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Soulmates For anyone who has ever suspected something sinister lurking behind the craze of new age spirituality Jessica Grose has crafted just the tale for you With the delicious bite of satire and the page tu

  • Title: Soulmates
  • Author: Jessica Grose
  • ISBN: 9780062391575
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For anyone who has ever suspected something sinister lurking behind the craze of new age spirituality, Jessica Grose has crafted just the tale for you With the delicious bite of satire and the page turning satisfaction of a thriller, Soulmates is a deeply compelling, funny and sharply observed look at just how far we will go to achieve inner peace Lena DunhamA clever, For anyone who has ever suspected something sinister lurking behind the craze of new age spirituality, Jessica Grose has crafted just the tale for you With the delicious bite of satire and the page turning satisfaction of a thriller, Soulmates is a deeply compelling, funny and sharply observed look at just how far we will go to achieve inner peace Lena DunhamA clever, timely novel about a marriage, and infidelity, the meaning of true spirituality, perception and reality from the author of Sad Desk Salad, in which a scorned ex wife tries to puzzle out the pieces of her husband s mysterious death at a yoga retreat and their life together.It s been two years since the divorce, and Dana has moved on She s killing it at her law firm, she s never looked better, thanks to all those healthy meals she cooks, and she s thrown away Ethan s ratty old plaid recliner She hardly thinks about her husband ex husband any, or about how the man she d known since college ran away to the Southwest with a yoga instructor, spouting spiritual claptrap that Dana still can t comprehend.But when she sees Ethan s picture splashed across the front page of the New York Post Nama Slay Yoga Couple Found Dead in New Mexico Cave Dana discovers she hasn t fully let go of Ethan or the past The article implies that it was a murder suicide, and Ethan s to blame How could the man she once loved so deeply be a killer Restless to find answers that might help her finally to let go, Dana begins to dig into the mystery surrounding Ethan s death Sifting through the clues of his life, Dana finds herself back in the last years of their marriage and discovers that their relationship like Ethan s death wasn t what it appeared to be.A novel of marriage, meditation, and all the spaces in between, Soulmates is a page turning mystery, a delicious satire of our feel good spiritual culture, and a nuanced look at contemporary relationships by one of the sharpest writers working today.

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        Jessica Grose is a journalist and novelist Her second novel, SOULMATES, will be out in September 2016 She is also the author of the novel SAD DESK SALAD, the author of the Kindle Single HOME ECONOMICS, which is about how couples manage their finances, and the co author of the book LOVE, MOM, with Doree Shafrir.She is the editor of Lenny, the email newsletter She was formerly a senior editor at Slate, and an editor at Jezebel Her work has appeared in the New York Times, New York, The New Republic, Cosmopolitan, and several other publications She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.


    1. Soulmates by Jessica Grose is a 2016 William Morrow publication. This is a quirky novel, not at all like what I was anticipating. Several years back. Dana’s husband, Ethan, runs off with his yoga instructor, to live in a cult like environment, and make yoga videos for married couples. But, when Dana discovers the couple has been found dead, she simply must travel to the compound, convinced something about the deaths just doesn’t add up. I’m not sure what to think of this book. It’s a mys [...]

    2. Soulmates is a standalone, satirical mystery novel written by Jessica Grose. Through the use of satire, this story features elements of New Age spirituality, the yoga culture, meditation practices, and how a stereotypical cult may operate/manipulate. The whole subject felt like one big internal chuckle and eye roll while you listen to a brand new duped fanatic talk about their amazing life discoveryd that's exactly how this novel is supposed to feel.On a non-satirical note, I found a real life l [...]

    3. i get the daily email newsletter the skimm & they recommended this book. yikes- i'm thinking they should stick to delivering the news.

    4. I was looking for some summer reading that was light but still smart—a harder task than it should be, in my estimation. Jessica Grose is the editor of the weekly e-newsletter Lenny, which is usually very sharp and well-done, so I thought her second novel, Soulmates, might fit the bill. Unfortunately, my instincts were incorrect. Grose sets up a reasonably intriguing premise, but it's undermined by the weakly developed protagonist, Dana, who mostly comes across as implausibly stupid. She's cons [...]

    5. Meh. This one had a great potential and a fun plot but it didn't quite pull it off. I think what bothered me the most was the multiple 1st person narratives which all sounded the same (save for the dad) and Ethan's book about why he left Dana, which I just could not buy as anything other than a convenient plot device. I did appreciate the ending though, that was a nice touch.

    6. What did I just read? I don't even know. I'm somehow simultaneously bewildered, pissed, annoyed, and frustrated. Dana is a lawyer who works 90 hours a week to support herself and her husband Ethan, who is doing a good job of not having a job. He's a creative type, waiting for inspiration by playing video games and watching Law & Order re-runs. This causes major resentment on her part and their marriage becomes tense but Dana doesn't think of it as more than just a rough patch. Evidently, Eth [...]

    7. This is the story of Dana, who sees her ex-husband on the front page of a newspaper, along with the woman he left her for. They're both dead, and Ethan is being blamed for it. Dana goes about exploring what happened, and setting things right: the end of her marriage, the end of Ethan's life, the direction of her own future.I really liked the way this started. It felt very modern, and pulled the reader right into it.And the idea of closure, of finding out what really happened to the end of Dana's [...]

    8. I loved Soulmates especially the last chapter, I actually want to tell you what happens!! But I won't. The book is laid out kind of like a diary with each chapter being a different characters perspective and I'm learning that this is my favourite style of fiction. I read this book in a day and would have preferred to read it in one sitting but daily interruptions kept interfering. Read this if you get a chance. :)

    9. I just hope my friends and sister are a liiiiiittle more convincing/concerned if I ever decide to take a sabbatical to go investigate my dead estranged husband's murder-suicide in rural New Mexico at a New Age retreat center.

    10. Dana has moved on in the two years since her husband left her. She works hard and the law firm has noticed. She's also in great shape. But when she spies a headline and her ex's picture on the from page of the New York Post, she realizes she hasn't moved on quite as well as she thought. Ethan and the yoga instructor he left Dana for have been found in a cave. Or rather their bodies have. And now Dana is determined to find out what happened. In order to do so, though, it means traveling to New Me [...]

    11. Well, this book had a lot of potential and an interesting premise. Dana Morrison is doing fine after her husband Ethan left her for another woman two years ago. Then Dana sees a newspaper headline with a photo of Ethan and his paramour: "Nama-Slay: Yoga Couple Found Dead in New Mexico Cave." That's when Dana realizes she actually hasn't gotten over Ethan. She resolves to find out what happened to him and in the process finds herself exploring Ethan's world of new-age yoga and mysticism.The plot [...]

    12. If you like The Girls by Emma Cline then you'll like this book. so sad this book is also not for my mood. It could be good romance thriller but it hard to related to the character. Because I consider myself as religious person so I totally consider this spiritual mumbo jumbo kind of bullsh** just like Dana in the beginning then the ending is totally big 'wth'

    13. Would give book 2.5 stars. Some of the satirical new age "yummy mummy"/lulu lemon wearing women was deftly written and amusing. Found the ending to have come out of no where and wholly antithetical to who some of the main characters are. Should be noted received this book as a giveaway.

    14. 2.5Too many plot details were over-explained, I didn't feel like I was trusted as a reader to meet the author halfway there. Kept my attention though, and as another reviewer mentioned, the ending had me thinking!

    15. Soulmates is a gripping, satirical look at a woman’s attempts to make sense of why her husband left her to become the other half of a yoga-instructor couple, and to ultimately find out why he’s later found dead along with his mistress in a cave in the New Mexico desert. While Dana digs deeper into her husband Ethan’s life both before and after he left her, she finds herself falling in with the same cult that Ethan had become entrenched with to ferret out the truth–which could be bad or g [...]

    16. Dana's marriage fell apart years ago, but she has never fully gone through the phases of moving on. When she grabs a paper one morning she sees something that makes her entire world come to a complete halt. Her husband the woman that he ran off with have been found dead in the desert and the police are thinking its a murder suicide. Dana knows that Ethan is not capable of violence, and so she hops a plane to New Mexico to find out for herself what is going on. She spends some time at the resort [...]

    17. When I tell you this book is strange, I feel I need to clarify that I mean this is the best way.  Like Stephen King is strange and Phillip Pullman is strange, and Phyllis Naylor Reynolds strange.  It's the creepy beach read I can definitely dig into a few hours and then realize it's time to go home and I feel so chilled and just utterly gobsmacked.It hit me in the lady nuts and then some.You think you know what's going to happen, and maybe a detail or two you do, but honestly things get so con [...]

    18. Dana Powell’s marriage to her husband, Ethan, wasn’t perfect; they had definitely drifted in different directions. Dana was a high power attorney, working 70 hours each week, while Ethan was working at a dead end job and still trying to find his niche. Still, Dana was shocked and dismayed when Ethan left her to run away to New Mexico with a yoga instructor, Amaya, from a local ashram. When she was contacted a year later and told that Ethan and Amaya had died in an apparent murder/suicide, sh [...]

    19. Absolute trash. Sloppy and lazy writing. All of the characters have the exact same voice and the story is so cliche that there's no suspense. This is either "My very first creative writing class assignment" or "Trying to write a (badly executed) parable about what happens when a woman gets too caught up in a failed relationship." Either way, the result is garbage.

    20. First 250 pages: 3.5 stars. Interesting and engaging plot, and having secondary narrators really helped round out the story.Last 25 pages: 2 stars. I did not like this ending; it felt like a cop-out. Oh well.

    21. I liked the author’s first book but this one was just not good. Rambling, hard to believe, a main character that acted in ways that made very little sense. I also felt like I’d read wide sections of this book before in Modern Lovers and in Fitness Junkie.

    22. Dana is as surprised as anyone when a photo of her husband splashes the cover of the New York Post. Ethan, who left her years ago for his yoga instructor, has been found dead alongside his new partner in a cave near a New Mexico retreat. Wanting to understand what led Ethan to a new life of meditation and sun salutations and how it led to his death, Dana embarks on a quest to learn the truth. Readers will find shades of mystery as Dana goes undercover at the yoga retreat, revealing secrets that [...]

    23. I usually do not read others' reviews before writing my own, but this time, I did. I also read an extensive interview of the author, Jessica Grose Jessica Grose vogue/article/jessica- , which I do recommend others read if you are going to consider reading this book Soulmates: A Novel, anyway (after reading my or others' reviews). I had to read others' POVs because my own were all over the place. I ended this book feeling angry, disappointed, betrayed, disgusted and confused, and that was all the [...]

    24. Review from foxywriterchick July 7, 2017Intriguing premise? Check. Domestic bliss gone bad? Check. Interesting characters? Check. Or so I first thought.I grabbed this book off the new releases shelf at my local library and was pulled in by the blurb on the inside cover.Young, ambitious lawyer, Dana Morrison Powell is on the fast track to make partner at her NYC law firm. She lives for work and works to support writer/dreamer Ethan Powell, the college sweetheart she met and married in Minnesota n [...]

    25. “Soulmates” is a silly, zany, chick-lit mystery novel that pokes fun at self-absorbed yoga retreat enthusiasts. Author Jessica Grose tells the story of a woman who’s estranged husband is found dead in a cave in New Mexico. She’s an over-worked attorney in NYC. Her husband abandoned her years earlier after he became involved with a woman and a yoga ashram. Her estranged husband is accused of murdering his mistress and then committing suicide. She decides to go on a caper to find out what [...]

    26. (Full disclosure: the brilliant Jess Grose is a friend of mine.) I tore through this delicious book in a day, neglecting all other vacation activities till I was done. Fun, funny, sad, and snappy.

    27. Soulmates, from Jessica Grose, is a novel that I enjoyed but at the same time was disappointed. Unlike some, I wasn't bothered by the ending (it was certainly a possibility from information given early in the book so was not out of the blue) and I did notice the differences in the voices of the characters which some readers missed (though they could have been made more distinct to make sure more readers caught the nuances) and I wasn't particularly annoyed at the idea that many might see this as [...]

    28. Within a few dozen pages of Soulmates, I realized how much I missed my weekly yoga practice. Within a few dozen more, I realized there were certain aspects of yoga that I definitely didn't miss. Specifically, that person who takes the new-age teaching to the next level. Usually, they smell strongly of nag champa. If you don't know who I'm talking about, they are probably you.Grose really tickled my satire bone. Her use of alternating voices between level-headed, but still holding pathetically [...]

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