Something Bright, Then Holes

Something Bright, Then Holes

Maggie Nelson / Aug 24, 2019

Something Bright Then Holes Maggie Nelson s fourth collection of poems combines a wanderer s attention to landscape with a deeply personal exploration of desire heartbreak resilience accident and flux Something Bright Then

  • Title: Something Bright, Then Holes
  • Author: Maggie Nelson
  • ISBN: 9781933368801
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maggie Nelson s fourth collection of poems combines a wanderer s attention to landscape with a deeply personal exploration of desire, heartbreak, resilience, accident, and flux Something Bright, Then Holes explores the problem of losing then recovering sight and insight of feeling lost, then found, then lost again The book s three sections range widely, and include aMaggie Nelson s fourth collection of poems combines a wanderer s attention to landscape with a deeply personal exploration of desire, heartbreak, resilience, accident, and flux Something Bright, Then Holes explores the problem of losing then recovering sight and insight of feeling lost, then found, then lost again The book s three sections range widely, and include a long sequence of Niedecker esque meditations written at the shore of a polluted urban canal, a harrowing long poem written at a friend s hospital bedside, and a series of unsparing, crystalline lyrics honoring the conjoined forces of love and sorrow Whatever the style, the poems are linked by Nelson s singular poetic voice, as sly and exacting as it is raw The collection is a testament to Nelson s steadfast commitment to chart the facts of feeling, whatever they are, and at whatever the cost.

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      212 Maggie Nelson
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      • Maggie Nelson

        Maggie Nelson is the author of nine books of poetry and prose, many of which have become cult classics defying categorization Her nonfiction titles include the National Book Critics Circle Award winner and New York Times bestseller The Argonauts Graywolf Press, 2015 , The Art of Cruelty A Reckoning Norton, 2011 a New York Times Notable Book of the Year , Bluets Wave Books, 2009 named by Bookforum as one of the top 10 best books of the past 20 years , The Red Parts Free Press, 2007 reissued by Graywolf, 2016 , and Women, the New York School, and Other True Abstractions U of Iowa Press, 2007 Her poetry titles include Something Bright, Then Holes Soft Skull Press, 2007 and Jane A Murder Soft Skull, 2005 finalist for the PEN Martha Albrand Art of the Memoir In 2016 she was awarded a MacArthur genius Fellowship She has also been the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in Nonfiction, an NEA in Poetry, an Innovative Literature Fellowship from Creative Capital, and an Arts Writers Fellowship from the Andy Warhol Foundation She writes frequently on art, including recent catalogue essays on Carolee Schneemann and Matthew Barney She holds a Ph.D in English Literature from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and has taught literature, writing, art, criticism and theory at the New School, Pratt Institute, and Wesleyan University For 12 years she taught in the School of Critical Studies at CalArts in fall 2017 she will join the faculty of USC She currently lives in Los Angeles.


    1. I'm kind of tempted to knock this down a star because it's more conventional than the startling Jane: A Murder, but that would involve denying Nelson is an excellent poet, and I just can't bring myself to it. Some of the thematic concerns and people she would later mention in the excellent Bluets crop up here, including her fascination with blue, a harrowing bit on her quadriplegic friend, and frank discussion of sexuality, but it does plenty enough to establish itself as a work separate from Bl [...]

    2. Something Bright, Then Holes is divided into four parts: "Something Bright, Then Holes", "The Canal Diaries", "The Hospital For Special Care", and "Something Bright, Then Holes". "Something Bright, Then Holes"I used to do this, the self I wasused to do thisthe selves I no longer amnor understand.Something bright, then holesis how a girl, newly sighted, oncedescribed a hand. I rereadyour letters, and remembercorrectly: you wanted to eatthrough me. Then fall asleepwith your tongue againstan organ, [...]

    3. I just discovered this book at my parents’ house a week ago. My daughter is always telling me about Maggie Nelson, and I didn’t realize she and I were both published by Soft Skull Press, simultaneously. (My last Soft Skull book appeared the same year as this, 2007.) I dislike almost every living poet, but Maggie can actually write – has a gift for modulating sounds. For example:He writes like a spider got hold of a pen, it’s that wild.The lower rung of sky is washed in pinkbut the magic [...]

    4. My review in The Brooklyn Rail:Grit and solitude, a poet’s best friends, are front and center in Maggie Nelson’s fourth book. Known for her genre-bending tale based on a personal experience, Jane, A Murder, this collection is pure verse. Of the three sections, the main one is about hanging around the toxic Gowanus Canal. Loss and redemption are central themes and the poet finds company in the company of the lonely. A “birder,” a “man in black,” strangers and rain attest to the somber [...]

    5. a wee little heart-y, but yo some good shiz in here. fun in a sad way. does not have the weird i got an mfa and this is how poems should be thing, though she may very well have gotten an mfa, i dunno. she teaches at calarts i guess. not that her poems are raw or precious. they are well wrought mostly, though a few vulnerable moments that give human. the form of the book, its layout, is interesting. and the cover is real pretty, speaks to the work. i bet some people might not like its heartfulne [...]

    6. El título resume la poética y el universo habitado por su autora. Maggie Nelson en Something Bright, Then Holes (Soft Skull, 2007) construye esos espacios de brillo acompañados de ausencias, de pérdida. La voz poética nos relata su vida en Brooklyn, la llegada y salida del amor, la textura del dolor. El libro se divide en tres partes, en la primera “The Canal Diaries” observamos la vida y el desazón de alguien que diariamente pasea en el Canal Gowanus en Brooklyn; el decaimiento del ca [...]

    7. Emma Komlos-Hrobsky (Assistant Editor, Tin House Magazine): Seeing Maggie Nelson read with Wayne Koestenbaum at St. Mark’s a few weeks ago inspired me to dip back into some (relatively) vintage Nelson, her collection Something Bright, Then Holes. This book holds a particular charge for me in its second section, where Nelson writes about a trauma in the life of someone I happen to know. At St. Mark’s, Nelson was asked whether her willingness to bring her readers so close to fraught personal m [...]

    8. I would give part of this book: "The Canal Diaries" five stars. And would recommend it to anyone. The last section held my interest least. Overall beautiful book, quiet and smart and emotionally expansive. Does everything I want poetry to do. Wish I could give 4.5 stars.

    9. Maggie Nelson, as always, is jaw dropping. Her obsessions with colors and kindness shine through here, it is easy to see these poems being written by the same mind that gave us Bluets and The Art of Cruelty. Truly a pleasure to read.

    10. Not my favorite of her works, this collection of poems is still quite strong, especially the first half, which ranks with some of the most appealing of Anne Carson's works.

    11. I really wish some publisher would put out a “collected works to date” of Maggie Nelson. Such invigorating linguistic dexterity, such piercing images—of people, of nature, of her inner life.

    12. Maggie Nelson was writing The Red Parts, Bluets and Jane: A Murder as she was writing Something Bright, Then Holes, with its title that puts one in mind of Jane Miller's books, particularly the one Miller co-authored with Olga Broumas, Black Holes, Black Stockings (1985) -- surely one of the most persuasively ethical of all co-authored books. Nelson's volume, four sequences of love poems addressed to at least three distinguishable "you"'s, shares qualities of sexual glamour and authenticity with [...]

    13. I have heard good things about Nelson and have a copy of Bluets that I've been dipping into with real interest (but more on that another time). Though I'm no expert on Nelson's work, this seems to me a transitional book. The investigatory, perhaps intellectual, aspect of her work is working with a confessional impulse. I am less interested with how she handles the confessional material here--a break up is a break up, and we all tend to romanticize our failed efforts. But the way Nelson inhabits [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. A lover who doesn't love her back, a friend in the hospital, the colors and characters of the Gowanus canal. "As summer thickens the garden gets explosive, almost angry: tall, weepycoils, psychotic vegetables. You could break a hard-won sobriety just by looking at it. Looksomewhere else, for God's sake,look up.""Morning En Route to the HospitalSnow wafts off the little lakealong Route 66, momentarily encasing the carin a trance of glitterLive with your puny, vulnerable selfLive with h [...]

    15. I enjoyed the continual narrative threads that string together each of her poems, and biographic elements meld with canal weeds in an odd but near seamless integration. However, almost every single poem manages to also weave in a line or paragraph about how her summer lover doesn't love her.The reason why this book is worth your time: the poems are about everyday life and don't try for epic or ego, they just find beauty in the details. This collection is a hangover cure to the big aching headach [...]

    16. The first part of this book, the canal poems, talks about a dark world in New York most don't know exists. Dangerous and yet quirky, the characters that inhabit the edge of the canal are as pungent as the old black water itself. The middle part of the book, dedicated to a friend who had suffered a serious accident and was hospitalized, is very affecting. Nelson is a laconic poet but one who knows how to make every word count by heart.

    17. i like the accessibility of the text. the title is taken from von senden's book, _space on sight_, which is actually a great book. and in the rare moments in this book, there's a smart spontaneity to her words. that's pretty much all i like about the book. at times nelson's new book reads like the kind of bad lyrical poetry you write as a 16 year old, when you think youre writing poetry simply because youre breaking lines into couplets.

    18. I loved this Maggie Nelson book, too, though not as powerfully as Bluets but as usual, maybe it's unfair to compare. The two long poem/sequences, especially "The Canal Diaries," were my favorites, and again, Maggie Nelson writes more bravely and honestly about heartbreak than anyone I can think of.

    19. i don't care for brooklyn. sure, it's hip and everyone is spilling their youth there, but the only thing i've found interesting about it is the gowanus canal, a putrid waterway full of chemicals and corpses and hepatitis. maggie nelson's sequence of poems about it transformed it into something beautiful, something worth saving. now, if only she could do the same for the rest of the borough

    20. 4,2Per fi la seva poesia. I és tan crua i apassionada com la seva prosa. Llegint aquests poemes he establert una connexió emocional entre Maggie Nelson i Lydia Davis. El tema, aquest desig desenfrenat seguit de la desolació m'ha recordat a la novel·la de Davis The End of the Story. Visca la Maggie!

    21. The occasional unexpectedly beautiful line emerges from mostly mundane musings."I play my little movie of youover again, trying to discoverany lost details."-"That rusty door"

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