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Rodent Just when Isabelle thinks her life can t get any worse something happens to her at school that makes her wonder how she can continue to look after her younger siblings Evan and Maisie work at the l

  • Title: Rodent
  • Author: Lisa J. Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9781459809765
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just when Isabelle thinks her life can t get any worse, something happens to her at school that makes her wonder how she can continue to look after her younger siblings, Evan and Maisie, work at the local mini mart and deal with her alcoholic mother It s than any sixteen year old should have to bear, but Isabelle can t think of a way out that won t hurt her brother aJust when Isabelle thinks her life can t get any worse, something happens to her at school that makes her wonder how she can continue to look after her younger siblings, Evan and Maisie, work at the local mini mart and deal with her alcoholic mother It s than any sixteen year old should have to bear, but Isabelle can t think of a way out that won t hurt her brother and sister When Isabelle punches a girl at school, only one teacher sees past Isabelle s aggressive behavior Challenged to participate in a group writing project, Isabelle tentatively connects with a boy named Will and discovers an interest in and talent for the only kind of drama she can control the kind that happens on the page.

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    1. Wow, I was totally blown away by this debut.I don't know how to make Rodent sound appealing. It's not beautifully-written fantasy or a heart-pounding thriller. How am I supposed to sell these kinds of books - the quieter but completely absorbing ones, the ones that are brutally honest and portray a real-life situation in such a way that I couldn't look away?What I think made this novel so great was the tough-loving narrator. Isabelle is a sixteen year old living a nightmare - her mother is an al [...]

    2. This was a great start to the year of 2017, I loved this book so much. It was sad, but I enjoyed it because it touched on subjects that I don't usually read about. As I have mentioned before, I am in a book club called White Pine. This is one of the books that are in White Pine and I am glad I picked it up. To be honest, this year's book picks for White Pine sound awesome!This is about a girl named Isabelle who lives in a family that isn't perfect. Her alcoholic mother is always passed out somew [...]

    3. I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to read and review Lisa Lawerence's book, and am thrilled to say i honestly loved every page! This book could have most definatly have past as any New York Times best seller and I won't have known the difference! This book is about a girl named Isabelle who has grown up with an acholic mother and has the responsibility of taking care of her two younger siblings. She struggles as life is thrown at her again and again.Plot - 20/20Charaters - 17/20Cr [...]

    4. Rating: 3.5/5***Minor spoilers***Isabelle doesn't live the most glamorous of lives. She lives in a tiny apartment with her alcoholic mother and two younger siblings. She's basically the one who takes care of everything - makes sure her mom goes to work when she's passed out, takes her siblings to school/daycare, picks them back up, and makes sure they have food before she goes off to work. On top of all that, she needs to keep up with school - a new school, where she doesn't have any friends. Wh [...]

    5. This is a phenomenal book that is powerfully accurate in its portrayal of life as a teenager in difficult circumstances. Isabelle lives from moment to moment taking care of her younger brother and sister, her alcoholic mother, and herself. She tries to make her way through the realities of a life that presents challenges in every direction. To add to the challenges Isabelle faces, she starts grade 11 at a new school, and she makes her way through all that that entails. She finds strong oppositio [...]

    6. I know one thing tonight, with Evan’s hair against my cheek and Maisie waiting for me to feed her: I’ve had enough of the wooden chairs, concrete floors, suitcases and bedbugs. The lying, laundry, excuses, hunger, dirt and piss. My fingers tremble as I touch Evan’s hair. I’ve had enough, and I’m getting out.Rodent is a quick, powerful read with a protagonist who evokes sympathy, whilst still being - in my opinion - a very realistic portrait of an angry, bitter teenage girl who has had [...]

    7. Absolutely loved it! Isabelle has difficult time taking care of her younger siblings and her alcoholic mother, who is struggling with a secret past. An intriguing story peppered with sharp humour, made this an engrossing read.

    8. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! It was truly just a beautifully brutal, deeply moving and emotionally fraught gem. I won this book through a giveaway and really did not have that high expectations for it. However, I literally read it in one sitting and could NOT put it down. I cried throughout half of the book, I kid you not. Tears ,horrible, ugly tears, of pain and sadness and despair for Isabelle. I truly loved this book so much more than I thought I would and just can not give it enough praise [...]

    9. Lawrence has capture a big slice of the human condition by bringing the story of Isabelle forward. The lifestyle endured by the main character does actually exists as does much of the responsibility and the angst she has. And Lawrence hasn’t tempered the language for publication at all. She has Isabelle talking and thinking the way a teenager talks and thinks today. Easy enough for any reader to relate too.tinyurl/z8lfrgq

    10. Isabelle is in grade 11. Her mother is an alcoholic, so Isabelle is the one who takes care of her two younger siblings, Evan and Maidie. Normally, she tries to stay invisible at school, but on her first day at a new school, she gets into a fight, which results in her being bullied.I thought this was really good. It's YA, so it moved quickly and was a fast read. I definitely felt badly for Isabelle and hoped things would work out for her.

    11. 3.5 stars. It was a really good book, but I don't think it was for me. It was well-written for her debut, but I think it was a tad bit cliched.

    12. I really enjoyed Rodent. Isabelle was a great character; you couldn’t help but root for her. I wouldn’t mind if there was a second part to this book just because I desperately want to know how everything turns out for Isabelle, her friends, and her family. I like to think that every turned out well and that everyone is happy, but I need to KNOW. *Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    13. I actually stopped reading this book for a long time. I had a few pages left and didnt even bother to finish it, seeing as i knew what was going to happen anyway. But i went back and did it anyway. You probably know at this point what my problem with this book is: its hella predictable. Okay so when you are in your pre teens and tweens (8,9, 10,11,12) that is the first time you are exposed to certain heavy genres of books. I think that the reason why this book didnt do as much for ME is because [...]

    14. This book was written by a friend of mine or I probably never would have picked it up. It's YA fiction. The synopsis didn't particularly grab me. And my friend told me it was "gritty" and she wouldn't feel bad if I didn't read it since she knows it may not appeal to all of her friends.I finally decided to give it a shot. I was surprised at how much I liked it! Isabelle is an 11th grader--starting the year at yet another new school. She is pretty much raising her younger siblings. Their mother is [...]

    15. Isabelle has a lot on her plate: taking care of her younger siblings, managing her sometimes-present, often-drunk mother, and navigating the social norms of a new high school. Her high school life does not look promising when on her first day at school she finds herself suspended after punching a girl in the face. Isabelle's journey is heartbreaking and frustrating but also admirable; her instincts to protect those she cares about are fierce and iron-clad. Slowly but surely Isabelle finds sliver [...]

    16. Well-written, a really good story with believable and well-developed characters. The main character is feisty and authentic. I liked how she coped and learned how she needed to establish boundaries--& how that impacted family around her. I also appreciated how the author portrayed the balancing act she was trying to accomplish, and how doing that difficult job (keeping the authorities from separating her siblings from each other and their mother while compensating for her mom's alcoholism) w [...]

    17. You don't enjoy a book like Rodent. You endure it which by no means is a criticism. You are torn along through the life of the main character, Isabelle, and her life is hard and awful. She is a survivor and you always know she will be. In some respects, you read it hoping for the happy ending. It ended a little to well for all the grimy lead up. This makes is a satisfying read for middle-class privileged readers but I wonder how it would feel to the young people who actually live this way. It mi [...]

    18. This is a great book. It was a quick and easy read. You can't help but read it quickly to discover what happens next to Isabelle and her siblings. Isabelle is an admirable character who is struggling to shelter her younger brother and sister from their reality, while at the same time face the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in a new school. She knows firsthand what it's like to have an alcoholic mother and she doesn't want them to experience the same pain. She tries her best, but the [...]

    19. Isabella is coping with an alcoholic mother, two younger siblings who depend on her for everything since mom is usually wasted, a new high school, a part time job, and all the angst and woes that come along with being a teenager. She's had a turbulent life and I think Lisa manages to convey this while making Isabella multi-dimensional. She's angry, defensive and keeps to herself (all for good reason) but she's also loving, emotional and dependable. A good, short read.

    20. M'KAY, so first of all I hated the first like 5 chapters of this book XD! Idk why, I just didn't like itBUT THEN, mm GURL! I am clinically depressed. OK, no that's terrible, I shouldn't say that I am extremely sad, but happy too, after finishing "Rodent". I am going to miss Isabelle so very much :(AND, hold up I'm not done yet! THIS IS LISA'S FIRST BOOK! AND SHE'S CANADIAN! LISA J. LAWRENCE YOU ARE MY QUEEN!

    21. Being the new kid at school is difficult enough for Isabelle, but she also has to hold the family together as her mother is a drunk. She steps in when another is bullied and becomes a target herself. Her English teacher see something in her writing, which leads to an odd group friendship. She finds solace in this group, but then the bullies strike at her very core !!!

    22. I really enjoyed this book, but it was very real and a little hard, emotionally, to read about the amount of abuse addiction has on a family. Side note, I think this is definitively a YA book and my library has it under "Quick Picks" aka Easy Reading for Adults which I totally disagree with.

    23. It was a quick and enjoyable read. The plot was amazing and very realistic. I have to admit though that my favourite parts were the times when Isabelle and Will were together, their relationship was just adorable.

    24. This story has very few flaws, but maybe that's just me being picky. It's a short but powerful story that I can't relate to , and yet while reading the story I felt for the Isabella. It was unfair to her that her mom put her in the parental position above her siblings. And yet as you get closer to the end, it's harder to despise the mom for actions she takes- wrong but understandable. Even more I feel for Jacquie who has learned to put up a front, and puts herself in difficult and unsafe situati [...]

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