Is That For a Boy or a Girl?

Is That For a Boy or a Girl?

S. Bear Bergman Rachel Dougherty / Oct 20, 2019

Is That For a Boy or a Girl Meet some awesome kids who have gotten pretty tired of being told that certain things are for girls and others just for boys See how they mix and match everything they like to get what suits them best

  • Title: Is That For a Boy or a Girl?
  • Author: S. Bear Bergman Rachel Dougherty
  • ISBN: 9780987976338
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet some awesome kids who have gotten pretty tired of being told that certain things are for girls and others just for boys See how they mix and match everything they like to get what suits them best

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      263 S. Bear Bergman Rachel Dougherty
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      • S. Bear Bergman Rachel Dougherty

        S Bear Bergman is a storyteller, a theater artist, an instigator, a gender jammer, and a good example of what happens when you overeducate a contrarian Ze is the author of Butch Is a Noun reissued with a new foreword by Arsenal Pulp Press, 2010 and Lambda Literary Award finalist The Nearest Exit May be Behind You Arsenal Pulp Press, 2009 as well as the editor with the inimitable Kate Bornstein of the multiple award winning Gender Outlaws The Next Generation Seal Press, 2010 Bear is also the creator and performer of three award winning solo performances and a frequent contributor to anthologies on all manner of topics see hir CV for an extensive list of publications of presentations Bear can be found many days in an airport lounge, writing stories on hir laptop and letters on any piece of paper that can pretend to be stationery A frequent lecturer at colleges and universities regarding issues relating to gender, sexuality, and culture, Bear enjoys digging in to complicated ideas and getting dirty doing it Ze also works extensively helping to create queer and trans cultural competency at universities, corporations, health care providers, and governmental organizations This work has included training, policy development, policy reviews, and process barrier audits, as well as cultural awareness consulting for external marketing As a Jew, Bear also speaks extensively about how hir religious and cultural lives have shaped one another and the intersection of identities, especially as it relates to being both Jewish and queer Ze remains exceptionally pleased to have been asked to write the chapter on trans inclusion for Hillel International s LGBTQ Resource Guide Less recently, Bear was one of the five original founders of the first Gay Straight Alliance, a frequent lecturer at high schools and colleges on the subject of making schools safe for GLBT students, and a founding commission member of what is now called the Massachusetts Safe Schools Project Bear was an insufferable know it all in high school, but is reformed these days Somewhat Bear was educated at Concord Academy, Hampshire College, and the University of Massachusetts Ze currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where Ze has set up housekeeping with hir husband j wallace, son Stanley.


    1. The book opens a little heavy-handed about how society tries to define everything as "boy" or "girl," and the more teach-y any given piece in the book felt, the more forced it felt to me.However, I really enjoyed all the kids. I expect they're fictitious composites created to prove a point, but they're so much fun. I really appreciate that the kids enjoy a mix of BOTH traditionally feminine and traditionally masculine things -- (view spoiler)[the (Asian?) kid who loves bugs and animals but also [...]

    2. This picture book by S. Bear Bergman is told from the perspective of different kids questioning societal pressure to designate their behaviors, activities, and interests as being "for girls" or "for boys." I appreciated the different voices of kids that reflect their different ages (baby to late elementary) and interests. The illustrations compliment the text and make this a special text. I personally appreciated having a text that highlights children who are people of color and a child wheelcha [...]

    3. I loved the sentiment of this book - that gender has zippo to deal with what kids like (despite what society, corporations, and marketing try to tell us). However, the carry-through was just not as polished as I would have hoped. The rhyme scheme changes throughout the book and the cadence is often clunky. The illustrations are really great, and embody a great deal of diversity (AWESOME!).

    4. Illustrations are fantastic. 5 stars there! But the text is cumbersome. i.e. "I know their search for awesome thing is almost never done, / Not boy or girl or pink or blue, but green and orange; teaching and fun!"The message is great but perhaps overstated.I think it misses the mark as far as a book for children. Instead of captivating a child's imagination this reads like non-fiction. I also dislike the page with the children on the bus. The picture is of a girl hanging upside on the bus seat. [...]

    5. This is a really fun, rhyming book featuring a whole bunch of kids talking about what their interests are, and debunking gender stereotypes about what toys and activities are for boys and girls. It also features a trans kid talking about public bathroom use, a super important topic! Although this doesn't have a plot per se, I think kids might really connect with the rhyming and the diversity of activities and like portrayed--lots of kids would be able to say "I like that too!" Also I really like [...]

    6. What a great book! Not just one token kid who is different, but a whole book full of kids doing it their way. What does it matter if you are a boy or a girl when all you want is the kid's meal with a toy. Or if you just need to pee. Seriously, a baby's toy is a baby's toy. Give them something fun. Stereotypes make the World easier to understand, and easier to navigate, but they don't always make it right. Stereotypes are like trying to understand a movie from a screen shot. I hope this book find [...]

    7. Challenges gender bias without becoming preachy or political. A Great addition to our picture book collection. Love the diversity of the characters in illustrations too!

    8. Another adorable Flamingo Rampant book. This one features mostly-rhyming poetry and brilliant illustrations of children with a wide range of gender identities and expressions. Beautiful.

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