Speech And Reality

Speech And Reality

Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy / Sep 21, 2019

Speech And Reality None

  • Title: Speech And Reality
  • Author: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
  • ISBN: 9780912148021
  • Page: 174
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        Eugen Rosenstock H ssy July 6, 1888 February 24, 1973 was a historian and social philosopher, whose work spanned the disciplines of history, theology, sociology, linguistics and beyond Born in Berlin, Germany into a non observant Jewish family, the son of a prosperous banker, he converted to Christianity in his late teens, and thereafter the interpretation and reinterpretation of Christianity was a consistent theme in his writings He met and married Margrit H ssy in 1914 In 1925, the couple legally combined their names They had a son, Hans, in 1921.Rosenstock Huessy served as an officer in the German army during World War I His experience caused him to reexamine the foundations of liberal Western culture He then pursued an academic career in Germany as a specialist in medieval law, which was disrupted by the rise of Nazism In 1933, after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, he emigrated to the United States where he began a new academic career, initially at Harvard University and then at Dartmouth College, where he taught from 1935 to 1957.Although never part of the mainstream of intellectual discussion during his lifetime, his work drew the attention of W H Auden, Harold Berman, Martin Marty, Lewis Mumford, Page Smith, and others Rosenstock Huessy may be best known as the close friend of and correspondent with Franz Rosenzweig Their exchange of letters is considered by scholars of religion and theology to be indispensable in the study of the modern encounter of Jews with Christianity In his work, Rosenstock Huessy discussed speech and language as the dominant shaper of human character and abilities in every social context He is viewed as belonging to a group of thinkers who revived post Nietzschean religious thought.


    1. From Rushdoony: --- In Speech and Reality (1970), Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy wrote of the social dangers and evils confronting modern civilization. These are, he said, first, anarchy. In anarchy, people and classes "do not care to come to an agreement." Instead of ties uniting men, there are now divisions only, with each pursuing his own interest. Second, decadence is a very great evil. Decadence is manifested at a critical point: parents do not have "the stamina of converting the next generation t [...]

    2. It is a little hard to know how to review this book. It is ERH's most mature expression of his philosophy, and a full explanation of how he views the world from the perspective of the cross of reality. It is not very readable, nor accessible; and takes some commitment and concerted effort to make your way through it.However, it is well worth the effort. In Speech and reality he lays out a method of social science he call the grammatical method. In this method he shows that speech is a way to man [...]

    3. Rosenstock-Hussey grapples with the notion of the true meaning of speech combining natural sciences with social science (a science which was historically overlooked). He looks closely and cautiously at speech as "coming from man" and preceeding true human thought. How people speak and listen defines the direction of a given society. People decide in every given moment between continuing down a path or changing a path. I am particularily drawn to this subject matter as i am a teacher by professio [...]

    4. I think u read this many years ago. I just re-read 3/4 of it again. It's insightful and hard going.The key point is the Cross of Reality which can be used and reapplied all over the place. The priority of language for put understanding of reality, society etc is key, especially SS Christ is the Word.

    5. No matter how profound Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy's linguistic insights are (as I've been told by many), his stream-of-consciousness writing style drives me crazy. I simply don't enjoy reading what he writes. It's all over the map and very difficult to utilize because of that.

    6. Excellent. Masterful methodology for a grammatical sociology. Marvelous insights into grammars structure. Over-dense language.

    7. Be prepared to put together the paragraphs like a 200 page long puzzle, but it's so worth it. This is not something I would get much out of without taking notes.

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