Killing Maine

Killing Maine

Mike Bond / May 21, 2019

Killing Maine Alternate Cover for ISBN ISBN Surfer and Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins quits sunny Hawaii for Maine s brutal winter to help former SF buddy Bucky Franklin beat a murder

  • Title: Killing Maine
  • Author: Mike Bond
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate Cover for ISBN10 1627040307 ISBN13 9781627040303 Surfer and Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins quits sunny Hawaii for Maine s brutal winter to help former SF buddy Bucky Franklin beat a murder rap The same Bucky who once sent Pono to military prison then married his girlfriend Lexie But in Special Forces you never leave a buddy behind no matter what they ve donAlternate Cover for ISBN10 1627040307 ISBN13 9781627040303 Surfer and Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins quits sunny Hawaii for Maine s brutal winter to help former SF buddy Bucky Franklin beat a murder rap The same Bucky who once sent Pono to military prison then married his girlfriend Lexie But in Special Forces you never leave a buddy behind no matter what they ve done Especially if they once saved your life An unknown sniper has shot environmental exec Ronnie Dalt, and the police say it was Bucky So Pono finds himself hooked up with Bucky s wife Lexie trying to find Bucky an alibi And meets an old flame, the fierce and beautiful attorney Erica, and then the dead man s wife Abigail, who has never met a man she couldn t devour alive Unknown killers stalk Pono as he tries to unravel Ronnie s death Nothing is certain, no one can be trusted, no place is safe There s a million square miles of wildlands out there to hide a man s body And with a rap sheet that includes two jail sentences, Pono is the number one target of every cop in the state Sadly Maine turns out to be as politically corrupt as Hawaii, with huge energy corporations gobbling up the state s beautiful mountains and purchasing its politicians at bargain prices Once again Pono finds himself hunted, shot at, betrayed, stalked by knife wielding assassins, and in love with three women Second in the Pono Hawkins series after the critically acclaimed, best seller SAVING PARADISE, KILLING MAINE is an insider s view of crooked Maine politics, the state s magical and fast disappearing natural beauty, and how a lone commando hunts down those who hunt him, and is based on the author s own experiences in Maine, the Middle East and elsewhere.

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        MIKE BOND has been called the master of the existential thriller by the BBC and one of the 21st century s most exciting authors by the Washington Times He is a bestselling novelist, environmental activist, international energy expert, war and human rights correspondent and award winning poet who has lived and worked in many remote and dangerous parts of the world His critically acclaimed novels depict the innate hunger of the human heart for what is good, the intense joys of love, the terror and fury of battle, the sinister vagaries of international politics and multinational corporations, and the beauty of the vanishing natural world.


    1. Some of my favorite authors don't hesitate to tackle issues important to them - Brad Thor and John Grisham come to mind immediately. But Gott im Himmel - in this one, the editorializing nearly obliterates the story. And that's too bad because there is a story here, and, IMHO, a darned good one. I came close to missing it; after a few chapters, I'd grown so weary of the bashing of the wind energy industry, "crooked" politicians, newspapers and business leaders that I actually considered giving up [...]

    2. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Mike Bond, and Mandevilla Press for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.In my first experience with a Bond novel, the premise seemed highly entertaining and I hoped the politics would juxtapose themselves nicely with a fast-paced story. Pono Hawkins is called away from his idyllic life in Hawaii to help a Special Forces comrade whose found himself in a load of trouble in the frigid backcountry [...]

    3. Review copyWhen I decided to read Killing Maine by Mike Bond, I had no idea it was the second book in a series. To tell you the truth, it would not have made any difference. This book works perfectly well as a stand-alone novel.A little bit about the author, Mike Bond. Aside from being a bestselling author, Mike is an environmental activist, human rights and war correspondent, award-winning poet, and international energy expert. In writing Killing Maine Mike calls upon all of those skills to del [...]

    4. This seems very right wing to me. The surfer Pono who is usually found in Hawaii heads off to Maine when a friend from Army days is jailed. As one does. I liked the book about saving Hawaii from giant wind turbines which would benefit a giant electricity supplier, WindpowerLLC, by gaining them grants and by giving them control over all the electricity supplied in Hawaii, the state with the dearest power in America. When the obvious alternative was a solar panel supplying every house from its own [...]

    5. There was a time when all I read were books by James Patterson, and Lee Child. I can’t remember this last suspense novel I read. Well. Until now. Mike Bond’s KILLING MAINE definitely brought me back into the genre. Full force.Sam ‘Pono’ Hawkins is a Special Forces vet, living in Hawaii. After having spent time in prison, he does his best to keep his nose clean. However, when he gets a message from an old flame, and is informed her husband has been arrested for murder, and she needs his h [...]

    6. Pono Hawkins is tilting at Wind mills again, literally. This time on the other side of the world. Maine. He's there to help an old comrade who's in jail for murder.Buddy Franklin is his name and Pono doesn't even like him. He once testified at a trial where Pono was accused of shooting an Afghani girl. He did, but the fifteen year old had been set on fire by her husband for daring to lay eyes on another man, an honor killing. Dying anyway and begging for someone to kill her, he'd ended her pain. [...]

    7. Having read SNOW by Mike Bond I was interested in seeing what this book was about. It did take me longer than most books I read as I found it extremely descriptive about Maine. The author grew up in Maine and is active in environmental issues. So when this book covered the windmills in Maine and what it was doing to our environment I wasn't surprised. The story itself is about Special Forces Vet Pono who leaves Hawaii to come to Maine to help his friend who is in jail for a killing and is being [...]

    8. Killing Maine was a challenging novel to read, and a very well written one. It was a bit too hard boiled for my taste however the history and ecological bits and pieces about Maine were fascinating and quite riveting. Pono, our protagonist, tells the story and at times it is convoluted and confusing and the reader needs to slow down, take a deep breath and then jump back in. The women (all his paramours) were all feisty and tough and, naturally, fantastic in bed. All in all the main plot was exc [...]

    9. Murder mystery that involves Wind Mills in the State of Maine, and also political corruption everywhere. Being a supporter and fan of 'wind power', I enjoyed reading this fast paced book that shows an entirely different side of the story of the use of wind. I didn't need any convincing on the political corruption. Bond is good writer, and like most male authors, they see every woman as beautiful and wanting to have sex with their male hero every chance they get. But he manages to provide a good [...]

    10. “Killing Maine” eBook was published in 2015 and was written by Mike Bond (mikebondbooks). Mr. Bond has published six novels, this being his second in the Pono Hawkins series. I received a galley of this novel for review through netgalley. I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains Mature Situations and Mature Language. This Mystery Thriller novel is set mostly in contemporary Maine. The primary character is Sam ‘Pono’ Hawkins, a former Special Forces soldier and now a surfer [...]

    11. I was  so excited to get my copy of Mike Bond's newest book, Killing Maine. I love action packed thrillers and his are some of my favorites.This particular novel is about how corporations use their power and money to corrupt our elected officials into voting the way they want them to vote. Of course it is the big corporations that benefit monetarily from the laws being put into affect. In this case Pono Hawkins leaves the warm sandy beaches of Hawaii to help a fellow special forces  veteran [...]

    12. Special Forces Pono Hawkins veteran is leaving Hawaii to help his former peer, Buddy Franklin. Hawkins has a checkered past, having been imprisoned for killing a woman. The circumstances were merciful, but that’s not how others saw it. Up to now, after he’s released, he’s a Hawaiian surfer who teaches others the sport and the atmosphere it brings, thrills and peacefulness at the same time. Now he’s off to help this fellow veteran although there’s no love lost between the two of them. F [...]

    13. A great set of lead characters caught up in an action-packed mystery with the environment as a key player in the game. Killing Maine was myvibrroduction yto Mike Bond and it left me looking forward to more.

    14. I enjoyed KILLING MAINE by Mike Bond, although a lot of the story was a little graphic for my taste with the gruesome flashbacks to the time the main character, Pono, spent in the war. I thought I knew Maine as an ecological haven and was very surprised to learn Mr. Bond's take on the nefarious interplay between big wind power and government. According to the story, most of the big players in the wind power industry got their start at another notable company, Enron. Once the jig was up at Enron, [...]

    15. [I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley. I thank them for their generousity. In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising]"Like we learned in Special Forces: Never say it can’t be done."Sam Pono Hawkins, former Special Forces Afghanistan, [...]

    16. Pono Hawkins, Special Forces (SF), suddenly finds himself pulled away from the surf and sunny beaches of Hawaii to the bitter cold of Maine because SF buddy, Bucky Franklin has been accused of killing environmentalist executive, Ronnie Dalt. In the SF you leave no buddy behind, no matter what they have done. The fact Becky’s testament sent Pono to military prison and then married his girlfriend; Lexie still qualified him for help. This book will capture your attention from the get-go and keep [...]

    17. This is my first Pono Hawkins thriller and I found it riveting.It has not only plenty of danger, mystery, adventure and intrigue to keep the pages turning, but a deep and disturbing, underlying eco/political issue running through it. In other words, substance!It is well written as you would expect with a critically acclaimed writer. And it contains many of the elements I really enjoy in a novel, reminding me of some of my favorite authors, Steve Berry and Daniel Silva.The awareness of the windmi [...]

    18. Killing Maine by Mike BondPono Hawkins is a retired Special Forces veteran who find himself pulled into the wind controversy in Maine when a former and un-liked fellow operative is arrested for murder. Bond appears to have a decidedly negative attitude about the building of wind farms in Maine. I did some reading and research and concluded I don't know enough to have a strong opinion. I have not gone to Maine to see or hear any of the things that Bond mentions as determents of wind power. I have [...]

    19. Wow! Mike Bond does well with his Pono character. This is the second I've read with him, I don't know if he was introduced in an earlier book. I dig the surfer dude trying to hang out in Maine in this one. A fish out of water really. But Pono sees what's at stake. And I'm not even bothered by him getting himself in to trouble with 1st WOMEN, jeez, Pono take a break! And 2nd with his loyalty to friends who were even bad to him (i.e he's helping the character in this one that actually testified an [...]

    20. An exciting environmental murder mystery with intrigue that emphasizes the danger of destroying the land in an attempt to save energy. Well written; enjoyable read.

    21. I received an advanced copy of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Is wind power a viable alternative energy source? Once I started reading I couldn’t put this book down. In the state of Maine the huge windmills upset people’s lives and the environment and this is all being covered up by politicians and big business who have their hands in each other’s pockets and are willing to do anything, even destroy lives, in order to continue receiving the government subsidy f [...]

    22. I received an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.I requested a copy mostly because I was born and brough up in the lovely state of Maine. This imaginative tale about the corrupt government and the payoffs and bribes that are paid by the company the build wind turbines is a very disturbing story. I have seen turbines sprout up around the country and never really thought about the environmental destruction they cause."Killing Maine" provides a reader with a story [...]

    23. A nail biter that really sets the mind in action. Been a good while since I was in Maine, but the landscape descriptions are accurate and the weather is as horrendous as spelled out. There really is a Three Dollar Dewey’s. I cannot even imagine the destruction of the natural beauty of The Allagash or The Acadia National Park by placing wind turbines on their mountain and hill tops. I am unaware of the noise or other impacts these would have but I am certainly opposed to any upset of nature’s [...]

    24. Mike Bond does it again. I have called him a lyric author for the beautiful language he uses to make the scenery an important part of the story. In this book the background scenery is forests of huge wind generators maintaining a constant hideous whine throughout the story. Sadly, the corruption behind the story is all too real. Large corporations and corrupt politicians overpower the common folk and the environment to make huge sums of money. The crimes and corpses pile up as the wind power gro [...]

    25. "Murder and Political Deception"In this exciting, captivating novel, surfer and Special Forces (SF) vet Sam Hawkins (sometimes called Pono) leaves Hawaii. He's going to Maine to help a former SF buddy, Bucky Franklin, who has been arrested as a suspect in the murder of environmental executive Ronnie Dalt. He believes that Bucky is innocent and he's determined to gather evidence to culminate Bucky's release. Also, there is interesting involvement with women (many women with Sam). There is no safe [...]

    26. GAB I received a free copy of this novel from , Mandevilla Press and Mike Bond, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you all, for sharing your hard work with me!This is an excellent mystery, and Pono Hawkins is a protagonist that I will want to follow. A bit more promiscuity than I am comfortable with but Bond leaves out the messy details. Pono is an ex-Special Forces warrior with extensive experience in the middle east, and in his retirement he has taken to surfing - and writing about it - i [...]

    27. This is the second book in the Pono Hawkins series. Unfortunately I did not know that when I first started the book or I would have read the first one before starting on this one. That being said, it was easily understood, but there was probably backstory that I did not know all about with more knowledge of the characters. This book is still good on its own, but if you can you might want to read book 1 first.It certainly was good enough that I will eagerly be awaiting the third installment in th [...]

    28. This book was interesting. Pono comes to Maine to take on the wind-power conglomerates that are destroying Maine's countryside and to solve the murder of a man who had started to turn against the wind industry. Pono ends up fighting for his life and his freedom against the wind-power conglomerates who want to see him in prison for any crime possible or kill him if they get the chance. This book was full of humor all the way through and I hope if this series continues, some of the characters come [...]

    29. Killing Maine is a political thriller that focusing on the wind energy developments in Maine.Part of a series staring surfer and special Forces vet Pono Hawkins, the book was an entertaining read that kept me wondering until the end. I received a free review copy of Killing Maine through Giveaways.

    30. This is a political thriller that focuses on corporate power and corrupt politicians. Pono finds himself in Maine helping a special forces friend with whom he has a complicated relationship. He is charged with murdering a local politician. Knowing he is innocent, Pono sets out to find out what is going on. He finds himself in danger, with forces out there who are willing to kill.This novel captures the state of American corporate life and its relationships with politicians. From an explosive beg [...]

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