Glass Cage

Glass Cage

Katerina Winters / Jul 23, 2019

Glass Cage After her mother s untimely death finishing high school was no longer an option for Christelle DeMelo A chance job offering led her into the cruel hands of Alexei Petrov On the outside the stoic Rus

  • Title: Glass Cage
  • Author: Katerina Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After her mother s untimely death, finishing high school was no longer an option for Christelle DeMelo A chance job offering led her into the cruel hands of Alexei Petrov On the outside, the stoic Russian appeared to be a normal wealthy businessman who needed a maid to keep up with his particular demands However, Christelle knows the real man, the monster in an expensivAfter her mother s untimely death, finishing high school was no longer an option for Christelle DeMelo A chance job offering led her into the cruel hands of Alexei Petrov On the outside, the stoic Russian appeared to be a normal wealthy businessman who needed a maid to keep up with his particular demands However, Christelle knows the real man, the monster in an expensive suit Her and her infant brother s livelihood depend on the tall amber eyed criminal who wants nothing than her complete obedience From the moment he laid eyes on her Alexei had every intention to possess his innocent maid But when she arrived at his door one night carrying her brother and a black eye Alexei happily threw out his initial plans for a slow seduction Seizing the opportunity Alexei presented her with a deal she had no choice to accept Warning Very graphic erotica

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    1. 3.5*Christelle DeMelo's life changed drastically a year ago when her mother died giving birth to her brother Lucien before that she was your happy average teenage girl enjoying life and school but the death of her mother completely changed everything, she had to give up school, start working full time on top of becoming a mother to her baby brother all at just eighteen years of age. As if this wasn't enough the only family she has is her step-father who, since the death of his wife has turned in [...]

    2. Short, surprisingly satisfying mafia romance despite the many spelling and grammatical errors, and the implausibility of the Mafioso characters, who resembled more a bunch of frat boys than hardened criminals. Still, the sweetness of the knight-in-shining-armor-rescuing-damsel-in-distress plotline, the cuteness of the baby, and the possessive, mine-mine-mine, sexiness of the hero made up for the flaws of the story. A nice, short, entertaining read.

    3. Surprisingly I thoroughly enjoyed this story! It has almost everything I want in a book. :)Hero is very alpha, OTT possessive, sometimes a jerk but most of the time sweet. Heroine was okay, a little doormat but not annoying kinda way. (make sense? lol.)Story line was good, nothing unique but it was engaging and I was really satisfied with everything I'm slapping this as 5 Stars!

    4. I really enjoyed this one. Only thing is I felt the ending was rushed the heroines feelings (to me) kind of came out of nowhere, she never mentions them beforehand but with the Hero we could tell he was falling for the heroine.I also would have liked an epilogue!!

    5. 5 "i love this kind of books" stars I am going to be honest here and say this book had the old alpha male and shy ,poor and innocent virgin girl formula but fuck it if i did'nt enjoyed the hell out of it This kind of book are my guilty pleasure although the plot and set up are not unique but this book hit all the spots for me❤ Alexie was everything i love and look for in a heroChristelle was sure shy and timid but did'nt spoiled the book for me at allOver all this was the book i have been wait [...]

    6. This book was mentioned on a few discussion threads, so I decided to give it a try. The story had many things I usually like in romance and I enjoyed the novel more than I thought I would. Unfortunately there were too many typos, plot holes, and a very abrupt ending. I think the author has a lot of potential, but she’s doing herself a disservice to release her books without proper editing. A few beta readers and a good editor would make a huge difference. This book read more like a rough draf [...]

    7. Loved this story and the H. He was so obsessive and possessive of the h. And the sex scenes were super HOT. I loved that it was the H that really wanted the h and did all the work to get her. Can't wait to read the next book by this author.

    8. Rating: 4 Stars Quick and very enjoyable read!! The story of Alexei (Russian Mafia guy) and Christelle (Innocent, student). Christelle is Alexei's cleaning lady and the few times he has come in contact with her he likes it. Eventually the like turns into want. He makes her an offer she simply can not refuse. I absolutely loved Alexei! He was sexy, hard, dominant, alpha and so very sweet when he needed to be. He had me swooning with the way he handled Lucien and Christelle. He was so soft and swe [...]

    9. Really, really, really liked this one. The only thing keeping it from being a five star rating is (view spoiler)[ the mention of two other women Alexei's with, but that's relatively (hide spoiler)] minor and probably won't bother most readers like it does me. Still, I enjoyed both main characters and am ultimately glad I read this book. I liked this story much more than the first book in the series, Lost and Found, and would like to read more about Roman and Dimitri (view spoiler)[ as long as th [...]

    10. Loved Glass Cage. No complaints.This was rec'd on romance forums. After deciding to buy it even tho I had kindle unlimited, I checked the author's backlist then realized I bought that book already last year I think. Time to read that book, Lost and Found now. Hopefully its as good as Glass Cage.Hopefully from this author there will be more books about the other mafia male characters paired with heroines like this one.

    11. One of my favorite books!I will tell you I loved this book! Alexei was a Russian mob accountant but he also was a underground fighter and enforcer at one time. Christelle was a temporary maid to Alexei and needed the job for her baby brother Lucian, her mother had died giving birth to him and she had a very abusive stepfather. Christelle was a sweet and loving woman but only eighteen and she loved her brother fearlessly. Alexei was drawn to her because of her love for her brother, he had been ra [...]

    12. I kinda enjoyed the book. Not dark as what the book described but it's fine for me. Christelle is a 18 year old teen who's raising her baby Brother by herself after her Mother passed away during childbirth. Her Stepfather who's a drunk always demand money from her. But when she couldn't give him what he wants, he'll raised his fist against her. Christelle is working as a housekeeper for a man name Alexei. She only knew that he's a Russian and doesn't talk much since she met him only twice. Chris [...]

    13. I honestly found myself hooked and lost more sleep than what's good for me considering it's a work night. The H definitely had his ruthless moments but inside he was full of love. He does show that part of him to the h and the baby, which sweet to read. However, the book really needs to be edited. There were a few times when I found myself going back to reread a sentence because of a misplaced/missing word, but it didn't stop me from wanting to read more of the couple's story. What I didn't like [...]

    14. I liked it. The format and editing need a little work though. Christelle and Alexei were great characters, I loved both of them. If you read her other book, this one follows the same pattern and we get to hear a little more about Mikhail and Misha. The ending was very rushed and I think it needed another chapter.

    15. I do wish the sex at the beginning was a little less forced but nevertheless I loved the book. I wish there was a epilogue though or at least a few more happy chapters

    16. I really liked this story and would've given it four stars if it wasn't for the numerous typos which I found pretty distracting.

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