A Vampire's Garden of Stones

A Vampire's Garden of Stones

Jody Offen / Jan 20, 2020

A Vampire s Garden of Stones He was pretty sure that if he said Boo she d jump from the car regardless of how fast he was going He offered up a slight smile He couldn t blame her really he was aware that he could be a tad intimi

  • Title: A Vampire's Garden of Stones
  • Author: Jody Offen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He was pretty sure that if he said Boo she d jump from the car regardless of how fast he was going He offered up a slight smile He couldn t blame her really, he was aware that he could be a tad intimidating, perhaps even overbearing at times Okay, that was just bullshit he was intimidating most all of the time He couldn t help it really, it came with the territory.He was pretty sure that if he said Boo she d jump from the car regardless of how fast he was going He offered up a slight smile He couldn t blame her really, he was aware that he could be a tad intimidating, perhaps even overbearing at times Okay, that was just bullshit he was intimidating most all of the time He couldn t help it really, it came with the territory It was hard not to be threatening when you were a Guardian or officially if you preferred to throw down titles which he didn t Vampire Guardian Assassin He did kill people for a living Granted they were evil, but he threw badass attitude around on a nightly basis because that s what assholes he exterminated understood He looked over at Jamie, so small and fragile, her injured hand lying in her lap, the other tucked up close to the door latch As if Jamie felt relief when he pulled the Jaguar up beside her house and killed the engine She fumbled at the door until the mysterious tall dark and oh so handsome vampire slowly leaned his bulk across her and opened it for her Thanks, she said softly, feeling suddenly warm all over at his sudden nearness and like an idiot because she couldn t open the door herself I ve never been in such a fancy car before He enjoyed the flush he d brought so easily to her cheeks You re welcome Oh my gawd he has a voice to die for It was all she could do to not look over her shoulder like a teenager with a crush to make sure he was following her You don t know how right you may be little girl.

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    1. This book had so much promise but it was very difficult to follow. The numerous POVs were confusing and I often felt like the author was referring to things she hadn't shared in the book. I really wanted to like this but it made my brain hurt. Too much stuff going on.

    2. Fangatic for this!In need of a good paranormal read I came across this with some recommendations in . And I'm so glad I bought it! This had everything I needed to calm my paranormal urge. Aerik was super sexy and such an Alpha male. While Jamie was a smart-mouthed, a bit loopy, strong willed woman. The combo of them together had me laughing and flipping thru the pages. Aerik I'd a Guardian who takes out bad guys. While Jamie is an artist who has been touched too many times by death leaving her a [...]

    3. Very enjoyable butThis book should have 5 stars individuals we all have certain quirks that bother us, or should I simply say"Pet Peeves" ? ah, I have a fewe heroine was enjoyable, likeable even ((UNTIL SHE SAID GAWD, or more specifically (oh my gawd) it detracted from the story for me)) I do look forward to the next installment but by GAWD I am sure hoping the author refrains from making her heroine look like a simpleton.i knowwwww that sounds hateful, but other than that one peeve, I thoroughl [...]

    4. I just can't get past Chapter 7. Even those few chapters were difficult to read! Jaimie is hard to connect and feel sorry for- she's so whiny and says "gawd" WAY too much! Seriously. I cannot read her saying it one more time. And Aerik, can't really connect with him either. The author's way of writing their internal dialogue makes my head spin. First off, just way too much irrelevant information in the dialogue, in my opinion. Way too many thoughts broken up. The author really could have used a [...]

    5. An enjoyable find, was this updated story. Two feisty main characters, likeable and humorous with a nice little suspense-mystery built in. Great secondary characters (Must-Read-'Dare'!), both vampiric and human (would like to see what happens to the cops, and while some nice romantic/sexy interludes occurred, there was nothing I'd call explicit, and that is quite the departure for my reading these days. And a nice one because, in this case, the story was self-sustaining and the behaviour of the [...]

    6. I liked it.It was likable. Had a good plot, but tended to drag on. I liked the characters, they had dangerous down to a fine art. Actually they had humor. Jamie is just gifted, suffered a lot of losses of her family. I enjoyed the book.

    7. Well what can I say. by the reviews I thought this book had promise, but I read about 19% and I just couldn't read it anymore, the different POV's without breaks in between or showing who was saying what got so confusing I had to re read some paragraphs just to be certain I knew who was talking/thinking. There is so many things I could say about this book even though I didn't even get 1/4 way through but here goes- Jamie: not entirely sure what age she is but if she is in her 20's she sound supr [...]

    8. I just couldn't get into itI really had a hard times getting into the story so much so that after I read 32% I started skipping sections, looking for some action or something to grab me . I am sorry to say that nothing grabbed me, and I really wanted this to be a great series to capture me. I couldn't stand how "of my gawd" was used, overused so much. They lying did get to me but the beginning just seems way unbelievable and I've read a lot of vamp books . I have to agree with a lot of others re [...]

    9. Garden of StonesI've written a review before so here goes. I loved this book.The guardian vampires are my cup of tea! The characters are so realistically written . The story flows seamlessly from beginning to end.This is a vampire love story with a bit of harass thrown in to make it interesting! I can't wait to read the others.If you love Anne Rice vampire stories you will love this!! Thanks Jody Often for a great read! I read this in a day. Couldn't put it down.

    10. I loved this book, I loved the stream of consciousness writing style from each character. I even liked the way she said gawd. I loved Jamie's little idiosyncrasies and the mystery and intrigue behind the family and the deaths. I loved the murder plot twist, I even loved how Dare has cultivated a relationship with her. The sex was steamy, with just enough blood lust for me, I understand that many may not feel that way. This book is absolutely a love it or hate it type of book.

    11. Beautiful romance to get your fangs into!I loved this story and the development of the characters. Learning about Jamie and her family. Then the horror developments with the ex. Who wouldn't be seduced by a hunk of a vampire with a plethora of powers to make love like no one else! The references to other vampire shows made me laugh, just the idea of asking a vampire about true blood! Bring on the next. Can't wait to hear about Zak ;)

    12. A very interesting take on the vampire genre.I wouldn't have picked this book out as my first choice, however I was pleasantly surprised by the story that unfolded as I continued to read. Most books in this genre lack so much content it's unreal. But this had so much story, so much to go along with the love and vampire addiction I seem to have developed. LOL love this book and can't wait to read Zaks story!!

    13. Way to go, Jody, your story was good and interesting.I gave this book five stars, it deserved six, I almost didn't read it, I thought, another typical, boring vampire finds mate story. I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the story, characters were believable and funny. Can't wait to read next installment.

    14. Awesome book ☺Excellent,outstanding,loved this book😊😁. I can't wait to continue reading 📚this series. Jody is an amazing storyteller and writer. Just wow!

    15. Great ReadWonderful book enjoyed reading looking forward to reading the next book. First time reading a Jody Often book would recommend to others

    16. Different type love storyDestined to be together before birth. Different. We love to see this story extended, truly enjoyed the story. Now let see what Ask is getting into.

    17. Read it for yourself!I love a good vampire story and this didn't disappoint. Can't wait to see what happens to Zac in the next book.

    18. A Unique PerspectiveThis author has a different perspective about vampires that doesn't follow the norm, which allows readers to explore the vampire life in a new and fresh way.

    19. Good bones for further books.I really liked the unique collections. Good bones for upcoming novels in series. I will give this author more of my time.

    20. I wish I were a witch and could curse the day started with those one-click purchases. I accidentally clicked on this book and spent 1.20 Dollars on this nonsense. This book was an insult to all the readers and no one should pay for it. No one!Honestly, can just anyone write a book and sell it right to an online e-book shop and skip the whole proofreading process these days? I know that the proofreaders don't usually correct grammar but someone should see it before it reaches the reader who pays [...]

    21. This book was another Vampire love story. I found a book review of this book on a blog I came across. I then went to the author's page to see what the book was all about and Jody Offen had free copies of all 4 books in the series on her blog. The series is The Watchers series. I couldn't turn down the free books so I immediately started reading. I have to say this book being free was great , that being said it had an awkward start. The way the characters met and connected didn't feel right and w [...]

    22. Bloody hell If I hear or read "Gawd", "Oh my Gawd" or any derivative of Gawd again I will find a spork and do bodily harm to the poor idiot saying it Couple of times . FINE. But this author used it on pretty much EVERY. FUCKING. PAGE. Can we say annoying as SHIT?????Aerik was meh for me Don't get me wrong, I love a good alpha male But he LIED CONSTANTLY to Jamie, fucked around with her memories including erasing a dry hump session because he couldn't get himself under control. And then you have [...]

    23. Aerik walks into Jamie’s life at a time when she’s hearing voices. His voice to be exact but why him and why now?This book had a lot of potential unfortunately there were just a few elements that didn’t sit right with me. Things were mentioned or introduced but then not explored, such as Aerik being previously married. Considering the next book moves on to another couple I have to assume that this will not be addressed. Neither will a rather important aspect of Jamie’s heritage. (I can [...]

    24. This is probably the worst book I've ever read in my entire life. I mean, I wasn't expecting much out of a romance novel, but this book was so below the bar it was practically underground. For one thing, there were multiple spelling mistakes, which makes me think that the author didn't bother to consult an editor at all. And they were the most ridiculous spelling mistakes. Mistakes like mixing up homonyms. Homonyms like "waste" and "waist"Another thing I really hated about this book was the love [...]

    25. ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS SERIES BY JODY OFFENI'm Totally HOOKED ON THIS SERIES!! Snarky,hilarious and steamy interactions between them and their individual conversations out loud and talking to themselves will Absolutely crack u up. I fell in love with her Sexier than Hell Vampires and their surprising handling of developing relationships and dealing with their newfound possessive,passionate,persistent feelings towards their mate's quirks and problems as they finally get a chance for their own HEA. [...]

    26. Please be aware that this review will contain spoilers because I just don't know how to validate my negative feelings without them.I really wish I could give this book a 1.5 because there were some aspects about the book I liked. I liked how they connected through visions and telepathic ways. But I hated how he lied to her all the time. If I were to go back through the book I would probably count 25+ times that Aerik (I do love the spelling of his name btw) lied to her. Relationships should be b [...]

    27. Hot Vampires.I saw this book on my Kindle as an advertisement and it looked okbut something made me get it and I'm darn glad I did! The author did a great job with the charactersI loved them! And the story line was unbelievable! She wished for a warrior that wouldn't die on her since everyone else had already done. And this big strong vampire, her soul mate answered her call. The whole story was really good and interesting. I laughed, cried and laughed again. You should really give this book a w [...]

    28. Has potentialThe overall story was good. I liked the vampire soulmate angle. There were some very steamy scenes and some that downright made me laugh. I had an issue with the female lead, Jamie, always saying "gawd." It felt overused and annoying. I also questioned the male lead, Aerik (cool spelling), and his need to withhold the truth or outright lie. While their passion and love was apparent I did not understand the need for lies. It made him seem bullheaded and almost undermined the love asp [...]

    29. Vampire Guardian? Sign me up!This is the first book I've read by Jody Offen but it won't be the last. I absolutely love the idea of a Vampire Guardian and all the differences from what is expected of vampires. Aerik's connection to Jamie pulled me right in and I found myself reading without stoppingt even to adjust my posture. Their interaction in the story was immediate with hardly any build up, but that is what drew me in. It was fitting for them. This is a must read. Be warned, there is sex, [...]

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