Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life

Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life

J.M. Coetzee / Sep 15, 2019

Boyhood Scenes from Provincial Life Coetzee has been reluctant to talk about himself Now revisiting the South Africa of a half century ago he writes about his childhood and his own interior life Boyhood s young narrator grew up in a n

  • Title: Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life
  • Author: J.M. Coetzee
  • ISBN: 9780436204487
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Coetzee has been reluctant to talk about himself Now, revisiting the South Africa of a half century ago, he writes about his childhood and his own interior life Boyhood s young narrator grew up in a new development north of Cape Town, tormented by guilt and fear With a father he did not respect, and a mother he both adored and resented, he led a double life at schoolCoetzee has been reluctant to talk about himself Now, revisiting the South Africa of a half century ago, he writes about his childhood and his own interior life Boyhood s young narrator grew up in a new development north of Cape Town, tormented by guilt and fear With a father he did not respect, and a mother he both adored and resented, he led a double life at school the brilliant and well behaved student, at home the princely despot, always terrified of losing his mother s love His first encounters with literature, the awakenings of sexual desire, and a growing awareness of apartheid left him with baffling questions and only in his love of the veld farms are places of freedom, of life could he find a sense of belonging Bold and telling, this masterly evocation of a young boy s life is the book Coetzee s many admirers have been waiting for, but never could have expected.

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        John Maxwell Coetzee is an author and academic from South Africa He is now an Australian citizen and lives in South Australia A novelist and literary critic as well as a translator, Coetzee has won the Booker Prize twice and was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature.


    1. Boyhood (Scenes from Provincial Life #1), J.M. Coetzeeعنوانها: کودکی - سه گانه صحنه هایی از زندگی شهرستان - کتاب اول؛ پسرانگی - سه گانه صحنه هایی از زندگی شهرستان - کتاب اول؛ نویسنده: جی.ام. (جان مکسول) کوتسی؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و نهم ماه اکتبر سال 2006 میلادیعنوان: کودکی - سه گانه صحنه هایی از زندگی شه [...]

    2. Inside the front cover of Coetzee's Boyhood, in the police line-up of ejaculatory blurbs -- which I tend to find outrageously embarrassing -- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is alleged to have called the book 'a liturgy of wisdom.' (Like me, you probably have a hunch that The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was the pimply-faced geek in school who never had a date and spent his lunch hour doing geometric proofs with the head of the math department.) Newsday, meanwhile, says it's comprised of 'pithy [...]

    3. Make note to learn something about South African history and culture. It does the reader no favours to be as ignorant as I while reading this.Underline note of some years ago to read Disgrace. Watched twice, but still not read. Boyhood has given me an idea as to how one might understand the odd scenario of that book, woman raped by black men and consequently pregnant, determines to become the 3rd wife of one of the rapists. Perhaps this will afford her some degree of safety and the possibility o [...]

    4. I find it amazing that there can be so much content in a 166-page book, and that the result is so spellbinding and perfect. J.M. Coetzee's "Boyhood: scenes from provincial life" is a portrait of the author as a 10-year-old boy growing up in South Africa. I have never read a more insightful analysis of a child's thinking and emerging personality; well, it is hard to find this level of psychological profundity in any writing. At the same time, the novel gives an amazingly rich and deep depiction o [...]

    5. لما قرأت لهذا الرجل روايته (خزي)، تمنيت ساعتها أن أكون أنا كاتبها، وقلت: لا بد أن هذا الرجل يشبهني في شيء وأشبهه. وقررت متابعة القراءة له. واقتنيت في انتظار البرابرة، وحياة وزمن مايكل ك، من معرض القاهرة للكتاب أول هذا العام، واقتنيت أيام الصبا هذا من مكتبة مغمورة في وسط البلد، [...]

    6. Coetzee, for me is really an angel. He knows how to touch the heart. Most of the sections of the book were so absorbing that I felt the need to pause for a moment to breath. His tender heart, Summer Vacations on farms, money crisis of childhood, love for books, sport fanaticism, bully kids in school, attention on wealthy kids in school, scout guiding, differences between Catholics and Jews, mother's love and her sacrifices for him, fantasies during school days for sex and how babies come, the bl [...]

    7. ذكريات كويتزي عن أيام صباه وبواكير مراهقته،جاءت في معظمها جذابة وإن شابها في مواضع قدر من ملل.والكتاب كما جاء على ظهر الغلاف في إقتباس من أحد الصحف"لوحة شخصية واقعية وغنية عن الطفولة" هنا الطفولة تشتمل على البراءة والنظرة الدهشة المتسائلة،كما تشتمل على القسوة الكامنة والعن [...]

    8. Una savana brucata dagli erbivoriLa copertina mostra fiumi azzurri e verdi boschi, ma l'infanzia di Coetzee ricorda di più una savana brucata accuratamente dagli erbivori. Come si dice parafrasando, i periodi felici non hanno storia, quelli infelici hanno bisogno di parole per essere elaborati e se possibile superati: così Coetzee ci racconta la sua infelice infanzia, con una precisione e senso della misura ammirevoli. Era un bambino intelligente che analizzava attentamente le dinamiche famili [...]

    9. Everything I read from Coetzee has a profound impact on me. His words are so cutting, direct, affective, sincere, clear and concise. His ability to draw me in, paint a picture and transport me to wherever and whatever he is writing about astounds me. This is an autobiographical work with Coetzee himself as the narrator, referring to himself in the book as "he". I really like this approach because he is telling the reader about his life and the experiences that formed the man that he is today but [...]

    10. لم اتوقع هذا من كويتزي. اعتقد ان السيرة الذاتية لتكون ناجحة تحتاج الى ثيمة مركزية، أو تنطوي على محنة ما يمر بها البطل. هذه السيرة تفتقر الى الاثنين. هي ببساطة يوميات حياة الطفل كويتزي في جنوب افريقيا. علاقته بوالديه ومحيطه ومدرسته. لم اجد فيها ما يشدني. ربما فقط في الصفحات الاخ [...]

    11. Boyhood is the name of a film by Richard Linklater that most people feel is one of the best of this past year, and I haven't seen it yet. It is not based on this memoir, which I guess might be classified as creative nonfiction, too, because it is written in the third person. It's the first of three (so far) in a series of growing up memoirs, followed by Youth and Summerime, both of which I purchased in hardcover just as they came out and have been gathering dust on my shelf ever almost ever sinc [...]

    12. These "scenes from provincial life" far exceeded my expectations. JMC has written well about his youth and various lasting images of his youth. especially the racial diversity of his home that breeds deep racism even in early ages where the Afrikaans speak funny but view all whites of the boy's background as untrusted Jews. There is a piercing discussion of the boy's parents. His mother runs the house and he is thankful for this fact. His father is second-rate at all he does and finds various ve [...]

    13. My first Coetzee; I take it you're supposed to start with Waiting for the Barbarians or Michael K but I just pulled this off our shelf (apparently C found it abandoned on the sidewalk a few years back, which is mildly poetic considering how this ends). It's in the form of a childhood memoir, but the nostalgia is not moist-eyed. It's a look back at a period in his early adolescent when his sense of separate selfhood developed, when he emerged to be something more than a target of his mother's aff [...]

    14. This is Coetzee's memoir. It leaves you with little doubt about why Coetzee writes. Very unusual and enjoyable sentence construction throughout -- third person, present tense, always in reference to his 10-year-old self. Nothing is idealized, nothing overly vague. This is a young, sometimes Afrikaner, pretend-Catholic kid that grows up relatively comfortably in a place with a lot of social strife and with parents he resents. It turns him inward, sharply, he probably has no other way out. "Someth [...]

    15. “Tutto ciò che fa a Worcester, a casa o a scuola, lo porta a credere che l’infanzia non sia nient’altro che un periodo in cui bisogna stringere i denti e resistere.” ”Viene da una famiglia anomala della quale vergognarsi, dove non solo non si picchiano i bambini, ma ci si rivolge agli anziani chiamandoli con il nome di battesimo, e dove nessuno va in chiesa e le scarpe si portano tutti i giorni.”Ecco il racconto dell’infanzia del futuro Nobel Coetzee dal momento in cui si trasfer [...]

    16. A review of one of Coetzee's novel on the cover of this book says something to the effect that Coetzee will never comfort, but he will always tell the truth. I've read Coetzee as a study of shame and always attached that to the history of South Africa. This memoir, Boyhood, with unflinching honesty takes us into Coetzee's home, where shame is more personal and less (but not completely a-)political. Coetzee, here and in his novels demands an honest and unflinching eye, a willingness to bear witne [...]

    17. A massive slab of my childhood was spent as an outsider in the UK, a quarter of a century after Coetzee´s childhood in South Africa, yet so much of his world resembles so much of mine, the affinity is startling and unsettling: the alienness of the adult world, the brittle childish sense of solipsism, a deep, unutterable love of a place in nature, the remote otherness of other children, the ambivalent need to distance feelings, the yearning to shine, the addiction to reading, the treacherous vic [...]

    18. An intimate history of a white boy growing in the 1940s-50s South Africa. A 'pied-noir' in Africa--stuck there. A tender foot at school--one day to survive with the eternal wound.Many facets emerge from this personal history and many layers constitute it: family, racism, sexuality, memory and knowledge, all in a colonial context.A remarkable narration and use of stream of consciousness, with a deeply psychoanalytic self-portraiture, lifting the debris of one's own childhood. No wonder it gives t [...]

    19. Boyhood is a short novel on Coetzee's youth, growing up in the Western Cape. Beautifully written, it's very gripping, but it took me a while to grasp the point of the novel. As with most biographies, there's no real story arc, no real plot, but that's not the point. Coetzee shows how he, as a boy, struggled with the meaning of his being, questioning everything and not understanding anything. On the last page of the book, Coetzee makes a small revelation on his reasons for writing: "He alone is l [...]

    20. This book veers between fascinating & terrifying. Fascinating because the voice of the young boy in question(possibly an autobiography of the author) is so strong, so vivid, and so evocative, that it may very well be the most realistic presentation of a young boy in all modern fiction. However, it’s also terrifying in the depiction of the boy’s hates, loathings, secrets, and opinions, especially towards his mother. Coetzee gives us a character with the perceptiveness of an adult, trapped [...]

    21. Traté un montón de veces de hacer una reseña de este libro que no sonara demasiado cursi. La verdad es que me encanta leer sobre África, el suelo rojo, los mosquitos, la noche en la veranda, el calor, los hormigueros gigantes de termitas, la amenaza de (animales) salvajes, las relaciones entre blancos y negros, entre nativos y europeos. Debe ser por la cantidad de cuentos y novelitas situadas en las colonias que nos hacían leer en la escuela (que algunas veces pasaban en India, varias en Au [...]

    22. I love the writing of J.M. Coetzee. He writes about a life I can relate to and topics that interest me, mainly the experiences of different people in South Africa, especially regarding issues such as race, culture and 'otherness', as well as personal development.In this short book Coetzee writes about what he knows, as he tells the story of his own childhood growing up in a poor family during apartheid in South Africa, in a time where fathers were feared and liberal thinking frowned upon. I foun [...]

    23. Mi ci è voluto un po’ per penetrare lo stile refrattario, monocorde e feroce di Coetzee. E non direi nemmeno di esserci riuscito del tutto.Ci sono pochissimi dialoghi a delineare il rapporto tempestoso coi genitori, quello con i parenti, l’esperienza scolastica.Le questioni preponderanti dell’identità e della religione. Anche se in certi momenti ho pensato “non fa per me, potrei pure fermarmi qui”, in realtà alla fine ammetto di aver subìto un certo fascino e credo leggerò altro d [...]

    24. Sorry, but just couldn't get into the rhythm (or lack thereof ) of this novel. Found the writing bland and jagged and the third person narration dull and insipid. Very disappointed for it had come highly recommended. Have two other of his books and will still give them a try and hope the author uses a different writing style, more to my liking.

    25. Coetzee riporta ad atmosfere di romanzi di formazione, adolescenziali. Anche se c'è qualcosa nella sua scrittura che sembra sempre sottintendere ad una metafora "altra", come se tutto quello che scrive si riferisse alla condizione del SudAfrica.

    26. "Dečaštvo" je pokušaj da se bude iskren prema sopstvenom djetinjstvu. Džon odrasta u mističnom i nezanimljivom gradiću Vusteru. Njegova svakodnevnica ispunjena je odlascima u školu, potragom za igrom, trenucima koje provodi sa porodicom, snovima. Međutim, to je i doba pitanja i bolnih iskušenja. On je najbolji đak u školi – ali nikada do kraja prilagođen. Možda je to zbog njegovih roditelja? Jer, njegovi roditelji nisu "normalni". Nikada ga ne tuku, a čini se i da ga uvijek shvat [...]

    27. My knowledge about South Africa, Apartheid and Afrikaans are consisted of a little bit of Nelson Mandela, District 9 movie and Charlize Theron speaking Afrikaans on youtube, respectively. Reading Coetzee is a news to me and my ignorance has been weakened a bit more.I have read somewhere that Coetzee is quite a silent person. During a meeting he didn’t talk a word, he's way too disciplined, he cycles to be healthy, barely smiles, he hasn't even gone to get a prize he won and he never eats meat, [...]

    28. #21/2011 This book is 166pg. It took me a year to finish it. Why? Don't know. I'm a finicky reader at best. Seeing it amidst my stacks of books last night I decided enough's enough and knocked out the last 70pgs. This, Coetzee's first of three creative memoirs, has all the hallmarks of things I love: an exotic locale, coming-of-age tale, life details of a literary great; however, the oddest thing happened every time I picked up this slim book. I felt weighed down by the writing, a sense of claus [...]

    29. While I proceed with the reading, I was surprised by the commonality between the little protagonist and myself at the same age. Even if our backgrounds are quite different (I don't come from a small town in South Africa; indeed I used to live in a degradeted village in Roumania), I was intrigued by the protagonist's behaviours and his approach to life, because they resembled so much mine: "He begings to think about himself as one of those spiders that live in a hole in the ground with a trapdoor [...]

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