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Wrecked Hollis Remington is slinking home to San Clemente California Needing to hide out at her grandmother s beach cottage to lick the wounds from her latest professional failure she s stunned to find her

  • Title: Wrecked
  • Author: Sinclair Jayne
  • ISBN: 9781943963225
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
  • Hollis Remington is slinking home to San Clemente, California Needing to hide out at her grandmother s beach cottage to lick the wounds from her latest professional failure, she s stunned to find her ex lover and professional surf god, Kadan Carson, lounging in the only bed Naked Hollis can t afford a hotel, and no way will she let her family or friends know she s brokeHollis Remington is slinking home to San Clemente, California Needing to hide out at her grandmother s beach cottage to lick the wounds from her latest professional failure, she s stunned to find her ex lover and professional surf god, Kadan Carson, lounging in the only bed Naked Hollis can t afford a hotel, and no way will she let her family or friends know she s broke, but Kadan s refusing to leave He does, however, agree to share Professional surfer Kadan Carson is recuperating after his third ankle and foot surgery, and while it s highly possible his professional career may be over on the brink of his most lucrative corporate sponsorship deal, he s determined to fight the inevitable effects of age, gravity, and injury on his body in private No fans No nurses No distractions Until Hollis shows up, who has always been one hell of a distraction Six years after she walked out for the last time accusing him of infidelity, she s still the one woman he hasn t been able to exorcise from his heart, head or body And he doesn t really want to.There s no way Hollis can forgive, but she also can t forget Kadan was and is her first and only love Can she help him to heal without losing her heart again

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        Sinclair has loved reading romance novels since she discovered Barbara Cartland historical romances when she was in sixth grade By seventh grade, she was haunting the library shelves looking to fall in love over and over again with the heroes born from the imaginations of her favorite authors After teaching writing classes and workshops to adults and teens for many years in Seattle and Portland, she returned to her first love of reading romances and became an editor for Tule Publishing last year Sinclair lives in Oregon s wine country where she and her family own a small vineyard of Pinot Noir and where she dreams of being able to write at a desk like Jane Austen instead of in parking lots waiting for her kids to finish one of their 12,000 extracurricular activities.


    1. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/It's October, which means the men in my house have zero interest in interacting with me except to bark requests for soda refills, another cookie, and the mandatory "good luck pizza" we've been forced to eat during every Cubs' game. Rather than wallow in my neglect, I have opted to read some *cough* scientific journals *cough* . . . Unfortunately this one wasn't a winner. When I read the synopsis that Wrecked would be the story of a sexy surfer I was 100% [...]

    2. 2.5 stars!It's kinda hard to root for a couple when you don't understand why they were even in a relationship in the first place, and you can't see what exactly attracted them to each other. Kaden and Hollis are like that to me. From their head-scratching names to their supposed "love" for each other, this book just didn't do it for me. I like the premise. Hollis is running back to San Clemente to her grandmother's guest house after a disastrous business venture fell through. She was surprised t [...]

    3. Sweet book but a bit blunt at least at first. Nicely written and thank God bereft of over zealous characteristics and overly dramatic situations. Candid, respectful and with chemistry. It was a nice read after all.Wrecked? I would try Lost as a title because both characters are lost and lonely but they end up overcoming their issues and move on to better things. Maybe they are a little bend but i wouldn't say wrecked.I have to say that i'm particularly fond of the main character, Kadan because h [...]

    4. DNF-second book in this seriesI understand this is Sinclair Jayne's debut novel and I'm all for supporting new upcoming authors but I didn't like the writing style and I couldn't feel any connection with the characters and between them. Also there where some many gaps in the story it was hard and tiring to keep up tiring for me *ARC generously provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

    5. ***I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for honest feedback.***This was a short and sweet story about a famous surfer, trying to recover from a career-threatening injury in private, and his on-again, off-again love interest, who is running from her failed career. Hollis and Kadan both end up at the beach house of Hollis' grandmother, each thinking that they would have complete solitude to come to terms with their situations. Fortunately, [...]

    6. 2 "Not So Wrecked" StarsHollis is running from her life and her mistakes unable to find where she fits. When she makes her way back to her grandmother's empty home, she finds her ex-boyfriend and childhood friend Kadan there recovering from a surfing injury. After 6 years their relationship and breakup is still fresh as is the hurt and past regrets. Together they spend time working through their problems while trying to heal both physically and mentally. This book had a great premise and the cov [...]

    7. Wrecked is the condition Hollis calls her life. In an attempt to rebuild on the shaking foundation Hollis finds hershelf left with, she flees to her grandmother's beach cottagey to find Kadane man she loved and left six years earlier.Kadan is a surfing pro with an injury that might just ruin any chance to further his career. Licking his wounds, he secrets himself away in “Grandmother's” beach househoping to heal out of the spotlight of prying eyes.Insecurity and separation destroyed the rela [...]

    8. This novella is a well written second, third, fourth chance romance! Whilst from very different backgrounds, they were friends as children, with Kaden Carson being somewhat hero worshiped by both Hollis and her twin brother. Whilst the couple were very attracted to each other, as a successful, talented, competitive surfer, Kaden was very popular and a great contrast to the shy, introverted Hollis Remington which caused them to break up as a couple - repeatedly. They haven’t seen each other for [...]

    9. 3 stars*An ARC was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*The story was really promising but it didn't deliver. During this book, we actually follow Kadan and Hollis for few days. In these few days, their relationship is analyzed and discussed. The issue that I had with this book was that it felt slow and uneventful. The first chapters were excited to read as there was lots of tension among the two characters and lots of history. Unfortunately after a point I [...]

    10. Wrecked lost an entire star from me for feeling really freaking rushed. The concept was great. The characters were also pretty decent but I could feel the rush to the finish line and I did not like that very much. Having said all of that, I did enjoy the read. I give the story a very surfer rad 4 stars. Essentially the story is boy and girl fell in love young, before high school ended. Boy became wicked famous for surfing and traveled the world while girl went to college and medical school causi [...]

    11. 2 'Not that Wrecked' StarsThe book started out great. I was getting really excited and then it just didn't deliver.If I had to describe this book in five words, those would be:UneventfulAnnoyingRepetitiveRushedGood Epilogue (yes, I know it's two words, but it was also the reason for the extra star in the rating, so it deserves two words)However, this is just my opinion, so you should give it a try and see for yourself.*ARC received by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

    12. " Wrecked" , so appropriate for these two characters because each is wrecked in their own way.Hollis Remington has returned home after six years, just longing for some alone time, some time to figure out her next move, she needs it. Her business failed , all that education before hand and she still failed; hopeful that some time at her grandmother's beach house will help her recoup. The last person Hollos expects to run into. Is her ex - boyfriend Kadan, naked and in her bed; seeing him only ope [...]

    13. An unexpectedly naughty but nice story about first love. Most of them occurring when one is young and immature, still learning about and expanding their definition of love. Hollis and Kadan were together most of their lives as friend and when they did get involved, it was at a time when neither of them knew how to handle a relationship. All they understood was the passion they had for each other. Kadan and up and coming surfer was always surrounded by fans and friends alike. Hollis, an introvert [...]

    14. Awesome read! Really enjoyed this author's writing style and the characters were great. Hollis and Kadan have had a wild, steamy relationship that has been on again off again for years. After Kadan, a professional surfer, wrecks his leg and has to take a good look at his life and future, he thinks the off again part has to change. Getting Hollis to really look at the problem and get over her trust issues may not be easy but in the end well worth it. This is one I definitely recommend.

    15. 3.5 stars. Can there truly be a second chance for a pair of lovers struggling to cope with injury, life-changing circumstances and the crushing weight of insecurity? Especially when trust is shaky at best? That’s the premise of this book, and to be honest, even though I enjoyed it, I’m still not entirely convinced their relationship would last.Not because of Kadan – no, I really liked him. Even wounded and falling apart, he’s a nice guy. Popular and good looking, of course, but the way h [...]

    16. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfHollis and Kadan’s lives had been wrapped together since they, or really she, had been a kid. Her crush started at age 12 and try though she did she never outgrew it or her love for Kaden… or her mistrust.Now she’s back at her grandmother’s beach house hoping to start all over again on her life plan. Again. She’s never fit in any of the careers she’d worked so hard at – maybe because she’d never done them for herself but by trying to live out her [...]

    17. Wrecked by Sinclair JayneHollis Remington is slinking home to San Clemente, California. Needing to hide out at her grandmother’s beach cottage to lick the wounds from her latest professional failure, she’s stunned to find her ex lover and professional surf god, Kadan Carson, lounging in the only bed. Naked. Hollis can’t afford a hotel, and no way will she let her family or friends know she’s broke, but Kadan’s refusing to leave. He does, however, agree to share…Professional surfer Ka [...]

    18. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Hollis has decided to go back home to San Clemente and re-group, figure out what she wants to do with her life. She figures she can go to her grandmothers cottage on the beach since she knows she will be alone.What she didn't expect was to see her ex boyfriend laying in the bed she planned on sleeping in and naked with just a sheet on him! Kadan is a world class surfer and is recuperating from his 3rd ankle surgery.She doesn't want to see him or [...]

    19. I received an ARC through NetGalley from Tule Publishing for an honest review. This is the 2nd book in the world of the Sons of San Clemente series. So far books 1 and 2 are loosely tied by being located in San Clemente, featuring surfing, and there's a mention of going to Preach's bar (he's in the 1st book). Book 1 appears to have a group of characters who Katherine Garbera is creating series for each one. I'm crossing my fingers that Sinclair Jayne does the same with the group of surfers intro [...]

    20. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by Tule Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Wrecked marks the debut of author Sinclair Jayne and is the second novella in the multi-authored contemporary romance Sons of San Clemente series. This can be read as a standalone as it doesn't really share much with the book that came before it other than a shared setting and the mention of a secondary character. I really enjoyed this second chance romance between [...]

    21. Hollis Remington is on a mission to find herself. Unfortunately for her the first thing she finds when she walks into her Grandmothers beach house is her ex lover and professional surf god, Kadan CarsonKadan Carson's life has been all bout two things Hollis and surfing! Once he lost Hollis he puts all his energy into surfing until he wipes out and injures himself. Now he is recuperating after his third ankle and foot surgery and he just wants to hide away in a place no one would ever expect him [...]

    22. A great story from the very first page. When Hollis Remington discovers her ex-boyfriend, Kadan Carson, staying at her grandmother's beach house, she doesn’t know what to think. Kadan, a pro surfer, has crushed his foot and broke his ankle. No one knew how bad the injury really was and Kadan planned to keep it that way. So, he decided not to stay at his own home and opted to staying at Hollis’ grandmother’s house. Hollis was the only person he could trust not to expose his condition to the [...]

    23. Hollis and Kadan loved each other once but have spent six years apart when they suddenly find themselves living under the same roof in San Clemente. Hollis has done many things in pursuit of the perfect career while Kadan has pursued his surfing career around the world and reached the top. Due to unforeseen circumstances both Kadan and Hollis find themselves at a crossroad facing the future and wondering what it holds in store for them. Will they reignite their passionate relationship and if the [...]

    24. Follow my blog for more reviews and posts:alysenovak**I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**Hollis Remington comes back to San Clemente, California to hide out (privately) from her latest failure. What she wants is some time and space to figure out what her next move will be. Instead, she finds her ex, Kadan Carson, sleeping in her grandmother's guest house.Kadan is hiding out for different reasons. He recently had a third ankle surgery, and this one might just be t [...]

    25. Kaden Carson is or was a champion surfer until a major wipe out practically destroyed his ankle. He is now recuperating with pins in his ankle, a boot, and a feeling of finality to his career. He is back in San Clemente, California, to rest and recover at an old friend’s beach guest house. Unfortunately for Hollis Remmington, she discovers him there, just where she was planning to stay while she figured out her life, again. It’s her grandmother’s house, after all, and Kaden has his own pla [...]

    26. Wrecked is short, sweet and sexy, focusing very much around the love story between injured pro surfer Kadan and Hollis, the girl who had crushed on him for much of her life.Set in San Clemente,a coastal town in southern California, the book has a very beachy feel about it. If you're into the sand and the surf and all that goes with that lifestyle then you're sure to enjoy this novel.Kadan is tall, gorgeous, immensely popular and trying to recover from serious injuries to his leg and thigh. He's [...]

    27. Wrecked (Sons of San Clemente, Book 2) by Sinclair Jayne is another California surfer story in this series. The two main characters have a past with each other that is filled with love and hurts caused by each other. This is much as it would be in real life. It did seem as if they worked through all of this rather quickly which may not be so real life. However, the story is not as dark or dangerous as the first book in the series but it is still a pleasurable read.What I did find surprising is t [...]

    28. Wrecked for was pretty good. Bad boy surfer and good girl fall in love. They knew each other for a very long time, and had sort of grown up together. Trust issues, following their own dreams, and a ton of insecurities separated them. Now years later they are brought back together under some very different circumstances. Kadan loved and still loves Hollis. After everything they went through the feelings are still there. Now laying in bed, feeling sorry for himself and feeling a little dead, the o [...]

    29. Kadan Carson and Hollis Remington meet again. They are both at a crossroads in their life. Their future is uncertain and their past has left them with painful reminders of a love affair that imploded. Can they pick up the pieces? Kadan is a world famous surfer who suffered an injury that can end his career. He is hiding and trying to sort out his options. Hollis has lost everything. She doesn't want to face her family with this difficult news. When she goes to her grandmother's beach house in Sa [...]

    30. This is the first book in the Sons of San Clemente series I've read, and I found it very entertaining. It was a light read and a sweet romance, but still had enough angst in the plot to keep it interesting.So many unnecessary issues left unresolved kept them away from one another too many years.There were two issues that I feel left me hanging. Kaden had "sleeves" on both his arms, except for a small area on one wrist. Hollis was curious as to why nothing was there but never asked. The second wa [...]

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