The Epilogue

The Epilogue

Kiera Cass / Dec 10, 2019

The Epilogue The Epilogue An epilogue to The One which takes place two years later on Maxon s birthday

  • Title: The Epilogue
  • Author: Kiera Cass
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 145
  • Format: ebook
  • The Epilogue An epilogue to The One, which takes place two years later on Maxon s birthday.

    Epilogue Definition of Epilogue by Merriam Webster Definition of epilogue a concluding section that rounds out the design of a literary work a a speech often in verse addressed to the audience by an actor at the end of a play also the actor speaking such an epilogue b the final scene of a play that comments on or summarizes the main action. Epilogue Jump to navigation Jump to search An epilogue or epilog from Greek eplogos, conclusion from epi, in addition and logos, word is a piece of writing at the end of a work of literature, usually used to bring closure to the work It is presented from the perspective of within the story. Crosses The Epilogue Official Music Video YouTube Mar , THE EPILOGUE LYRICS It s a strange day The roses are in bloom But in a strange way I know somehow we re doomed Look around through Epilogue Examples and Definition of Epilogue Epilogue, Prologue, and Afterword Epilogue is the opposite of prologue, which is a piece of writing at the beginning of a literary work An epilogue is different from an afterword, in that it is part of the main story, occurring after the climax, and revealing the fates of the characters An afterword is typically written by someone other Epilogue definition of epilogue by The Free Dictionary EPILOGUE is his story of recovery, discovery, and change and a document that revealed his father s second family Epilogue A Memoir In most biographies, an epilogue provides the story of what happens after the subject of the book has died or somehow left the scene. Epilogue dictionary definition epilogue defined In a brief epilogue, the apostle justifies himself for having thus addressed the Roman Christians It is also an opinion largely held that the prophetic epilogue in xvi It is preceded by a prologue, and followed by a humorous epilogue , in Latin adapted to subjects of the moment. Epilogue Define Epilogue at Dictionary Epilogue definition, a concluding part added to a literary work, as a novel See . What is an Epilogue and How To Write One Readers Won t An epilogue ties up loose ends that require resolving and which could not be tidied up within the actual story itself An afterword addresses how the book came to be, the inspiration for the story, the journey of its development, etc. SparkNotes And Then There Were None Epilogue Epilogue Summary Epilogue I have wanted let me admit it frankly to commit a murder myself I was, or could be, an artist in crime See Important Quotations Explained Two policeman, Sir Thomas Legge and Inspector Maine, discuss the perplexing Indian Island case. Books, Inq The Epilogue A Descent into the Maelstrm Hat tip, Dave Lull This collection includes many translations of other poets Jorge Luis Borges, Lus de Cames and interpretations of Biblical stories, but the majority of the poems are sonnets, mostly Shakespearean.

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    1. I feel like Kiera Cass could have written another book on 'after the one'. It was perfect! Loved it so much

    2. A very short glimpse on the life of America and Maxton two years after their marriage, that you could easily skip but why would you?It's cute and short.

    3. Sometimes I wonder why I read the things I do!This was barely a chapter so can't really be classed as a novella even. It was okay I guess. But definitely too heavy-handed with the saccharine schmaltz! Two stars

    4. 5-I'm-so-jealous-of-America-stars!!!Maxon being flirtyMaxon being sweet Maxon being hotMaxon being playfulMaxon being a gentlemanI can't Maxon really is one of my favorite book boyfriends. I don't know why I was reading this short story jus now because I've read The One like, three freaking years ago And yet, Maxon is still one of my bae. Why is he so perfect? LOL

    5. Otra de las grandes joyas del recopilatorio Happily Ever After es este epílogo de The One <3. ¿Qué más se le puede pedir a la vida que unas páginas en las que Maxon y America son absolutamente felices dos años después de acabada la Selección? ¿Qué más que uno despertando en los brazos del otro? ¿Qué más que dos de mis personajes favoritos viviendo su sueño? PERDÓN, ¿OKAY? PERO ES QUE LOS FEELS SON DEMASIADO FUERTES PORQUE RECUERDO TODO LO QUE SUCEDIÓ PARA QUE LLEGARAN A ESE [...]

    6. Only read it in one sitting and less than 10 minutes (obviously, since it only has 6 pages) and it was cute. It was more like an extra or a bonus chapter actually but it was really sweet. Maxon and America looks really adorable in the story. It ends really well and I like it.

    7. Esto fue realmente lindo. Esto es más como un capítulo extra o un bonus en realidad, pero fue muy dulce. Maxon y America son realmente adorables en la historia. Termina muy bien y me gusto mucho.

    8. This adorable bonus chapter should have been included in The One. It was lovely seeing America, Maxon, Aspen and Marlee again two years after the Selection. Even though it is only eleven pages long, this epilogue is a great transition to The Heir and made me even more excited to read the duology eventually.

    9. 5 Estrellas bien merecidas. Maxon TE AMO-“Hard to say. I don’t think it was the marriage part that was so hard as much as the duties. It was a lot to ask her to step into the role of a queen when she’d barely gotten used to the idea of being a princess".“Isn’t that remarkable? I suddenly love you a hundred times more,” he said, quietly and in awe. “And I didn’t think it was possible to find love for a person I don’t know at all.” He finally looked up at me. “Are we really g [...]

    10. This was a cute short story. I was happy with this conclusion of America and Maxon's story. It made me fall in love with the characters all over again. Especially Maxon! I was happy when she told him that (view spoiler)[ she was pregnant (hide spoiler)]. Can't wait to The Favourite and the final book of the Selection series. This series is one of my all time favourites. Overall, a cute read.

    11. Short and sweet. Not perfect, the writing wasn't the best, feels like Kiera Cass just rushed to get something new out quickly, but it was still enjoyable and I'm very excited to start The Heir at some point.

    12. Τόσο, μα τόσο cute Είναι η μόνη λέξη που μπορεί να το περιγράψει. Δύο χρόνια μετά, ένα ζευγάρι που πέρασε πολλά και που απέδειξε πως ο έρωτας ανθίζει ακόμα και στις πιο αντίξοες συνθήκες. Γίνεται να μην το αγαπήσεις, έστω κι αν είναι μια σύντομη παρένθεση; Όχι, δε γίνεται!!!

    13. I'm having this weird sense of Deja Vu. I know for a fact I have read this, but there's no record of it on my GR feed anywhere. Oh well. It was a cutesy re-read. Vamping up my excitement to get my hands on The Crown.

    14. I was excited to read this but i was deeply disappointed. It took me less than 5 minutes to read this novella. It was so short and i honestly feel kiera cass could have done better. I need a whole new book for what happened after The One.

    15. I do believe I read this one before, it was all very much familiar. But no problem, if anything I am always happy to dive back into the world of The Selection again. America and Maxon are just the perfect couple. I just adore seeing them together. This short story is all about Maxon's birthday, cute romance, and a surprise (though what a crappy one it will turn out given the latter books :P).

    16. I never knew this existed! Dang.But no matter how short it was, the fact that it's a part of The Selection Series is unchangeable!Why, I wouldn't dare miss this teeny tiny part! It was important. Definitely important. A 6-page epilogue of The One simply makes me want to read from the very beginning of the story!Utterly gorgeous! UGH! I need more of The Selection Series!Still waiting for the last book, which is still untitled and would be released next year, 2016. *sigh* The agony of waiting I ca [...]

    17. Also true about hatred and disdain though loool xD "It was completely fascinating to me the way that love grew. I kept thinking I’d found a way to give him all that I had, but then I’d learn a new quirk, hear a new story, go through a new experience, and my heart swelled."

    18. really cute, if I had read this before the heir duology I would have liked it more. The last bit about the losing elite was so irrelevant

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