Otherworld Barbara, Volume 1

Otherworld Barbara, Volume 1

Moto Hagio Matt Thorn / Sep 22, 2019

Otherworld Barbara Volume Fantagraphics Books is proud to present the first volume of two of Moto Hagio s Otherworld Barbara in which Tokio discovers a phantom island named Barbara Then there s a mysterious and missing geneti

  • Title: Otherworld Barbara, Volume 1
  • Author: Moto Hagio Matt Thorn
  • ISBN: 9781606999431
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fantagraphics Books is proud to present the first volume of two of Moto Hagio s Otherworld Barbara, in which Tokio discovers a phantom island named Barbara Then there s a mysterious and missing geneticist, an eccentric clergyman, a grieving grandmother granted temporary youth, a psychologist killed by a freak tornado Hagio offers a sci fi explanation for these seeminglFantagraphics Books is proud to present the first volume of two of Moto Hagio s Otherworld Barbara, in which Tokio discovers a phantom island named Barbara Then there s a mysterious and missing geneticist, an eccentric clergyman, a grieving grandmother granted temporary youth, a psychologist killed by a freak tornado Hagio offers a sci fi explanation for these seemingly random paranormal elements, and makes it all matter with believable characters in complex and subtle relationships.This book won the Nebula Award of Japan Nihon SF Taisho Award in 2006.

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        Moto Hagio Hagio Moto is a manga artist born in muta, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, though she currently lives in Saitama Prefecture She is considered a founding mother of modern sh jo manga, especially sh nen ai She is also a member of the Year 24 Group 24 Gumi She has been described as the most beloved sh jo manga artist of all time She helped pioneer both modern shoujo manga and modern science fiction manga In addition to being an industry pioneer , her body of work shows a maturity, depth and personal vision found only in the finest of creative artists.Moto Hagio made her professional debut in 1969 at the age of 20 with her short story Lulu to Mimi in Nakayoshi Later, for Shogakukan Publishing, she produced a series of short stories for various magazines Two years after her debut, she published Juichigatsu no Gimunajiumu The November Gymnasium , a short story which dealt openly with love between two boys at a boarding school The story was part of a larger movement by female manga artists at the time which pioneered a genre of girls comics about love between young men In 1974, Hagio developed this story into the longer Toma no Shinzo The Heart of Thomas She was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1976 for her science fiction classic Juichinin Iru They Were Eleven and her epic tale Poe no Ichizoku The Poe Family Matt Thorn has put up an interview with her in 95 at his website Another translated interview with Hagio Mote conducted in 1996 can be read here SF Online Interview with Hagio Moto has also been translated.


    1. Otherworld Barbara is a strange and pretty original work that is at the intersection of the psychological, paranormal and science fiction by manga-ka Moto Hagio that involves a “dream pilot” and many other oddities. So you read the title and you expect this to be about a woman named Barbara who is otherworldly, right? Me, too, right, but nope. So what is Barbara? It’s a place we can go, an island, a place of escape. Did Tokio discover it? Could it be a young coma-ridden child’s dream wor [...]

    2. Update: The second volume is out! Time to reread this. Maybe then I will have something to say in a review beyond, "Wow."---Wow. When is the next book out?(Probably not in time for me to not need to reread this, because it was extremely rich and it seemed like every detail meant something.)

    3. Until I got to the second chapter, I thought I’d made a terrible mistake ordering this book. I’m glad I stuck with it. It’s such a bizarre blend of paranormal and sci-fi-like plot elements, with a dream world thrown in, and it’s completely absorbing once you have a context for the first chapter. The back of the book calls it a “thriller” and I think that’s a bit strong, but there’s definitely complex mystery and shocking, eerie events. One of the stranger comics I’ve read and l [...]

    4. A highly sophisticated and dense narrative. Tonally, this is dramatically different from The Heart of Thomas, a work that Hagio is perhaps best known for. I think that readers of this manga will immediately think of the film Inception, but it doesn't play around with narrative levels in the same way. In fact, this text's forte is its handling of connections, coincidence, and doppelgängers.

    5. A singular mix of paranormal mystery and melodrama. On the paranormal side of things, we've got a dream world slowly imposing itself upon our reality, anti-aging serums, creepy dolls, doppelgangers, a possible Martian invasion, and a surprisingly large amount of cannibalism. On the melodrama tip, we've got tortured parent-child relationships, sad orphans, teen angst, and more homoeroticism than you can shake a stick at (Moto Hagio is one of the pioneers of the shonen-ai or "boy love" genre of ma [...]

    6. One of the more deeply engrossing manga I've read. We open with a young girl, Aoba, who lives on the island of Barbara. Barbara is an odd, seemingly magical place, where children can float through the air. There is talk of some war in the past, when satellites fell from the sky. Chapter 2 opens with a man called Watarai, whose profession is dream pilot. With the help of a machine, he is able to enter and interact with the dreams of sleeping people. He's been called in to consult on a case involv [...]

    7. You can't read Moto Hagio quickly. It's theoretically possible, and you could just look at the gorgeous art (always a delight), but you won't feel the pulse of the story. Hagio writes in a beautiful, paused manner, and her characters never feel like sketches. They have shading, depth, and color, and most importantly, they drive the story just as much as the story drives them toward a single, common precipice. I didn't expect this to be split into two parts, so I'll hold off on revealing any plot [...]

    8. Woah. This is a really interesting, trippy manga that is taking turns I did not expect. With 70's style art, and an intriguing plot, it's definitely worth a read.

    9. Fun fact: According to Wiki, “Hagio 'wanted to do something about meat' when she created the story for Otherworld Barbara, and felt that the story 'turned out kind of gross'.”There is a helluva lot going on in here. Think somewhat-Paprika meets a speculative sci-fi Pan's Labyrinth, slightly, with some hints of Matrix and X-Men, but more macabre, complete with Angsty Manga Teenager and creepy kids (or everyone). Got that? Onward! Want parallel existences? Say no more. Shadowy corporation? You [...]

    10. I have read and enjoyed many English-translated short stories by Moto Hagio – A, A' and A Drunken Dream and Other Stories being particular standout collections – so I was very excited to find the English-translated release of her serialized work, Otherworld Barbara. Having now finished reading Vol 1, I'm disappointed.The basic premise is about a man with the ability to enter and participate in the dreams of others hired to help wake a teenage girl from her decade-long coma, which she entered [...]

    11. When does V.2 hit the states?Initially, I was like a few people in the reviews, where the first chapter was just everywhere and not at all coherent. I disliked it(the first chapter) so much that I had to read some reviews to see if my reaction was typical. Thankfully, I continued to read and was completely blown away by this story. I went back to re-read chapter one after I finished and the chapter makes much more sense. The reason why the chapter feels the way it does is because is starts in a [...]

    12. I've been reading this for so long before finishing it. It has most of the things that makes Moto Hagio's works great, but somehow I still didn't get invested in it. It has a certain lack of drive (?) and there are a bunch of character-tropes that I dislike. The overall story is really interesting, but not enough to weigh up the things I don't like. If I could borrow the next volume at the library I would definitely continue reading this, but I don't like it enough to actually buy it with my own [...]

    13. This book was, overall, stellar. The art and formatting were both beautiful; it really took the themes and depth of the story to a new level. There were some funny parts, but overall it was a surreal story and experience. I'm reserving five stars for books I get unbelievably obsessed with, but this one is as high as it can go without being up there. It kind of felt like it was always at a climactic point, so when a scene was supposed to be the climax it was a little less exciting, but overall th [...]

    14. It took a couple of chapters to get a sense of what was happening in the story. A fascinating mix of paranormal future and dream worlds, that collide with family dynamics and a possible source of eternal life. I found this to be a wonderfully strange read. Looking forward to Volume 2. Overall 4 out of 5

    15. read both volumesto hagio is weird for me -- seems like a writer i'd really love, but so far what i've read of her just misses the mark for me by a little. the emotional core of the stories appeals to me, but maybe there's just a little too much shoujo scaffolding for my tastes? idk.

    16. Very intriguing look at the psychological effects that dreams have on us. It was not a quick read, but it was worth it. I can wait to read the 2nd book, which came out this month in the U.S.

    17. holy SHIT, i loved this book but had to read it twice.One of the few books about dreams that is good, also my first manga.

    18. It seemed to me like the author was doing everything to increase the complexity. Let's see in the next volume if every layer will have a definite meaning in the framework of the entire story.

    19. A very disjointed dream adventure that includes cannibalism and making love to the mother-in-law. Reminds me a bit of Zelazny's The Dream Master. Hopefully the second volume has some kind of resolution. Pretty artwork though I have no idea why it won the SF Taisho award.

    20. This pretty much made no sense to me. I didn't like Heart of Thomas either. Which is so confusing, because I LOVE the vast majority of Moto Hagio's short stories. The longer sci-fi stuff just doesn't work for me for whatever reason.

    21. via NYPL - I just couldn't get motivated by this. Bear in mind, I read only the first chapter and part of the second, but I couldn't find any investment in the characters or their situations at all.

    22. This is really wild and strange; it mixes sci fi, fantasy and horror to create dream and real worlds that overlap in a troubling but fascinating way. I love that the style maintains a kind of dreaminess even when the story content dives into horror territory. It reminds me of Satoshi Kon's Paprika but is really it's own animal. I love it!

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