The Oddfits

The Oddfits

Tiffany Tsao / Jul 21, 2019

The Oddfits Eight year old Murgatroyd Floyd doesn t fit in not as a blue eyed blonde living in Singapore not in school and certainly not with his aloof expatriate parents who seem determined to make his life e

  • Title: The Oddfits
  • Author: Tiffany Tsao
  • ISBN: 9781503952621
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eight year old Murgatroyd Floyd doesn t fit in not as a blue eyed blonde living in Singapore, not in school, and certainly not with his aloof expatriate parents, who seem determined to make his life even harder Unbeknownst to him, there s a reason why he s always the odd boy out he is an Oddfit, a rare type of human with access to the More Known World, a land invisible tEight year old Murgatroyd Floyd doesn t fit in not as a blue eyed blonde living in Singapore, not in school, and certainly not with his aloof expatriate parents, who seem determined to make his life even harder Unbeknownst to him, there s a reason why he s always the odd boy out he is an Oddfit, a rare type of human with access to the More Known World, a land invisible to most people Yet unfortunate circumstances keep Murgatroyd stranded in the Known World, bumbling through life with the feeling that an extraordinary something is waiting for him just beyond reach.Seventeen years later, that something finally arrives when a secret organization dedicated to exploring the More Known World invites Murgatroyd on a mission But as the consummate loser begins to grow into the Oddfit he was meant to be, the Known World becomes bent on exterminating him For once in his underachieving life, will Murgatroyd Floyd exceed expectations and outsmart those trying to thwart his stupendous destiny

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        Tiffany Tsao is the author of The Oddfits and The More Known World the first and second books of The Oddfits series.She also translates Indonesian fiction and poetry into English Her translated work includes Dee Lestari s novel Paper Boats, Laksmi Pamuntjak s The Birdwoman s Palate forthcoming in March 2018 , and Norman Erikson Pasaribu s poetry.She received her Ph.D in English from UC Berkeley in 2009 and now lives in Sydney, Australia with her spouse and offspring.


    1. Murgatroyd opened his mouth, and when he did, his voice came out in a very croaky whisper. "Who are you?" Ann corrected him. "Who are we, Murgatroyd. Who are we?""You're an Oddfit, Murgatroyd. You don't belong in the Known World."Poor Murgatroyd Floyd has never felt like he belonged anywhere. As a blue-eyed blonde living in Singapore, he's always stood out in a crowd. He still lives with his awful parents who treat him like dirt. He has a restaurant job he likes, but his employer takes advantage [...]

    2. *I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Oddfits is a strange little book. We follow Murgatroyd Floyd, a young man who just doesn't seem to be a good fit for the Known World. His best friend is devoted yet self-centered, his parentse rage inducing and the only thing he's good at is waiting tables. After an encounter with a mysterious lady he finds out about the More Known World, the place he really belongs and The Quest in which he's destined to partake.Thi [...]

    3. The strength of this book is in the writing. Not a fast moving plot or thrilling escapes, no building blows up or aliens appear, just good writing. It kept me glued until I could finish this in a couple of days. Granted it's a short book, but the writing just grapped me somehow. The story taps into that part of all of us that sometimes just don't fit in. Turns out, there is a pretty cool reason for that. You may be an Oddfit. Our story focus on one such individual, who is one of the most sadsack [...]

    4. I tried, but could not bring myself to enjoy this book. It seems to have been geared toward a younger crowd, perhaps late middle grade to early YA. It is just too silly and unrealistic to be adult fantasy. I could not connect to any of the characters. They had too many flaws, and a lot of those flaws were just too far out there. I disliked the main character, even though I know I should have felt sorry for him, and didn't care too much for any of the supporting characters either. They were all j [...]

    5. anaslair.wordpress/2016/0This is a tough one to review. I cannot say I loved it, I don't know if because of the story itself or the asian influences that I still have not gotten used to in literature but the fact is for a long time since I began reading it all I could think of was that it has been a long time since I read a book that dragged on this much, if ever.At times, the prose was beyond repetitive - not only the pages and pages about food and other random stuff but the characters themselv [...]

    6. koeur.wordpress/2015/12/1Publisher: CrossingPublishing Date: February 2016ISBN:9781503952621Genre: SciFiRating: 4.5/5 Publishers Description: Eight-year-old Murgatroyd Floyd doesn’t fit in—not as a blue-eyed blonde living in Singapore, not in school, and certainly not with his aloof expatriate parents, who seem determined to make his life even harder. Unbeknownst to him, there’s a reason why he’s always the odd boy out: he is an Oddfit, a rare type of human with access to the More Known [...]

    7. Brilliantly writtenI spend a lot of time reading young adult and children's literature, teaching it gives me a great excuse. I picked this book because the word "oddfit" caught my eye.Lucky for me, this book was absurdist gold, on par with the great Daniel Pinkwater, whom I adore because not only does he write absurdist stories, but the warmth of his characters and creativity of plot are exceptional, instead of getting lost in the absurd. I was so pleased that Tsao's book is not onbky in this hi [...]

    8. Awful! 250+ pages that could have been more like 25. A whole book that talks about this amazing Quest, but literally never gets there. If you took the first few paragraphs from each chapter and put them together this would be a much better book.Information overload! Each time you are introduced to a new character you spend the rest of the chapter and possibly the next learning every breathe that character has ever taken. Annoying! There is a much better way to provide your reader with the needed [...]

    9. This was an exceptional read. Everything about it was mesmerizing and unique. I've never quite read anything like this.The prose was dream-like, and so captivating. Tsao did a wonderful job in incorporating the surreal fantasy of Murgatroyd in her prose, and everything came together in a magical way.I highly recommend this.I was in a trance from start to finish.

    10. This is a tough one to review. I'm really torn between five and three stars overall. I may wind up changing it to four? An oddfit is someone who doesn't fit into the Known World. Someone who parents can't stand, who keeps a minimum of friendsa lost soul, if you will.This is true for Murgatroyd Floyd. A young man born in Singapore to British ex-pats, raised in this melange of mingling countries. He's as pale and blond as a ghost. He speaks local Singapore slang, and really couldn't see his life g [...]

    11. This book was read for my 2016 Reading ChallengeAround the World in 80 Books Wonderfully weird & fantastically odd. I love young adult fiction with a supernatural twist. But I had resigned myself to not reading much this year as I’m embarking on this Around the World in 80 Books reading challenge. I’m limiting myself to books only set in the known & recognized countries of our world. The overlap of beautiful fantasy, dystopian YA fiction set in a real life land is pretty narrow. So i [...]

    12. A charming and engaging story with well crafted and memorable characters. Perfectly strange and unique, reminiscent of Gaiman's Neverwhere and InterWorld or Pratchett's The Long Earth offerings without being trite. The intertwining narratives of the secondary characters wonderfully envelope and support the journey of the lead character. The description and setting make it quite easy to immerse yourself in the streets and life of Singapore, even for those like me who have not yet visited. Instead [...]

    13. This book made me hungry-- which was especially annoying as I was having a procedure done and was not allowed to eat after it was over. I do have to admit that I delighted in Murgatroyd Floyd's bizarre parents. Their behavior, and the food descriptions were my favorite bits.

    14. I like this book a lot - but it is simply an introduction to the rest of the series. The underlying concept is terrific - people who are born not fitting into the world (as we know it) - who they are and why they are. The characters are great and believable and I found the main character very very relatable. My main frustration is that this book seems to be an appetizer for the main story, which is only briefly touched upon. But this first book is so good (and totally okay for the young reader) [...]

    15. I wish there was a way to shelve books I didn't finish without having to put them on my "read" shelf or give them a finished date. Anyhow, I read about a quarter of this and just couldn't get into it. Not sure why I had it to begin with, but it was one of the oldest unread books on my Kindle so I gave it a try. Some interesting concepts and I did learn a little about Singapore, but it wasn't enough to hold my interest.

    16. Murgatroyd Floyd doesn't fit in. He's the only white child at school, has one friend, and nothing ever seems to work out for him. He's also an Oddfit, able to visit another land called the More Known World. Once he reaches adulthood, a group who explore that world seek him out.This is a portal story set in a person's life before the portal. Murgatroyd sees a few glimpses of the More Known World, but it's mainly not about that. It's about his life growing up and living in Singapore. It's also a s [...]

    17. This is a wonderful, joyously eccentric novel from an author with a unique voice. Any novel which opens an early chapter from the point of view of a lobster about to be cooked in a restaurant, and in which one of the most malevolent characters is called the Duck Assassin, is all right by me.This is a contemporary fantasy novel, perhaps entering the realms of science fiction, but not in the epic, po-faced vein of much of the genre. It oozes normality and the humdrum, which only makes the lure of [...]

    18. Very interesting, I don't recall ever reading a book like this before. It's a bit like Interworld meets the Matrix meets well I don't know what, but it's a really good book.

    19. I received a copy of The Oddfits by Tiffany Tsao from its publishers, Crossing, via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. The novel is set in Singapore which appealed to me as I know very little about the city and Tsao gives lots of interesting insights into everyday life there.Tsao has created a great character in her protagonist, the unfortunately named Murgatroyd Floyd. A blonde haired, blue eyed caucasian child of British parents, Murgatroyd hasn't found his place in Singapore, even t [...]

    20. This book is incredible. I loved it completely. There is so much suspense, hope, and turmoil. Seriously, the one burst of relief and happiness in the book for the reader was the ending. Murgatroyd is such a sweet, loving person. He is so incredibly good. Everyone set him back, such as his classmates, employer, his best friend (view spoiler)[(although this guy had some redemption in the end) (hide spoiler)], and especially his parents (view spoiler)[(the parents did at least feel guilt) (hide spo [...]

    21. The Oddfits is a delightfully magical and humorous book-reminiscent of Harry Potter, but if Harry Potter was an adult living in Singapore. The hero of the story, Murgatroyd Floyd Shwet Foo, doesn't fit in--he is quite a loser, but he's a loser with a big heart. Turns out he doesn't fit in because he's an Oddfit, and doesn't belong in The Known World, but is only happy exploring The More Known World. The More Known World reminded me a bit of Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber, but we only get a few gl [...]

    22. This is the first novel I've picked up from Kindle First. I'm pleasantly surprised that isn't dumping the trash onto its Prime members to raise sales upon the book's release. This book was a joy to read. At first I worried that it fell into the pitfalls of common fantasy tropes. Murgatroyd Floyd Shwet Foo is out of place as a son of two British parents living in Singapore. They enroll him in a local Singaporean school, and childhood torture ensues, first for his odd name and then for his odd "C [...]

    23. Tiffany Tsao gives us a creation that stays with us, a weird world we don't want to leave. Her protagonist, Murgatroyd Floyd, is a creative twist on the "chosen one" storyline. How our world treats Murgatroyd and how he responds can be heartwrenching. Murgatroyd's resilience, his sweetness when the whole world is his adversary, is surprising and Dickensian. We root for Murgatroyd all the way. As so many of the other characters seethe around Murgatroyd, delighting in their sadistic attempts to ma [...]

    24. Can't wait to read more!Never heard of Tiffany Tsao before yesterday. I believe I was missing a truly unique voice! I'm sure happy to have discovered Ms. Tsao. She's a grand storyteller, much like the ancient orators in my opinion. There is an unusual lilt and cadence to every Eastern/Asian/Oriental author I've ever read and Ms. Tsao is not different in that respect. But she stretches and twists the characters and the scene settings like salt water taffy! Homespun philosophies slyly mixed with d [...]

    25. What a strange little book! Having said that, I did rather enjoy it, as odd as it was. Haven't read a lot (any?) fantasy genre books, so not sure where this would fall in line with others, but I did read it fairly quickly (for those who know how long it usually takes me to finish a book). And, I'll be looking forward to the sequel! Will definitely pick that up to see where this leads! I'm pulling for you Murgatroyd Floyd! Some of my "fantasy reading" friends should read this and let me know. I p [...]

    26. Well, this was definitely Odd. Murgatroyd Floyd lives in Singapore with his British Ex-pat parents. He doesn't fit in and is, in fact, an Oddfit, someone meant to travel other worlds. There's a lot of descriptive text on how crappy Murgatroyd's life has been due to his "Oddfittedness" and some world building. Also, some character development of people that I'm not sure will be in the sequel and that I didn't relate to.As two stars is described, it was OK. I doubt I'll read the sequel.

    27. Neil Gaiman meets Roald DahlI haven't had this much fun reading a book in ages! Being original in this day and age is practically impossibleactically. This gem of a book will introduce you to ( amongst other things) Murgatoyd Floyd, a Duck Assassin, out this world ice cream flavors, a one-eyed lady in emerald green and so,so much more! Don't hesitate!! Pick it up right away and begin your journey into a truly unique and fantastic book!

    28. I tried to like it, based on the reviews I should have loved it but sadly it did nothing for me. The main character was likable enough much as he could be but not enough for me to root for the underdog. I don't think I will read the next book.

    29. 2.5 rounded up to 3.This story had an interesting premise, but had a tendency to constantly slow down for side character back stories. I can only assume that we will be seeing these characters again in books to come.Overall, it's an entertaining read, but don't expect a lot of action

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