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Peking Acclaimed by the Financial Times as an excellent read panoramic in scope Peking brings to life the conflict struggle and idealism that marked China s revolution and led to its rise to superpower s

  • Title: Peking
  • Author: Anthony Grey
  • ISBN: 9780297792048
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Acclaimed by the Financial Times as an excellent read, panoramic in scope, Peking brings to life the conflict, struggle, and idealism that marked China s revolution and led to its rise to superpower statusTo a China racked by famine and bloody civil war in 1931, young English born missionary Jakob Kellner brings all the crusading passion of his untried Christian faith HAcclaimed by the Financial Times as an excellent read, panoramic in scope, Peking brings to life the conflict, struggle, and idealism that marked China s revolution and led to its rise to superpower statusTo a China racked by famine and bloody civil war in 1931, young English born missionary Jakob Kellner brings all the crusading passion of his untried Christian faith He burns to save the world s largest nation from Communism But on the cold, unforgiving Long March, amid horror and despair too great for Christianity to salve, Jakob becomes entangled with Mei ling, a beautiful and fervent revolutionary Powerful new emotions challenge and reshape his faith and entrap him for life in the vast country s tortured destiny.Once held hostage by Red Guards in Peking for than two years, author Anthony Grey crafts a portrait of China as a land of great beauty and harshness, of triumph and tragedy, as he traces the path of China s Communist party from its covert inception through purge and revolution in an epic novel that enhances the reader s understanding of modern China.

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        Anthony Grey OBE is a British journalist and author As a journalist for Reuters he was detained for 27 months in China from 1967 to 1969 He has written a series of novels and non fiction books, including several relating to his detention.


    1. A fascinating readThis was a fascinating read that carried me through the development of communism in China. I found the story to be captivating and the history seemed to be well researched. I highly recommend!

    2. AMAZINGLY GREAT STORYTELLING.“The China that you’re about to venture into, [. . .] is a leaking ship with a broken tiller drifting on an uncharted ocean.” (Kindle Locations 1224-1225).Just what is it about the myths of Communism that made them so much more effective at converting so many more Chinese peasants—literally tens of millions, in a relatively short period of time—than the myths of Christianity? Both modes of magical thinking were foreign imports, and both promised the masses [...]

    3. Peking is a massive and remarkable story, full of insights into China's 20th century history The book is fascinating in its coverage of some 50 yearshardly ever before had I left a book feeling nostalgic for the character's lives at the beginning. Reading as part adventure and part history book, Grey's writing detailed but keeps the story moving as you follow Jacob from 20 year old missionary onwards. The descriptions of the march are particularly terrifying, and left me with quite the impressio [...]

    4. Powerful historic fiction of how Communism came into being in China. Through the characters I was able to 'relive' alot of what my relatives felt and experienced during this tumltuous period of China's history. For those who've been to China, it is also a facinating glimpse into the changes that have occurred since and a greater understanding of the pride that Chinese have in their history. Imbeded into the history is a moving story of love and the family ties that bind us.

    5. Reading the novel's postscript I learned that the travails of Jakob, the missionary, were based on a conglomerate of actual characters. I already appreciated the historical account of China's revolution and leaders, but the knowledge that Jakob's story was not entirely fictional was an added bonus. Anthony Grey is a fine historian. I read of all his books, and am wiser for it.

    6. Incredibly Alive and Colorful Saga of China’s Fight From Communism A story with monumental life, one forgets immediately that it’s a book and you’re really not there, you’re simply reading.Absolutely amazing and brilliantly written.

    7. This book is awesome! I read a lot on China so I'm familiar with its history. I have also actually travelled to China several times. This book's history is spot-on, and his description of China and it's beauty is impeccably accurate. The characters come to life and you feel like you know them. I have read one other book by Anthony Grey (Saigon), and after reading this one, I will buy everything written by him. He is a great author!

    8. This book is really 4.5 stars. I thought this book was very good. I kind of wanted to stop reading at the beginning, since I didn't really like the really long chapters that were basically a history of China lesson. But once the author started concentrating on Jakob and his story, I became fascinated with the story and had a hard time putting the book down. The writing was well done and kept my interest. I even got used to the history chapters, since they were the author's way of catching us up [...]

    9. A wonderful history of China and their on-going war with establishing Communism. I did not know much about this subject and the book handled it in two ways; 1) actual history in various chapters and then a fictional story based on real life characters. It was an excellent and educational read.

    10. This novel is set during the Communist revolution in China. Overall I enjoyed the story, and I definitely gained a great many insights into the forces that have shaped this great country since the 1930s. The author inserts several brief sections of history where he skips over a number of years to continue the story of his characters, and although the technique is unconventional, it helps tremendously to keep the story's progression straight. The novel is very long, but I found myself quite engag [...]

    11. This was a good book, probably a 3.25/3.5, but like Saigon too wordy and too many coincidences. Because of the large chunks of time that is skipped over, with little historical notes, you lose the feeling for the characters and lose some the depth they would otherwise have the same was true in Saigon. None the less I enjoyed both.

    12. Outstanding literary feat!! I could not put it down. I learned so much about China's history from Mao on. Storyline was incredible and the main character was based or developed around a true story I've ordered all the rest of his books.

    13. Another amazing book, rich in history. I thought it was unbelievable and must be purely fiction, until I read a couple of biographies written about the same time and place in history. Though this book IS fiction, I believe it represents that difficult time in China's history.

    14. Another personal favourite. I count it an achievement too This is no light read and its pretty thick for a paperback. Loved the story and the glimpse at a culture and time in history totally unfamiliar to me A fascinating read!

    15. This is the story of China's transformation into a Communist country and the Long Walk led by Mao that resulted in his takeover of the government. It is never dry, but carries the reader along like a very good novel.

    16. An epic spanning 3 generations, this book manages to have a huge scope wile never losing the pace of the march.

    17. This book had a lot of descriptive history in the beginning and I almost put it down. I'm really glad I didn't as I enjoyed following the stories of all the characters while learning a ton about Chinese communism and the history of China! Once I was about half way through the book I couldn't put it down!

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