Got Your Goat

Got Your Goat

Edward Lorn / Dec 11, 2019

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  • Title: Got Your Goat
  • Author: Edward Lorn
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  • Page: 148
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    1. i keep seeing this dude's name in little pockets of my friends; the ones who dig the gross scary stuff, so i decided i would check out this freebie story to see what all the fuss is about. and i'm still not sure…true, this is a wicked short little story, and it definitely appeals to those of us with a love of the lowbrow, but i'm not entirely sure what my eyes just readw, i have expressed numerous times before that goats are just assholesey are bulliesthey are intolerant and disrespectfulthe [...]

    2. I don't know if I will ever look at balls the same.Go read this for free at edwardlorn.wordpress/2013That way I'm not alone with the mental imagery. :P

    3. Thanks Magdalena for giving me the heads up to this freebie short story which I, in my typical idiocy, decided to read while on a lunch break.This is a gruesome little tale of revenge and goats and goat balls. Read at your own peril. It'shere . You're welcome.

    4. A tale as old as time . . . with balls.Two buddies seeking revenge get more than they bargained for.I will never again enjoy a screaming goat video.

    5. This is a sweet little story about a goatNo, I'm sorry, I'm lying this is an Edward Lorn story, prepare to get shocked instead! I did feel sorry for the poor dog and that poor goatYou can read the story here: Got Your Goat

    6. edwardlorn.wordpress/2013Opening: The goat’s balls were huge, planetary. I shined the flashlight in between the animal’s legs while Gary rustled around in his pack. My friend grunted. I swung the beam to where he knelt by the barb wire fence as he yanked the hedge clippers from his too-small satchel.Vile.

    7. Go read this one. It literally takes less than 5 minutes (and I'm using literally correctly here). See, the problem is that not only does my fiancee live next to a goat farm, we're also trying to buy one. This is messed up and strange and weird on so many levels it isn't even funny. But it kind of is.Justgo read it.

    8. Whoa Was so not prepared for that. Not for the weak of stomach. Great build up but I wanted some kind of payback at the end.

    9. Read this for free on the authors websiteedwardlorn.wordpress/2013A quick, creepy, ominous read. Balls & Goats.

    10. This story haha it was brilliant and clever. A great opening to the author's other worksus it's a free read featured on a great website.

    11. Short, but fun. I'm an animal lover, so anytime there is an opportunity for an animal to get back at a heartless, sadistic human, I'm rooting for the animal. These 2 guys got more than they bargained for, that's for sure. The story ends with an odd last sentence. Work would be the furthest thing from my mind after witnessing that. 3.5 solid stars.

    12. I was glad to discover this fun short story in my feed via karen's review since it was a quick five minutes read at edwardlorn.wordpress/2013 and I really enjoyed it.I also really liked the author's The Naughty List (another short story freebie) that I am trying to find his collection Others & Oddities that was supposed to contain this story (no success there yet) so I will have to buy a different ones of hia books to show my appeciation of the freebies.

    13. I've never liked goats. They're creepy and they scream (what other animal SCREAMS like that???)This story??? Messed me up even more. Thanks Edward. Now I must look out for goats. ;-)

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