His Royal Whiskers

His Royal Whiskers

Sam Gayton / Sep 19, 2019

His Royal Whiskers Something bad has happened to Prince Alexander the only heir to the mighty Petrossian Empire Something worse than kidnapping Something worse than murder Somehow the Prince has been miraculously tran

  • Title: His Royal Whiskers
  • Author: Sam Gayton
  • ISBN: 9781783443826
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • Something bad has happened to Prince Alexander, the only heir to the mighty Petrossian Empire.Something worse than kidnapping.Something worse than murder.Somehow, the Prince has been miraculously transformed into a fluffy wuffy kitten.Why has this terrible catastrophe happened Who are the boy and girl brewing secret potions down in the palace kitchens And how are they possSomething bad has happened to Prince Alexander, the only heir to the mighty Petrossian Empire.Something worse than kidnapping.Something worse than murder.Somehow, the Prince has been miraculously transformed into a fluffy wuffy kitten.Why has this terrible catastrophe happened Who are the boy and girl brewing secret potions down in the palace kitchens And how are they possibly going to avoid getting their heads chopped off

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    • Free Read [Romance Book] ✓ His Royal Whiskers - by Sam Gayton ½
      146 Sam Gayton
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        Sam Gayton lives and writes in a basement, where the spiders are big and hungry He works at a primary school in Kent The Snow Merchant is his first book Now it s finished he ll go and write another one He can t tell you anything except for the first line I can t outrun the horses.


    1. This is a book about a boy who gets transformed into a cat. Doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me. Just look how happy my cat is: (Yes, that was just an excuse to show off a picture of my cat. Her name is Princess Poppet Patchface or Poppy to her friends. She's my reading buddy, and it's been a real long time since she had a mention in a review!)So, anyway, the review: What would you do if your only son was accidently transformed into a cat? The Czar is beside himself, as a war chief, the king [...]

    2. My nine year old daughter insisted I read this book for myself. The first book that she has recommended to me. I am very pleased to see she has such good taste in books! This is an imaginative and very witty childrens tale that is written in a delightful style. I would thouroughly recommend it to you too!

    3. I am crying. this was such a sweet book thatmanaged to be like a fairy-tale, a crime plot and a political thriller in one. The characters were all very 3D while still being clearly good or clearly bad. The freindship element was very well done! I honestly didn't see the twist coming or twists should i say. Won't spoil anything obviously but if you are thinking or reading it i hughly suggest you do at any age. I am 23 and sobbed at this book. Laughed too. Day well spent. I will be keeping an eye [...]

    4. One Line Review: Sam Gayton, like the czar, managed to conquer not only my mind and attention but also my heart.My eyes are sprained from spending the whole day staring at an iPad screen. My head feels like it’s being squashed and crushed for all eternity. All so I can satisfy my strong need to unravel this wonderful tale.This original and creative story is brilliantly written and easily my new favorite thing. I’ve been captured from the very first page. And you should know that that rarely [...]

    5. Don’t be fooled by the adorable kitten on the front cover of this book—this is definitely a tale for older kids. Set in the Petrossian Empire, this story includes a Czar obsessed with conquering other lands, enslaving the inhabitants of the vanquished countries, and torturing or killing those who get in his way. The main characters, Pieter the mathemagician and Teresa the amateur alchemist, participate in a plot to overthrow the Czar.Once I shifted into the right mindset for this tale (it’ [...]

    6. In this creative fairy-tale adventure, an evil, selfish, bloodthirsty czar rules the land of Petrossia with an iron fist. His six-year-old son and only heir, Alexander, has been turned into a kitten. The czar's henchman inform him that it's all the fault of Alexander's two friends, Pieter and Teresa. Pieter is an Abadabacus, a master mathemagician employed by the czar. Teresa, described as a "Spice Monkey," is a servant who swings from ropes collecting ingredients for the kitchen staff. But Tere [...]

    7. As a school librarian, I like to read YA and children's fiction from time to time. I had not heard of Sam Gayton prior to winning my copy of His Royal Whiskers in a giveaway, but I will now seek out his other books for our shelves. This is a sweet tale for youngers readers aged seven and up. Ultimately it is a fairy tale but the CATastrophe is not really the main story of the book. That is the relationship between Pieter and Teresa, two children working for the fearsome Tsar. This is children's [...]

    8. If you look at the front cover of this book, you may think it is meant for young girls. It is not. It is a very well written book, by an author who delights in language. The book opens with the main character, Pieter, locked in the castle dungeon with his best friend Teresa. Their experiments with alchemy have accidentally turned their secret friend the prince into a kitten.The author twists fairy tales in the novel, so they are familiar but different. The spells they cast are delightfully rhyme [...]

    9. This wasn't the story I expected, but was pleasantly surprised at how fun a read it was! Kids 3rd grade up are going to enjoy the magic of this story. Kids who enjoy a good fairy tale should enjoy this one.

    10. A magical tale in every sense, written in a style that I think would lend the story very well to being shared as a read aloud as Gayton's writing plays beautifully with rhyme and cadence - with a different typesetting large parts of this could work as a novel in verse. But instead it feels like oral storytelling, and that magic that that brings - something very human, something that creates community. Maybe that's also why I felt this funny fairytale could be brilliantly adapted for theatre. Muc [...]

    11. A fantastic book for children aged 8-12 or there abouts. A fantasy of great proportions. The prince is strangely turned into a fluffy pussy cat. How, why, and will he ever be able to turn back into himself? Full of magic, and fun and so many antics will have the children laughing and engrossed at the same time.

    12. *****Intended for older children. His Royal Whiskers is a darkly whimsical fairy-tale worthy of the Brothers Grimm themselves.When an alchemy experiment goes wrong, turning the heir to the Petrossian Empire into a fluffy kitten, the bloodthirsty Czar is enraged. How can his son conquer anything as a cute fluffy kitten. And so, the accidental alchemists are charged with making the kitten large, large, large, or it will mean their lives! After much experimenting, they end up with a gigantic cat th [...]

    13. His Royal Whiskers is a deceptively dark and humorous tale which channels those fairy stories collected by the Brothers Grimm so long ago. This feline-driven narrative follows two children, Pieter and Teresa, working under a particularly villainous czar bent on domination and wanton destruction. It all begins when the Czar learns his 6-year old son, Alexander, has been turned into a positively adorable kitty. This, of course, doesn't sit well with the warlord. So mathematician Pieter and apothec [...]

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