The King of Forever

The King of Forever

Kirby Crow / Jul 16, 2019

The King of Forever The sun has returned to the Land of Night and Liall has claimed a throne he never wanted but many still oppose the presence of his beloved Scarlet at court While the powerful barons clamor for a roya

  • Title: The King of Forever
  • Author: Kirby Crow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The sun has returned to the Land of Night and Liall has claimed a throne he never wanted, but many still oppose the presence of his beloved Scarlet at court While the powerful barons clamor for a royal heir to secure the succession, rumors fly of Liall s marriage to a baron s daughter, driving a painful wedge between the lovers But the proposed marriage of Lady RessilkaThe sun has returned to the Land of Night and Liall has claimed a throne he never wanted, but many still oppose the presence of his beloved Scarlet at court While the powerful barons clamor for a royal heir to secure the succession, rumors fly of Liall s marriage to a baron s daughter, driving a painful wedge between the lovers But the proposed marriage of Lady Ressilka isn t the only reason Scarlet has grown distant His magic is changing, mutating into a dangerous power he does not understand, and the only people who might be able to help him control it are the Ancients, who once tried to murder him When the borders of Rshan are threatened and war looms, Liall agrees to a forbidden pact to save Scarlet, but the bargain may cost the Wolf his life.

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    1. And so the updates continue, as suspense keeps building and buildingd building!Book 5 The Temple Road. Will it or will it not come out in April?~*~*~*~The book had finally come out. Yay! Celebration time!!!!! :DLiallPeysho*~*~*~*~*~*~*~UPDATECHECK THIS OUT: kirbycrow/nextmlThe book is (finally?) coming out THIS JUNE: "Status: Publish date: June 2015"However, there is no date and the book is not on GR's "Next Month Releases" list. --------------------------------------------------It's September O [...]

    2. After such a long time waiting for this I feel happy and unenthusiastic at the same time. It's such a short book and you expect so many things to happen that when you find out the book is going to end the same way it started you don't know if you should be angry or worse. So, was it a tease and no more? Well, not exactly, because I really loved this story. I was reminded why I like this pair so much, why they are so special in their peculiar way. But that's a long way from being a "complete" boo [...]

    3. 2.5 stars. What a shocking cliffhanger. I'm so annoyed. It's even worse than a cliffhanger. It's like the book just ends mid story. Nothing at all is resolved. Scarlet is beset from all sides with abuse, threats and conspiracies. Liall postures a lot but never does anything to help. Very frustrating. I'd recommend waiting for the next book before getting this one. But even then I'm wondering if that will be just as open-ended. A few days laterDeep breath Ok after getting over the cliffie I have [...]

    4. Liall's not particularly likeable, is he?And like, Scarlet's not exactly a vapid little twit, but for some reason, the conjunction of the two of them has him coming off that way, somehow.I think it's because we see the story through Liall's perspective, and for all that he protests, he really doesn't trust anyone other than himself to know best on anything, so in a sense, he does sort of see Scarlet as a vapid twit. Or at least treats him like one. Either way, it colors his perspective colors th [...]

    5. This was everything I could want, and a little bit more.Warning: this review contains spoilers to the events of the first three books in the series, but not of this book itself. Therefore, I'll put the review inside one big spoiler tag.(view spoiler)[Taking place not too long after the events of The Land of Night, The King of Forever gives us insight into the lives of Liall and Scarlet in their respective roles in Rshan. It's interesting to see Liall, The King, so different yet somewhat similar [...]

    6. MAJOR UPDATE (6/17/15): *SCREECHES* IT'S ON PREORDER NOW!!!!!! WE ARE GETTING OUR NEXT BOOK SOOOOOOOON!amazon/dp/B00ZRS0BA4*HYPERVENTILATES*------------------------------------------------------------------WHERE IS IT ALREADY???? I NEED IN MY HANDS

    7. I am really loving this series! The story is great. The characters are great. The writing is great. Okay seriously it's a great book! Now that I've cleared that up. Scarlet and Liall are learning to deal with Liall being King and all the responsibility, stress and danger that comes with it. On top of all that it seems Liall must now lead his nation into war.If I had any complaint, it would be the multiple volume concept so many authors are adopting. Write a complete story in one volume, don't br [...]

    8. I am a little bit mad, because this is not a complete book, just one half of an (admittedly great) story. "The King of Forever" finishes and nearly nothing is resolved. While I felt unnerved by the constant cliff-hangers in book 1-3, they never bothered me this much. At least the former installments finished their story arc.So yes, I loved it and I was very moved by the new, tragic plot twist. (view spoiler)[ Scarlet destined to die much younger than Liall, Liall forced to marry and produce an h [...]

    9. I waited a long time for this book but in the end it was well worth it. An epic story with great characters and I'm so happy that there is more to come.

    10. Probably my favourite book in the series. Even better than the first one. The fifth star is missing from my rating because it was still short for a full novel and we were left with a cliff-hanger that will not get addressed soon as it seems. Book 5 in "Scarlet and the White Wolf" was supposed to be out ages ago from what I read, but no luck so far.Something that annoyed me: We spent the previous book being told how Scarlet was hated by everyone. In the "King of forever", around the 80% bookmark, [...]

    11. I can't hate this book.It was much shorter than I thought it would be, there was little action or anything that would make me seriously worry for the characters' lives. It felt like a continuation of the last book, and honestly, it could have been added to the last book and I wouldn't have noticed a difference.However, this book addressed issues I'd been worried about, and questions that had been left unanswered that I needed answered, if this had been apart of the last book, I wouldn't have bee [...]

    12. 3.5 STARS for a really shitty way to end a bookI started this series and timed it exactly to coincide with the release of book 5, tomorrow! Well that was the GR information which I read wrong and couldn't find a mention of a book #5 anywhere. I should have checked her website because the book being released tomorrow is a standalone Urban Fantasy that's not related to this series whatsoever BUT it does look interesting. So this is a revised review because I could find anything about another book [...]

    13. This book is simply a bridge to the next part of the story, so definitely read the series in order from the first one.The King of Forever is a little shorter than the previous ones and really felt like a continuation of the last book. Scarlet's Gift starts to be explored as well as the whole t'aishka concept, but while the first three installments were mostly driven by the feeling born from Scarlet and Liall, blossoming into beautiful passion, this book mostly addresses issues and questions that [...]

    14. (view spoiler)[I cliffhanger? Give me a break, Really "the land of night" came out in 2006" please say it's not going to be another 9 years for book 5 . (hide spoiler)]

    15. Another Update:I've caught a few continuity issues from the first three books. Especially with the sentient spaceship and Gods. I'm gonna act like anything else introduced here is the actual cannon. Lord only knows if the next book will ever come out. Update:Well I waited almost a year for this to come out and then I kept this on my TBR for a bit so I could re-read the first three. I think I figured out how this is going to play out while rereading this book again this morning.The servant is a s [...]

    16. I adore this series, the characters are inconsistent, sometimes irritating and I don't know how it will end, lovely

    17. A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsI was thrilled when I saw that Kirby Crow had written another in the Scarlet and the White Wolf series. It has been so long since the initial trilogy was published, I had long assumed there would be no further volumes. The King of Forever was a pleasant interlude, one that offered a chance to visit again with two great characters, but failed to provide much forward action. The writing was as enjoyable as always and the author has a natural, easy voice that really co [...]

    18. I've really been enjoying this series and the twist in Book 3 had me yearning for this story. I wasn't sure where it was going to go but I was excited. Sadly, Book 4 didn't go anywhere, nothing happened. There's been lots of hints about things to come but at this rate, I'm starting to lose interest. I really want the series to advance, I need to know what is in story for Scarlet and Liall but I don't know how much longer I can wait.

    19. Enjoyable readI read 3 and 4 back to back. It was wonderful to get reacquainted with scarlet and liall (rawr) and spend some time in their world. As always, yet another book of win by Kirby Crow. Can't wait for the next installment. Hurry SWW5!!

    20. Beautifully written and easy to read, but save one scene on a hunt, the entire book is exposition. I wanted more balance with action. That being said, I'm intrigued and looking forward to reading the next book. I'm curious to see what happens.

    21. Rude. She had finally updated the release date on her website, but once again March has passed.I've lost all hope for this book to be ever released.

    22. This book was everything I hoped it would be story wise, but now I'm stuck waiting for book 5 to know what happens next. Our favorite couple is feeling the strain in their relationship as Liall takes up the mantel of King, and scarlet as his consort. With Liall now king, the political climate has become more hostile and complicated, an atmosphere only made worse by the after effects of Liall's murderous half Brother Vladie's actions from the last book, Particularly his alliance with the Tribelan [...]

    23. I was incredibly excited to read this, so of course I was finished with it far too quickly. Especially given the fact that I will have to wait for the next book to witness the resolution of the conflict in this book, which at times left me extremely frustrated or angry with characters and situations. I don't really feel confident in any attempt I might make to guess what will happen in book 5, since the ancient backstory at the end of book 3 threw me for a loop, and I was not sure where some of [...]

    24. Di certo non è stato il mio preferitozi.Credo l'autore si stia un pò perdendo, questa trama aveva un suo potenziale, il modo di scrivere e di descrivere sono interessanti ma ci si sta perdendo in discorsi di battaglie e litigi amorosi che sembrano più che altro isterici.La cosa che trovo più interessante e che non viene minimamente sviluppata è la magia del protagonista che sta crescendo sempre di piùmi aspettavo più azione da parte sua e di certo più maturità da parte di entrambi nello [...]

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