Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm

Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm

Molly Yeh / Oct 22, 2019

Molly on the Range Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm In food blogger and classical musician Molly Yeh left Brooklyn to live on a farm on the North Dakota Minnesota border where her fianc was a fifth generation Norwegian American sugar beet farmer

  • Title: Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm
  • Author: Molly Yeh
  • ISBN: 9781623366957
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 2013, food blogger and classical musician Molly Yeh left Brooklyn to live on a farm on the North Dakota Minnesota border, where her fianc was a fifth generation Norwegian American sugar beet farmer Like her award winning blog My Name is Yeh, Molly on the Range chronicles her life through photos, than 100 new recipes, and hilarious stories from life in the city anIn 2013, food blogger and classical musician Molly Yeh left Brooklyn to live on a farm on the North Dakota Minnesota border, where her fianc was a fifth generation Norwegian American sugar beet farmer Like her award winning blog My Name is Yeh, Molly on the Range chronicles her life through photos, than 100 new recipes, and hilarious stories from life in the city and on the farm.Molly s story begins in the suburbs of Chicago in the 90s, when things like Lunchables and Dunkaroos were the objects of her affection continues into her New York years, when Sunday mornings meant hangovers and bagels and ends in her beloved new home, where she s currently trying to master the art of the hotdish Celebrating Molly s Jewish Chinese background with recipes for Asian Scotch Eggs and Scallion Pancake Challah Bread and her new hometown Scandinavian recipes for Cardamom Vanilla Cake and Marzipan Mandel Bread, Molly on the Range will delight everyone, from longtime readers to those discovering her glorious writing and recipes for the first time.

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    1. I know ratings are entirely subjective, but I can't base this review strictly on my own prejudices and preferences. It just wouldn't be fair to lower this worthy book's overall nearly perfect 5-star average simply because I'm a somewhat prudish, middle-aged woman. So, I'm giving her 5-stars, with a caveat of explanation about why some people might disagree with me. I found Molly Yeh brilliant, adorable, and simultaneously loud, which is the same way I sometimes feel about my own 30-something ch [...]

    2. This was an interesting cookbook. I don't read her blog, but saw an article and an excerpt in Cooking Light, and that was enough to pique my interest. Her tone is really warm and friendly, and she seems like someone you'd want to be friends with. Her backstory is sweet and interesting, and she included just enough memoir so that you saw where she got her background from and why certain things were important to her.As for the recipes themselves, there isn't too much I'd put in heavy rotation here [...]

    3. I had not heard of Molly before seeing her on the Today Show. She had a fun personality and a neat recipe of tater tot chicken pie. I love Midwestern type dishes and based on the title of her book, thought her cookbook would be chock full of them. While there is a chapter on hot dishes, her Jewish background informs this cookbook. (She is also Asian). So I was a little disappointed with the recipes because I was expecting a whole bunch of casseroles. I mean she lives on a sugar beet farm on the [...]

    4. I think it takes something special to write a cookbook that keeps people up at night reading it with a book light (me the past three nights). Molly's book isn't just full of amazing, and yummy foods- it's packed with hilarious and heartfelt stories that will get you pumped, make you laugh, and give you all sorts of excitement to try her one of a kind recipes. It's got classic recipes that you'll return to again and again (hummus, pita, pizza dough, and challah will become staples of your kitchen [...]

    5. Quirky and unique voice. And though she, like me, is from the Chicago suburbs, that was the extent to which I could relate to her, but I still found her narrative enjoyable. Not sure I'd ever make a hot dish though.

    6. If you are a Chinese/Jewish classical musician who falls for a fifth generation sugar beet farmer who hankers to come home, what do you do? Dub your new spouse “Eggboy”, move to the Minnesota/North Dakota border, and start a cooking blog, of course! Yeh, (pronounced ‘yay!’) created a humorous and affectionate portrait of her new life on her blog, replete with quirky (loves: marzipan and Middle Eastern flavors; dislikes: bananas, mushrooms, fondant) and reliably wonderful recipes. She is [...]

    7. I have had this on my to-read list for years but I think I waited too long. The recipes are great but I no longer have patience for cutesy blog names for folks in stories that go with recipes.

    8. I loved this cookbook! I loved Molly's voice and all the stories she shared. I have so many pages with little stickies poking out, just waiting to be tried.

    9. I enjoy reading her blogs, but putting them together into a book is too much. And a few of the recipes didn't quite work out as expected, and I'm pretty accomplished in the kitchen. I discovered a few had been tweaked between blog and print, though I can't say in which direction. I liked the blog versions better, I think.

    10. I first happened upon this book nestled with holiday gift books while Christmas shopping at Barnes & Noble (does one holiday shop anywhere else? One does not!). From the get-go, this book was eye catching with its minimalist design, obviously adorable with Molly on the cover, and charming throughout due to her personal write-ups sandwiched between and inside each recipe write-up. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes food, but also those who were born between 1985 and 1995 to pick [...]

    11. I think I enjoyed reading Yeh's biographical narrative more than anything else (except maybe the charmingly drawn illustrations!). I didn't see a recipe that interested me, but this is a good book for a nice library browse.

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The stories had me totally drawn in! I also made the unlikely move to life on a farm. I love her approach to Midwest recipes with flare of her own. After searching out some marzipan and tahini, I can't wait to make many of her recipes. Also need to finally invest in a good food processor to be able to get the nutty flavors so prevalent in the dishes.

    13. Molly Yeh brings hip to the midwest with her delicious recipes that can't be found at the local diner. Molly mixes her upbringing in the suburbs of Chicago and her time spent in New York during and after attending Juilliard to give the reader recipes that originate all over the world but can be made easily in your kitchen (even if you are in the middle of nowhere). The book starts with an introduction to Molly and her life. She discusses growing up outside of Chicago, moving to New York to atte [...]

    14. I have read Molly Yeh's blog for a few years now and am constantly entranced by her accessible recipes, her beautiful photography, and her personal stories. This book is no disappointment. The writing is fresh, the photographs beautiful, and the recipes easy to follow. While her cooking and baking is informed and framed by her years living in New York City tasting all it had to offer, the recipes use ingredients available at most any grocery store. Her move to the Midwest and adaptation to a new [...]

    15. Great recipes. My Jewish mother in law bought this for me, a Chinese-American food enthusiast working with ranchers in the Midwest. I thought I was the only one at this Asian-Jewish-ranching intersection! Thanks Molly!I have already put multiple of her recipes into our regular rotation with very rare leftovers - including scallion challah (I add sichuan chili pepper paste for an extra kick) and hummus all over it. Others may find the recipes "quirky"; I find them comfortingly familiar. I resonat [...]

    16. The recipes are fantastic. Most are a little quirky—which is an excellent thing—and if you've been reading Molly's blog you know that throwing rosemary in a chocolate cake or hawaij in your coffee is totally normal—and awesome. And the writing, oh my gosh, the writing. This cookbook is a page-turner even if you're not planning on making any of the recipes because Molly's stories are so funny and heartfelt. You seriously feel like you're best friends at the end of it."Cool. I want a house o [...]

    17. I’m a little nervous giving a 4 star review to a cookbook I’ve only cooked from once (Chicken Pot Tater Tot Hotdish which I cooked from her blog years ago, despite not reading it regularly). But Molly Yeh’s writing makes this a fun read even if you don’t cook. And the recipes are a kind of fun only possible because she’s a half Jewish, half Chinese Chicago girl who went to college in NYC and now lives on a sugar beet farm at the North Dakota/ Minnesota line. America! You can’t make t [...]

    18. Such a delightful read! When you think of cookbooks perhaps you think of a monotonous read, however this is far from that. Molly weaves her love of music and interesting life into these pages and recipes and makes you want to recreate every single thing. I have already gotten to her delicious challah bread (and even turned it later into a garlic version that my husband has already requested again) and sleeping bag like pita bread Molly even has the most wonderful blog too! (If your not into read [...]

    19. This cookbook was so good! It's more than just recipes, it's Molly's cute little transition into farm life (which was why I picked it up in the first place - I have also stumbled into life on the farm). Some of her recipes will be hard to make due to the availability of the ingredients, but there are definitely several recipes in here that I'm going to attempt. I borrowed this from the library to test-read it and I think I will go ahead and purchase it for myself. It's just so cute.

    20. I wouldn't usually consider a cookbook a book to read, but Molly's writing is so engaging and fun, with so many wonderful personal anecdotes, I enjoyed just reading that and skipping past the recipes! Plus the book was beautifully photographed and designed--really enjoyed it! (And possibly inspired to cook from it, motivation pending)

    21. 3.5 stars. I'm a late addition to her fanbase and, tbh, her cutesy blogspeak act wears thin on me after a while. But you can't deny she's got a fun story (Juilliard grad turned Midwestern farmer) and her recipes are clever and not something you see on every website - sesame scallion challah! hipster hotdish! everything bagel hotdogs! At the very least, she's inspired me to expand my spice drawer.

    22. Although many of the recipes are beyond my limited cooking skills/level of patience, or are not flavor combinations that I'm prepared to embrace, I loved reading the anecdotes between recipes and the beautifully styled photos (and the vintage-y cookware!!). Her combination of Asian/Middle Eastern/Midwestern cuisines was really unique!

    23. Based on a food/lifestyle blog mynameisyeh by a Jewish-Chinese percussionist from Julliard who marries a trombonist and moves to a farm in Northern Minnesota. Her recipes inspire a new kind of fusion food. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!

    24. I read this like a book - it made me laugh out loud, as well as want to make pretty much everything in it. Normally, I will flag recipes that I want to make, but there was no point here as it's basically every page. Can't wait to get into the kitchen and play with this.

    25. There is a lot of personal history in this book, which is nice. I didn't have time to pour over the recipes as much as I would like, but I picked a few to start on. Also, they had a shakshuka recipe which I recently fell in love with.

    26. This was a great cookbook. I loved the story of the author's journey from Brooklyn to the Midwest and working on a farm. This recipes were interesting and the photography was great.

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