Eternal Deception

Eternal Deception

Jane Steen / Dec 11, 2019

Eternal Deception Love or independence Few choices remain for Nell and her new family on the Kansas frontier Kansas Unwed mother Nell Lillington hopes to support her daughter Sarah and friend Tess by working as a

  • Title: Eternal Deception
  • Author: Jane Steen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love or independence Few choices remain for Nell and her new family on the Kansas frontier Kansas, 1872 Unwed mother Nell Lillington hopes to support her daughter Sarah and friend Tess by working as a seamstress in an isolated seminary When her only ally among the seminary s leaders dies, she must choose between returning to her old life in Chicago and remaining in chaLove or independence Few choices remain for Nell and her new family on the Kansas frontier Kansas, 1872 Unwed mother Nell Lillington hopes to support her daughter Sarah and friend Tess by working as a seamstress in an isolated seminary When her only ally among the seminary s leaders dies, she must choose between returning to her old life in Chicago and remaining in charge of her destiny As her talent as a dressmaker begins to win her commissions, Nell attracts the attention of two suitors Reiner Lehmann, a wealthy senior student, and Judah Poulton, an impoverished professor Shocking news from back home and another death at the seminary press Nell to make her decision A disastrous winter journey, a treacherous game, and an impossible love could finally wrest control of Nell s life out of her hands for good Eternal Deception is the second book in a series of engrossing historical fiction novels If you like intriguing mystery, charming romance, and surprises you won t see coming, you ll love this story of one woman s battle for herself on the nineteenth century frontier.

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    1. This is a review for the audio book.Eternal Deception, by Jane Steen, is the second book of The House of Closed Doors series. In this book, we continue with Nell’s journey in search of independence and a place for herself and her family in the world. By the end of the first book, she was a very young unwedded mother with a friend heading for the Kansas frontier to work as a seamstress for a Seminary. Nell is a great character; she is stubborn, patient and determined to follow her dreams. And s [...]

    2. This is a magnificent book. I'll probably run out of adjectives to describe just how much I loved this rich, perfectly well written, solidly well constructed, with amazingly well built characters and absolutely well structured in its time period novel. This is a historical novel that seems to have been written at that time period, not now, so immersed in that time the reader feels. Not just the settings but all the descriptions of the clothes are so rich and so beautiful! I really recommend goin [...]

    3. Really good readI normally stick to mysteries not much on romantic novels but this series of books has managed to combine both in a really interesting way that kept me reading from one to the other. I don't think that you will be disappointed.

    4. I loved the book and read every word. That may sound odd, but it's a difficult thing for me to do. I have spent so many years writing, it takes a certain type of novel to draw me in and keep me hooked on another author's work. This one ticked all of the boxes for me. Unlike some who are prolific on this site (and others), I make a pointing of never reviewing a book unless I have read it right through. I normally cannot abide lead characters who are in their twenties, but that was before I encoun [...]

    5. Quite the story!Both this and the previous "House of Closed Doors" was difficult to put down! I found both to be informative and riveting. Discriptions of Baby Sarah brought many a smile, as they were so true-to-life. And though the love scenes were sweet and caring, it was a relief not to have to page through vulgar sex scenes, but rather be able to read a tale worth telling! I think I may have found new author to follow!

    6. Entertaining readBoth "Eternal Deception" and its predecessor, "The House of Closed Doors" are engaging works of historical fiction. Both books were obviously founded on solid historical research that made the period details of this well-told saga credible.

    7. I really liked the first book in the installment, well written and well researched, great characters and a lot of attention to detail. We learn many fascinating facts about life and society in America in the late 19th century. This second book is again very entertaining, the story is captivating and a good read. And the fact that I wanted to smack Nell for paying any attention to Judah just shows how engaging the story is. However there is one part that I found very hard to swallow - how on eart [...]

    8. I loved tbhe book! I could hardly put it dkwn!I chose a 5 star rating because the story to me was enthrallingly and informative! Jane has a way of making her characters come to life in vivid detail! I will recommend this book to my friends!

    9. AHHHH this book was so good! (Slow to start but it more than makes up for that!) I am still trying to decide if I like this one better than the first book! Jane Steen is really good at weaving twists and turns (even when you know who the bad guy is!)

    10. Be patientNot as difficult to get into as the first book, yet I still found myself skipping over parts to get to the meat or the heart it. Felt a bit drawn out, but still an enjoyable read and I will read the next one.

    11. Loved this book and can’t wait to read the next episode! Clean and entertaining with many obstacles to overcome. The main character faces numerous challenges as she makes a life for herself and her illegitimate child and she shows great strength.

    12. Enjoyed the story. Strong,personable heroine, not 1 but 2 manly heroes and several sneaky, amoral villains woven into an excellent plot with a vibrant finale. Can't beat it for a romping light read.

    13. Good storyI enjoyed this story more than the first one as Nell has developed into a much more believable character. She strives to overcome her mistakes & grow into an independent woman in very difficult times for a young single mother.

    14. It's a good story to read. Not heavy, but with just enough suspense to keep you going. The main character is fairly self reflective and shows some growth throughout.

    15. I liked this book even more than the first because Nell is much more mature. I'm wondering if she will "manage" to find another murderer in the third book or if she will finally have some peace ^^

    16. Great read!Great story! Love the descriptions of the prairie. Great characters. Can't wait to read the last one to see what happens.

    17. "Not as good as the first"I enjoyed the first book in this series and wanted to find out what happened next to Nell, Martin and Tess. In the first book, Nell is naive, a bad judge of character, and makes stupid mistakes but she is young and tenacious. Unfortunately, 4 years later she is no wiser, no better judge of character, is still making incredibly stupid decisions and has lost much of the tenaciousness that endeared her to me in the first book. As the book went on, I found that I did not li [...]

    18. Jane Steen is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! Eternal Deception follows Nell to Kansas. She becomes a seamstress at a seminary out in the middle of nowhere. Luckily she has her friend, Tess and her daughter, Sarah to keep her company. While Nell is earning a living and contributing to her nest egg, her good friend, a Viking Warrior lookalike (personally my favorite kind of warrior), Martin, is investing her money very wisely. Nell is not the favorite among the women in the seminary, [...]

    19. I didn't want this book to endI have been waiting to get reacquainted with Nell since finishing The House of closed doors. When I saw that it's sequel was out, I had to wait before I could give it the time and attention I wanted. Then there was the worry that I might need to read the first book again to remember the story. However I need not have worried. Nell came out of this book and greeted me like any good friend would. Jane Steen's writing paints the most beautiful and sometimes terrifying [...]

    20. I am having a hard time getting into this one. It's not moving much and it's getting a touch boring. Sorry.UPDATE November 3, 2017: I tried, I just can't finish it. I'm really disappointed, I enjoyed the first book of the series, and this one fell extremely flat. :(

    21. This book was so different from the norm, but unfortunately, I figured out the villain before I wanted to. All in all, it was a very good read.

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