Hunters & Collectors

Hunters & Collectors

Matt Suddain / Jan 17, 2020

Hunters Collectors John Tamberlain is The Tomahawk the universe s most feared food critic though he himself prefers the term forensic gastronomer He s on a quest in search of the much storied Hotel Grand Skies a secr

  • Title: Hunters & Collectors
  • Author: Matt Suddain
  • ISBN: 9781448130917
  • Page: 144
  • Format: ebook
  • John Tamberlain is The Tomahawk, the universe s most feared food critic though he himself prefers the term forensic gastronomer He s on a quest, in search of the much storied Hotel Grand Skies, a secretive and exclusive haven where the rich and famous retreat to bask in perfect seclusion A place where the waiters know their fish knife from their butter knife, their cJohn Tamberlain is The Tomahawk, the universe s most feared food critic though he himself prefers the term forensic gastronomer He s on a quest, in search of the much storied Hotel Grand Skies, a secretive and exclusive haven where the rich and famous retreat to bask in perfect seclusion A place where the waiters know their fish knife from their butter knife, their carotid from their subclavian artery, and are trained to enforce the house rules with brutal efficiency.Blurring the lines between detective story, horror and sci fi, Hunters Collectors is a mesmeric trip into the singular imagination of M Suddain a freewheeling talent whose poise, invention and sensational sentences have already earned him comparisons to Vonnegut, Pynchon and Douglas Adams.

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    1. Back in 2013 I read Theatre of the Gods by Matt Suddain. It was trippy, bizarre and utterly enjoyable experience. Since then I’ve been waiting (impatiently) for his next novel to arrive. The good news is that now it is finally here. Welcome to Hotel Grand Skies, we hope you enjoy your stay.John Tamberlain is the most contrary of characters, just as I’d imagine most food critics to be. I found myself empathising with his plight one moment, then wanting to slap him the next. Utterly obsessed b [...]

    2. This fabulous book is not only extremely clever, hilariously odd and a little surreal but it is also hugely imaginative and brilliantly accessible (I was expecting it to be a little difficult). Another thing that I wasn't expecting - this book to be so creepy and scary. Science fiction, horror, guidebook. A book of the year.

    3. The rise and fall of infamous gastronome Jonathan Tamberlain aka the Tomahawk, told in fragments from his beautifully-written if often exasperated letters and journals. As in the only other novel I've read to be narrated by a restaurant critic, John Lanchester's Debt to Pleasure, I suspect the pseudonymous Tomahawk is intended to be a pernickety, unsympathetic and dubiously reliable lead. But how could I not feel for a man who, after a journey to the outer limits of suffering, is mainly upset to [...]

    4. My feelings about this hilarious, unnerving, and thought-provoking novel are quite raw, so this review will fittingly match them. There are certain novels that are built from insecurity. I don’t mean authorial insecurity, but the narrative kind. It is fairly clear from the first few pages of this astounding and ultimately fascinating novel that the specificity of the narrative doesn’t quite match the dependability of the narrator. I would say that it is a symptom of our time to be adrift in [...]

    5. Such a strong start - funny, Douglas Adams-flavoured, Michael Marshall Smith-inspired, with the refreshing quality of SF that seemed to be so unbothered about being SF that you don't find out unambiguously whether ships are the sea kind or the space kind. But then a plotty cloning/AI/mind uploading kicks in and that, coupled with too much dialogue (better in a radio script) and too much gore/fighting (better in a movie) pretty much did for my interest. Lots of great lines, though, worth it for t [...]

    6. This is the kind of strange, one-of-a-kind novel that people fall over themselves trying to describe, so, ahem, here’s my shot- Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy takes a trip with William Burroughs to a malfunctioning Overlook Hotel. But no amount of adjective-and-comparison-laden pithy summary can really do justice to this unique blend of a novel.John Tamberlaine aka The Tomahwak, a food critic (or ‘forensic gastromominer’), finds fame and then becomes obsessed with a hotel that is so ex [...]

    7. If Edgar Wright wrote Scrubs, but only if it was about a creepy hotel instead of a hospital. Kind of. Funny and biting, but I wish it had done more. The unstructured style gives way to standard horror-com movie escapades that get tiring after a while. It's clear Suddain is talented and clever, but he perhaps had too much fun with this book.

    8. This book defies categorizations but if you like them imagine interstellar thriller mixed with horror and grotesque. I've never read anything quite like it. This book is wild, it's a trippy trip across the galaxy's best cuisines and then through the consciousness. The main character, forensic gastronomer, Jonathan Tamberlain shares his misadventures on dozens of planets. At one moment he becomes obsessed with tasting perfect meal at a fabled restaurant. When he finally gets there the story goes [...]

    9. DAFUQ DID I JUST READ?Jonathan Salvador "The Tomahawk" Tamerlain, the universe's most jaded, self-centred and cynical restaurant critic - excuse me: forensic gastronomer - develops his latest obsession (find elusive, exquisite restaurant) to self-destruction and beyond to end up in Hotel California. Only worse. And as an epistolary (mostly).The prose; the dialogues - when I started into this book, I filled the quote-section here on GR every time I found something thoughtful, hilarious, deeply ph [...]

    10. At one point in this novel it is stated:“Perfection is easy, to disappoint someone well is a challenge.”Which I think will reflect the feelings different people will have about Hunters & Collectors. For some it will be a wealth of pleasures they will consume greedily, for me it could have been something I thoroughly enjoyed but kept coming up short. There are many people that will likely find this wonderfully subversive, whether coming from the high literary bent who read Burroughs and V [...]

    11. At first I was like: what the hell did I just read O_o There’s really nothing I can compare H&C to. It's like a book equivalent of the International Assassin episode of The Leftovers (incidentally my favourite episode of television in probably ever) but even that’s a stretch because H&C is a hell of a lot crazier. But it’s also so good it almost made me pass on in-flight entertainment (I paused reading it only once about halfway through the 7h flight to watch Lethal Weapon, after w [...]

    12. What a journey. It starts with a contemptible restaurant critic and follows a logical path that leads to increasingly extreme situations. It remains funny throughout and does get a bit blood-bathy, then cleans up all the blood with a lovely 'big idea' that took me by complete surprise. Six months after reading this, I still smile at the bigger ideas, the character Gladys, and the arc that leaves the pompous 'hero' as a footnote to events bigger than he'll ever be.

    13. I have never read anything like this. It’s not so much that Suddain bends genre; rather he seems to have created something beyond genre entirely, something that I can barely put into words. I expected literally none of the events of this book, and at each turn was stunned at Suddain’s ability not just to keep everything together, but to also transform it into something even more exciting and bizarre. I cannot praise this book highly enough; I wish I could read it again from scratch.

    14. This chunky novel is a busy fever dream of black comedy and violent, clever sci-fi that balances its batshit crazy moments with a surprisingly tender, human heart. There is so much going on here; the world Suddain creates feels well established and worn-in, crafted as much from what he does say, as what he doesn't. He has a way of disguising exposition with clever scenes and devices, and in fact his skills at narrative subterfuge overall are a big part of what makes Hunters and Collectors one of [...]

    15. The back cover blurb on this book compares the Author to "Douglas Adams channeling William Burroughs channeling Ionesco, spiced with the comic brio of Vonnegut." Absolutely true, but they left out Clive Barker and Possibly P.G Wodehouse. Glorious insanity. Cannot wait to see what comes out of this guy's brain next.

    16. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leaveI started this book looking for something new and different. Half way through I was ready to give up on it in a mood of exasperation. In the end, and thinking about it afterwards, I came to rather like it. It is a book with some definite problems but it is original, creative, and thought provoking. It is the story of Jonathan Tamberlain, who drops out of a private education, to travel around the universe as a restaurant critic. The firs [...]

    17. I always write about the books I read, but I struggle to write a good review that other people can see. I've recently been trying to pinpoint what exactly it is that I look for in a book. Because it's not usually genre, or necessarily author, and I used to make a point of never reading a books blurb. What I do, usually, is I read the first line and then a random page (probably 97, depending on the length of the book) as a way of assessing the books readability. The reason why I don't read the bl [...]

    18. Dazzling!This book is quite unlike anything I have read before. Like others, I got to a point in the book where I nearly gave up - the 'note' form style of the book takes a lot of getting used tobut is it all truly worth it, I promise!Sci-fi (a little bit, but a vehicle only, really), fable, artificial intellingence, holography, gastronomy, dark humour, bloodshed and so much more.It's simply a great piece of fiction. I'm still trying to work out quite why, but I know I've read something good whe [...]

    19. Didn't fully know what to think going into this read, having avoided all spoilers and reviews of the book first. However, it was a winner for me from the start when I found myself highlighting something on every page. Beautifully written and a captivating story, Matt Suddain truly has a way with words. There is nothing I can even compare this book to.I have a feeling that this will be a marmite/vegemite of books though. Either the reader will love it profusely or will hate it. Personally I loved [...]

    20. Paranoia, intrigue, and flimsy digits cunningly severed: Hunters & Collectors begins a little shaky, too wrapped up in its own mystery and narrative telling, but ends with a long, triumphant howl of murderous dramatic intent. A horror thriller through and through, aimed at the stars and underseas: the more I think about this book, the more I love it. A great example of the contemporary blurring of generic lines that's possible for truly exciting writers.

    21. This book is utterly unique and completely brilliant. You can only wonder at the imagination it takes to even think of the ideas and the pictures it paints, never mind write them down using such perfect prose; it sets the bar very high indeed. A real joy from start to finish. It's quite clear that Suddain is going to be one of the stars of 21st Century literature.

    22. This was one of those books where I wasn't sure if I would like it at first but something kept me reading and boy am I glad I did. The storyline might seem confusing or flat at first but it bursts into life pretty quickly. I really felt like I was on a roller coaster and had no idea what to expect next. I really great read.

    23. bizarre and wonderful, Hunters and Collectors had all the inherent mindfuckery that Theatre of the Gods had, only dialed up to eleven. and I wouldn't have it any other way

    24. “To me, the greatest possible horror is not that humanity might end, but that our Empire of Stupidity might last forever,” our stupidly brilliant food-critic narrator waxes between ambling descriptions of past delicacies. “Wild songbird blinded, then drowned in strong port, eaten whole; dormice raised in ceramic jars and force-fed until they’re balls of butter, killed without ever seeing daylight, dipped in poppy seeds, server on feathers. Coffee. This is how the dead eat when they tire [...]

    25. ‘Don’t think about what he’s doing ; think about what the things he’s doing mean’.Man, the lunacy of this book. messy, so not “well structured” , so fucked up .And yet , perfectly written, smart, hilarious and still, in his own odd way, accessible.Initially I gave this book 4/5 - thought the characters could use more "meat"and that the plot felt at times too chaotic. Fact is, 3 days after and I don’t feel like picking up any other book except another one of this author.This is no [...]

    26. John Tamberlain is the Tomahawk, the most feared food critic in the universe. His biting reviews have made chefs and restaurant owners hire professional assassins to seek him out and kill him. The Tomahawk becomes obsessed with a rumor of the Hotel Grand Skies, where a restaurant purportedly serves the perfect meal to the elite who then swear never to discuss it. Tamberlain's search for the restaurant becomes a trippy sci-fi/horror adventure with some riotously funny moments balanced against ter [...]

    27. This is the kind of book that really should win things like the Booker prize. The best thing I can think to say to recommend it is that it manages to challenge you profoundly as a reader of fiction (subverting your expectations constantly, not just in plot but also in form) while at the same time being a hugely entertaining (hilarious, horrifying, intriguing) read. I was sucked in, transported into the world of the story, and certainly never bored. So so impressive.

    28. I really struggled with this, and almost gave up several times.I loved the idea, and the content of the writing was enjoyable. I think the main problem was how it was written. The writing is disjointed, using fragments of diary entries and possibly letters.I can understand why some people love it and some hate it.

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