Long Journey Back

Long Journey Back

Robyn Donald / Feb 25, 2020

Long Journey Back Where she was concerned Trent had no scruplesNothing not even Trent s divorce could alter the fact that he d cruelly jilted Melly in favor of a advantageous marriage His undeniable love for her only m

  • Title: Long Journey Back
  • Author: Robyn Donald
  • ISBN: 9780373109364
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Where she was concerned Trent had no scruplesNothing not even Trent s divorce could alter the fact that he d cruelly jilted Melly in favor of a advantageous marriage His undeniable love for her only made his betrayal all the searing, her return to New Zealand even unsettling.Trent wanted her back No, demanded it Passion, trust the lot His single minWhere she was concerned Trent had no scruplesNothing not even Trent s divorce could alter the fact that he d cruelly jilted Melly in favor of a advantageous marriage His undeniable love for her only made his betrayal all the searing, her return to New Zealand even unsettling.Trent wanted her back No, demanded it Passion, trust the lot His single minded ambition was to lay bare her love for him at any cost Yet he hardly even tried to explain the past.And until he did, how could Melly trust opportunity not to sway his ambition a second time

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        Robyn was born on 1940 in Northland, New Zealand, she was the oldest in herfamily, and as a child she thrilled her four sisters and one brother withbloodcurdling adventure tales, usually very like the latest book she dborrowed from the library.Robyn owes her writing career to two illnesses The first was a younger sister s flu She was living with her husband and her and spent most of thatwinter acquiring, suffering, and recovering from various infections One dayshe croaked that she had read everything on Robyn s bookshelves, so wouldShe please buy her something cheerful and sustaining Robyn found threepaperbacks one Mills and Boon Modern Romance novel and a couple of otherromances Robyn read them, too, of course, and so enjoyed them she spent thenext couple of years hunting down Mills and Boon books This was much difficult then than it is today, so she decided to write her own, andfor the following busy 10 years She wrote and hoped that one day She dfinish a manuscript good enough to send off.The second illness was her husband s, and it was bad a heart attack He wasso young it terrified them all While he was recovering he suggested thatRobyn finish the manuscript She was writing and send it off It wasn t aperfect manuscript, but the doctor had said to humour him, so She finishedit, edited it as best She could, and sent it off Three months later, Shewas astounded to read a letter from the editor saying that if She made a fewrevisions they would buy her novel Bride at Whangatapu.Published since 1977, Robyn sees her readers as intelligent women who insiston accurate backgrounds, so she spends time researching as well as writing.Robyn Donald sometimes thinks that writing is much like gardening It s asimilar process creating landscapes for the mind and emotions from the seedsof ideas and dreams and images Both activities can also lead to moments ofextreme delight, moments of total despair, and backache.Now Robyn is living in the Bay Islands She continues writing, and also findstime for a very supportive husband, two adult children and their partners, agranddaughter and her mother, not to mention the member of the family thatkeeps her fit, a loud, cheerful, and ruthlessly determined almost Labradordog.


    1. I have a small confession - I love to read RD's books, but I usually despise her H's. They are so MEAN! Srsly, I am a Maleficent kinda girl myself and even my inner demon thinks RD H's go too far. If I had to be an RD h with one of her H's, I would probably do something irrevocable by page 10, so there would be no HPlandia outing on my watch - except maybe 175 pages of my travails through the HPlandia prison system. And don't get me started on RD's usual family dynamics and secondary characters [...]

    2. This RD was a mixed bag.RD veers from her usual ott angry dude angsty formula, as it’s clear from the beginning that this H loves the h and he believes she’s the only one for him. But his dumping the h unceremoniously in the past and marrying another can seem unredeemable for most HP readers. And so while the h is not ready to forget and forgive, he’s unrelenting in his goal of making her see that they belong together. So what do we have?An unforgiving h. That’s good, right? Make him wor [...]

    3. It's the hero who has the long journey in getting his heroine back after jilting her for an heiress three years before. He is a man of "honor" who can't tell the h the real circumstances of his marriage, but wants her to "trust" him. And , by the way, he only wrote her that mean letter so she would hate him and get on with her life. But now that he's divorced, he wants her and will have her. It's a little jaw-dropping, this hero's arrogance that he's done nothing wrong, but this is a Robyn Donal [...]

    4. A) he dumped her yet asked her to blindly trust him without offering any explanation B) him dangling OW in front of the h AND verbally abusing her when he should be grovelling in front of her on his knees with his tail between his legsC) the writer making the heroine feeling guilty for the lack of trust when she had every fucking right to hate his guts.AVOID!

    5. This was surprisingly good, and considering the fact that I bought it after having seen that 80s-tastic cover, refreshingly lacking a lot of the more irritating tropes of that time frame.For one thing, the hero is pretty up-front from the start about what he wants -- marriage, love, trust, the whole kit and kaboodle. The heroine shows a refreshing forthrightness about her desire for the hero physically, while wanting to maintain her emotional distance because he pretty much ripped out her heart [...]

    6. Robyn Donald seems to make a habit of revisiting characters from previous books and/or giving them their own HEA.To really enjoy this book, you should read "Captives of the Past" (Harlequin Presents, No 952) first. For some reason, this book was released after "Long Journey Back" but tells the back story of the hero, Trent Addison, and heroine, Melly Hollingworth of this story. Makes for a much more enjoyable reading experience to read HP #952 first THEN HP #936.You will also revisit Dane and Me [...]

    7. Really enjoyed this book. Strong Alpha male and enough drama to make me happy. However, the fact that he dumped her bothers me the entire time and while the reason is ok, it doesn't fix it for me.

    8. This is one book of RD that I don't think I could finish. It irritated me so much. H is too reasonable, (no explanation for his actions). I don't understand h either. How accepting she is. Kissing and making up!

    9. 3.5 stars. This was fairly well-done, but somehow it lacked oomph for me. I think there's just not enough suspense/tension when you have the hero saying over and over that he loves the heroine and she just doesn't believe him or thinks he doesn't love her enough or something. I like keeping the hero's feelings under wraps a little more. This may also have been spoiled for me because I read Love's Reward first, and saw these characters after their HEA there. (Though really, on some level you alwa [...]

    10. Eeeek I wanted to hate this book because of the H but he'd made such a massive mess of his personal life that I just couldn't help having a bit of sympathy for him although he does himself no favours with his lack of explanations. However he's redeemable as he's totally enamoured with our h. I could totally see why his h would have a problem with what he'd done and he did owe her an explanation for his behaviour so he totally deserved the hard time she gave him. As for being all pally pally with [...]

    11. Here is a story where you didn't want the H to get his HEA with the h. He did her wrong by sending her away and then breaking up with her to marry another. Trent and Melly reconnect three years after he married another. After his divorce. This story was different in that the H is bound and determined to win the h back. Any way he can. Was the marriage coerced? Or was he only into it for the money like everyone thinks? Will she finally listen or will he give up? I read this with mixed feelings. U [...]

    12. I never thought I'd like this book, but I did. I read it during the months when I promised myself to only read Harlequin/Herlequin-like romances. The hero was obviously besotted and boy did the heroine made things harder for him. Overall, an enjoyable read for something that was written, when, before my time?

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