Dark Economy

Dark Economy

M. Keedwell / Sep 19, 2019

Dark Economy Love can t stay buried Medical student Cadell Meredith has been known to acquire volunteers from the occasional pauper s grave in order to improve his surgical skills While the legality of this practi

  • Title: Dark Economy
  • Author: M. Keedwell
  • ISBN: 9781619231900
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love can t stay buried.Medical student Cadell Meredith has been known to acquire volunteers from the occasional pauper s grave in order to improve his surgical skills While the legality of this practice is a bit murky, he wouldn t go so far as to call it out and out robbery.His latest acquisition, however, is different The body on his table was obviously healthy, wealtLove can t stay buried.Medical student Cadell Meredith has been known to acquire volunteers from the occasional pauper s grave in order to improve his surgical skills While the legality of this practice is a bit murky, he wouldn t go so far as to call it out and out robbery.His latest acquisition, however, is different The body on his table was obviously healthy, wealthy and murdered Cadell feels compelled to seek justice for the dead man, but while dissection comes naturally to him, crime investigation is unfamiliar territory.Further, he s caught the attention of one of those new police officers, Blaine Breton A handsome, sentimental fool who insists Cadell is a criminal A criminal Cadell is the first to admit he s no saint, but he s no killer.A marvelous game of cat and mouse ensues as Cadell seeks to expose the truth while hiding his own secrets A task that grows ever difficult as his desire for Breton grows and the danger deepens.Warning This story contains mystery, mayhem, and a male romance that starts off in the most delicious way possible mutual hostility Enjoy

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    1. You know how with some books it’s hard to pinpoint why it worked so well for you or didn’t work at all? Dark Economy is not one of those books. It has strong pros and equally strong cons.It starts off as a wonderful debut, and I found myself taking a curious peek at the author’s page to confirm that this is indeed her first work. The writing is witty and effortless, but above all: so enthusiastic! The fun the author had writing an early 19th century mystery about British medical student an [...]

    2. Sometimes early reviews -- even the not so encouraging ones -- could actually motivate me to read a book. Especially if the reviews are listing those I could love. I have to thank my friend, Loederkoningin who wrote the review I read, with these words exactly "Perhaps it's a good bet for historical lovers who are kind of fed up with MCs fucking up their mystery with their penises?" Such a poetic way to close a review *laugh*. But it was EXACTLY what driven me to this book. I love my mystery but [...]

    3. I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really liked this book. I loved that it was the mystery that drove the plot, and not the romance. It made for a much stronger story in my opinion. I liked the way the romance developed as well. That Cadell and Brenton had to learn to trust, and understand each other before any real romance started. There might have been attraction before, but there wasn't any of the silly instant love. I liked that the story felt [...]

    4. The revelation here is Cadell's narrative voice. It is refreshingly original and really witty. Cadell is a man of modest means, studying to be a doctor in the 1800s. He also works two jobs and volunteers at a hospital, and does a little grave robbing on the side.Only to hone his surgical skills of course, oh and to create detailed illustrations of muscle groups to sell as well.His moral fortitude, his studious and logical manner is clear for us to see. He does not suffer fools, and we hear this [...]

    5. DNF @ 41%.1.5 stars for the writing, but the story actually bored me to death. Couldn't get through this one. I think this should be classified as mystery without an ounce of on page romance. Let's be for real, I read HR for the romance in the olden days folks, and the romance that was barely there didn't even attempt to bloom by 40%. I hope for people who actually read this that they eventually get to it. Majority of my 40% was spent on one mc not trying to get caught stealing cadavers, and the [...]

    6. 3.5 stars.One of my favorite parts of Samhain Publishing books is that warning that comes at the end of book blurbs. They are always fun to read, and for me not even a warning, but actually a list of things to look forward to in a book. With Dark Economy it was: This story contains mystery, mayhem, and a male romance that starts off in the most delicious way possible—mutual hostility. Awesome warning, right? No surprise, right after I finished the book, the first sentence I wrote was:A whole l [...]

    7. And now for something completely different. Why? Well, this was a delightful murder / mystery story where the plot drives the story first and foremost and the M/M romance of the main character Meredith Cadwell is secondary. Oh no! I hear you cry. Well, to be honest it was refreshing to read a well plotted murder / mystery where the characters are just gay and there is no need to be continually fed their bedroom antics even if there were any.Meredith is a medical student and is constantly on the [...]

    8. A medical student discovers the latest body he obtained illegally for study was murdered and he feels compelled to bring the killer to justice. This is all complicated by his own very real danger of being arrested and hung for snatching the body in the first place by the coldly, capable policeman hot on his trail.Yep, had to read it. There was no saying no after I saw that situation. I had to know how it all turned out. And bonus, I got to try a new to me author.The story begins when medical stu [...]

    9. Really enjoyed this.Well thought out mystery.With engaging characters that each have their own journey to navigate towards changing their perception of each other.Cadell was intelligent and driven to become the best doctor he could be. He embarks on trying to solve a murder and puts himself in some very dangerous situations that if he were mine I would lock him in a room and only let him out with an escort.You didn't get to know Breton and how he felt about Cadel apart from wanting to strangle h [...]

    10. My first by this author, I seem to say that a lot. And that’s one of the reason I love being a reviewer. I get to find all these great new authors!The ONLY reason I picked this book was it was set in 1800’s England. (MM, for me is a given) This sub genre of MM books is an automatic yes for me.And after reading this one, I have to say, this book was more mystery, who-done-it and less/zero romance. Which was fine. But if you’re looking for romance or sweating sheets rolling sex. Nope, not th [...]

    11. Fantastic murder/mystery with a strong plot and a touch of romance!In 1829 the Metropolitan Police Act was passed, providing permanently appointed Constables to protect the capital and prevent crime . This is a pre-Victorian London where life for common folks is bleak and dangerously cheap. Dark Economy is a long and twisty investigation, gloomy and seedy and I LOVED IT! There's a very interesting cat-and-mouse game between the two protagonists, Cadell Meredith & Blaine Breton, and a fierce, [...]

    12. This review was originally posted on Just LoveA historical crime drama loaded with tons of UST between two brilliant men on opposite sides of the law? Mmmh, yes please! Dark Economy was incredibly fun from start to finish, with a fantastic game of cat and mouse and a mystery that was expertly done."Well, maybe this will convince you to leave me the hell alone."Breton shot him a withering look. "I know you are involved, it is only a matter of time until I catch you." (Kindle Loc. 1175)Cadell Mere [...]

    13. I liked this mystery a lot, very well done.The romance however could have been a bit more present, IMO. I like the idea of a series with this pair. Also, stories about some of the other characters would be welcome.

    14. Full review available on All About Romance - likesbooks/cgi-bin/bookRevRaise your hand if you think grave robbing is sexy and romantic. No one? Yeah, me neither. But it was definitely a staple of medical students and full-fledged doctors in the 1820s. Somehow, the author of Dark Economy makes both the mystery and the characters shine on their gothic backdrop. I’m not sure how the author did it, but I sincerely hope that we get more. Lots more. Preferably of these characters, because I’m kind [...]

    15. An odd book straddling the line between the mystery and romance genres. There's not enough Romance here for the Romance folks, I suspect, and Mystery readers will find the Romance baffling at best and a distraction at worst. Dark Economy is a solidly plotted mystery with plenty of twists and turns (perhaps too many by the end), but also saddled with tired romance tropes and shoehorned-in sex that brought the whole thing down a few notches. The sexual tension between Meredith and Breton in the ea [...]

    16. A Joyfully Jay review. 3.75 starsSo this story grabbed my attention as a mystery/suspense with an enemies to lovers component. I love this theme and it seems like a perfect fit, pitting a criminal and a cop together and ultimately seeing them fall for one another. In the end, one of these elements worked great for me and the other fell somewhat flat.What works here wonderfully is the mystery element. It is twisty and well developed and moves in a variety of directions. Cadell makes a great amate [...]

    17. It definitely feels like the romance was largely forgotten in this book for the sake of the mystery solving. And the mystery solving definitely dragged on too long. It would have been nice if the book had matched the blurb with the whole antagonism, chasing, etc. but the book was much more low key than that, especially since the cop wasn't even in the book that much. I kept expecting him to be pulled in, for them to join up, the tension and everything to just come together. And really the romanc [...]

    18. Really found this mystery very entertaining. Like that it was set in London in the 1800's. Thought Ms. Keedwell did a great job creating Cadell Meredith.

    19. The focus was more on the mystery than the romance, but the mystery wasn't that great. The prose was fantastic. I wish there had been a proofreader because literally the first thing I remembered about this book before anything else was that "discreet" had been misspelled throughout.

    20. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.I’m not exactly sure of how to review Dark Economy. I haven’t read many (if any) M/M historical romances, so I wasn’t really sure of what to expect. In all actuality, it was the concept of a graverobbing medical student trying to solve a murder while avoiding the new constable that really appealed to me. The M/M romance aspect of it was simply a bonus, which was a good thing because Keedwell holds true to the era and t [...]

    21. In 1829, it's still very difficult for medical students to get a hold of enough cadavers to practice on, and the newly-instituted Metropolitan Police are determined to stop resurrectionists from plying their trade. A medical student procures his own cadavers, decides to investigate the murder of one of them, gets entangled with a Peeler.Everything I'm going to say is probably going to sound like a complaint, but I really liked this. The summary given is terrible, ignore it. The book is way bette [...]

    22. This is a LONG, but interesting, historical mystery with a DASH of M/M romance. Cadell Meredith is a medical student in 19th century London. Driven to supplement his income by drawing true-to-life medical diagrams for some of his professors, he stoops to stealing fresh bodies from graves, which is how he comes across the recently murdered Robert Treswick, son of an earl and buried unnamed in a pauper's grave. It's also how he falls onto the radar of Constable Blaine Breton--of his majesty's serv [...]

    23. Like other reviewers have already pointed out, Dark Economy is a historical murder mystery with little romance and even less sex getting in the way. Which was much appreciated.The mystery is not the most gripping one: There are a lot of possible culprits, but it's not one of those books that keeps you guessing; there aren't enough clues for you to guess. Instead, you follow medical student Cadell playing the amateur sleuth and watch him solving the puzzle, in classic procedural style. Cadell's n [...]

    24. Fascinating book. Tricky to rate, so I rounded up. I liked so much about this. The atmosphere is great and Cadell is a really interesting character. I really enjoyed the level of historical detail and the romantic tension is well done. It's nice to read a Regency-era historical about people who aren't part of the aristocracy. This is mostly a mystery, with a bit of a budding romance, but Cadell's amateur sleuthing takes up the majority of the story. The medical student in 1829/grave-robbing aspe [...]

    25. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads3 stars. DNF. Dark Economy started out very strong with the narrator stealing a body from a grave for research purposes. The writing was vivid, drew me right in. The narrator was witty, quick thinking, and a delight to read. Instantly you know the cop seen in the graveyard is one to be on the lookout for later on in the story. The reason for the DNF is strictly on my tastes and not a mark against the author or the story. While th [...]

    26. OMG GAYS AND GRAVEROBBING AND MYSTERIES! it was slow to start, but an enjoyable and satisfying read. Cadell was likeable protagonist and all his love interests were charming, and the chemistry with constable Breton was A++I love gay romances with a plot and this one delivers! Autopsies, dissections, surgeries, chasing criminals and shooting bad guys, etc, so much action to keep you entertained between the hand jobs!I would have like a more detailed sex scene at the end, but it was satisfying eno [...]

    27. Too little romance amidst too much darkness.Reads like a gay Sherlock Holmes murder mystery that dominated the entire novel to such an extent that by the time I reached the end of it I gave zero fucks as to who dunnit.And the character Cadell must be a cross between The Hunchback of Notre Dame & Frankenstein to be able to transport a dead body across his back at high speeds through the streets without being accosted once.Aside from the excessive focus on the sleuthing rather than the romance [...]

    28. 3.85 stars rounded up. An impressive addition to the m-m historical genre. At first I was apprehensive that the secondary role of the romance would bother me. But the slow burn relationship was intensely portrayed and I enjoyed seeing a credible tentative romantic connection. The investigation plot could have been written more tightly. Even so, I liked the author's style.

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