Just One Night

Just One Night

Gayle Forman / Jun 18, 2019

Just One Night After spending one life changing day in Paris with laid back Dutch actor Willem De Ruiter sheltered American good girl Allyson Lulu Healey discovered her new lover had disappeared without a trace Jus

  • Title: Just One Night
  • Author: Gayle Forman
  • ISBN: 9780147518156
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • After spending one life changing day in Paris with laid back Dutch actor Willem De Ruiter, sheltered American good girl Allyson Lulu Healey discovered her new lover had disappeared without a trace Just One Day followed Allyson s quest to reunite with Willem Just One Year chronicled the pair s year apart from Willem s perspective Now, back together at last, this delectAfter spending one life changing day in Paris with laid back Dutch actor Willem De Ruiter, sheltered American good girl Allyson Lulu Healey discovered her new lover had disappeared without a trace Just One Day followed Allyson s quest to reunite with Willem Just One Year chronicled the pair s year apart from Willem s perspective Now, back together at last, this delectable e novella reveals the couple s final chapter.

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        Award winning author and journalist Gayle Forman has written several bestselling novels for young adults, including the Just One Series, I Was Here, Where She Went and the 1 New York Times bestseller If I Stay, which has been translated into than 40 languages and in 2014 was adapted into a major motion picture Gayle published Leave Me, her first novel starring adults in 2016 and her latest novel, I Have Lost My Way, comes out in March of 2018 Gayle lives with her husband and daughters in Brooklyn.



    2. Oh sorry, I need to say it:THANK FUCK.From my JOY's review:"This. is. not. an. ending. [] I NEED ANOTHER BOOK ABOUT THEM. What the actual fuck was that. I can't accept this ending, it's not enough! For once I hope there will be a third book, please?"GOD EXISTS. Now GIMME GIMME GIMME.

    3. Porque algunas veces, simplemente necesitas finales felicesEn lo más profundo de mi corazón pensé que no necesitaba este libro, porque exactamente como es, así me lo imaginé todo, perfecto, pero es más de lo que imaginé (y sabemos que es difícil decir eso porque solemos decepcionarnos de las continuaciones) y por ese "es más", gracias Gayle por escribirlo.Incluso necesité parar porque no podía manejar tanta felicidad junta y pensé que eso sólo pasaba cuando no podías manejar triste [...]

    4. My Black Sheep Rating: 1.5 of 5 starsIn Just One Day, Allyson and Willem meet for one memorable day before getting separated. In Just One Year, the two spend the following year searching for one another before finally succeeding. But did they get their happily ever after?All be warned: there will be spoilers.I wasn’t a huge fan of this series in general but was so thrown by the ending (or lack of ending) in book two that I knew I had to pick this up regardless. Allyson and Willem never generat [...]


    6. WOW. What a marvellous ending. Because in my head this is not 2,5 book. Its the third. The ending. It was so beautifully and uniquely written!! I love how you would read both of Allyson's and Willem's POVs without actually having POVs. I also loved the direct language (it was like reading a theatrical play) and that besides that,you could feel all the emotions coming out and flooding you. Perfect. Just perfect.

    7. 4 Meant To Be "Stained" Stars!Allyson Healey aka Lulu went on vacation through Europe, and met a gorgeous Dutch guy named Willem De Ruiter. They hit it off, and she agrees to spend a day with him in Paris. She is drawn to his free spirit, and his charismatic personality. They spend a day together, and fall for each other. They both realize they have something different and special with each other.Then circumstances separate them for a year. They both long for each other, and begin searching for [...]

    8. It will come as a surprise to many that I didn't necessarily want Just One Night. Unlike the majority of readers, I fell head-over-heels in love with Just One Year, particularly its ending. It felt right. While Just One Day may have had readers questioning Willem's fidelity or the depth of his love for Allyson, I knew by the answering smile on his face as he opened the door to allow her his apartment that their love story could have only one type of ending: a happy one. And though Just One Year [...]

    9. It isn’t a first kiss. It isn’t even their first kiss. But it feels like one. Not because it is fumbling or awkward. Not because she doesn’t know where to put her hand, or he doesn’t know where to put his nose. None of those. They slot together like puzzle pieces. As Allyson and Willem kiss for the first time in a year, both are thinking the same thing: This feels new. Though perhaps thinking is not the right term, because with a kiss like this, thinking goes out the window and something [...]

    10. This honestly just made me want a sequel a la Allyson and Willem's American Adventures. Full review at TheYoungFolks: bit/1ku7feZ

    11. it's been a while since I read Just One Day/Year but reading this little novella brought me right back to Willem and Allyson, making it seem like I read the novels just last week. It was a bit odd at times, like Willems obsession with feet, I mean where the eff did that come from? anyway, I loved this novella, I love them, I love them together and their friends are great, too. I wish there was a novella about Allyson meeting Willems mother, though

    12. I shamelessly DNF Just One Year and I have no regrets spoiling myself on the ending by reading the last chapter which was a MEH. When I read thisOMFG. THIS IS WHAT I AM FUDGING LOOKING FOR. DAMN CLOSURE I AM LOOKING FOR. If only this isn't a novella and it's in JUST ONE YEAR. My patience going through Willem's adventure will be paid off.

    13. Review: Well i didn't like previous two book and this one didn't change my mind. I dont like Alyson or WIllem.But i don't hate them i just don't care about this story or these characters at all.P.S : third person really irritated the hell out of me.

    14. Gayle Forman knows how to write scenes filled with love, agony, heartbreak and desire. ''Just one night'' is perfection. The way Allyson and Willem see each other after all this time, after one year of fantasizing about each other, of constantly being tormented by the idea that they lost their chance of true love, they are finally able to look into each other's eyes and express what they feel. Their story is captivating and universal.

    15. 3.5/4Would have been a 4 but the third person switch felt really weird and off to me, BUT I STILL LOVE THE CONTENT OH MY.

    16. Two and a half stars: A novella that ties up loose ends that should have been addressed in the main series.At last, Allyson and Willem meet again after one long year. It was a year of sadness, turmoil, self discovery and yearning. After enduring impossible odds and a painstaking search, they reunite with a passionate kiss. How did they get here? What will happen next? What I Liked:*After reading Just One Day and Just One Year, I was completely invested in Allyson and Willem's story, but I was di [...]

    17. Just One Night was exactly what I needed to bring closure to Allyson and Willem’s story. I loved their first two stories and I remember feeling after I finished the second book that I wanted just a few more chapters to see how these two would end up. Well…. Gayle Forman delivered in Just One Night.I didn’t think I could fall in love with Willem anymore that I already did when he shared his perspective in Just One Year, but I did. I loved.loved.loved how these two characters finally realize [...]

    18. SO MUCH CUTENESS! OMG this book is the perfect ending following a perfect ending, this is how happily ever after feels, so lovely!

    19. I'm so sad this series is all over now. :( IT WILL FOREVER HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART. Review to come!Updated Easter 2015THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS IF YOU'VE NOT READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS.First of all, let me start off by saying that I used to not be the biggest contemporary fan. I used to see a contemporary book and I'd scoff because ew, romance is cheesy. But then, in just one book, that all changed. I read Just One Day, and I breezed right through it in a day. I then read Just On [...]

    20. A estória, os protagonistas e a duologia mereciam um final melhor."Just one night" é um conto que em 35 páginas tenta dar um fim a uma estória onde o leitor já leu cerca de 600 páginas (tanto o Just one day e o Just one year andam à volta das 300 páginas). Ora isto para mim não tem cabimento nenhum.Os contos servem como extras, pequenas curiosidades a uma série e não deviam ser usados como final de uma série. Especialmente num conto tão pequeno. Claro que me soube a pouco e não ent [...]

    21. "Y el beso se siente como algo completamente nuevo. Pero también se siente como algo profundamente conocido. Lo que parecería ser una contradicción. Solo que no lo es. La verdad y su opuesto son dos caras de la misma moneda."Just one year fue mi última lectura del año pasado y a pesar de que el libro me gustó mucho, sentí que el final estaba incompleto. Just one night, en cambio, fue todo lo que el libro anterior debió haber contenido. Todo lo que los protagonistas merecían después de [...]

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