The Misremembered Man

The Misremembered Man

Christina McKenna / Sep 16, 2019

The Misremembered Man Jamie McCloone s early years in a grim cruel orphanage have left him wary of people and anxious of change Now in his early s he has no dreams of changing his lonely life as a bachelor farmer until

  • Title: The Misremembered Man
  • Author: Christina McKenna
  • ISBN: 9781592642199
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jamie McCloone s early years in a grim, cruel orphanage have left him wary of people and anxious of change Now in his early 40s, he has no dreams of changing his lonely life as a bachelor farmer until his kind hearted neighbours, Patrick and Rose, decide he is in need of a wife.

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    1. a very emotional and thought provoking read. Really two stories in one. The chapters alternate between the cruel, oppresive catholic orphange and the comically farcical adventures of two "lonely hearts" I originally found the alternating chapters of chuckle out loud comedy and heartbreaking tragedy a little odd. It was difficult to have such a sudden wide swing of emotion. However once used to the literal technique I saw that there was a sort of balance with the emotions much like a see saw. I b [...]

    2. God-blisses-an-save-us! I never thought this book would end! I had no idea it would be so dreadfully twee and romantic, and I'm a bit disappointed in you GoodReads people giving it such a good overall rating. It wasn't right that the nasty parts about the kiddies in the orphanage was the momentum that kept me going through all the heavy-handed Oirishness, and it did not make me feel good about myself!It would have been one star, but it picks up the second star for the last few pages, as now the [...]

    3. This was a really good book. It could have been an astounding book but apparently the author's house caught on fire and she didn't have time to properly end it. Had she chosen to do so I would have given this book 5 stars. It had excellent character development and wonderful interactions between the characters.(view spoiler)[ I was really looking forward to reading the romantic interaction between this diamond in the rough farmer and prissy spinster daughter of a minister. I was disappointing to [...]

    4. When the cover of the The Misremembered Man by Christina McKenna flashed up on the Kindle's screensaver two things happened:1. I bought the book based on the interesting title and pretty cover and;2. 's ad executives had another reason to pat themselves on the back for orchestrating another successful attack on my wallet.If you'll notice, at no time during the buying process did I stop to read the book description, check the genre or read any of the existing reviews which, at least in this case, [...]

    5. This is wonderful book is really two stories with an unexpected ending. The time is 1976 and the two main characters are two lonely people with almost nothing in common. Jamie is bachelor farmer who was raised in a bleak and extremely cruel orphanage in Northern Ireland. He is perpetually depressed because of his lost childhood and the recent death of his adopted father who he refers to as Uncle Mick. Lydia is a sheltered school teacher still living with her mother at age 41. The mother is whini [...]

    6. Although I finished reading this book about two months ago, I'm still haunted by parts of it, and I suspect I will be for a very long time. Centered around a man named Jamie McCloone, the novel tells of Jamie's earlier days in a Catholic orphanage in Ireland and how these years continue to affect him as an adult. While parts are the story are amusing, even funny, there's always an undercurrent of sadness. Poor Jamie. Will he ever find love? What about companionship and acceptance? And what about [...]

    7. This is a debut novel?? It has wonderfully developed characters, humor, tragedy, suspense and a surprising twist at the end. The cover on the copy I read proclaimed it to be a "love story" but don't be mislead. It is not a romance but rather a relating of a journey from loneliness to happiness.I loved this book. I laughed and cried. I couldn't put it down. It would make a great book club book.Read it.

    8. I love this book about two lonely people who meet through newspaper dating.Jamie, a farmer, is damaged from his upbringing in an Irish orphanage and still suffering from the deaths of his aunt and uncle. When his friends encourage him to seek a mate through the newspaper, he complies because he has a deep desire for love and joy in his life. Lydia, a teacher, is a spinster who has spent her life caring for her demanding mother. Since her father died last year, her mother is even more harsh and g [...]

    9. I'm glad this was a free book through the Kindle lending library, because I wouldn't have wanted to pay for it. I struggled against my urge to quit reading it multiple times and was happy when it finally ended. The contrast between the alternating chapters was jarring and it didn't even seem like they were from the same book or even author. It made for quite a disconnect between the child Jamie and adult Jamie characters. The present-day chapters were particularly annoying because they dragged o [...]

    10. This book is an excellent read.Ms. McKenna does a wonderful job defining her characters. I know them as well as I might know my neighbors. I can see the Irish setting, hear the lilting speech patterns, visualize even the minor charactersl from her writing.There were terrible parts of the story I didn't enjoy. Such places as the horrific orphanages actually existed, and the ugliness of that reality isn't easy to read about. But to balance out, there were times I laughed out loud.When farmer Jamie [...]

    11. A short while into this book I did roll my eyes and wonder if everyone in Ireland had a terrible childhood filled with Catholic-fuelled abuse. And then I began to care about the characters and got really caught up in their simple rural Irish lives.Jamie, one of the two main characters is a lonely and sad man with very few social skills. The cause of this becomes apparent throughout the book and the sense of hopeless he feels is very believable and real.Lydia, the other main character, is a woman [...]

    12. I am not from Ireland, and have never been there. I am sure this novel is not representative of rural Ireland. I am sure that there were wonderful orphanges which sheltered Irish children.But that is not the point of this story. Yes, the orphanage portrayed in the book was cruel and inhumane. However, it is a sad reality of life that places like this exist up to now for children around the world. It is a sad reality of life that the adults in the story still look at unwanted children in the same [...]

    13. This is a harsh story of abuse in the Catholic orphanages of mid-century Ireland. But the delightfully and sympathetically depicted characters of 1970 "present" time soften the difficult subject matter and pull the reader into the lives of the lonelyhearts at the core of the story. Jaimie leads a careful life, set in a secure pattern where he minimizes interactions with others. He is recovering from the death of his loving, adoptive father, and even at the age of 40, carries the deepest wounds o [...]

    14. The Misremembered Man was Remebered in the end.This is an intriguing tale of an Irish caricature named Jamie McCloone, colorfully painted with words, descriptions, and the clever usage of old Irish dialect. Furthermore, this is the heartbreaking story of this man who subconsciously desires to overcome the dark past of his orphanhood and goes in search of someone who will help him overcome this oppressive heartache.In the beginning, the grown Jamie McCloone is resigned to a life of miserable lone [...]

    15. This was a fortunate find for me: I’d set about loading up my Kindle with new reads before our Christmas vacation, and The Misremembered Man was on $0.99 special at the time, for a dose of fiction mixed into my usual choices. If you aren’t a habitual reader, this book is one which can remind you of the simple pleasures a good story can bless your time with. I’m usually bothered by having to read English written in another country’s dialect, but McKenna’s main characters are all so like [...]

    16. I feel a kinship with the Irish for no known reason, so I am always looking at books set in Ireland. This is what attracted me to the book in the first instance. The plot sounded very interesting. And I am not disappointed. It is a beautifully written book full of pathos and heartache, but also moments which made my laugh out loud.This is a book of fiction but the parts describing the main character's incarceration in a Catholic orphanage are based on the accounts of real orphans. And those acco [...]

    17. The entire book was overly detailed with unimportant facts -- from the brand and shade of Lydia's face powder to Rose's tchotchkes. McKenna TELLS about her characters, instead of SHOWING us. By page 200, the presumed future lovers had still not met, and I still didn't care about them.

    18. Read in honor of St. Patrick's Day! This was such a pleasant surprise. I had never read anything by this author, but I'll definitely be reading her other books. Yes, there is a picture of child abuse as historically accurate in orphanages, but (despite some reviewers' complaints) she does not dwell on it any more than necessary to help you understand one of the main characters. True to its description on , the book paints a heartwarming picture of life in rural Ireland, and the charm of the char [...]

    19. Set in 1970s rural Ireland, The Misremembered Man is an insightful tale of two lonely hearts looking for love. Jamie McCloone, is 41 and a bachelor farmer, still mourning the death of his adoptive parents but his neighbours Paddy and Rose convince him that all he needs is the love of a good woman. Forty year old teacher Lydia Devine feels stifled looking after her cantankerous elderly mother and longs to be happily wed. Their courtship is filled with comic moments as Rose imparts her pearls of w [...]

    20. The a charming and at time horrific and heartbreaking little story about loneliness and grief and find your way. Jamie is a lonely bachelor in 70's Ireland, grieving over the recent loss of his Aunt and Uncle. Lydia is a single woman entering her 40's single and still living at home caring for her aging mother. How their lives intersect in endearing. The story also covers the extreme abuse Jamie suffered in an orphanage (along the lines of the Magdeline Laundries). This is a quaint story, though [...]

    21. What a book! And what a range of emotions that I traveled through during it's course. I am horrified that children were treated so terribly as they were in some of the orphanages. To not even have a name to only be a number. I do realize that this was a fictional account -- but to know that the author based the treatment of the children on real accounts of survivors of these orphanages well, there has to be a special place in hell for the nuns and priests and families who took part in this abuse [...]

    22. This book startled me. Expecting a sweet and comical Irish romance, instead I got some of the most horrifying descriptions of child abuse I have ever encountered. Grim chapters detailing Jamie’s years in an orphanage that made Oliver Twist’s workhouse seem like a resort spa are alternated with ones that are indeed more light-hearted; by Chapter Eight, I just started skipping those dealing with the orphanage. But even as I read about the developing relationship between Jamie and Lydia, I coul [...]

    23. This book was delightfully Irish in every way and brought a warm chuckle at many a silly twist. Yet it had a very harsh and sad tale that wove it's way in and under the central story. The experiences that poor Jamie constantly had to deal with though he probably didn't truly understand why they made him the way they did. However along side his story was another story of a very different life that only at the end do you find out how dissimilar their paths took them though they started at the same [...]

    24. This was a pleasant read and nice slice of Irish life, but could have been better. The ending felt VERY rushed and I was disappointed with that. After reading all the lead up, I felt cheated at the end as the author does not let us see the second meeting of Lydia and Jamie. Waffled between two and three stars so rounded up, but would have given 2.5 stars if I could. I think the author has a lot of potential and nice talent for writing and character development here.

    25. Two very lonely people in rural Ireland meet by chance through a newspaper advertisement. Both are trying to find themselves though both are 40 years old. McKenna creates such fabulous characters for this story and equally enthralling writing make you wish you were in the 'auld sod'. The chapter with James and his toupee had me laughing out loud with glee. A memorable story and many thankx to Marilyn for recommending.

    26. This book touched me but at the same time gave me great sadness. The thought of the horrible cruelty sustained by the children in the early orphanages. I don't want to give away spoilers , which makes it hard to really describe the feelings and happenings in this book. I highly recommend. One word hope

    27. Pleasantly surprisedWith St. Patrick's day approaching I wanted to read something by an Irish writer. The story surpassed my expectations. My mother knew girls who were sent to Magdalene Sister facilities and what they endured. To center a story around one was tough to read but I found myself entranced by Jamie and the pain he struggled daily to work through.

    28. Set in rural Ireland, Jamie, a farmer living alone, and Lydia, a schoolteacher looking after her widowed mother, are afraid of being left on the shelf. The story sounds like many other books, especially against a backdrop of the abuse carried out in convents, but The Misremembered Man is different enough to merit a read. The plot is good and the characters of Jamie and Lydia are well drawn. The balance suffers from the overdone rural dialogue, but overall this is a delightful read and I will rea [...]

    29. A well-written, funny but also heartbreaking book that alternates between amusing and horrifying the reader in a carefully constructed, even ingenious plot. I'll give it five stars at , but four here simply because although I enjoyed it I also felt just a wee bit manipulated. The orphanage chapters are just plain searing. They are perhaps made more bearable by the wonderful comic notes in the rest of it, like that yelled conversation in the guest house, and Rose's awful crafts. Well done.

    30. There is nothing not to like about Christina McKenna's The Misremembered Man. It is a love story in every sense of the word just maybe not the one you were expecting.Jamie McCloone is a lost soul. An orphan for ten years in one of Ireland's horrendous Magdalene laundries, he suffered abuse in every form. (McKenna handles the sexual abuse in a guarded way.) But when Jamie is ten, "Uncle" Mick and "Aunt" Alice arrive and carry him away to the world he had always seen in his dreams: the cottage, t [...]

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