The Thirtieth Year: Stories

The Thirtieth Year: Stories

Ingeborg Bachmann Michael Bullock / Jul 20, 2019

The Thirtieth Year Stories This is collection of the stories written by a distinguished Austrian author who died in Reading these stories entails abandoning the terms of one s own comfort The author s relentless vision dem

  • Title: The Thirtieth Year: Stories
  • Author: Ingeborg Bachmann Michael Bullock
  • ISBN: 9780841910690
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is collection of the stories written by a distinguished Austrian author who died in 1973 Reading these stories entails abandoning the terms of one s own comfort The author s relentless vision demands that readers allows themselves to be hypnotised, taken over by her repetitive cadences and burning images of grief and loss And yet, in the beauty of her images thereThis is collection of the stories written by a distinguished Austrian author who died in 1973 Reading these stories entails abandoning the terms of one s own comfort The author s relentless vision demands that readers allows themselves to be hypnotised, taken over by her repetitive cadences and burning images of grief and loss And yet, in the beauty of her images there is a tremendous affirmation of the world.

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        What actually is possible, however, is transformation And the transformative effect that emanates from new works leads us to new perception, to a new feeling, new consciousness This sentence from Ingeborg Bachmann s Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics 1959 60 can also be applied to her own self consciousness as an author, and to the history of her reception Whether in the form of lyric poetry, short prose, radio plays, libretti, lectures and essays or longer fiction, Bachmann s uvre had as its goal and effect to draw people into the experiences of the writers, into new experiences of suffering GuI 139 140 But it was especially her penetrating and artistically original representation of female subjectivity within male dominated society that unleashed a new wave in the reception of her works.Although Bachmann s spectactular early fame derived from her lyric poetry she received the prestigious Prize of the Gruppe 47 in 1954 , she turned and towards prose during the 1950 s, having experienced severe doubts about the validity of poetic language The stories in the collection Das drei igste Jahr The Thirtieth Year 1961 typically present a sudden insight into the inadequacy of the world and its orders e.g of language, law, politics, or gender roles and reveal a utopian longing for and effort to imagine a new and truer order The two stories told from an explicitly female perspective, Ein Schritt nach Gomorrha A Step towards Gomorrah and Undine geht Undine Goes Leaves , are among the earliest feminist texts in postwar German language literature Undine accuses male humanity of having ruined not only her life as a woman but the world in general You monsters named Hans In her later prose Malina 1971 Simultan 1972 and the posthumously published Der Fall Franza und Requiem f r Fanny Goldmann Bachmann was again ahead of her time, often employing experimental forms to portray women as they are damaged or even destroyed by patriarchal society, in this case modern Vienna Here one sees how intertwined Bachmann s preoccupation with female identity and patriarchy is with her diagnosis of the sickness of our age I ve reflected about this question already where does fascism begin It doesn t begin with the first bombs that were dropped It begins in relationships between people Fascism lies at the root of the relationship between a man and a woman GuI 144 As the daughter of a teacher and a mother who hadn t been allowed to go to university, Bachmann enjoyed the support and encouragement of both parents after the war she studied philosophy, German literature and psychology in Innsbruck, Graz and Vienna She wrote her doctoral dissertation 1950 on the critical reception of Heidegger, whose ideas she condemned as a seduction to German irrationality of thought GuI 137 From 1957 to 1963, the time of her troubled relationship with Swiss author Max Frisch, Bachmann alternated between Zurich and Rome She rejected marriage as an impossible institution Impossible for a woman who works and thinks and wants something herself GuI 144.From the end of 1965 on Bachmann resided in Rome Despite her precarious health she was addicted to pills for years following a faulty medical procedure she traveled to Poland in 1973 She was just planning a move to Vienna when she died of complications following an accidental fire Joey Horsley


    1. Ich mag Bachmanns Sprachfbulierkunst, fast alle Geschichten waren aber derartig langweilig und über total nutzlose Figuren, die sich einen Wolf schwafeln über total sinnlose Dinge, die kein Schwein interessieren. Das beginnt beim Dreißigsten Jahr Ich bin grad 50 geworden und meine Midlifecrisis ist ein Lercherlschas gegen die Quarterlifecrisis des Protagonisten - nicht auszuhalten dieses Gewinsel - da wünscht man sich, dass ihm endlich was passiert, damit er einen Grund hat zu lamentieren, u [...]

    2. هذا النوع من الكتب الذي يفنيك فيه، ويتنزع منك الخمسة نجوم بكامل ارادتك.حصّالة ١٨٤ صفحة من إسراء وانغبورغ باخمان مشاعر تبدو كإقتباسات وليس العكس، تحرق أيما تناقض يُعبّر عنه، ستعِده أن لا تتأخر، لأن الجمال مُريب، لم تعد ثمة حماية، تمضي الآلام مرة اخرى بصورة مختلفة.-ولكن لا شيء [...]

    3. Ingeborg Bachmann was an Austrian writer, who died in 1973. I first read this collection of stories in 1978, while preparing for a German language exam at the Goethe Institute (the title story of the collection was part of the assigned reading list). It's hard to describe the appeal of these stories. Often as not, the narrator is well-traveled, European, slightly world-weary, not particularly sympathetic, so that's not it. I suspect it's her exploration of themes such as the choices made by succ [...]

    4. I have heard of Ingeborg Bachmann before, but I have never got around to reading her books. When one of my friends recommended her books highly, I thought I will read some of Bachmann’s books. The first book I read was ‘The Thirtieth Year’. It is a collection of short stories. It has seven short stories. Some of them are short, but most of them are around 30-40 pages. My favourite story was the title story ‘The Thirtieth Year’. It is about a man who turns thirty and looks back at his p [...]

    5. La Bachmann può essere considerata un alter ego femminile di Thomas Bernhard: linguaggio e disperazione, meditazione ontologica portata all'estremo. A onor del vero e in una visione più ampia, buona parte della letteratura austriaca degli anni '50 è infatti profondamente legata alla filosofia post-moderna. Tornando alla Bachmann, poetessa di spicco del Gruppo 47, in questo volume ha sperimentato con successo una prosa di sofferenza e tensione esistenziale. "Speranza: spero che non s' avveri n [...]

    6. The Thirtieth Year is a collection of short stories, including: "Youth in an Austrian Town", "The Thirtieth Year", "Everything", "Among Murderers and Madmen", "A Step Toward Gomorrah", "A Wildermuth", and "Undine Goes".

    7. Powerful short story collection. These are not neat, tidy little tales that comfort and amuse. They do not bring a wistful tear to the eye. Rather, they challenge and exhort and lament.Bachmann is major. The entire collection is marvelous, but the four at the core are perfection: Everything, Among Murderers and Madmen, A Step Towards Gomorrah, A Wildermuth.This book has been tough to find, but according to the publisher it will be back in print this month (August 2012). Highly recommended.

    8. I read the short story Everything for my Masterpieces of German Literature class. Not interested in reading the rest of the short stories. Everything is about a father who is excited to have his first born child. He wants this son to be exceptional, and to not mold into the usual life that every human lives. Once the son is born and is growing up, the father realizes that the boy isn't exceptional and becomes disappointed.

    9. bu kitabı bitirdiğimde aklıma hemen şu cümle geldi: "hayatın anlamını ingeborg bachmann'ın kaynakçı öyküsü ile buluyor isem, ben de bir 'kaynakçı' değil miyim?"herkesin "kaynakçı" azmine ulaşması dileği ile. herkesin masanın altında hayatını değiştirecek bir kitap bulması dileği iledipnot: doktorlardan zaten hep nefret etmişimdir.

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    11. The author, who died in 1973 at 46, is now considered one of the premier writers of post-war Germany. This collection of stories, first published in 1961 in German and in 1964 in an English translation by Michael Bullock, covers a range of ideas and themes, but converge in an intense battle of the sexes. Writing is lucid and forceful.

    12. The first two stories are stunning and haunting. The others are less so, although still interesting. So read the title story and "Youth in an Austrian Town" and sample the others and read them if they strike your fancy.I suspect all of the stories may work much better in German.

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    14. Sinceramente non riesco a dare a questo libro più di 2/5. E questo perchè io sono una capra ignorante, ne sono più che convinto. E' che io sono venuto giù dalle montagne e mi piace leggere una prosa semplice. Non che disprezzi lo stile, assolutamente. Ma quando il livello di complessità aumenta eccessivamente ed il significato sfuma dietro un insieme di parole il cui unico fine - almeno apparentemente - è la sonorità allora comincio ad avere qualche problema.Lo stile è elevato, elaborato [...]

    15. "From the beginning he had been impelled to take protection in beauty, in looking, and when he rested in it he said to himself: How beautiful! () I know of no paradise into which I wish to enter after what has been. But my paradise lies where beauty is."“The arrogance to insist on her own unhappiness, her own loneliness, had always been in her, but only now did it venture to emerge; it blossomed, ran wild, smothered her. She was unredeemable and nobody should have the effrontery to redeem her, [...]

    16. “Di uno che entra nel suo trentesimo anno non si smetterà di dire che è giovane. Ma lui, benché non riesca a scoprire in se stesso alcun mutamento, non ne è più così sicuro: gli sembra di non avere più diritto a farsi passare per giovane.” Giunto al suo trentesimo anno di vita, il protagonista del racconto che dà il titolo al libro si accorge che sta entrando in una zona della sua esistenza in cui i nomi si distaccano dalle cose e la spinta ad avanzare nella vita si arresta per un mo [...]

    17. Das dreißigste Jahr fast abgeschlossen, noch ein Annäherungsversuch an Ingebor Bachmann, nachdem "Malina" mich nicht wirklich erobern konnte.An diesen Erzählungen endlich klares Leben. Ich denke, die Geschichten kamen zu Ingeborg Bachmann und nicht Ingebor permanent klingelnd zu Malina. Sonderbar geschlechtlose Lebensausschnitte, die Erzählung "Alles" hat mich am meisten berührt. Ein empfehlenswertes Bändlein!

    18. The topics in these stories are pretty run of the mill, even juvenile (the characters are yearning for a new order, a new language etc) but there's something about the rendering - how they're so clearly embedded in the time & the city and something about the language that makes them special.'A Step towards Gommorrah' was my favourite.

    19. Ah, I had to downgrade this from 5 to 4 stars. The first two stories, "Youth in an Austrian Village" and the title story, "The Thirtieth Year," were both magical, but in different ways. Masterpieces. But the remaining stories were much more run of the mill. Two 5-star stories and the rest 3-stars.

    20. There's nothing like short stories. It takes real craft and talent to evoke and deliver a punch in only a few pages. Bachman's prose is poetry, dark poetry. The stories are eery, the protagonists are more often than not antiheroes or not very likeable, unsettling and difficult to understand, sometimes difficult to forgive

    21. The title story, 'The Thirtierth Year,' is one of my favorite texts - of any genre. I find new reasons to love this story every time I read it.

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