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Extermination Gaea s favored children have put her ancient plan to cleanse the Earth of humans into motion and Kozalin stands high on their list of targets Uncertain alliances scheming gods and an implacable foe

  • Title: Extermination
  • Author: E. William Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gaea s favored children have put her ancient plan to cleanse the Earth of humans into motion, and Kozalin stands high on their list of targets Uncertain alliances, scheming gods and an implacable foe will push Daniel to his limits How far will the wizard from Earth go, to protect his family Warning This novel contains graphic violence, explicit sex, unconventional opinGaea s favored children have put her ancient plan to cleanse the Earth of humans into motion, and Kozalin stands high on their list of targets Uncertain alliances, scheming gods and an implacable foe will push Daniel to his limits How far will the wizard from Earth go, to protect his family Warning This novel contains graphic violence, explicit sex, unconventional opinions and a protagonist who has no interest in being normal Read at your own risk.

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        Hey, folks I m just a middle aged American guy, writing fanfics for fun after a long day at the bit mine.Likes Heroes who actually go out and solve their problems instead of sitting around whining about them Especially if they have to use their brains and do some badass level grinding along the way.Dislikes Clueless idiot heroes who survive on pure luck and the bad guy s mistakes Gritty urban fantasy heroines who cause most of their own problems, and then constantly bitch at the male love interest who has to save them Whiny little beta boy heroes who let the girls beat them up, and then wonder why the princess doesn t appreciate their awesome sensitive wonderfulness.


    1. This book is on par with the second book, I like how everything is coming together although I do have a few gripes about how the series is progressing.The first book was suggested to me because it was a fantasy book along the lines of the Gor series, the writing wasn't so elitist feeling(?) John Norman was a doctor and I think he wanted to make sure you knew he was a doctor by using big fancy words that aren't commonly used. This series was a nice fast read where I didn't have to spend any time [...]

    2. Good book. Hate the endingThis was another well written book that helped with defining all the characters. I even liked the ending. But at the same time I didn't like the ending. I hate it when an author ends a book where all you want to do is pick up the next book to find out what happens and there is no next book. Now I have to wait and wait for him to finish the next one.

    3. About as good as book 2.Extermination is the second novel in the Daniel Black LitRPG series. The novel continues about when the second novel ended. Daniel and his family slowly build and consolidate their place in the defense of Kosalin amids Ragnarok. If you've read the other novels in the series you can expect much of the same only expanded. More allies, some cool new inventions and a few clever plans to defeat the enemy. In all a pleasant read for fans of the genre.Reader advisory:Recommended [...]

    4. Good reading experience, growing storylineIt was a good reading experience and a well done addition to the storyline and characters. I was left with no firm idea where the story is going which is good. Definitely not predictable with so much going on and so many threads. Looking forward to see how this story goes. Has made me even more looking forward to next book. Waiting is always hardest but since I have read them as they have come out no choice but to read the next one as soon as it comes ou [...]

    5. I can't waitA true action hero series, not a blood thirsty hero but a man with brains. I can't wait for book 4 to see what Daniel Black i.e. E. W. Brown comes up with next. Thank you Sir.

    6. Damn it, now I have to wait for the next book. This story is getting pretty damn good. The ending pretty much set up the possiblility of a kind of funny pun. Daniel Black's disease that he caused could be called the 'Black' Plague.

    7. Brown Gets Even Better With Black!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FANTASY SERIES!This is the third Daniel Black book and it is the best so far! I have read all three over a week, but if I was to read them out of order, I would have been totally lost--and this is the best!The story lines are coming together nicely, but not so well that I have ANY idea where Brown is going in future books. I am frustrated that I can't just jump into the next.I highly recommend both this book, and the entire series!

    8. Clever, funny, brutal, could not put this book down.Was sceptical when I first started reading this book, misogyny, sexist, I'm not sure but it works. Can't wait for the next instalment.

    9. Technically the prose is easy to digest and the story is quite original as far as world building go. I like the fact that the author does not shy away from how sex and mythology is intertwined. Ancient mythology is kinky stuff. The only real complaint is there is no real tension. The main character kick too much ass. He can't feel pain and short of atomizing his body, he literally can't be killed. Even his subordinates basically win all the battles he haphazardly throws them into. This series is [...]

    10. Slowing growing bored with this series. While the constant fighting and combat is in tune with the setting of the end of the world, it doesn't leave any time for down time which could be used for more character interactions. I still don't really have a good idea if Daniel and Avilla's relationship has been truely mended after the incident in the 2nd book, and the two barely have any interaction so who really knows. Also the fact that the MC is super passive with his relationship with his girls i [...]

    11. Great fun to readI enjoyed reading this as much as the first two books. The ferocity that Daniel has to protect his nascent family is a wonder. However this is not a young kids book.

    12. Damn it, i wanted more. Please release book 4 ASAPLOVED the series, good fun with some adult content that i rather liked. So looking forward to the next book!

    13. So I'm in love with this series. I love the way that the author goes about mixing and matching two vastly different but similar worlds together. There's a bit of foreshadowing going on, and I think I've figured it out, but with the way things have been going as of late, I could be COMPLETELY wrong. I'm looking forward to the next installment in this series!

    14. Setting up a dirty war. (Spoiler alert)This is the first time that I can remember that a "dirty" bomb is used in a fantasy story. I wonder if Daniel will actually use it?

    15. wow, an easy 4 stars for this book and the series in general. I just love these type of books and storylines. I hope the author put out another book for this series soon.

    16. Anothrr good oneI love this series. Lots of detail, color and action. Some unexpected twists and the good guys win. Waiting for more.

    17. A great read for sword and sorcery fansGood characters and a compelling story line. And a consistent cohesive plot. Daniel Black is a well rounded unique personality.

    18. A great time for meThis isn't a nail biting story, which is why I like it! Action scenes, check. Great friends, check. Interesting developments, check!Wonderful concepts to think about in an interesting world? CHECK.Keep up the series :-) - Michael Anderle

    19. What a great series. I highly recommend this series for people who like fantasy and who aren't offended easily. These books keep getting better and better. I can't wait for the next one to be released. I read a lot of fantasy books and I have to say this series is in my top 5 series ever. Fanfreakingtastic.

    20. I did not enjoy this as much as the previous two books. I thought this was trilogy, so when the setup that happened at the end of book 2 didn't occur, I was a little miffed.This book felt more like a filler novel. A lot of things in this novel were inconsequential, or didn't have to contain that much detail. (view spoiler)[I'm sure more than two months has passed. Where is the cat baby? Circe's way of talking also rubs me the wrong way. She says what she wants, where she wants, and damn the open [...]

    21. Lots of action Fleshed out characters and story. Looking forward to the next book. Is. A good read. All of the books tie together well.

    22. Worthy of Prachett himselfI started to read this series out of curiosity but I was hooked. Good storyline,humour and logical, and sexy as hell. A fun read, I do want to read more.

    23. Still good.If this series goes bad, it will go bad in the same way that the Conrad Stargard series did: the protagonist will start spending less and less time on building awesome things, and more and more time on increasingly skeevy sex. Hasn't happened yet, though.

    24. Yes, I have definitely grown to like the author's writing more and more.Although the writing feels like the author is just a tad too much in love with his characters half of the time, this Daniel Black series has grown from what was an interesting dimensional travel/summoning story in the beginning into an elaborate fantasy setting that's close to being epic.I only gave this story 4 stars, because the ending felt rushed and incomplete. Just like (view spoiler)[Mara is in a hurry to get the infil [...]

    25. No Ruby Slippers?I was compelled to give this 4-stars for originality, imagination, and a good attempt at adult adventure fantasy. A good editor for typos could rate this book and series 5-stars. This is not a book for tweens or high school teens. I think o'Daniel here might be able to pull off winning a war ignited by the Gods. He has a lot of encouragement from six women. Three of the women are monsters. One is a demigod and another is a demon. Did I mention that all of his relationships and m [...]

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