By Love Bewitched

By Love Bewitched

Violet Winspear / Aug 17, 2019

By Love Bewitched Their marriage made a mockery of love Her austere guardian Jason Devrel seemed the epitome of genuine charm Only Dinah Stacey recognized the menace beneath all the culture and breeding On Halloween n

  • Title: By Love Bewitched
  • Author: Violet Winspear
  • ISBN: 9780373107186
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Their marriage made a mockery of love Her austere guardian, Jason Devrel seemed the epitome of genuine charm Only Dinah Stacey recognized the menace beneath all the culture and breeding On Halloween night, Dinah had opposed her guardian s heartless plan for her future and had paid severely for her defiance For Jason had acted not as her guardian but as a man He had poTheir marriage made a mockery of love Her austere guardian, Jason Devrel seemed the epitome of genuine charm Only Dinah Stacey recognized the menace beneath all the culture and breeding On Halloween night, Dinah had opposed her guardian s heartless plan for her future and had paid severely for her defiance For Jason had acted not as her guardian but as a man He had possessed her Now she was forced to marry him, not for love but for the sake of their unborn child Dinah would be free to leave after the birth if she could leave Jasond the child

    Bewitched And Elizabeth Montgomery Site Welcome to the ORIGINAL, BIGGEST, BEST and MOST COMPLETE Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery web site on the net Yes, this is the bewitching town of Westport, Connecticut circa Here is a safe haven where all are welcome Sam and Darrin extend an open invitation for you to visit as often as you like In Memory Of Kasey Rogers of the Classic Bewitched TV Show Our hearts are heavy as we announce to the Bewitched TV Show fans that Kasey Rogers who played Louise Tate passed away Thursday July . Bewitched Bewitched is an American television sitcom fantasy series, originally broadcast for eight seasons on ABC from September , to March , It is about a witch who marries an ordinary mortal man, and vows to lead the life of a typical suburban housewife The show enjoyed great popularity, finishing as the number two rated show in America during its debut season, staying in the top ten Bewitched Baubles Here is a vibrant ring that we ve had in the coven for about a year, now It is a piece that was we aquired at a sister coven meet This a gorgeous facet cut pendant of pink aqua Tourmaline is right at carats It has a lovely solid setting of sterling silver and is a size . Bewitched TV Bewitched is a fantasy sitcom chronicling what happens when a witch and a mortal fall in love and get married in s and s suburban America At the very center of the show is Elizabeth Bewitched The Complete Series Elizabeth A young man and a young woman meet, begin dating, fall in love and get married What could anyone want or expect Well, when the young woman is a witch it can make for an interesting and complicated relationship. Bewitched Season Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched Season Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead, Erin Murphy, David Lawrence IX , David White, Ida Lupino, Alan Jay Factor, David Bewitched, bothered and bewildered by Richard Rodgers VERSE After one whole quart of brandy Like a daisy I awake With no Bromo Seltzer handy, I don t even shake Men are not a new sensation I ve done pretty well, I think. Whatever happened to Erin Murphy Tabitha on Bewitched Erin is one of the few regular Bewitched cast member still alive Her TV mother, Elizabeth Montgomery, died of colon cancer on May , at the age of The first Darrin, Dick York, died on February , of complications from emphysema He left Bewitched after season five due to severe back pain and addiction to painkillers.From season six until the show went off the air in , Dick Bewitched TV Series When I was a little girl I loved watching Bewitched It was such a great show and the thought of someone having them powers was so exciting Like many other people I also liked Jeannie, but not as much as Bewitched.

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        Violet Winspear was born on 28 April 1928 in London, England She worked in a factory since 1942, when in 1961 she sold her first romance novels to Mills Boon In 1963, she became a full time writer She wrote from her home in the south east England, that she never left, but she meticulously researched her far flung settings at the local library She never married, and had no children, but she inspired her nephew Jonathan to write Violet died at January 1989 after a long battle with cancer.She said The real aim of romance is to provide escape and entertainment , but she created a maelstrom when in 1970 she commented I get my heroes so that they re lean and hard muscled and mocking and sardonic and tough and tigerish and single, of course Oh and they ve got to be rich and then I make it that they re only cynical and smooth on the surface But underneath they re well, you know, sort of lost and lonely In need of love but, when roused, capable of breathtaking passion and potency Most of my heroes, well all of them really, are like that They frighten but fascinate They must be the sort of men who are capable of rape men it s dangerous to be alone in the room with The comment, that they were capable of rape caused uproar and lead to her receiving hate mail Interestingly, she railed against the work of authors such as Harold Robbins Winspear s forte was creating and sustaining sexual tension between her characters while building fantastic worlds.


    1. Wow was this one messed up! She ran away after he raped her on Halloween night she calmly decides to have an abortion. Like being a shop girl was a great choice of career!? Is she nuts???He would have had to pay and I would have had him up on charges. He needed to rethink his methods. Really? Like she was going to find you more acceptable after you rape her asshole!Read at your own risk but don't say you weren't warned. Unless, you're reading this review after you already read the book, then I'm [...]

    2. It has all my fav ingredients, Guardian - Ward, May - December (37 y/o hero / 20 y/o heroine), forced seduction (reminiscent of Anne Mather = Melting Fire - 1 of my all-time fav step-sibs theme), uber Alpha / dominant / over-protective hero (who can play piano ! be still my heart !), bespectacled heroine, but there's a tinge of cweepiness to it, 'cuz the hero inexplicably keeps calling heroine : "child / my child / my dear child". These terms of endearment are prolly equal to "baby" in contemps [...]

    3. This is a guardian/ward romance, and it's a little twisted, I suppose. I must confess that I always feel a little kinky for liking this book. Oh, well. So this is how the story goes, Dinah came to live with Jason Devrel when her parents die. He sees her grow up, and plans to marry her when she gets old enough. In his mind, she is his. It doesn't even occur to him that she might want to move away and have her own life separate from him. I don't think Jason really realized that he fell in love wit [...]

    4. Suddenly the petals of the reluctant flower sprang open and the bee slithered inside, emitting a triumphant buzzing as he plundered the pollen. Jason abruptly shifted his gaze to DinahAll at once, she felt her heart pounding beneath her casual shirt and a potent little quiver went through her, placing its dart at the apex of her body.Well, nobody can accuse Violet Winspear of lacking humor, even if it is very, very dark humor. Her ubiquitous honey bee has been sucking the nectar of quivering flo [...]

    5. Something about this book just felt off key to me, almost like an untuned piano. Heroine is raped by her guardian, on the night she decides to leave him. She decides to flee because she overhears two nasty women discussing how unattractive she is, and speculating that the hero (most eligible man about town) can't possibly love her. It seems our heroine is not your average HP beauty queen. I guess it's true that those that eavesdrop never hear anything good about themselves. Bent out of shape by [...]

    6. The lead female character's name should have been changed to Sybil, it would have been a better fit for her various personalities. She was full of hate, immature, spoiled, sadistic, ungrateful and unrealistic about life in general. (view spoiler)[Yes she got rapped by her guardian/fiance but her nasty behavior started long before that night. She had a barb wire tongue and would push, and push, and push hoping he would snap, and he did not that I accept what he did. I really resented her when she [...]

    7. I'm usually really into these guardian-ward, he's-obsessed-with-her kinds of stories, but this one He was crazy, she was crazy, it was too much. He raped, chased, and controlled her with all the smothering singlemindedness of a basement-dungeon sicko. She hated him with zero sign of love underneath and wielded her pregnancy like a sledgehammer to beat him with. Basically, I didn't find it terribly romantic. Kinda fun, but not romantic.

    8. I don't have any problem with this premise, but I skimmed most of the book because it was so silly. Mostly the heroine berating the hero childishly.

    9. I read the first 30 pages and then skim read to the end. This was pretty dire and the heroine was beyond annoying. She grows up as jason's ward. He then asks her to marry him. Dinah overhears 2 old biddies saying he is only marrying her out of pity and for some reason decides that this must be right and that she will run away. She tells him that she is leaving for London. It turns out that her ultimate ambition in life is to work in a department store - I kid you not. They argue and he then forc [...]

    10. Dinah has been Jason Devrel's ward since she became an orphan at nine years old. Once she finished college they ended up getting engaged but one night she overhears two women speculating on Jason's reasons for marrying her; the women believe that the only reason a rich, attractive man like Jason would marry the quiet and plain Dinah is to avoid gossip about their guardian/ward relationship. At this point I started to actively dislike Dinah. She is incredibly immature. She just goes ahead and bel [...]

    11. Well, my friend happen to be own it and between classes, she loaned it to me so I read it. Quite quick reading and I don't like it. Dinah's 9 years old when she come and stay under Jason's (wait, does the name right?) protection. But then she bloomed and Jason asked her to marry him. She said yes gladly but she heard bad words about her soon-to-marriage, she left. But right before she left him, he forced himself to her and now she's pregnant I'm intrigued at first. I kind of like the idea when H [...]

    12. Creepy as heck but I found it rather compelling. Needless to say, damn unPC but Winspear is a very good writer, if a bit on the poetical, flowery side.There are references to The Honey is Bitter in the book. Too bad Barry Sothern never got his own HEA.

    13. Heroine was hero's ward. He decides he wants to marry her when she gets older, even though she is plain. He rapes her on Halloween night when she tries to leave him. Actually this could have been good in a sick, kinky sort of way but the plain, mousey heroine kinda ruined it. Plus I never felt his supposed 'love' for her.

    14. My only issue with this novel was the hero raped the heroine. It isn't taken seriously in the novel and the heroine is plenty angry when she finds out she must marry the hero because he made her pregnant. I can see exactly how the heroine felt and although her insults and quick whips of tongue, she was underlined betrayed by a man she loved. Eventually it all turned out well.

    15. I think the descriptions of loving the girl that was so young and lost was very well written .lots of good angst

    16. 3.5 stars This one had slow moments but I liked it overall. I'm sure many might be squicked out by the idea that he became her guardian starting at the age of 9 but then ended up wanting to marry her. However, for me, the transition from one type of relationship to another was believeable. I actually really loved the flashbacks to when she first came to live with him. Melted my heart. That being said, I also like that there was a realism with how, even after they entered their adult relationship [...]

    17. liked the book,characters Jason n Dinah are so real n the cirsumstances n way Dinah realises the love its good

    18. Interesting read - good 37/20 | guardian/ward concept - however it was somewhat crazy - I think its "tolerated" for the era it was written -

    19. I won't lie. Taboo lust-mances flick my switch. But this was a little too twisty for my likes. Not to mention that the heroine got on my nerves.

    20. I rated this as high as I did solely because it was so well written. The characters were good, but the story itself is disturbing! He loves her so much that he rapes her. Seriously? How is that train of thought romantic???As a rule, I love Violet Winspear, but I keep asking myself what she was thinking when she wrote this!

    21. My first Violet Winspear book after I heard rave reviews for her stories being angsty and old school. Well I asked for it by not finding out more about the author before buying 5 or 6 of her books from Thriftbooks. This book is rapey! Usually I can read it if the book is written 30 years ago about a time period where women really had no rights like in medieval romances In this book it happened once but the hero spent the rest of the book making it up to heroinert of. There's always this threat o [...]

    22. Ward - guardian love tales are a thin path to tread. Too much attraction too soon , and it sounds like incest. Too less sexual chemistry and it makes the relationship platonic and boring. In this case, its a problem of the former. She looks at him as a hero , holds him in high esteem. She is starting to show signs of looking at him with a romantic angle. But he makes haste and gets engaged to her. Whats worse, he seduces her and gets her to bed much against her wishes. And in true M&B style, [...]

    23. Please check out my review of this book and other books at:sultrysteamyreading/20I've enjoyed her other books. However, I find this one not as entertaining.For one, it's almost the same theme as some of her works (rich, complex hero and innocent heroine who happens to get impregnated by the hero and is forced to be married to him while they live in a spiteful marriage until they realize the actually love each other). It is a theme that's getting tired.However, personal preferences aside, I do ha [...]

    24. 2006 Review: Sorta boring and remote: When I started reading the book it seemed like everything happened so fast. The heroine already had a misunderstanding with the hero, etc. And I thought it was kinda weird he was her guardian. I guess I skimmed the book because I missed how much older the hero was from the heroine. I mean, Dinah came to Jason's house when she was only 9 years old!! Purty weird! And then he sorta raped her the first time? 0_0 Actually its not sorta. I guess it IS rape. I don' [...]

    25. Yes, it's true. We live in a pro-rape society. But everthing is fine, young ladies, he did so because he loves her! And despise all the pain, humiliation and emotional wounds, it is all right with her too, because he loves him back! I'm sick, sorry, I need some pills to deal with this main ideas and a lot of sugared water to swallow it as well.

    26. I like the Hero's Possessive side, but I still didn't like his rape and the way he justified it at the end. The Heroine is indeed childish, probably because she was treated like a child until her graduation; before Jason saw her as a woman.

    27. I had a hard time with this one. To find romance out of forced sex is a stretch for me. True that it was implied that she did respond to him some but she definitely felt violated. Add to that the age gap and it was a difficult story to embrace.

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