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Blush Kama Sutra Tantra M nage are you ready to blush Hanna Lane wishes she could shed her inhibitions and unleash her wild side in the bedroom When she meets J M a Kama Sutra and Tantra master they embar

  • Title: Blush
  • Author: Opal Carew
  • ISBN: 9780312367794
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kama Sutra, Tantra, M nage are you ready to blush Hanna Lane wishes she could shed her inhibitions and unleash her wild side in the bedroom When she meets J M a Kama Sutra and Tantra master they embark on a sizzling path of discovery, exploring the ancient sensual arts and discovering new techniques that allow Hanna to unlock her naughtiest fantasies and make them a rKama Sutra, Tantra, M nage are you ready to blush Hanna Lane wishes she could shed her inhibitions and unleash her wild side in the bedroom When she meets J M a Kama Sutra and Tantra master they embark on a sizzling path of discovery, exploring the ancient sensual arts and discovering new techniques that allow Hanna to unlock her naughtiest fantasies and make them a red hot reality But when Hanna s exboyfriend Grey re enters her life determined to win her back, Hanna longs to share herself with both men But can she tell J.M and Grey her most taboo fantasy And who will win her for keeps

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    1. OH MY!! So, now that I've cooled off a bit and smoked 1/2 a pack of cigarettes, I'm able to write this review. If the thought of having sex with a 'sexpert' turns you on, you really need to get this book. There is vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, twosomes, threesomes, hypnotic sex, sex with fruit, sex with toys, and extended intense foreplay! If you're still reading (because you haven't gone away to order this book) and aren't offended, you will definitely enjoy this book!Hanna just wants to hav [...]

    2. This is the third book I've read by erotic romance author Opal Carew and I was a bit wary of reading this one. The last book I read by Carew, Six, I disliked intensely. So I wasn't all that anxious to read another book by her and kept putting off reading this one. But I'm glad I finally read this one. It was really good, close to a 5-star book except for a couple things that bothered me.In Blush Hanna Lane is a woman who is unable to orgasm. She's never been able to in her entire life. Not even [...]

    3. Give me a fan cause this book is HOT!! Man oh man! Great story line, hot sexy men (and I liked both of them!), amazing sex just wonderful! What more can I say! Read this book if you havent already take my word for it please! ;-)

    4. Just the memory of this book makes me fan myself~ It completely surpassed my expectations. Considering Tantra was involved, I thought there would be many slow, boring, drawn out loves scenes. I couldn't have been more wrong! The plot was fast paced, the erotica was hot, and the love story was believable and well-written. I especially loved Grey's dedication to Hanna, it just melted my heart! As a reader, you'll find yourself torn, rooting for both male leads. There were also tons of fun, sexy su [...]

    5. Blush by Opal Carew. Again, this was a book suggested to me by another reader.I’m not a huge fan of the gender inequality where guys satisfy themselves, and not their supposedly female partners. Hannah has an ignorant/selfish loving boyfriend, Grey who is sexually ignorant, can’t bring her to orgasm, and leaves her unsatisfied. Dumb sht!Grey probably can’t read either, since there have been voluminous books and guides for centuries!!Ok, so I’m a bit more literate, graduating from medical [...]

    6. In terms of erotica “Blush” is a 4 seeing as those stories can quickly spiral into the inane, but with respect to the story and writing it’s a 3.5. The sex is very good especially the ménage scenes. They aren’t yucky-icky which is a nice change. There is something missing from the story though outside of the sex which was what bugged me. Yes it’s a story about a woman who can’t seem to orgasm but it’s too focused on that and it’s as if nothing else ever happens. The writing itse [...]

    7. Not exactly what I imagined this book would be. I finished this book a few weeks ago and was hoping for just some erotica. It's a very simple and easy read with an extremely basic story line. Some of the sex scenes were intriguing, yet in the end of the book, I must say it was a bit of a turn off. I am not the type who frequently wants to read a book with a detailed menage a trios.

    8. Kama Sutra, Tantra, Ménage - are you ready to blush?Hanna's recently ended a two year relationship with Grey, and she was put off because he never told her he loved her.Hanna's never been able to shed her inhibitions and she's never had an orgasm. Before the break up, Grey had signed them both up Tantric classes. They both wanted to put some sizzle into their sex life and to get help for Hanna's lack of orgasms. Hanna decides not to go to the classes since she and Grey are no longer a couple an [...]

    9. Hanna loves Grey, Grey loves Hanna but he can't make her orgasm. They break up before they can go to the Karma Sutra for beginners class. JM is the teacher and is interested in Hanna. This is a very simple story, I was thinking it was a good plot for porn. There is not much character development or characters interacting outside the bedroom. I wasn't sure what JM saw in Hanna that he wanted her so much, or why Grey loved Hanna or why Hanna loved Grey. JM was too spiritual about sex for me, his s [...]

    10. Coffee shop owner Hanna Lane has never had an orgasm. Nope not even a little one. Having broken up with her boyfriend whom she had been living with for a year because he couldn't tell her he loved her, her prospects of changing the orgasm front weren't looking too good. Then she meets Jeremy Smith (J.M.), a Kama Sutra and Tantra master. Then her ex-boyfriend Grey returns looking to win her back. Well, so much for the orgasm hurdle. Now which one will she end up with?OK, so the story is not the g [...]

    11. Isis, I wish you'd never mentioned eye rolling. That is what came to mind when I read this one. Really I would give it a 3.5. This was a comedown after Swing. I'm still having a hard time getting over that dungeon scene. Wish I'd read Blush first. I pretty much liked the love acts. But that's about it. That wasn't enough. Blush just did not blow my skirt up or knock my wig back. Do you think I'm getting too jaded?BB

    12. 2.5 STARS.Eh. It was good for what it was, but nothing I feel the need to rave about. Mayhaps I'm just a hater? I mean, what does Hanna have? Beer flavored nipples? A vacuum-suctioned p****? I've known a lot of ladies who were all kinds of FAB (to the) ULOUS - myself include **tosses hair over right shoulder** - but I can't see any scenario ever going this perfectly for anyone ever. Yep. Definitely a Hanna hater. Haha!

    13. Hot men - check. Interesting scenes - I guess. Quick read, not really that memorable. Probably wouldn't read it again.

    14. It took me a long time to discover that God made me a feisty, curious, plain Mennonite farm girl for a reason. ~ Shirley Hershey Showalter If you substituted the word 'Amish' for 'Mennonite', I could have written this statement. It was written by a kindred spirit, Shirley Hershey Showalter, whose first memoir, "Blush: A Mennonite Girls Meets a Glittering World," was launched a month ago. Rich in sensory details, this is a memoir of a happy childhood, with two responsible parents who were farmers [...]

    15. Hanna runs a successful cafe and has a loving boyfriend called Grey - but she has never had an orgasm. She meets J.M. who runs classes on the Kama Sutra and Tantra, and it takes little persuasion for her to let him to break through her inhibitions and release her wild side. She cares for both men but who should she stay with? It's a question the men take out of her hands.This was my first foray into romantic erotica and it was a really good one to start with. The differences between romance and [...]

    16. What to say about this? It was in the bargain bin at Books-A-Million's end of the year sale. ($3.97). And I can see why it was that cheap.The characters were very "bland" and the writing was so monotone. So pissed. I noticed a lot of my friends haven't read this book and I'm glad they avoided it. This book cannot compete with any of the erotica books out there because it is 1) dull and 2) no man speaks like that. I don't want to be mean about thisBut how did this book even get published? I just, [...]

    17. 2.5-3 stars. Not as bad as some of this author's other books, Six and Swing, didn't like or couldn't finish. There was actually a decent story at the beginning and then it turned into sex scene, fantasy sex scene, sex scene, fantasy sex scene, sex scene, menage sex sceneyou get the picture and add about 4 orgasms per scene for her and 3 for him--unrealistic, but hot. So if you want a sexy erotica book with shallow emotion and half a story, this isn't a bad choice. I have 1 more to read by Opal C [...]

    18. KamaSutra sex? Check Tantric Sex? check Food Sex? check Menage? check Hot Cover? checkHeroine have the first rate world problem, she couldn't achieve an Orgasm. so she broke up with Grey, the guy she love the most and go to a lecture to remove this 'curse'. The two hero, J.M. and Grey is sensual in their own way, yet they're way too protagonist and no edge, it feels a bit to superficial. Plus the fact that the story evolve around heroine's sex problem and no outside problem make it more 2D eroti [...]

    19. Awful! I think that books should have a good plot and characters that make you want to invest your time in. Seriously I just put the book down and walked away. So disappointing, since the beginning of the book was well written and seemed to have all the making of a great erotic romance But it was not worth wasting my time trying to get why Chloe kept going back and forth. Moving on to my next book and not looking back.Awful! I think that books should have a good plot and characters that make yo [...]

    20. I wasn't impressed with this book. While it held hotness, the relationships were weird. Her fantasies were way off for a woman who couldn't achieve and O. I don't know it just wasn't as believable as others I have read.

    21. What the heck did I just read!? The whole story was about sex and the ending was just plain awful! I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

    22. I like romance novels with a little passion to them but this one was a bit over the top, even for me. For hard core erotica novel people. I don't think I can read another book by this author.

    23. Hanna Lane wishes she could shed her inhibitions and unleash her wild side in the bedroom. When she meets J. M.--a Kama Sutra and Tantra master--they embark on a sizzling path of discovery, exploring the ancient sensual arts and discovering new techniques that allow Hanna to unlock her naughtiest fantasies and make them a red-hot reality. But when Hanna's exboyfriend Grey re-enters her life determined to win her back, Hanna longs to share herself with both men. But can she tell J.M. and Grey her [...]

    24. Another outstanding book by Opal Carew. Hanna wants to unleash her wild side in the bedroom. After breaking up with her boyfriend Grey, she meets J.M. J.M. teaches her to let loose. Everything is fine until Grey shows up wanting her back. Like with all Opals books the sex is awesome. This is a must read.

    25. I have read other books from this author and liked them well enough. I read this one because the summary promised some MMF action but I honestly never got that far. There was a lot of new agey stuff in this book and it was driving me nuts. If you believe in Chakras and Self-actualization then you might enjoy this one. I had to put it down though.

    26. I'm trying to find the best way to describe my disappointment. I for 3/4 of the way through and just couldn't buy into the storyline.

    27. Un libro que realmente no me gusto para nada, no me enamore de ningún personaje, nunca me compenetre con la historia y realmente aborrecí el trama simplemente no la recomiendo

    28. Didnt finish it but if you're into Karma Sutra and things like that then its the book for you. Even though it was barely anything I liked I would still give this author another chance if given the opportunity​ in the future

    29. 4.5/5 Stars So, I have to say, Blush had earned a solid 5 stars from me until the end of it. Thats the only time I was disappointed.I like menage stories, but only in the casual sense. Once they try to make a permanent relationship out of it, it's like Uhh, yea that will never work out, and you will never convince me otherwise. :)I was completely in love with J.M. He was awesome throughout the whole book. Sexy, passionate, caring, and patient. Not even to mention being a Kama Sutra and Tantra ma [...]

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