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Unboxed Unboxed is about four teenagers who come together after several months apart In previous years they had put together a time capsule about their best summer with a friend who was dying Now that their

  • Title: Unboxed
  • Author: Non Pratt
  • ISBN: 9781781125854
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unboxed is about four teenagers who come together after several months apart In previous years, they had put together a time capsule about their best summer with a friend who was dying Now that their friend has passed, they reunite to open the box.

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        Non Pratt started her career working on non fiction activity books at Usborne, before becoming an editor at Catnip Publishing Her debut novel TROUBLE shortlisted for the YA Book Prize and the Branford Boase Award, with rights sold to the USA, Germany and Brazil Her second novel, REMIX came out in 2015 and a novella, UNBOXED for Barrington Stoke in 2016 Her third novel with Walker Books, TRUTH OR DARE will come out in 2017.


    1. This one got me right in the feels. I'm a sucker for stories that are primarily focused on friendship, and the dynamics between Alix, Ben, Zara and Dean had so much to offer! I loved the diversity, the trust and the general hopefulness I felt while reading. Although I felt extremely emotional reading the letters they sent to their past selves, and what their best friend Millie wrote, who couldn't be with them, it's that emotional connection that really makes this a five star read. An absolutely [...]

    2. I want to teach high school because I want to stay young forever. Seriously. There is nothing like spending your day around teenagers, feeling their energy and their enthusiasm, being exposed to their perspectives in the world. At the moment my teaching career has shifted sideways, and I’m working with adults who need their high school diplomas (and that has its own rewards). Even then, I can still stay young by reading YA.I started writing reviews on when I was 18, when I could still comfort [...]

    3. This was everything I love in one book. It's mostly about friendship - specifically lost friendship, where everyone comes back after five years and sort of works out why they left and talked about what they missed, I seriously love stuff that romanticises the past like this, because I do it ALL THE TIME. But what's even better is that this book was so full of hope, like, you could tell that this wasn't it for these characters, they weren't doing this for closure, they'rebest friends. It was so b [...]

    4. Update: I interviewed Non about UNBOXED here: barringtonstoke/blogI JUST FINISHED. Non made me cry, goddammit. I never cry at books! It was so beautiful. She's done such a good job of making me really care about the characters in such a short length of time.Alix and Ben and Dean and Zara are just wonderful and complicated (and Ash is officially The Worst.)God I want a million sequels and a movie, that was so wonderful. I want to read it again from Millie's point of view. I want to go back to bei [...]

    5. Oh. Oh my heart. Consistently the best voice in YA. Hands down. Non is raw, honest, sharp & smart. She writes the way teenagers talk, & she understands that the power of friendship is a fundamental love.Full review: "A short, punchy story that aims directly for the heart and nestles in there for life"wp/p1QFGW-ib

    6. I didn't know what Unboxed was about before I picked it up at this year's Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC). It's Non Pratt, it's always going to be amazing! But Unboxed is a breathtaking novella about four teenagers who come together after a tragedy. It's about the power of close friendship. It's about letting go of secrets kept from the people who know you best.Alix, Ben, Dean and Zara have not seen each other in months, but a few years ago – before Millie passed away – they crea [...]

    7. I had the huge privilege of reading an early draft of Unboxed, and at the time it captured my heart, made me fall in love with this band of dispersed best friends, and came with a huge helping of relatable feelings from the main character Alix. Her story of coming out to those closest to her is a story I have lived and it means the world to me to see it put down on the page with so much respect and integrity.Revisiting Unboxed now in its final form is a joy, and feels exactly how it should, like [...]

    8. Loved it. In tears on one page and the next I burst into actual LOLs at 'lesbian napkins'

    9. Incredibly touching book. It has a indie movie type of feel, but with a lot more heart and substance. Well rounded characters (Ben and Dean, fuck, you owned my heart so fucking much) and beautiful yet simple writing. Non Pratt surely is an author to look out for. I'm sure she'll keep doing great things, and I'll be there to read it.(George Lester, if you stumble upon this review, I love you for talking about the book in your videos. You were the one who convinced me to read it because of your ho [...]

    10. This short read about a reunion of friends getting together after the death of one of their group is a heart-wrenching tale of memories, secrets and nostalgia. It made me want to reach out and hold my closest friends tightly, and Non Pratt's story-telling and characterisation is divine. I highly recommend this YA/crossover read.

    11. this was short but packed an emotional punch (straight in the nostalgia related feelings) for such a simple story. it made me want to go back in time and reconnect with the friends i had when i was 13/14/15 and make sure i took more stock of the memories i had with them.

    12. Absolutely loved this book, couldn’t put it down!A heartwarming story about 4 strangers who were once bestfriends, rekindling their friendship through a memory box. Also showing how even though they haven’t spoke in 5 years things can easily go back to how they once were, even if everyone isn’t there.Very meaningful, definitely should read!

    13. Five friends. One time capsule of their best summer. They knew Millie was going to pass away, but months after it happens, it's time to reunite to open the box. But a lot can change in five years.For one, you may end up an emotional wreck. This hurts. It pangs every memory you have of teen friends that you've grown distant from and wonder about, it makes you look back at how much you've changed since the age of 13 (hopefully, like them, with better hair), and where everyone has ended up.And I sa [...]

    14. Unboxed (2016) is Non's first book for dyslexic friendly publisher Barrington Stoke, and follows a group of friends who come together to retrieve a time capsule they had hidden on their school premises. However, in the years that have passed since its creation, their group has gone from five to four. As they open the box, they find a new addition from Millie, commanding the four to read aloud all their letters from all those years ago, and to share their deepest, darkest fears with each other. T [...]

    15. This is a short book so some of my complaints might be mostly connected to wanting more development.I like how the author eventually connects the friends more tightly toward the end but it took awhile to get there and I wanted more about Millie (the illusive dead girl who everyone cares about.) I was curious about her and how she was the thread between them. Had this book been longer, 4 stars might have done it. There are some nice moments of acceptance and caring among friends.

    16. A really lovely and raw exploration of friendships and lost friendships. And a beautiful book. I can't stop looking at that shiny foil and night-sky colour scheme.

    17. 5 starsIn this book we witness the reunion of 4, once inseperable, friends. When they were 13 they made a box to look into when they would turn 13. Shortly after the making of this box, they seperated and lost contact. Now with the 5th friend died, they fulfill her last wish: open the box together.Utterly sweet, heartbreaking, cute and heartwarming. That is what this book is. It is wonderfully written and has a very important topic. It shows the importance of friendship and how much you can grow [...]

    18. There are three words to sum up this little novella for me: grief, nostalgia, and friendship. All of which I am a total sucker for. I wasn't sure if I was gonna cry but I found myself at the end sobbing, which now I think of it is kind of inevitable. What I found incredible was how Non Pratt in 140 pages managed to make me connect so much to these four people and really dig into their dynamic as much as she could. I can't wait to pick up more of her work!

    19. 4*How Non managed to squeeze so much emotion and amazingness into just 140 pages is beyond me. Pure genius - I loved every moment of reading this book.

    20. WHO IS CUTTING ONIONS? 😭😭😭😭😭This is a short book at 139 pages but holy crap is it jam packed with all the feels! Such a beautiful and meaningful read, warning though, you'll probably cry 😭

    21. God I hate myself so much because it took me 3 months to finish these 150 pages which are filled with so much awesomeness. ♡

    22. Unboxed is my first ever Non Pratt book, but believe me when I tell you it won't be my last (helped by the fact that I'm pretty sure I got another of Non's books in my Illumicrate a few months ago). It's probably more of a novella than an actual novel, coming in at 139 pages with a pretty big font, which is Barrington Stoke's way to getting readers (or reluctant readers) reading - the pretty cover that continues on the covers inside pages, and the special paper/text combo that helps dyslexic peo [...]

    23. It’s funny how a time capsule has the effect of suspending everything for a while, or at least for the time it is buried. But when unearthed, all who took part in sending a message in a bottle to their future self, or to each other, just come to life…even the dear ones who have departed the physical plane.Meet the “Freaksome Five”, Alix, Ben, Zara, Dean and Millie.Time has come to dig out a time capsule where our five friends deposited mementos of their best summer a few years earlier wi [...]

    24. Am i currently, physically, Actually crying rn? Has this book left me with a hole in my heart, like every other book I read basically. Am I feeling so happy yet sad yet proud rn?Basically What this book taught me was that whatever happens, friendship is one of the most important things in life. Life can be confusing, misunderstanding, annoying and frustrating. But friends help you get through this. Friends make you feel again. Friends are there and will help you. Friends are there so we can weep [...]

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