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Lifeblood All Ana Vasilifata ever wanted was a simple life with a good husband children and a happy home What she found was a vampire who made her his bride And when she fled to England in the winter of

  • Title: Lifeblood
  • Author: Werner A. Lind
  • ISBN: 9781931095693
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • All Ana Vasilifata ever wanted was a simple life, with a good husband, children, and a happy home What she found was a vampire who made her his bride And when she fled to England in the winter of 1665, she found a stake in the hands of a fearful and angry mob.Over three hundred years later, an accident reanimates Ana in the quiet town of Meriwether, Iowa She flees to anAll Ana Vasilifata ever wanted was a simple life, with a good husband, children, and a happy home What she found was a vampire who made her his bride And when she fled to England in the winter of 1665, she found a stake in the hands of a fearful and angry mob.Over three hundred years later, an accident reanimates Ana in the quiet town of Meriwether, Iowa She flees to an abandoned house where she meets Joshua Davidson, a kind hearted carpenter who helps Ana adjust to this strange place and time As her friendship with Joshua deepens, Ana begins to hope that she can finally find the peace she has always sought But dangers still haunt her, for even now there are some who believe in the stories of vampires This time she is not friendless, but, she wonders, would Joshua continue to help her if he knew what she was And, even if he would, could he protect her from all the monsters lurking in the shadows

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        Werner A Lind was raised in eastern Iowa A graduate of Clinton Iowa Community College and of Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, he also holds master s degrees from Eastern Mennonite Univ in Harrisonburg, Virginia and from Indiana State Univ Formerly a college teacher and public librarian, he and his wife Barb now live in Bluefield, Virginia, where he has been a librarian at Bluefield College since 1992 They have three daughters His short fiction, book reviews, and scholarly articles have been published in various periodicals, and he has twice won prizes for his work in fiction Lifeblood is his first novel.Note to other authors I m mainly on to be part of conversation about reading in general, and only secondarily to plug my own work where that s appropriate or to network with other authors I don t use friend invitations just as advertising, though I know many authors who do If you re one of those, and invite me, I ll probably accept but if I find that you never or hardly ever review and discuss any books but your own, and we never interact except when you invite me to read your books, I ll probably delete you eventually Just so you know


    1. Lifeblood is a rich and well-written story that makes for a delightful read. Mr. Lind's prose is erudite and elegant. His characters are vivid, each unique and realistic. Most of all, Ana is a heroine that will break your heart. For readers who appreciate a repentant creature of the night, Ana will be completely irresistible. Reading her backstory and the challenges she faces as a reluctant vampire made my heart ache for her. Ana enters the life as a vampire against her will, tricked into her co [...]

    2. I really think this book is excellent but I cannot seem to write a review to get my point across to demonstrate how good this book actually is. I had the same problem with Lawrence Durrell, my favourite author, who temporarily fell to second place with the arrival of Christine Brooke-Rose with her brilliant “Amalgamenon” but LD has since returned to the top of my leaderboard. I have too many of his books that’s the problem.I cannot believe that the last four books I’ve read, as we slowly [...]

    3. Very well written, easy reading, interesting paranormal romance. Werner writes of a vampire in the classic sense. The story has an easy flow & is suspensful until the very end. There is a strong moral to the story, but it isn't overpowering or overly religious. It isn't a long story, but so engaging that I had trouble putting it down at night & had to pick it up first thing in the morning. Besides refilling my coffee cup, I didn't do anything until I finished it. I highly recommend it.

    4. 3. 5 stars (decided to round up)For the most part, I enjoyed this vampire novella. It had sort of an old-fashioned vampire story feel (not necessarily a vampire romance feel though). The main complaint I had was that I wanted a little more passion/romance. I just wanted to see the hero and heroine a little more into each other than they seemed to be. I think I am just used to all the alpha heroes these days! It was hard watching the hero go about his everyday business, knowing the heroine was li [...]

    5. Wow! I loved this vampire tale called "Lifeblood" by Werner A. Lind. You will fall in love with the sad Ana vasilifata right away, as your heart leaps in the strange darkness that Ana must carry with her everywhere she hunts or roams. Never seeing the light or the people and places she holds most dear to her heart, she is now with the Undead, as a vampire was never her choice. Traveling in time from 1665 where Transylvania still thrived, you will leap suddenly into Joshua's world of modern 2008 [...]

    6. 2/13/09 (put book on my To-Read Shelf): Alice recommended this book at my Glens Falls group. Then I read the reviews at the book's webpage. They are all rave reviews. So now I want to find out what the story is all about. So far I know it's about a vampire. This will be my first vampire book.7/1/09: I am now reading this book _Lifeblood_ by Werner Lind. I'm on page 32 and the hook is in. The idea for the plot and for the different perspectives of the different characters is interesting and imag [...]

    7. An exceptionally good freshman effort. Good set-up, though I couldn't figure out why the museum artifacts were being transported by an armored car (and one big enough to hold a coffin, at that). Nice pace, with enough confusion to lend a fig leaf of believability to the supernatural plot device.Itchy was a good, but limited antagonist. Making the Northwestern U parapsychologist adversarial--at least, at first--might increase the tension.That the story is resolved by a miracle--okay, two miracles [...]

    8. This was a delightful story, about vampires told from the more traditional folklore. The writing was wonderful and flowed so smoothly, and had such a wonderful descriptive nature to it. This is a story about a women named Ana who is forced into becoming a vampire. Her back-story is so sad and tragic, but yet hopeful. Ana has amazing kindness, strength, courage and love. I really came to care for her, and wanted life to be good for her, and some how be different for her. I felt sorry for her, she [...]

    9. Lifeblood by Werner Lind was a real page turner. This book relates to both genders well. Man or woman, you will fall in love with the very courageous Anna, as she travels in the blackness of night through time. Wondering if she will ever be able to be in the light of day again, she will pull at your heartstrings and vamp your will to keep reading her story. Good book for anyone over the age of 14. Great job with the language use as well. Love a book that keeps the characters location and timezon [...]

    10. I really liked this when I read it, I thought I had done a review, but there doesn't seem to be one up on , so I'll have to go back and compose my thoughts on it. I will say that (disclosure) that author Werner Lind is a friend, but I still can honestly say that the book had an interesting premise and that the two main characters are made interesting to the point that the reader does care about their fate. This to me is the mark of a good storyteller.

    11. I have to admit that I have never been into vampire and monster stories, just not my thing. But this piqued my interest from the various reviews and the bookshelves it was found on. First let me say, it is not your typical monster tale, replete with blood and gore. On the contrary, it leads us on a journey through the hardships and injustices of a young woman who was woefully wronged but through her pain and was able to overcome bitterness and hatred from taking root in her heart and life. I don [...]

    12. Simply one of the best short stories I've ever read. I found myself attached to Ana from the beginning and forever hoping that things would turn around for her. What an intriguing character.The author did a great job not only shifting from viewpoint to viewpoint of the 2 main characters but also going retro into Ana's past and providing the back story. The ending is something that normally I wouldn't care for-- but for this book-- it completely works and you're thrilled. I find myself wishing th [...]

    13. A Christian's perspective of how to treat a vampire never entered my mind until I read this book. I still don't believe in them, but the subject doesn't repel me so much now! The book is very descriptive, has a strong spiritual message about respect for and treatment of others, and I believe it is safe reading for impressionable youth. I also appreciated the format of the book, the size of the print and easy to hold for bed reading. I am happy to recommend it.

    14. The perfection of this book came from its simplicity.There aren't so many twists or unexpected events in this book. But all these factors are there, within reach.And they come to you on right time; Which simply makes you feel calmed and you can't stop appreciating this book.

    15. Vampire freaks do I have one for you right here! Have you read any of Werner Lind’s work yet? No, well I am now trying to highlight the man’s hard work. He is also the author of “The Gift” a digital short story that I think you will also enjoy. That too has a vampire element to it. To say that I enjoy the author’s style and substance is an understatement. Here is the synopsis of “Lifeblood “ :“All Ana Vasilifata ever wanted was a simple life, with a good husband, children, and a [...]

    16. For those who like traditional gothic vampire tales written in beautiful prose, yet who also seek a fresh, unique take on the legend, Lifeblood is the perfect combination.In the small town of Meriwether, Iowa, an armored car carrying the contents of a museum exhibit is involved in an accident, reanimating and releasing 17th century Transylvanian vampire, Ana Vasilifata, in the modern-day United States, where she meets good-hearted carpenter, Joshua Davidson. Joshua, not connecting the lost young [...]

    17. Either the author invested much time in research or is a walking dictionary on vampire lore. I enjoyed the story very much reflecting his skillful ability at story telling. I have not read a vampire book like this one before. There are many unique twists in the novel that I found very appealing.The central character is Ana Vasilifata a peasant woman born in the village of Nagy Timpa in Romania. She had the misfortune of being mislead by a man Miklos Trina who turned her into a vampire and a slav [...]

    18. We have all a precognitions of what a "Vampire " book would be like. We have watched many movies and read many books on the subject. The true fascination of an immortal has formed an alliance between rich and poor,young and old. I have to give the author much deserved credit on developing a book that not only tantalized the reader but kept one guessing to the end. I would like to give valid points to why this is a book that everyone would enjoy reading. The first point: No matter how different o [...]

    19. This review refers to the self-published edition from Lulu, but I'm sure it is the same novel.Here's brief description of the story without spoiling anything:Ana Vasilifata grew up in Transylvania in the 17th century, but fled to London after becoming a vampire. After a night in London, she encounters a group of men whom attempt to destroy her via stake. In the 21st century, Ana is reawakened by mere accident. She meets a carpenter by the name of Joshua Davidson, who is Ana's only friend in this [...]

    20. This was such a sweet paranormal romance. The book was a smooth and easy read and it drew me in within the first chapter. The ending didn't turn out like I thought it would by Ana turning Joshua into what she was but that didn't happen. The unexpected thing happened - Ana is given a second chance at life to be human again. Due to Joshua's love for Ana, he had fought and shed his own blood to keep her safe and in return, the vampire curse upon Ana was released and she can now live a normal life. [...]

    21. A wonderul story! The first vampire novel I have ever read. Couldn't put it down. I wish there was a sequel!I learned that a story about a vampire could have much depth -- more than what I had imagined.

    22. I really liked the characters in this book. I liked the dialogue, it seemed authentic. The ending was a surprise which I quite enjoyed.

    23. After reading the synopsis of Lifeblood, I was instantly intrigued and hooked. The story sounded dark, gothic and incredible. Yes, it is a vampire genre based story, however don't let that fool you (for those who may be trying to keep away from this particular subject matter or have become burnt out on it). Lifeblood is a truly unique take on the vampire stories that are overtaking the reading audience everywhere.Lifeblood is taken mainly from the perspective of a young woman who was tricked int [...]

    24. Lifeblood is a captivating novel about a young woman vampire who suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar land in an unfamiliar time. While trying to survive and keep her terrible secret from being discovered, Ana meets a handsome young man and struggles to live life under the burden of her curse.I rarely purchase books on my Kindle, as there are so many free ones out there. However, I read the sample for this book, and I was hooked!Lifeblood brims with suspense, romance, danger, and more; but I [...]

    25.  OK, I am coming back to make a proper review of this book.  :)I loved it! I had a feeling that I would, and I was not disappointed. Werner writes very well. His words flow together to make this a remarkable story. Yes, it is a vampire story, but he made it his vampire story. Not very typical at all, you get wrapped up in it right away. He draws you in with wonderful words and description and just takes you there with his very unique theory of vampires that has morality and a bit of Christiani [...]

    26. I'm not into all the hype surrounding these newfangled vampire movies and books. This book however drew me in. I like the cover-art for this edition the best. I know, don't judge a book by its cover, but it just drew me in. I think it has a strong intro which peaks the curiosity. Yes, there is some romance, but not of the sappy variety. At no point was I bored with what I was reading. The book just continues through at a nice pace and is a fairly quick read. I loved the main characters Ana and J [...]

    27. This book sounds terrible and nothing like I'd normally read, but what is for if not getting you to try things you wouldn't read otherwise. I think I'll risk trusting the recommendations.

    28. I am not much of a fan of Vampire novels, but I do like to stretch my reading experiences. I have read “Dracula” by Bram Stoker and “Interview with a Vampire” by Anne Rice. What I know about vampire fiction comes from these two sources. Dracula, as I remember, was totally immersed in the evil of the undead. Rice’s Louis begins his life as a vampire still holding onto enough human morality to feed on the blood of animals in order to avoid killing humans. This is a short lived aversion a [...]

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