Captain America: The First Avenger #1: First Vengeance

Captain America: The First Avenger #1: First Vengeance

Fred Van Lente Luke Ross / Jan 24, 2020

Captain America The First Avenger First Vengeance The OFFICIAL comics prequel to the Marvel Studios summer blockbuster begins here Find out how Captain America set down the path to become the First Avenger

  • Title: Captain America: The First Avenger #1: First Vengeance
  • Author: Fred Van Lente Luke Ross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The OFFICIAL comics prequel to the Marvel Studios summer blockbuster begins here Find out how Captain America set down the path to become the First Avenger

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    1. (Note: I'm adding this to my tv/movie/gaming tie-in shelf, because this is a prequel to the first MCU Cap movie.)I'm not a big reader of comics, I'll say that up front. And when I do read comics, I prefer graphic novels that compile several issues in one.That being said, I'm not sure how much weight you should give this review. I downloaded this because I love the CA movies, and it was free.This is the first of eight issues that make up the series. It was super short, it didn't have much text, a [...]

    2. This is a comic about Captain America. It is only short with not many words and filled with artwork that I thought was very good.I've always like Captain America after seeing the films and this is what made me interested in this free comic. But sadly there didn't seem to be any story to it. Sure you see Steve meet Bucky but other than that nothing happens. It ends on a cliffhanger that frustrated me because it left the story half told. I would say this was aimed more at young readers and that's [...]

    3. It was nice to see Captain America fighting and what I liked the most was showing how he met Bucky (The Winter Soldier).

    4. I liked it, it was short, yes but that's how these comics work! I loved how they added the flashbacks and what they did with the characters: it really feels like you see them in a different perspective.

    5. probably would have been great waiting for the movieor maybe it would've just ruined itn't say as I've seen the movie and it's pretty similarheh

    6. Great ReadThis is a very exciting bookI liked it very much. Great read for Captain America fans of all ages

    7. This is a short comic that sets up for the first Captain America movie. You get to see one of the reasons that Steve Rogers is so driven. You also get to see the first meeting between Steve and Bucky.While there is nothing really wrong with this comic, it feels more like one of the teaser scenes at the end of the Marvel movies than a real story. If you have seen the movie (and if you haven't by now than you probably aren't planning on seeing it) than this will all be old information and not add [...]

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    9. 3.5*This seemed so pointless in it's existence yet I enjoyed it. It was a pleasant 5 minutes spent I'd say. I liked the introduction of Bucky to Steve like them actually meeting. It was nice to have it depicted. And Captain America kicking ass is always fun.

    10. It's very short, but emotional, we see and excerpt from Captain Rogers' life that not many get to see - a scene with his sick mother encouraging him to never give up. As a Captain America fan, I loved it.

    11. Eh. While this wasn't objectionable in any way, it also didn't really offer anything you don't get by watching the movies, and I thought that was the point.

    12. Was a lot shorter than I thought and it's a shame it wasn't a whole story but it was free on kindle and seemed interesting enough.

    13. It's funAlbeit I got just the demo, I'd say it was fun. Awaiting more from Marvel and Avengers and the like.

    14. Too shortWay to shortOne second read what more can you say far to short really short far to short its to short

    15. The art was very realistic, though there wasn't much dialogue. Still, the point is to go with the movie, and it did that in a quick, fun way.

    16. Light on storyCheap cash in on the movie. Fun for kids but that's about it. Not really worth the hard drive space it takes up.

    17. A great free comicI am a big Marvel fan and I loved this Captain America comic it was well written and well illustrated, I wish it was a bit longer.

    18. Awesome graphics! Loved it! Great for any age. Great graphics &a tie in with movie. Got this as a free comic. Wish it was longer!

    19. Fun! Excellent "fill-in-the-gaps" addition to the Canon. I look forward to reading more along these lines, and I'd love even more side stories.

    20. Want moreThis has one downfall, it's too short. I want more! I love Captain America. It makes me sad this was so short.

    21. Best book ever This book is the best book, amazing storyline , nice book cover graphics all in all this is the best book

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