District of Columbia and its surrounding counties, but have little to do with the bustling Federal City and its corridors of power. Pelecanos writes about the dispossessed of DC, those who scratch out livings in Anacostia and the Northeast. Hard-boiled fiction from a city that always seems on the edge of boiling over. Right as [...]

    7. Astreiner Privatdetektiv-Roman. Mir hat besonders der Aufbau, die Konstruktion des Falls gefallen, aber auch die Figuren, die in all ihrer Moral oft sehr widersprüchlich und damit spannend waren.

    8. This book made its way onto my to reads list because I learned that the author was one of the many writers for the The Wire, a TV show that had fever pitch fandom all through its run and for a good long while after. Now for those that haven't seen the wire but like the true crime genre you need to stop what your doing and go watch some of it.The story of Right as Rain is one that seems pretty simple on surface level but the further you get into it the deeper it becomes, the base story is as foll [...]

    9. Another disappointing novel from an author who I initially thought was a real contender, up there with James Lee Burke and Elmore Leonard. But he's at least a division below, relegated there with this story of a "good black ex cop" and "good-ish white ex cop" getting their relationship together through mutual respect. Pass the sick bag George, as the white boy brings his black father figure obscure Motown vinyl (of course) recordings from his record boutique.I also didn't appreciate the occasion [...]

    10. RATING: 3.5Here’s the situation in a nutshell. On a dark side street in Washington, DC, a black man is holding a gun to the head of a white man lying on the ground. When the police arrive, there’s a lot of noise and confusion. The black guy is yelling something at the cops, but they can’t hear him. When he sweeps his gun in their direction, the white cop, a guy by the name of Terry Quinn, shoots him down. It turns out the black “assailant” is also a cop named Chris Wilson who had been [...]

    11. The first Derek Strange novel. Strange, an ex-MPD cop getting into the PI business, is approached by the mother of a fellow black police officer who was shot during an arrest by a white cop, now off the force also. The shooting was cleared, but the mother wants to clear her own son’s name, to counteract the popular image of him raving and pointing a gun at police officers. Strange questions the shooter, a wiry bundle of rage named Terry Quinn, now working at a bookstore. They get along, despit [...]

    12. George Pelecanos has his fingerprints all over this book. He has written 16 books and Right As Rain is the ninth. In this book Derek Strange and Terry Quinn are introduced for what turns out to be a three book series. He published his first novel in 1992; Right As Rain was published in 2001. As you can see, he writes about one book per year.You know it is Pelecanos because there are cars, music and location. Let’s check it out! Strange sat low behind the wheel of his white-over-black ’89 Cap [...]

    13. In un mondo dove il crimine è la regola e la giustizia l'eccezione, Derek Strange, al volante della sua Caprice nera e bianca dell'89, ascoltava una cassetta dei Blackbyrds mentre percorreva Georgia Avenue in direzione sud. Strade di sangue, titolo più scontato rispetto all'originale Right as rain, parte un po' confuso, ma poi, come fosse un corridore nero che calpesta con grinta le piste di atletica leggera, si allunga e alla distanza mostra la sua gagliardia. Sarà ma il problema è che io n [...]

    14. Derrick Strange sets out to investigate the shooting death of off-duty officer Chris Wilson, at the request of Wilson's mother. Wilson was shot by a fellow police officer, and the DC police force had already investigated and cleared Terry Quinn, the officer who shot Wilson, but Wilson's mother is not satisfied with their findings and doesn't like the way her son was portrayed through the official investigation. Strange not only uncovers new details in this unfortunate death, but he also uncovers [...]

    15. this is a real-deal page turner. i can't remember the last time i read a book this quickly. i flew through all of its 360-ish pages in a day and a halfyond that, it was the perfect remedy for the withdrawl i've been feeling since hbo's the wire (which pelecanos wrote for) came to its conclusion. like the wire, this novel is full of complex, three-dimensional characters dealing with complex, three-dimensional circumstances. it also shares the tv show's sensitive (but not touchy-feeley sensitive) [...]

    16. Oh my yes. I am currently having a full-on literary affair with George Pelecanos. I mean, I'm pretty sure that he's unaware of it, but I am all there.

    17. Μια ιστορία γουέστερν σε υπόκρουση Ένιο Μορικόνε, που είναι ταυτόχρονα μια έξοχη αφήγηση του κοινωνικού περιθωρίου, του ανίκητου ρατσισμού και του αδιέξοδου έρωτα.Αν και ο Pelecanos δεν γράφει κλασσικές αστυνομικές ιστορίες, αυτή εδώ αποτελεί εξαίρεση. Ο Pelecanos στο Δίλημμα Δικα [...]

    18. A middling start to a new series, the book in a nutshell is unremarkable. There is nothing especially wrong with the book, there is an attempt to provide depth to the protagonists, the gritty setting of a dilapidated Washington DC is recreated pretty well. But the story seems to lack tension, it goes though the motion with a workman like vigor, perfectly acceptable but perplexingly average.Ultimately it is like driving a car in third gear on an empty road or having just a couple of beers at the [...]

    19. This is the first Pelecanos novel I have read, and I immediately want to go find some more! Highly cinematic style that includes structuring chapters into short segments that feel like "scenes," particularly when they are "cross-cut" at moments of great suspense so as to seem simultaneous, as well as great attention to music (almost every "scene" has a song that Pelecanos calls attention to). Pelecanos smartly doesn't draw just from noir, and in fact the movie feels as much like an urban western [...]

    20. Not my favorite Pelecanos book. True, the writing is solid, plot is interesting, and the book is a real page-turner. DC is, as usual, shown masterfully. But there is nothing more there for me. I value other books by this author much more (for instance, "Hell to Pay", "King Suckerman", "Night Gardener"). I felt closer to all the racial tensions, poverty, and social issues shown in these books. Here, the author "paints-by-numbers", almost like "Now I will write about racial tensions", and he does. [...]

    21. I worked in Washington DC for more than 30 years. The author does a great job in capturing the DC that tourists don't see. This is a gritty book that is packed with realism. His characters are well developed and the author ties multiple story lines neatly together at the end. He captures the difficult race relation that exist in DC accurately. His description of the drug "shooting gallery" is not for the faint of heart but that culture exists.This is the first novel I have read by the author and [...]

    22. (#1 in the Strange Series)- Derek Strange is an ex-cop who now runs his own private detective agency. The mother of a young police officer killed by another cop hires him to clear up the lingering doubts surrounding her son's death. Although Terry Quinn, the other cop, has been cleared in the official investigation, his guilt torments him. After Strange interviews him, Quinn joins the investigation, even though in part he is investigating himself and whether his own prejudices led him to pull th [...]

    23. Crime/mystery fiction as it should be! The realistic setting, dialogue, etc. puts you in that perfect noir zone: social critic, observer, and with your sense of social justice mixed with a shot of whiskey, a 2 fisted delivery of a grand finale that ends with a bit of that barf after-taste and raw knuckles. Good characters and use of music to set the place and era of Washington DC- the less fancy part.

    24. There's some good stuff here to be sure but a lot of cliche as well. The style is old-school noir mixed with contemporary D.C. street/drug culture and a lot of pop music references thrown in which is fun for music geeks like me. A little Parliament anyone? Oh yeah!Pelecanos wears his influences a little too much on his sleeve and I found myself wishing I was just reading a Goodis book instead. But I was engrossed in the last quarter of the book so I can't complain too much.

    25. Gritty is the operative word for Pelecanos and this book. Unfortunately, there is a lot of gritty detective writers out there today and I'm getting a bit worn out when it comes to gritty, so I gave it a three.But you know, if you're looking for gritty, if you like gritty, it's a solid four or more.

    26. Excellent P.I. novel. Derek Strange, D.C. private investigator, is hired by the mother of a slain police officer to clear his besmirched name. Along the way, Strange is joined by the white ex-cop who did the shooting, and they uncover a world of drugs, murder, and corruption. What sets this apart is the quality of the writing - the characters breathe, and they have depth. A quality read.

    27. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Pelecanos is credited as being a writer for the series "The Wire" and it really shows in this book; a well thought out police/investigator thriller with some spectacular environmental description and commentary about the state of Washington DC and its inner city decayWorth a look if you are into this genre!

    28. Derek Strange is a PI in Washington, DC and is hired by a dead cop's mother to find out the real circumstances of her son's death and clear his good name. I "read" this book with my ears and while the story was ok and the plot was ok, the reading was magical. Richard Allen is the narrator and he is amazing. It was like listening to a radio play. A truly wonderful experience.

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