Zero Cool (Hard Case Crime #41)

Zero Cool (Hard Case Crime #41)

John Lange Michael Crichton / Jul 20, 2019

Zero Cool Hard Case Crime While vacationing in Spain a young doctor finds himself embroiled in a deadly conflict between rival gangsPeter Ross just wanted a vacation After years toiling in the radiology department of a large

  • Title: Zero Cool (Hard Case Crime #41)
  • Author: John Lange Michael Crichton
  • ISBN: 9780843959598
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • While vacationing in Spain, a young doctor finds himself embroiled in a deadly conflict between rival gangsPeter Ross just wanted a vacation After years toiling in the radiology department of a large American hospital, he dreams of lying on a Spanish beach with a beautiful girl The beach proves just as lovely as he hoped But the girl turns out to be trouble.Angela LockeWhile vacationing in Spain, a young doctor finds himself embroiled in a deadly conflict between rival gangsPeter Ross just wanted a vacation After years toiling in the radiology department of a large American hospital, he dreams of lying on a Spanish beach with a beautiful girl The beach proves just as lovely as he hoped But the girl turns out to be trouble.Angela Locke is on the run from a pair of gangs waging war over a missing artifact, and she sucks Ross straight into the crossfire From sunny Spain to rain swept Paris, Ross s trip will take him into Europe s darkest corners An ordinary man on the run for his life, he must uncover a centuries old secret, or risk becoming its next victim Zero Cool is Michael Crichton s fifth published novel It was released in 1969 under the pseudonym of John Lange, and later re released in 2008 as part of the Hard Case Crime series For this release, Michael Crichton wrote short new framing chapters, in addition to doing an overall revision of the text.

    Zero Cool Hard Case Crime Long before he wrote Jurassic Park, before he scripted blockbuster movies like Twister, before he created the groundbreaking TV series ER, Michael Crichton was an honors student at Harvard Medical School and writing paperback suspense novels on the side, under the top secret pen name John Lange.Lange wrote eight books between and and then vanished. Footprint to Wings Win the Race to Zero Carbon Carbon The RULES The first STATE to achieve a NET ZERO CARBON ECONOMY with the BEST QUALITY OF LIFE WINS. Ground Zero Storm Shelters Storm Shelters Tornado Ground Zero Storm Shelters are the most innovative storm shelter systems on the market today We deliver and install shelters wherever tornadoes happen in the US. Zero FX Electric Motorcycle ZERO MOTORCYCLES The Zero FX is available in two battery configurations The ZF. features modular battery technology that allows riders to add a second battery to double range and makes it possible to fully recharge by quickly swapping batteries on the fly. Zero DS Electric Motorcycle ZERO MOTORCYCLES Zero Motorcycles Z Force battery is the most power and energy dense in the EV industry The Zero DS battery is available in two sizes ZF. and ZF Listerine Zero Alcohol Mouthwash, Less Intense Alcohol Say goodbye to bad breath with Listerine Zero ALCOHOL Cool Mint Mouthwash Listerine Zero alcohol free mouthwash kills .% of bad breath germs with a less intense taste for a fresher and cleaner mouth than brushing alone. Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter Columbia Rated out of by mountainMan from finally found the cool i work night shift and do not build a tolerance for the sun and have search for a products that does what it claims in temp regulation This gaiter definitely does what it claims and works well with great fit and stretch and cool cooling effect Like to wear as a headrap as much as on neck for differing scenarios. Omni Freeze Zero Cooling Shirts Activewear Columbia Omni Freeze ZERO s blue rings react with your sweat to lower the temperature of the material, so you feel cooler. The Zero Theorem The Zero Theorem is a British French Romanian science fiction film directed by Terry Gilliam, written by Pat Rushin, and starring Christoph Waltz, Lucas Hedges, Mlanie Thierry, and David Thewlis.The story centres on Qohen Leth Waltz , a reclusive computer genius working on a formula to determine whether life holds any meaning. Gilliam has given conflicting statements about whether his Zero Degrees Photos Reviews Bubble Tea reviews of Zero Degrees Saw them on my newsfeed Went Tried it Loved it The rest is history Shaabammmm Didn t had time to take a pic before I started to go ham on it

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        John Lange is a pseudonym of author Michael Crichton His pen name was selected as reference to his above average height of 6 9 2.06 meters Lange means tall one in German, Danish and Dutch.


    1. Peter Ross is an American radiologist in Spain for a conference when he's strong-armed into performing an autopsy on a dead gangster. Something is planted inside the corpse's chest cavity and three gangs are vying for it. Can Pete escape the gangs before he becomes another victim?I have mixed feelings on this Hard Case by John Lange, aka Michael Critchon. On one hand, it has more twists and turns than any Hard Case in recent memory. The writing is crisp. I didn't really know what was going on un [...]

    2. I didn't agonize over whether I was expressing myself; I didn't worry about art; I was writing under a pseudonym, at very high speed. And the usual concerns about the quality or originality of one's output were irrelevant since my explicit goal was to be entirely unoriginal - to write something so perfectly suited to the paperback market that my publishers would buy my work without hesitation. I was engaged in a high-pressure exercise where the goal was absolute unoriginality. [Michael Crichton, [...]

    3. *1.5 Stars*It can be difficult on a weekend where you've been reading a lot and you find the "to read" pile of books you currently possess to be not a pile at all, but just ones that have been picked up and been anchoring the pile for a long time! This had been the foundation of such a pile for me, and in spending a couple of hours with it, I now realize that had been a great decision. I don't want to just bash this one, as it's meant for a certain kind of reader. The Hard Case Crime series isn' [...]

    4. Loved, loved, loved this absurd, trashy, and fun story. It's like the Road House of books. So bad that it's totally fucking awesome. This one rates high on my guilty pleasure list.Seriously, you can really see a lot of Crichton's brilliance in this book. If you hate this book, you hate fun.

    5. i hate the fact that i just ran out (again--i seem to acquire his work in batches) of michael crichton's booksthe back-talking doctor featured here is a gem (pun intended)p50: he reached into his pocket and brought out a syringe and ampul.

    6. originally posted at: thebookplank/2014This is my fourth Hard Case Crime book and so far I have been enjoying them very much. I am very fond of SF/F genre but venturing in the crime books has been something that I was and still am looking forward to, since I read quite a lot of books, the HCC books amongst others keep things diverse. I read one book of Michael Crichton before, Drug of Choice, he wrote these books when he was still a medical student at Harvard medical school. I was impressed with [...]

    7. Il Professore, il Conte, l’autopsia“È così che dovrebbe essere” pensò. “Sole caldo, cibo saporito e donne seducenti. E niente lavoro”. Questo punto era molto importante per Peter Ross, giovane e brillante radiologo americano, in vacanza a Tossa de Mar, in Costa Brava. La Spagna e le sue spiagge piene di donne bellissime sono il suo unico interesse, poiché ha appena completato il suo ciclo di studio e i quattro anni di internato obbligatorio. Il problema è che la probabilità degli [...]

    8. A Curio book - John Lange being a pen named used by Michael Crichton in the 60's. Like the other half dozen I've already read it is a good time passer, but this one had two glaring consistencies?Toward the end of the novel the author tries to pull off a standard 'you think its one person but its really another!' switch, but it just feels botched. The second problem is the framing device used - the novel has an intro and outro as a fantastic story being told by a grandfather to a grandson - but t [...]

    9. This is the second John Lange book I have read where Michael Chrichton uses the Hitchcock technique of placing an innocent in the middle of a deadly game with a hard-boiled cast of characters. No matter; it's still a fun trip. I always feel like I an learning something every time I read anything by Michael Crichton. This time its falcons, emeralds and the Alhambra

    10. Interessante soprattutto perché si possono cogliere gli inizi delle tematiche e del metodo di scrittura di Michael Crichton.

    11. Crichton wrote Zero Cool while enrolled at Harvard Medical School. Coincidentally, Zero Cool stars a young doctor. Not sure if there's a connection there.In Zero Cool, Dr. Ross, a radiologist, flies to Spain to give a talk at a medical conference in Barcelona and to spend a month in the south of Spain the beaches of which he imagines are dotted with bikini-clad girls. He quickly meets an astonishingly beautiful brunette (Angela) as his sunglasses fall onto her when he can't stop staring at her. [...]

    12. Before The Andromeda Strain and Jurassic Park, etc Michael Crichton wrote several novels using various pseudonyms. ZERO COOL is Michael Crichton's fifth published novel. It was released in 1969 under the pseudonym of John Lange, and later re-released in 2008 as part of the Hard Case Crime series. For this release, Crichton wrote short new framing chapters, in addition to doing an overall revision of the text. The protagonist in the novel is Peter Ross, an American radiologist who goes to Spain f [...]

    13. This was a nice, mindless diversion and if you want to spend a day at the beach and feel like starting and finishing a book in the same day, this one will do just fine. Crichton, though one of the finest authors ultimately, had to get his start somewhere and apparently it was here. Pros- this book literally fliesa simple, uncomplicated, very far fetched plot that delivers exactly what you expect. Characters are transparent and predictable. Cons- see pros.However, I will let you in on a little se [...]

    14. This is a silly book -- a quick read, but even those few hours constitute a waste of time. I generally trust Hard Case Crime editor Charles Ardai's taste, but sometimes he does let me down. It is also curious that there is no indication given that this is a slightly updated version of the text, augmented by contemporary "video interview" sections. Were there any other changes made? The reprint is therefore suspect from a scholarly point of view, whereas in the past I have always felt I could tru [...]

    15. Pretty good early writing work from the author who would eventually write Jurassic Park. It had a few too many unbelievable twists and turns, but the writing and voice were strong enough to keep me reading. Plus, it's pretty short, so it wasn't a big commitment to see it through to the end.

    16. Takes a left turn and a half in the final chapters - turns from a semi-engaging gang drama into some weird economy-Indiana-Jones nonsense. Not much else to say, it really wasn't special in any kind of way: not too good, not too bad.

    17. Insane plotLove these fun little mysteries from Michael Crichton. Get a little history and medical lesson, plus there's always a twist you didn't see coming.

    18. I was hoping this book would be fun, and it was. It wasn't deep or thought provoking, and I am glad not all books are. I read Zero Cool quickly, and wished it were longer.

    19. Adventure and FunGreat read. If Indiana Jones and Peter Sellers had a love child raised by disney. Dr gets swept up in a gang war in 1960's spain. Don't trust the ladies!

    20. I listened to this because I'm a big Michael Crichton fan, plus I was up to Z in a self-imposed A-Z reading challenge! This is pretty typical of his John Lange gumshoe pulp-detective tales. There are also a smattering of medical elements to the story - I guess that's Crichton drawing on his medical background. Fairly standard fare, engaging enough but not great.

    21. Peter Ross is a radiologist on vacation in Spain, hoping to pick up girls and relax while “attending” a big medical conference. This is cut short when he agrees to do an autopsy, which he’s not qualified for, and discovers that the dead guy has… something… stuck inside him. Of course, everyone else wants that thing in the dead guy—the “artifact” macguffin—and want Ross, because they think he’s working for one of the other sides. Now he’s caught in a three-way crossfire, dod [...]

    22. I've found a new favorite thriller writer who's actually an old favorite -- John Lange, the pseudonym the author better known as Michael Crichton used for the series of mid-20th century mysteries he wrote while in medical school. The fifth of these, Zero Cool, has a swinging '60's, beach party vibe, even while nodding to the still older storytelling tradition of The Maltese Falcon with its quest for a priceless pseudo-historic relic, a sinister fat man and his androgynous sidekick. And its too g [...]

    23. Another of Michael Crichton's early John Lange novels. The plot is intricate and constantly twisting and there is just action scene after action scene and it's all quite cinematic. Unfortunately, at least to my reading taste, more than half the book consists of ridiculous dialogue that barely advances the plot. Crichton spends five pages attempting witty repartee to impart maybe three sentences of information that moves the story along. And repeats this technique over an over throughout the nove [...]

    24. What I like about the Hard Case Crime imprint is their penchant for uncovering novels with unique histories. Take, for instance, NOBODY'S ANGEL, which was written by a Chicago cab driver and for years sold only to his customers out of the back trunk of his cab. Or MEMORY, an unpublished early novel which, had it found a publisher, would have undoubtedly launched Donald Westlake's career in a wholly different direction. THE LAST QUARRY allowed Max Alan Collins to resume a popular pulp series that [...]

    25. Before he struck it rich with novels, movies and TV series under his real name, Michael Crichton had published a range of thrillers under the nom-de-plume John Lange. The original editions of those are now commanding impressive sums on the second hand market, so it is good to see that these are now being reprinted by Hard Case Crime.Love the cover of ZERO COOL! Look closely and you will see that the book the girl is reading is actually another John Lange reprint (GRAVE DESCEND).This is a very fa [...]

    26. Once in a while, pulp fiction is just what I need. Zero Cool is a great 1960's, summer-of-love, incredibly cheesy storyline that's pure entertainment. The protagonist is a radiologist in his twenties just finishing his residency and heading off for a month-long vacation among liquor and loose women on the beaches of Spain. But, almost the minute he arrives, he is sucked into some kind of weird spy v. spy conspiracy searching for a lost artifact, a la The Maltese Falcon. If it weren't for the che [...]

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