The Yoga of Max's Discontent

The Yoga of Max's Discontent

Karan Bajaj / Jun 27, 2019

The Yoga of Max s Discontent In this captivating and surprising novel of spiritual discovery a No bestseller in India a young American travels to India and finds himself tested physically emotionally and spiritually Max Pzora

  • Title: The Yoga of Max's Discontent
  • Author: Karan Bajaj
  • ISBN: 9781594634116
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this captivating and surprising novel of spiritual discovery a No 1 bestseller in India a young American travels to India and finds himself tested physically, emotionally, and spiritually.Max Pzoras is the poster child for the American Dream The child of Greek immigrants who grew up in a dangerous New York housing project, he triumphed over his upbringing and became aIn this captivating and surprising novel of spiritual discovery a No 1 bestseller in India a young American travels to India and finds himself tested physically, emotionally, and spiritually.Max Pzoras is the poster child for the American Dream The child of Greek immigrants who grew up in a dangerous New York housing project, he triumphed over his upbringing and became a successful Wall Street analyst Yet on the frigid December night he s involved in a violent street scuffle, Max begins to confront questions about suffering and mortality that have dogged him since his mother s death.His search takes him to the farthest reaches of India, where he encounters a mysterious night market, almost freezes to death on a hike up the Himalayas, and finds himself in an ashram in a drought stricken village in South India As Max seeks answers to questions that have bedeviled him can yogis walk on water and live for 200 years without aging Can a flesh and blood man ever achieve nirvana he struggles to overcome his skepticism and the pull of family tugging him home In an ultimate bid for answers, he embarks on a dangerous solitary meditation in a freezing Himalayan cave, where his physical and spiritual endurance is put to its most extreme test.By turns a gripping adventure story and a journey of tremendous inner transformation, The Yoga of Max s Discontent is a contemporary take on man s classic quest for transcendence.

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        Karan Bajaj is the 1 bestselling novelist of KEEP OFF THE GRASS HarperCollins India 2008 and JOHNNY GONE DOWN HarperCollins India 2010 with than 250,000 copies of his novels in print Both novels were optioned into films, the latter just entering pre production and slotted for a 2017 international release He was selected as one of the Top 35 Under 35 Indian by India Today and was nominated for all of India s top literary awards the Crossword Book of the Year, Indiaplaza Golden Quill and Teacher s Indian Achievers Awards Arts E YOGA OF MAX S DISCONTENT, Karan s first international novel, will be published by Penguin Random House on May 3rd 2016 It was inspired by Karan s one year spiritual sabbatical learning Yoga in a South Indian Ashram, meditating in complete silence in the Vedantic tradition in the Indian Himalayas and living as a Buddhist Monk in a Scottish monastery Now back in New York, Karan is a certified Yoga teacher attached to the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center while working his day job as the Chief Marketing Officer of the cult mom brand, Aden and Anais Born in 1979 into an Army family, Karan is an engineering graduate from BIT Ranchi and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore He can be reached at Web karanbajajTwitter twitter realkaranbajajIG instagram realkaranbajajEmail karan karanbajajWriting Advice karanbajaj bookdeal


    1. Books on spirituality or spiritual journeys aren't usually my thing, but I have to give Karan Bajaj an enormous amount of credit because this book was so incredible that I may have to reevaluate that stance. The Yoga of Max's Discontent is the story of Max, a Wall Street man who grew up in the not-so-great areas of New York. His life has been shaped by his surroundings, by what he has and doesn't have, but after the death of his mother and a chance conversation with food cart salesman, he begins [...]

    2. Beautiful.Karan Bajaj has created a Hermann Hesse novel for modern times.In the age of information, anything and everything is readily available as an ATM amidst a drought and starvation in rural India. With a few keystrokes on a smart phone one can answer any and all questions and learn virtually anything:Who won the 1969 World Series? (Mets) Dwarf sex (ew! deleting browse history) How tall is Justin Bieber? (5’9). I could right now buy a ticket to Kathmandu and leave tomorrow morning and hav [...]

    3. Update: This book is in the stores! (Beautiful book cover hard copy) I was in the book store just the other day chatting with a woman about how wonderful this book is.while it was in her hands. Its a terrific story. One that will surprise people --even if you've never done yoga. The storytelling is page turning! Max's mother worked two jobs: cleaning houses and bagging groceries late into the night just so he and his sister Sophia could go to good schools ( private schools), and get out of the p [...]

    4. In the tradition of Janwillem van de Wetering’s "The Empty Mirror" and Andrew Harvey’s "A Journey in Ladakh" recording the journey of a young man from the West making his spiritual pilgrimage to the East, we now have a splendid new entry with "The Yoga of Max’s Discontent" by Karan Bajaj. And since we all love to read stories, we are given some added spice – rather than a first-person account, Bajaj’s first-hand experience is rendered in novel form, a third-person narrative of Max, a b [...]

    5. Then the seer dwells in His own true splendor.- Yoga Sutra 1.3"Suffering alone exists, none who suffer; The deed there is, but no doer thereof; Nirvana is, but no one seeking it; The Path there is, but none who travel it."- VisuddhimaggaI was a bit skeptical of this book at first. I've read a lot of really good novels/books surrounding the Western urge for Nirvana, the allure of the East. This genre of literature isn't quite a Bildungsroman, but close. My search for the word has taken me from ma [...]

    6. Wow! Where do I begin? What words can I use that will somehow sum up this transcendent and captivating book? How can I express how deeply this read has affected me? I can’t, but I can try.This is the tale of Max. Max: average American citizen, brother, corporate man, good friend, straight-A student, rags-to-riches hero. His childhood was spent dividing his days attempting to fit in somewhere in the gang-war-territory he called home and his nights attempting to pass every test and ace every exa [...]

    7. Why I did not finish - I stalled about 30% in and when I tried to go back, found my interest waning. It feels like a Coelho or a Redfield - one of those novels that feels more like a concept lesson. It doesn't resonate or hold my interest because of this, but I know some people really love that kind of book and are likely to enjoy it. I read a bit about the author and think his story would have felt more authentic as a memoir, less dramatic maybe, but something about this lacks authenticity that [...]

    8. This ARC review was first published on my blog hereThe Yoga of Max's Discontent was a brilliant combination of realistic characters and an amazing journey of self discovery. When I first started reading this book, I wasn't really sure what I was expecting. All I had heard from the author was that it was a book about yoga and that was enough to intrigue me and my curiosity. After I finished however, I can definitely say that I was pleasantly surprised.This book took me on a wonderful experience t [...]

    9. "Westerners love it! Spiritual McDonald's!"After a conversation with a falafel vendor on a New York street corner, Max leaves his life of "success" to go to India and find yogis who live in caves in the Himalayas. No training and very little forethought at all, he realizes his plan was fool-hardy, and regroups. Re-seeks, as it were. He meets people along the way - very much a "Pilgrims Progress" sort of journey theme. We follow Max's journey from the high Himalayas, the back alleys and markets o [...]

    10. A brilliant spiritual tale of a man trying to understand the universe. Max is the product of those chasing the American Dream, but has an identity crisis when his #1 cheerleader, his mother, dies of liver cancer. A yuppie on Wall Street, Max wants for nothing. However, he feels empty despite the beautiful apartment and loving family. A chance encounter with a wise food vendor inspires him to leaving everything behind and travel to India in search of the most elusive yogi whispered about among tr [...]

    11. Max Pzoras is a young man living the American dream but after his mother’s death, he becomes disillusioned with life. He meets an Indian man working at a food cart. It’s bitter cold and the man isn’t even wearing a shirt and is barefoot. Max offers the man his coat but the man says he’s not cold. He then tells Max about the yogis at the top of the Himalayan Mountains who can walk on water and live to be hundreds of years old. This sparks an interest in Max that leads him to India in sear [...]

    12. Do you remember the infomercials on topics such as girl child education, closed toilets, use of contraceptives? Well, if India ever tried to create an infomercial on Yoga, this book would provide a good starting point. A bestseller abroad thanks to keeping with the image of land of yoga, this book was tough to digest. Ok, maybe I'm not being entirely fair to the book, but then I had high expectations post Johnny Gone Down.Dubbed as 'The Yoga of Max's Discontent' in US as against the Indian 'Seek [...]

    13. A really interesting read! I like how the book manages to make the reader go on a similar emotional journey as Max does.

    14. A chance incident leaves Wall Street banker Maximus Pzoras shaken. After the incident, he starts to question himself about life, death and suffering – things that have bothered him for quite some time yet he never confronted them. But he finally decides to embark upon a journey to find these answers. His search leads him to different corners of India. From the freezing temperature of the Himalayas to the boiling hot weather of South India – he travels far and wide. But does our ‘Seeker’ [...]

    15. Would have given in 3.5 stars but that wasn't an option! I did like the book (you can see the full review at newleafbooknook/the-yo), but in the end I felt a little sad and empty after reading. But perhaps that was the author's point! I do actually recommend this book for anyone who has pondered great questions of the eternal, but don't expect to be super happy afterwards!

    16. I'm thrilled that Karan Bajaj requested that I review his new book. This would have been a book I would have never chosen to read. Being a Christian woman, with a slightly conservative stance, it was difficult for me to even get through the first few chapters. I pushed through though, and oh my, I'm so glad I did! I believe reading opens our minds to new ways of thinking, if you will allow it. "The Yoga of Max's Discontent" did this for me. This book is the fictional account of Max, a young man, [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was an amazing book, very lovable characters with a great story of a young man who has strived to become what he felt was is life needs. Only when he meets a food cart owner from India that he realizes there is more to his life than Wall Street and money. Max sets out on an amazing journey of self discovery, to become a great yogi. I was totally drawn to this book right from reading the synopsis. I couldn't wait to read it! Ka [...]

    18. What an amazing Journey! I can't find a better word to describe this novel. For the Author, of course, but especially for a Reader. Everything that its title promises delivered. "Yoga?" Oh, yes! After reading this book, you would comprehend it better than after reading dozens of "specialized" books on the subject. "Max's" Doesn't that particularly westerner name of the main character refer to me, European-American reader? You bet! It cold be the journey of any one of us to the depths of understa [...]

    19. Feedback for "The Yoga of Max's Discontent"Brian Schiff -- Last update on Jan 19 2016ReviewKaran Bajaj's novel 'The Yoga of Max's Discontent'' was a real 'eastern religion' page turning cliffhanging experience. The closest I've gotten to any of this has been one experience at a Hare Krishna Temple-and a lot of Indian restaurants. This novel really tells you "everything" you ever wanted to ask about Indian culture/"Eastern religion"YogaYogi's Max goes from housing projects to elite schools and en [...]

    20. This was one of the few books I have read, where I didn't notice when I had reached the end. It was an incredibly impact-full and highly spiritual journey.I think one of the significant themes of this book was the importance of yoga and people's oblivion towards it's true meaning. Yoga isn't just an ascetic discipline including breath control, simple mediation and the adoption of specific bodily postures practiced for health and relaxation.Then what is it? Breathing attentively is yoga. Complete [...]

    21. I am back to this author after reading his novel “Keep off the grass” in 2009. This is a stark departure from the writing style I was expecting. Instead of the dark comedy which I relished in “Keep off the grass” this book seems to a melancholic quest of spirituality. The whole book revolves around how an investment banker in US leaves his job, belongings as well family and comes to India for spiritual enlightenment. The spiritual enlightenment described in the book is not the light one [...]

    22. Karan Bajaj does a fantastic job of detailing Max's inward journey to understanding God. This is one of the best spiritual books I've ever read. There aren't many books out there that cover such spiritual concepts portrayed in this book in story form. This book really made me contemplate my own spiritual journey and how I can free myself from useless material attachments. Max's journey motivated me to get back into yoga. I did not want this book to end!

    23. This was one incredible journey. The Yoga of Max's Discontent is one of those books that really gets you to think, and one that I plan to share with others.

    24. The Yoga of Max’s Discontent is the story of a young man’s journey to reach Nirvana, spiritual enlightenment. Max is an MBA from Harvard, working on Wall Street as a stock analyst. He’s fought his way up the ladder, to a perceived success, from his humble beginnings in a rough-and-tough neighborhood, a place where the routine accomplishments of its inhabitants are more likely to lead to becoming a drug dealer, thief, or teenage pregnancy. He’s seen friends die from violent crime, and it [...]

    25. I have been a great fan of Karan Bajaj's books. He writes story based upon some unusual protagonists who urges you to think about your boring life and makes you think something exciting for yourself. He has taken 5 years to release his 3rd book for which many were waiting just like me. "The Seeker" have released just last week and it's already at No. 8 in Bestselling list. That's what Karan Bajaj is even when he has not been in much limelight even after writing some seriously good books. "The Se [...]

    26. This is a well-written story, and it'll make for an interesting movie. Because it is, more than anything else, an adventure. There's lots of physicality here: Max does yoga for hours, Max holds his breath for 15 minutes, Max walks on water, Max speaks the secret language of animals, Max holds his left arm up in the air for weeks for no apparent reason. Good movie stuff. It's somewhat disappointing on the spiritual side, though. Sorry, I know. Lots of people think this is an amazing spiritual boo [...]

    27. I received an email from the author of this book asking me to review it. I read very little fiction as I'm not really into the mystery/shoot-'em up stuff that seems to be common fare. I typically read books about spirituality. The title and description of this book intrigued me so I decided to take a break from my own spiritual seeking and see what it had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised as often when I'm asked to review fictional books they're not worth my time to even finish reading them. [...]

    28. win!this is the first time i've read karan bajaj's book,and this is something one should never miss!its a story about max,who travels to india to discover the secrets of the universe,to find out the true meaning of life,he starts his journey towards himalyas. soon after struggling enough,he starts losing his patience.but there is always something that stops him from returning back to his old life so he goes to a village in south india where he lives in an ashram. after few days,he gets accustome [...]

    29. In The Yoga of Max’s Discontent, Karan Bajaj creates a captivating story that will draw you in and stay with you long after you’ve read the final pages. This is the story of a young man who listens to his discontent and takes his yearning for something more than worldly possessions, wealth or fame and attempts to discover the path to nirvana. We follow Max’s journey to the Himalayan mountains of India in his search to find the “unborn, un-aging, un-ailing, sorrowless, and deathless face- [...]

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