Will and Patrick's Happy Ending

Will and Patrick's Happy Ending

Leta Blake AliceGriffiths / Jan 18, 2020

Will and Patrick s Happy Ending Follow Will Patrick in this final installment of the romantic comedy serial Wake Up Married by best selling author Leta Blake and newcomer Alice Griffiths Sure Will and Patrick are in love now but

  • Title: Will and Patrick's Happy Ending
  • Author: Leta Blake AliceGriffiths
  • ISBN: 9781626227521
  • Page: 296
  • Format: ebook
  • Follow Will Patrick in this final installment of the romantic comedy serial, Wake Up Married, by best selling author Leta Blake and newcomer Alice Griffiths Sure, Will and Patrick are in love now, but they weren t when they got married in Vegas For Patrick, that s no problem, but Will can t shake his doubts that a relationship started through coercion can ever becomFollow Will Patrick in this final installment of the romantic comedy serial, Wake Up Married, by best selling author Leta Blake and newcomer Alice Griffiths Sure, Will and Patrick are in love now, but they weren t when they got married in Vegas For Patrick, that s no problem, but Will can t shake his doubts that a relationship started through coercion can ever become the real deal.Since the Molinaro crime family has reversed their position on divorce, Will and Patrick have a chance to rectify their drunken mistake But is divorce the solution Find out in this final installment of the much beloved Wake up Married serial Episode 6 of 6 in the Wake Up Married serial.

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    1. Solid 4 Stars for the series!The start of this one had my stomach in knots. I mean Will and Patrick's whole marriage was a farce. They didn't even know each other and now they're in love? But they won't tell each other. They think the other one can't or won't love them. And then their whole predicament just made me sad. And then some other stuff made me sad. And I almost cried. 2x. But then. was justI'm not usually a fan of serials. But I'm glad I went on Will and Patrick's journey. Their whole [...]

    2. As usual, I waited until ALL the episodes were out. (I don't do cliff hangers) But it was totally worth it. I loved every effing minute of this tropey little rom-com that came with some surprisingly feely feels. Don't be fooled, it actually went a little deeper than I thought and I can't tell u how much I adored do-gooder Will and bitchy Patrick, equally. That's rare, that I love both MCs so much in their own way. Some might get annoyed w/ Will's indecisive moment in the last episode, but really [...]

    3. *3.5 stars*Phew, what an ending to an unforgettable series! I ADORED it, though this installment wasn't my favorite. Will irked me in this one. I honestly wanted to punch him at times. Get your act together, Will! And the influences of others in this story were just over-the-top. So many people seemed like they just wanted to break this couple up for the hell of it. But, that ending LOVE. What a glorious couple. I'm team WillTrick for LIFE!

    4. 3.5 StarsDespite yet another self imposed wrench that’s thrown into keeping Will & Patrick apart, I really liked the evolution of these two. How they find love and happiness together, how they make each other stronger and better and whole, was worth reading about.I’m going to mostly forgive this being 700 plus pages, as well as infuriating side characters being infuriating. The smex, the intensity of emotion, how these two fight for the other, made me a very happy reader. Extra bonus poi [...]

    5. It's been a lot of fun reading these short books. I hated the wait for the next book but it was always worth it once I got my hands on them. It was bittersweet finishing the series cause I enjoyed Will and Patrick so much. I'm gonna go ahead and be selfish and say I want more of them even if I was satisfied with the ending. It's just how I roll when I find a couple I adore. I never want it to end. If your interested in a story about a couple of troubled guys who get drunk married and find themse [...]

    6. Damn I'm gonna miss Will and Patrickly Patrick ;)I loved this series from the first book, and for me, they only got better and better along the way (and hotter).This last book was a bit more angsty than than the rest and it even managed to make me cry !!Most of the time thoughese books made me feel good and laugh out loud. I abolutely adored Patrick and his jerky straight-forwardness.Sowhat's this series aboutIt's about Will, who's a (recovering alcoholic) and a mobsters son and Patrick, a brill [...]

    7. Review for overall serial = 3.5 stars, Individual installments 3-4 starsThis ride was fun, and I was punched with a surprising amount of feelz in the last installment, but please don't go into this expecting any touch of realism. The authors weren't going for that, clearly. This is more of a rom-com (which really was a LOT of fun), so put your suspend disbelief glasses on and just enjoy the ride.The best thing about this book was the comedy. Will and Patrick wake up naked and married, with no im [...]

    8. 4 stars for this entertaining comedy about Will & Patrick (story cut into 6 installments : to be read in a row)Will, a shy, alcoholic and diabetic wealthy do-gooder, and Patrick, a highly arrogant, grumpy and always hungry neurosurgeon, wake up one morning in an hotel bedroom in Las Vegas, realizing they got married and can’t get divorced quite easily because of Will’s Mob family. So, they get to live in Will’s small hometown in South Dakota where Will runs a foundation and Patrick get [...]

    9. Just for a second I thought this would be something like: Thankfully everything all worked out just fine, I am sad to let Will & Patrick go.I loved this series. Especially Patrick. This will definitely be on my re-read list."It means only you, only me. It means we promise.”“Yes, I promise.”“Me too. Forever.”

    10. It doesn't get much better than this, my Unicorn friends.At the end of Will & Patrick Meet the Mob we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger. Will and Patrick were finally able to get what they had wanted all along a divorce. Something they say they want, but nobody actually wants. But regardless of what they know in their heart, neither has said their feelings out loud. Will decides that a divorce might be the best thing for them. Read the rest of my review here!

    11. 3.5 StarsAt the beginning of this segment I was about ready to tear Will a new one. His personal choices baffled me and his ability to be easily swayed by the uncalled for advice and bullshit opinions of inferior fools made me want to slap him upside the head. But then, once the rage had simmered, I really thought about it, and I've decided that it makes perfect sense that he would behave and react in such a manner. I mean, look at the examples his parents have set, not to mention, the treatment [...]

    12. *** 4.25 Stars ***Because there were feelings and hot sex and a few laughs and a really satisfying ending to a kickass series.

    13. I predicted that I would reread this series at the time (see below) and now that I have, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed every single word - again. This time I will add some pics and one or two extra comments, but that's i1! Here is my first review:A brilliant ending to an absolutely fabulous series. One of those I will definitely read again and again. As expected, it finally becomes possible for Will and Patrick to divorce. But is that what they really want? Just as Will decides he needs to tak [...]

    14. Will and Patrick's backwards marriage hits a screeching halt in this finale to their story - not because of douchebag Ryan (and he does continue to be a douchebag - that man is screaming out for a case of karmic bus jumping the curb), not because of Will's meddling family, and not because of Patrick's tin man routine. One of the men, at least, feels strongly that calling it quits is the way to go and suddenly the mistake marriage is causing real marriage pain (which was so sad to read. So, so sa [...]

    15. So finally we get a happy ending for these two. This was the last book in a 6 part series. I actually enjoyed it and felt a little cheated. I do like that we get to see some drama play out. It really wasn't drama more so Will decided something for himself. I understand the idea of trading one thing for another as an addiction. Did I want it to hurt so bad? Nope not really. I did get a little teary eyed reading it, but because these are so short I felt like it took to much away from the happy par [...]

    16. Really enjoyed this series and every installment. Will was the uptight, recently rejected do gooder who spent his time apologizing to everyone for everything due to his fuckstick of an abusive ex who totally destroyed his beautiful spirit and made him feel deviant for wanting sex. Patrick on the other hand was arrogant, direct and had layers of armor around his heart so that he would never love another or be hurt again. So after one amazing night of drinking and wild sex in Vegas, Will and Patri [...]

    17. Will and Patrick is a couple that I grow to love as the series progress. I would have rated this a 5 stars as a wrapped up for the series. But since there is a #7 at the time I'm reading this, I'm saving my 5 stars for later. For #6, I think is a 4 stars due to some self-inflicted misery that wrapped up the entire 111 pages. Patrick finally confessed his feelings after a long procrastination, and surprisingly Will reciprocate as well. But Will is doubting everything, due to his own addiction (he [...]

    18. Review for the whole series of 6 novellas - they really do not stand on their own, and form one complete story arc with a HEA, although the endings are not tense cliff-hangers. (There are indications these may be bundled - if so, I'd advise buying them that way. You will want them all. The cost individually is not too different from 3 novels, so I'm not complaining about how I got them.)This series tells the story of Will, a philanthropist with a difficult family, and emotionally abusive ex-boyf [...]

    19. After getting to know both Will and Patrick throughout this six-book series, I have to say I LOVED the entire series and am very sad to reach the end. I'd give a 5 star rating for the entire series, and a 4 star rating for this particular episode. Two things drove me crazy, though, in this particular episode. Will is an idiot, and I was glad he finally saw the light and realized that he and Patrick belong together. It also was nice that Will's family finally had his back and reined in some of th [...]

    20. Pensaba escribir una reseña más completa de la serie, pero se va a quedar en un telegrama: Se me ha hecho laaaaaargo. Will me ha acabado cargando y Patrick es un amor, lo mires por dónde lo mires.Pero vamos, que no está mal, es sólo que estoy un poco bitchy últimamente.

    21. I started this series about a year ago and I loved the first part a lot. But at the same time, I wasn't really sure, if I wanted to go on. As I am a libra (you will need to read the book to get the hint) I was careful enough to buy the whole series, just in case.Now I decided, it was time to see how the story went, still not being sure if I really wanted to read 6 parts of a serial before the HEA.So, what I did instead, is read number 2 and then go to the happy ending number 6 right away.Probabl [...]

    22. Finally!!! *happy dance* It's here, the last part to the serial!!! I consumed it with relish, in one sitting but also feeling a little sad as good things come to an endIt picks up as Will wrestles with the news from Nonna that the "family" have changed their stance on divorce. sends him into a tailspin. He decides that he wants a clean slate, this all comes to a head when Patrick finally declares his *love* and Will asks Patrick for a break to make sure that the wrong reasons they started off is [...]

    23. 5 Stars I was very excited to finally get this book as I wanted my two MC to get their happily ever after; however, I should have known they would have to work for it! This book was a great ending to the Wake Up Married Saga although I am not going to lie and say I didn’t harbor some harsh feelings for Will most of the book, but he redeemed himself- thankfully!!So as you can imagine by the title, this is Will and Patrick’s happily ever after installment. Yet, Will finds himself wondering if [...]

    24. Oh we got there. It wasn't easy and it wasn't PG but we got there. Will and Patrick's Happy Ending is exactly what this series needed to feel complete. After the mafia business in the last one this time it is the feelings they have to confront. Will struggles with what his feelings for Patrick really mean and Patrick struggles with understanding that. So they take a break that last all of six days so Will can get his head straight. And he chases him to Dinah's which was great. Also Dinah brillia [...]

    25. I should have been embarrassed by the joyous squeal I let out when this book appeared on my kindle. I wasn't, I have no shame, but I should have beenWill absolutely broke my heart in this book. I wanted to hug him and strangle him at the same time. As for PatrickI ached for him. I totally understand Will's struggle and why he felt he had to do what he did but it really hurt. I loved meeting Patrick's family, especially Dinah and Eric. I loved it. I'm so bloody sad that there will be no more Will [...]

    26. I can't sing the praises of this series enough. I started out reading it on Kindle Unlimited because it was by Leta Blake. I thought that even if it was a serial (which I normally dislike), how bad could it possibly be? The premise seemed preposterous as fuck, but I was in it for the shits and giggles. Well Leta proceed to smash my preconceptions left, right and center with book one and just kept going with each subsequent addition until I was waiting feverishly for the next one to come out. Thi [...]

    27. This was such a fantastic series. I want a real-life Patrick in my life! He's one of my favourite characters in the genre. His sense of humour is so well written and timed and so is his brutal, yet, heartfelt honesty. The series is refreshingly off beat and OTT, and yet it deals with very real issues and very real characters that goes the distance with their personal and emotional journeys. Also, it is a very romantic, sexy story. Will & Patrick are meant to be together, made for each other [...]

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