To Love, Honour And Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part)

To Love, Honour And Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part)

Kathy Lette / Jan 18, 2020

To Love Honour And Betray Till Divorce Us Do Part Lucy s been married for so long her wedding certificate should be in hieroglyphics When Jasper walks out after eighteen years she panics What will she do about vehicle maintenance shifting heavy ob

  • Title: To Love, Honour And Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part)
  • Author: Kathy Lette
  • ISBN: 9780593060346
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lucy s been married for so long, her wedding certificate should be in hieroglyphics When Jasper walks out after eighteen years, she panics What will she do about vehicle maintenance, shifting heavy objects and Allen keys Not to mention her rebellious teenage daughter Tally, who blames Lucy for the marital meltdown Low self esteem is hereditary you get it from your kidLucy s been married for so long, her wedding certificate should be in hieroglyphics When Jasper walks out after eighteen years, she panics What will she do about vehicle maintenance, shifting heavy objects and Allen keys Not to mention her rebellious teenage daughter Tally, who blames Lucy for the marital meltdown Low self esteem is hereditary you get it from your kids While Tally s busy trying to find a loophole in her birth certificate so she can put herself up for adoption, Lucy strives to accept that a child is for life and not just for Christmas Could teenagers be God s punishment for having sex in the first place This is a book about what to do when you fall in love Wipe it off your shoes before you walk it all over the carpet But above all it s a survival guide for anyone who has realized that the perfect marriage is like an orgasm many of them are faked.

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        Kathy Lette divides her time between being a full time writer,demented mother now there s a tautology and trying to find a shopping trolley that doesn t have a clubbed wheel.Kathy first achieved succ s de scandale as a teenager with the novel Puberty Blues, now a major motion picture After several years as a singer with the Salami Sisters and a newspaper columnist in Sydney and New York collected in the book Hit and Ms and as a television sitcom writer for Columbia Pictures in Los Angeles, her novels, Puberty Blues 1979 Girls Night Out 1988 , The Llama Parlour 1991 , Foetal Attraction 1993 , Mad Cows 1996 , Altar Ego 1998 Nip N Tuck 2001 , Dead Sexy 2003 and How To Kill Your Husband and other handy household hints 2006 became international best sellers Kathy Lette s plays include Grommits , Wet Dreams , Perfect Mismatch and I m So Happy For You I Really Am.She lives in London with her husband and two children and has just finished a stint as writer in Residence at London s Savoy Hotel.Kathy says that the best thing about being a writer is that you get to work in your jammies all day, drink heavily on the job and have affairs and call it research Although her husband says he should have the affair as it would give her a better book


    1. 07.10.2016Докато четеш книгите на Кати Лети, трябва да си мобилизираш мозъка на макс :)Не можеш да смогнеш да осмислиш всички мъдрости :)А бисерите й не могат да се изброят."Щастливите бракове са като оргазмите.Половината са фалшиви.""Животът е нещо, което се налага да правиш, кога [...]

    2. I've read many Kathy Lette books and quite enjoy her witticisms. After a time you do tend to get used to her style but these adult-bubblegum-type books are really some midl escapism. SO you should go in to the book knowing what you'll get out of it. This, her latest endeavour, did not disappoint. I guess what made it even more relevant to me was that I personally know someone who is on a trial seperation from her husband of 15 years. She has two kids, a 15 year old, and a ten year old. And, she [...]

    3. When Lucy's husband leaves her for her best friend, she does what any self respecting woman would do. She falls apart, hits the bottle, and lets her kids walk all over her. Then she meets a new friend and swaps the bottle for the beach and as her result gets on with living her life. Treachery, deceit and horrible, horrible teenagers, this book has it all.What it didn't have was a lot of comedy, which is what I was promised on the cover the 'quip a page' didn't quite gel as I found Lette to be ra [...]

    4. I had to keep checking the publication date of this train wreck, as it would have been out of date twenty years earlier.An English woman and her husband move to a beachside house in Cronulla where all Lette's novels are set. He soon leaves to move in with her best friend in an inner city penthouse apartment while he continues to pay rent on the Cronulla house (who is this guy – James Murdoch ?).Slumming it in a house that would conservatively cost upwards of $50k a year to rent, the woman begi [...]

    5. I thought this would be funny but it was just a little depressing. I'm not of fan of writing that involves lots of conversation - it feels lazy to me.I think Ms Lette maybe thinks she's funnier than she is!

    6. A satisfying amuse-bouche in between more "serious" reading. Lette is as witty as ever in this book, but it drags on a bit here and there, and is a bit repetitive sometimes. Still, it's enjoyable, quick and fun.

    7. A great summer read I devoured this in a day! Slightly predictable but full of Lette's trademark wit and pithy one liners

    8. I finished this one really quickly, it was a fun book, and I do love my chick-lit. But it also made me feel sad and upset cos it had the biggest bitch them all (well in a while for me).I liked Lucy, even when she fell apart, started drinking and forgot about everything. She is in a foreign country and her husband walked out on her. No wonder she is upset, but I still love her, and I feel so sorry for her. Her oldest daughter blames her and verbally abuses her, when she is not baking. her younges [...]

    9. I read this book quite quickly. It was a fast, easy read. Quite predictable although there were a few surprises towards the end.Basically Lucy discovers that her husband is having an affair with her best friend. She then falls into depression and is rescued by her neighbour who takes Lucy under her wing. This leads to Lucy taking up surf lifesaving which is where she meets Lockie, and Sebastian (insert the usual love triangle storyline here).It only gets three stars because it is the usual chick [...]

    10. When you're exposed to this much heartache I suppose there is nothing for it but to make light of it. That was my response after reading To Love, Honour and Betray in just a few hours - I just could not put it down.It is a devastating story of Lucy who uproots her two daughters and herself to follow her husband as he pursues a new job in Australia. One month after relocating, he moves out of their home and leaves her to pick up the pieces as her house of cards collapses around her.Tally, her 15- [...]

    11. I think this book was perhaps more annoying in the audiobook, than the physical book form. The main character is so annoying, the way she constantly makes pathetic attempts at humour, and uses overly dramatic words wherever she finds the opportunity.Her continued insistence that she still feels love and lust for her snivelling, painfully irritating husband wears thin very quickly. After how he tossed her aside without even a blush of apology, why she feels as though he's still the man she loves, [...]

    12. Didn't really like this. It was described elsewhere as a "kind of" follow up to Puberty Blues". Um? Puberty Blues was a great book, written by Kathy and another author while they were in their teens, it was authentic and gritty and rang true. This seriously reads like it was written by someone who never stepped foot in Australia in her life, but decided to set her novel there based on everything she learned watching Home & Away. It's the story of an English woman who's husband leaves her for [...]

    13. Hilarious - classic one liners.Lucy�s been married for so long, her wedding certificate should be in hieroglyphics. When Jasper walks out after eighteen years, she panics. What will she do about vehicle maintenance, shifting heavy objects and Allen keys? Not to mention her rebellious teenage daughter Tally, who blames Lucy for the marital meltdown. Low self-esteem is hereditary: you get it from your kids. While Tally�s busy trying to find a loophole in her birth certificate so she can put he [...]

    14. Before I for half way through this book; I decided I hated it. For two reasons. Whenever I read a book from a first person prospective; I always like the person who's point of view it is from but I just couldn't stand this woman,; she was so weak and stupid and the sysnopsis painted the picture of a strong woman, juggling divorce, children, her career and seeking revenge swimmingly. This was not the case! Also, I have never known an author to plug one of her books in her current one. So tackyEVE [...]

    15. To Love, Honour and Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part)By Kathy Lette(Bantam Press)I EXPERIENCED a love-hate relationship with this book.I loved Kathy Lette’s wit, but sometimes it seemed as if she had included a list of funny sayings she’d compiled over the years.Lucy and her husband, Jasper, relocate to Australia from England. No sooner are they there when Lucy discovers Jasper is having an affair with her best friend, Renée. I wanted to slap Lucy for pining after her husband when he left he [...]

    16. lucy moves to australia with her husband and 2 daughters. h/e he then leaves her for as another woman - her best friend - and she is left to pick up the pieces what unfolds over the next year has u seeing lucy cope by the seat of her pants - not helped by her eldest daughter whop is obnoxious to put it mildly. the characters jump out of the pages at u and the dialogue and narration will make you groan, laugh and think more deeply in equal measure just 2 things - if i was lucy i would blast into [...]

    17. What bugged me about this story was that Lucy was a whinging Pom. I thought it would be a funny story, and in some parts it was, but the whinging got on my nerves as well as the crazy things that Lucy did after her lousy husband left her for her supposed best friend, after they migrated to Australia.What I did enjoy about it though was the use of some of our Australian sayings and words that only we would understand. I even learnt a few new words that I hadn't heard before - like budgie smuggler [...]

    18. I know I am not the target market for this kind of book, but I wanted an escapist read in this dreary weather and it looked fun from the bright red cover, illustration and pun on the title. I found it stupid! The writing style was full of over the top "witticisms", metaphors and similes which after a while got tedious. It was all so frenetic with no change of pace. I could not be bothered with Lucy, felt some sympathy with her teenage daughter Talia and admired friend Susie for doing her best. R [...]

    19. Escapist fiction about a relationship breakdown from hell which is quite funny although from time to time tries to be a bit too clever with too many witicisms. Occasionally a middle class tone creeps in, too, which jars (literary references to Jane Eyre). Don't think an Aussie sheila from Cronulla, Sydney, would actually use the word 'pudenda' either. Seems to be written for a British audience with Australian stereotypes (and evil divorce lawyer stereotypes) galore. I did wonder whether Lette ac [...]

    20. My goodness when I last read this book it was all about having a laugh and I thought "what woman in their right mind doesn't get that it's over?" Fast forward a few years and I related to this book so much it was scary. I was just lucky enough I didn't marry the bloke!While others say that Lette's style is over-exaggerated, I think it's spot on! The humour balances it all out to not make it seems so ridiculously real.*I selected this for a Reading Challenge as a funny book*

    21. I expected better from Kathy Lette. she starts out funny and then sinks into old banal jokes, constantly referring to 'in australia' as though it is another planet. Her habit of listing thoughts, demands, teenage habits and worst of all, her husbands new lover - it 'to use the australian vernacular 'bloody annoying. avoid buying or reading unless you need to pull your hair out on a beach in Bali with Bogans watching on to rate your pain.

    22. Easy and enjoyable read. The start was hard to get into. All the characters except the youngest daughter, Ruby, annoyed me in the beginning. Story is a bit far fetched but that is perhaps makes it an easy and enjoyable read. I think the book would benefit if there was not so much sarcastic humour from every character. Their personalities all blended into one due to that aspect.

    23. I really enjoy the quirkiness of Kathy Lette. A story of a wife and mother who looses her husband to someone she respected in another country and goes through struggles all women can relate to. A story of a battle to find herself when her life is falling apart. I really enjoyed this read and I really enjoy the books of Kathy Lette.

    24. A witty and irreverent story about one modern woman's marriage breakdown that pushes all the boundaries.Absolutely hilarious and little bit cringe-worthy with all too familiar characters and situations.

    25. Loves it! The ending is terrible with the whole trip to England totally unrealistic but over all this is a great short read! You know that you want Lucy to be with the life saver right from the get go so it was hard to put down waiting for the moment when they finally were an item!

    26. i am reading this because the interview with the author on the radio was hilarious, but I am not so sure about the book. Enjoying it, but not as much as I thought I would. However am only half way through, so things may change. (Of course I have a snuck a look at the end!)

    27. I'm giving this book 4 stars for the simple fact that I enjoyed it sure it was a woman whining about her divorce but at the same time it had twist and turns that kept you reading. All in all an enjoyable book read it u just got divorced or not. peace out

    28. Obviously this would be set in Australia, and I wouldn't know that until I started reading it I thought it moved along way too slowly for the first half of the book. Other than that, it was decently interesting.

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