The Cookie Fiasco

The Cookie Fiasco

Dan Santat Mo Willems / Sep 16, 2019

The Cookie Fiasco Four friends Three cookies One problem Hippo Croc and the Squirrels are determined to have equal cookies for all But how There are only three cookies and four of them They need to act fast before ne

  • Title: The Cookie Fiasco
  • Author: Dan Santat Mo Willems
  • ISBN: 9781484726365
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Four friends Three cookies One problem Hippo, Croc, and the Squirrels are determined to have equal cookies for all But how There are only three cookies and four of them They need to act fast before nervous Hippo breaks all the cookies into crumbs

    Elephant Piggie Like Reading The Cookie Fiasco The story four friends figuring out how to share three cookies is also a familiar conundrum for the age set, and when told with fun illustrations, made this a good addition to the read to self library. The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat Community Reviews The Cookie Fiasco is part of the Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie Like Reading imprint fans of Elephant and Piggie will enjoy this title for its dialogue based humour, and silly art although these are slightly different from Willems style , as well as the smartly delivered lesson. The Cookie Fiasco Elephant Piggie Like Reading Series Piggie and Elephant want to share with us, the books they are reading Book of Elephant Piggie Like Reading is called The Cookie Fiasco by which is written by Dan Santat Fantastic illustrations in this story of friends with only cookies to sharefriendship, math, cookieswhat could you want in a The Cookie Fiasco PublishersWeekly The Cookie Fiasco Angular speech balloons and all caps exclamations work neatly with Santat s ever energetic artwork to amplify the fraught emotions at play in a nifty visual touch, the characters imagined solutions to their dilemma are pictured using sculpted figurines that appear in thought bubbles. TeachingBooks The Cookie Fiasco The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat and Mo Willems To help put the right book in each reader s hands, consider the following comprehensive text complexity analyses within your instructional plans. The Cookie Fiasco Disney Books Disney Publishing Worldwide The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat Download Teacher s Guide Buy Now Available Formats Print Four friends Three cookies One problem Hippo, Croc, and the Squirrels are determined to have equal cookies for all But how There are only three cookies and four of them THE COOKIE FIASCO by Dan Santat , Dan Santat Kirkus Reviews Elephant and Piggie introduce a beginning reader that s a math lesson how can three cookies be divided equally among four friends A hippo, a crocodile, and two squirrels really want to share, fairly, but getting there isn t easy Eventually, the hippo nervously breaks the cookies into six, and then pieces making the math work perfectly. The Cookie Fiasco Learning Activities, Free Printables After reading The Cookie Fiasco, my kids begged me to make cookies, so we made cookies Learning is way better when you re having fun, and that holds true for both the student and the teacher My kids were so excited to make the cookies. Sonderbooks Book Review of The Cookie Fiasco Problem solved Equal cookies for all There is a grand page of munching cookies and then a cow shows up with three glasses of milk Uh oh The only thing wrong with this book is the one Gerald points out in the frame at the end It may make you hungry for cookies It s a simple, silly story.

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        Dan Santat Mo Willems Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Cookie Fiasco book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Santat Mo Willems author readers around the world.


    1. See, this is tricky. Very tricky indeed. On the one hand, as a reviewer of children’s books, not bound to any single periodical, I have the freedom to select any book I wish. As such, I like to highlight books that haven’t gotten a lot of attention. Imports, books from small presses, books that get lost in the ginormous publishing cycle each year, etc. It gives me a little kick. This isn’t to say I won’t review a bestseller, but what’s the point? The book gets lots of lovely money and [...]

    2. First off—“fiasco” has always been one of my favorite words to say. It’s fun and messy and full of mischief. It inspires me to say “great word” with a big ‘ole grin on my face every time!With enormous enthusiasm and energy, 4 friends attempt to divvy up 3 cookies equally between them. A simple story that seamlessly squeezes in lessons of sharing and math between the fun. Every all caps shout, snap, and rumble causes smiles and cookie cravings galore! Plus the look in their eyes! Ha [...]

    3. I've been crying out, "We need more Elephant-and-Piggie-ish books!" I've been crying out loudly.Someone has heard my cries.Someone has written this book.Thank you, Dan Santat and Mo Willems.

    4. I'm so excited about this new series! I had the pleasure of listening to Dan Santat and Mo Willems talk about this book at BEA. I can't wait to share it with students in the fall!

    5. The Cookie Fiasco is a fun, discreetly mathematical story in an easy reader format.Dan Santat's illustrations are colorful, dynamic, and expressive but a little bit too busy, and the drawing style is not my favorite (I personally prefer the minimalism of the opening and closing pages that feature Elephant and Piggie):

    6. This is a great picture to help introduce the concept of fractional number sense. There are four friends trying to share three cookies. After a bit of arguing, the hippo gets nervous and starts breaking the cookies into equal parts. This is a funny book, with great illustrations to model a difficult math concept for kids to grasp.

    7. I didn't find it particularly entertaining but I am confident that a child would. It's a good first look at fractions.

    8. EVERYONE LOVES COOKIES! But what do you do when you have more friends than cookies? This book looks at how to solve issues that involve sharing - a lesson many adults still need to learn.

    9. In The Cookie Fiasco, the reader is presented with four friends trying to share three cookies. Not only is this a fun way to introduce children to multiplication, but also the concepts of problem-solving and communication. As the three friends continue to argue about how to fairly divide the cookies, Hippo nervously starts breaking the cookies adding to the tension. As in the Elephant & Piggie books, this book makes for a fun story time book. The emotions exhibited by the characters makes it [...]

    10. You know that laughter that leaves your head hurting a little bit because you maybe need more oxygen? Where you have tears running down your face because you just can't stop laughing? That's the type of laughing I did when I read this book. The art and the voice of the Hippo just killed me. Easy Readers are difficult to do well. It's hard to find a good balance of art, plot and easy to read. The text needs to be bigger and the font needs to be simple. This book does a great job with all three. T [...]

    11. I really really really love Dan Santat's illustrations. I may have to put him on the list with Jon Klassen as illustrators I'll always read. The little models of the characters to indicate an idea are really adorable and weird. I love that this is a book about fractions without actually mentioning fractions! And I love how very important this situation is to our protagonists. THERE MUST BE EQUAL COOKIES. The way everyone flips out when the hippo keeps snapping cookies in half is just delightful. [...]

    12. Amazing collaboration. There is plenty of humor for adults and kids. The math concepts and beginning fractions are taught as a side piece to this story. I enjoyed the characters ideas or dreams seeing a clay-mation figurine of the others. Of course this will be an easy read aloud for students. It will also be a book for readers ready to move beyond the beginning stages.

    13. Part of the new Elephant and Piggie Like Reading Series. This book is written by Dan Santat and is introduced by Elephant and Piggie. Very cute.

    14. My kids really enjoy the Elephant and Piggie books. This one was, yet again, another hit. Its all about sharing the cookies equally which seems to be causing a few problems.

    15. What a great combo Dan Santat and Mo Willems are. I loved Dan's voice and characters. I think his four new friends make great companions for Elephant and Piggie!

    16. First sentence: Hey, guys! COOKIE TIME!Premise/plot: There are FOUR friends and only THREE cookies. Since each believes in EQUAL COOKIES FOR ALL, this is a big, big problem. Can these four solve the problem in a way that's equally agreeable. Each initially has a suggestion, but, all suggestions are not equally fair. My thoughts: This book is the first in a new series of easy readers: Elephant & Piggie like reading. The book begins and ends with Elephant & Piggie deciding to read Dan Sant [...]

    17. "Hey guys! Cookie Time!"What a delightful way to count cookie pieces and share with friends. Okay, Hippo is a nervous sort and when he gets nervous he snaps things. "Hippo! What are you doing?!" "Gah! I break things when I am nervous!" So 3 cookies soon become 6 cookies and so on Math made fun and silly all at the same time. Reading about Elephant and Piggie reading the book was extra silliness. Thanks Dan and Mo.I did get hungry for cookies by the time I reached the end. I still need to make co [...]

    18. This is a great children's book about sharing with friends. The book also sneaks in some math. The storyline, illustrations, and dialogue is top notch. I really enjoyed reading this book. The hippocampus in the book is adorable, because when the animals find out there are not enough cookies for everyone to have one, the hippo gets nervous and starts breaking the cookies in pieces. He ends up saving the day by breaking the pieces in equal shares so every animal gets 3 pieces total.

    19. Love the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading series! My students love noticing that E&P are reading the book in the end pages. Great job to introduce the book before the title page as well. Equal cookies for all!

    20. Four little characters (including a large hippo) with big personalities fight over THREE cookies! The characters are funny and beautifully drawn. Dialog is hilarious. And they all learn a valuable lesson about sharing and fractions.

    21. What do you do when you have three cookies, and four friends? How do you ensure fairness? These are the questions that Santat explores in his hilarious new easy reader, the Cookie Fiasco. Purple hippo, green crocodile, brown monkey, and blue squirrel, quickly fall into exaggerated despair, throwing out bad ideas on how to solve the problem. All the while, the nervous Hippo is unconsciously breaking each cookie into smaller bits; first three becomes six, then six becomes twelve. This resolves the [...]

    22. If your kids loved the Elephant and Piggie series than go grab this book. Mo Willems and his two characters are introducing a brand new series called Elephant and Piggie Like Reading. In this series Willems introduces new books through his retired characters that they'd like to share with your little ones. Santat's The Cookie Fiasco is one of two titles released, along with We Are Growing by Laurie Keller.Santat is well known for his picture books, such as the 2015 Caldecott Medal winner Beekle. [...]

    23. Still weird frame narrative I think is unnecessary, but Dan Santat's story engaged me more than Laurie Keller's. This book was great for introducing hypotheticals. Santat used a different medium, sculpture, to indicate potential situations being suggested by "could" and "should" words. It also slyly incorporated fractions and math concepts without being blatant--Hippo keeps breaking the cookies because Hippo is nervous, and the four friends end up with 12 cookie pieces: enough for three pieces e [...]

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