Devil Chaser's MC Romance Boxed Set

Devil Chaser's MC Romance Boxed Set

L. Wilder / Jun 17, 2019

Devil Chaser s MC Romance Boxed Set From the New York Times and USA Today best seller L WilderFor a limited time the Devil Chaser s MC Romance Boxed set Inferno Inferno noun a large fire that is dangerously out of control a place o

  • Title: Devil Chaser's MC Romance Boxed Set
  • Author: L. Wilder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the New York Times and USA Today best seller, L WilderFor a limited time, the Devil Chaser s MC Romance Boxed set Inferno Inferno noun1 a large fire that is dangerously out of control.2 a place of suffering hellTessa is a school teacher and single mom starting a new life in Paris, TN Romance is the last thing on her mind Bishop is the leader of the Devil ChaseFrom the New York Times and USA Today best seller, L WilderFor a limited time, the Devil Chaser s MC Romance Boxed set Inferno Inferno noun1 a large fire that is dangerously out of control.2 a place of suffering hellTessa is a school teacher and single mom starting a new life in Paris, TN Romance is the last thing on her mind Bishop is the leader of the Devil Chasers Motorcycle Club, and a single dad trying to rescue his son from sins of his father Bishop s past won t let go, and soon Tessa is swept up in the powerful, intense biker s world and all the danger that brings When all hell breaks loose, will their love survive the blast or will everything be lost in the inferno Smolder Smolders 1 To burn slowly without flames but usually with smoke 2 Literary a to feel a strong emotion but keep it hidden Some connections are so intense, so deep that they span years Starting with nothing than a casual conversation, a look in the eye, a touch but the point is they start They smolder with a quiet intensity that eventually leads to combustion When both Taylor and Renegade s lives are rocked by tragedy, can they find comfort in each other s arms Or will old wounds and scars tear them apart forever In hearts where pain, love, and passion lie smoldering will anything survive the blast when the fire sparks Ignite Ignite ignites ignited igniting 1 To set something on fire to cause something to burn 2 To give life or energy to someone or something Lily s quiet life was upturned the day she found out her sister was dead Now, she only has one thing on her mind to keep her sister s baby safe at all cost As Vice President of the Devil Chaser s MC, Goliath s main focus his my club He s worked hard to help make it legal and successful, and it s finally paying off He s committed to the Devil Chaser s, and his brother s know he ll do anything for them Goliath had no clue what he was getting into the day he matched wits with the sassy spitfire Bishop hired to run the bar Sometimes fate intervenes when we least expect it, and forces collide so fast and so hard, they can t help but Ignite ConsumedConsumed1 To destroy something or expend by use use up 2 To destroy by burning something 3 To absorb engross Courtney is a curvy, feisty bombshell who has watched her friends be swept off their feet by the alpha men of the Devil Chasers Motorcycle Club She thinks she has met her match when she falls for one of the MC bad boys, but a vindictive act against the Devil Chasers will change her forever Bobby is the brains behind the Devil Chasers Motorcycle Club, a computer whiz who keeps his club a step ahead of the rest The club is his family, and he would protect them at any cost When a rival club puts her in danger, Bobby s world is rocked to its core.Combust verb to catch fire burst into flame to become suddenly angry Noun the act or process of burning rapid burn violent excitement or passionSheppard s devotion to his club was unquestionable He would do anything for them, including giving his own life to protect his brothers He proved that the day he took a bullet for Bishop, the president of the Devil Chaser s MC He thought his life was over when he fell into the lake and got dragged under by the fast paced current Ana s world was crashing down around her Her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor was being threatened She felt lost, and she was quickly losing hope The day she stumbled across a body by the lake, her instinct to his life overwhelmed her She knew her life was complicated, but she couldn t stop herself She had to help him When she looked into the handsome stranger s eyes, she knew she would go to any lengths to save him.Ana would do everything she could to save Sheppard s life, but would he be able to do the same for her When Ana s past comes crashing into her future, will they be able to withstand the blast Or will their love combust into flames

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    1. Book 1: InfernoBishop and Tessa's story was fun to read. Bishop was the president of Devil Chasers MC and Tessa was a teacher. They met after Bishops son was in a fight and she called him in to talk. There was definitely an attraction but she was hesitant. Once she realized that he was a good guy she fell hard for him. There was a little action but not to much. *Book 2: SmolderRenegade and Taylor's story was interesting. Renegade was really hard to figure out. They had known each other for years [...]

    2. I read the first 3 books individually and then got the box set with KU.I loved watching this author's writing style evolve with each story she put out and by book 5, I believe she has found her stride as Ana and Sheppard's story flowed really well. I loved all the stories but I think Bobby and Courtney held a piece of my heart right from the beginningd I really want to know what was the "gift" she gave Cindy.I will definitely read more from L Wilder.

    3. If you are a fan of MC romance. I would suggest recommend reading L Wilder books. I like her books. she writes good MC romance. She gives details on the characters, Hot scenes, Drama that happens in mc romance, And the possessive biker who only has that huge heart for his old lady. and these alpha bikers love their woman hard. And I was glad I seen this box set 1, It is kindle unlimited. Authors like this who writes more then ten chapters makes kindle unlimited subscription worth having. 2, You [...]

    4. WinnerAnother MC winner by L Wilder. I can't tell you which story is my favorite in this set. I loved them all. I especially like how each story flows into the next and how all the MC characters are in each book. Their lady loves are awesome! Especially Courtney. She is a hoot. I'd be sitting here reading and start laughing out loud by something she would say. My hubby would give me the oddest looks. I'd just smile, shrug and continue. Lots of what you expect from Club life for sure. This series [...]

    5. Devil Chaser'sWow Such great stories in this box set. I think my favorite couple is Sheppard & Anna's stories. Not sure why but they make a awesome couple. Bishop & Tessa was a great story. That book just sucks you right in & your hooked. I really hope this is not the end So many brothers who need books about them. Keep up the awesome work I recommend this stories and the Author. Be sure to read them all in order or you will be lost PS I love the stuff Courtney comes up with & du [...]

    6. Loved itThis series was very interesting. I've read a lot of MC books and these fall I to a really good read. I wished that Bulldog and Otis had found their true love but I guess you can't have it all!

    7. Great collectionI loved this complete collection of stories about the Devil Chasers. Each one showcased the intricate workings of MC life, the men, and the women each chose to live life with.

    8. Damn Hot MenThus box set took me on one hell of an amazing ride. I loved everything about these stories and wish they never ended. I love the way the words just flew off the pages. I could not stop reading. L Wilder is an amazing writer.

    9. While the first 3 books are good they are lacking that something special that makes them amazing. They needed a little more passion, and a little less miscommunication. Stick with it though because book 4 is great and book 5 is out of this world!

    10. Seamless FlowI loved reading this series. The flow from book to book was seamless. The characters were great, there wasn't one I didn't like and that's unusual for me. Definitely recommend sitting down with a cup of coffee and diving in to the Devil Chaser's MC world!

    11. Loved all of themI read the Satan's Fury series first then discovered the Devil Chasers. Enjoyed both series and am very sad to see them end.

    12. Loved it Loved this series. So addicting from the first book to the last. Highly recommend. Can't wait to start the next series.

    13. Loving a motorcycle manI love these booksI just reread them all againch a great collection to read it'll make you fall in love with motorcycle romance

    14. Tried to start reading this and I just couldn't get into it. Seems very juvenile and then a big sex scene. That made me feel pretty creepy. A no go for me! DNF

    15. I loved the whole series, each book is better than the last! Inferno - We start out with the president of the MC, Cole Bishop, who has a son in elementary school. Cole's son gets into a bit of trouble prompting Cole to show up at school where he meets the sexy teacher, Tessa Campbell. Tessa and Cole hit if off immediately and the sparks are flying. Problems begin to arise for both Cole and Tessa when a ghost from Tessa's past comes back to haunt Cole's MC. The death of one of the MC members lead [...]

    16. The Devil Chasers MC SeriesThis is a good series that I purchased for .99 cents on . This is a very tame MC book and the characters are pretty one dimensional however as you go through each book the writing becomes better. There are a few editing issues. I like that you stay up to date with each couple through out the series.Book 1 – Inferno – Tessa Campbell is his son’s teacher and Cole Bishop is the President of the Devil Chasers MC Club. They meet when his son gets in trouble at school [...]

    17. Inferno Book 1 4/18/2016well there wasn't much of an inferno as far as I am concerned. I just wasn't into it. Tessa was ok but every time she had doubts about something it was explained away with an comment or two from Bishop. The story line dragged like crazy to me and sometimes I was like, HURRY UP!! The scary factor wasn't that scary and again when that blew up it wasn't that big of a deal either. It was like ok it's done. It wasn't a bad read but wasn't a super great read either. On to the n [...]

    18. First time reading this author. Found this series when I went to buy another book by this author.I love MC stories and this collection of books did not disappoint. I was drawn in by each story - Bishop and Tessa; Courtney and Crack Nut; Renegade and Taylor; Lily and Goliath. I was thrilled that each storyline include those from the previous book. I'd love to see a wrap-up to let us know how they are doing once they all marry and have their kids.I look forward to reading Maverick's series.

    19. I'm so glad I read these in the box set instead of reading then individually, a few ended on cliffhangers (which I hate) so was so glad that I was able to just carry on reading.I love the characters and I especially loved the storyline plots & all the drama that was squeezed in. I did find that the last 2 books were rushed majorly. But it didn't stop me from reading them all to the very end.1 look forward to reading more from this author, she has raw talent but I feel she has still got alot [...]

    20. Story is fantastic but lots of errorsI love this story! It's one of my faves and I have read it several times. That said in the boxed set (yes I checked for updates on kindle), there are a lot of errors. One book the character is 23 and the next book 24. Names are off from one book to another and wrong words are used. I'm not sure if the stand alone kindle copies are like this but the boxed set is. Again I love the story and the path these characters take.

    21. Awesome booksSo I got to read the box set. So I didn't have to wait from one book to the next. I couldn't and didn't want to put it down. Stayed up late, went to work late, yeah they're that good. The have great storylines, twists and turns to keep you hooked. Fabulous characters you wish you could hang out with. Steamy sex, beautiful love stories and happy ever afters. Definitely recommending

    22. wonderful books!!!i fell in love with each and every couple and there love stories!! I, also, fell in love with each of the men!! I really would love to see Maverick 's story!! I highly recommend these stories!! They are beautifully written and you just lose yourself into these characters and their lives!!! if I could go higher than 5 stars, I would!! Excellent books!!!!

    23. one of my fav reads already this year , never thought of myself as a biker chick but i could be one after reading these . 3 stories that you def wouldnt expect from a biker club , take any pre-conceptions you may think you know about bikers & chuck it out the window , they live by strict rules & when they fall in love their woman are off limits & they'd give their lives for her

    24. Best Box Set I Have ever read!I love every book in this series! Everyone makes my heart race and my emotions run wild. L.Wilder is a phenomenal author and her characters will stay with you for years. Her men are hot sexy alphas and her wan are strong, passionate beauty's. One click this NOW!!!! I can't believe you get all this for .99 cents!!!

    25. Excellent SeriesI just read the entire series and I am honestly sad that it has ended. I want to know how everyone ended up. An epilogue maybe two years later or something to let me know how everyone was doing. Not to mention I really want to know what Courtney did to Cindy lol. I highly recommend this series.

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