Black Coven

Black Coven

E. William Brown / Dec 10, 2019

Black Coven Surviving Ragnarok is challenge no matter what powers you have and new problems keep cropping up Demanding witches genocidal monsters divine feuds and local politics will all keep Daniel on his toe

  • Title: Black Coven
  • Author: E. William Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Surviving Ragnarok is challenge no matter what powers you have, and new problems keep cropping up Demanding witches, genocidal monsters, divine feuds and local politics will all keep Daniel on his toes But his enemies have made one crucial mistake They ve given an engineer who understands the nature of magic time to build things Warning This novel contains graphic vSurviving Ragnarok is challenge no matter what powers you have, and new problems keep cropping up Demanding witches, genocidal monsters, divine feuds and local politics will all keep Daniel on his toes But his enemies have made one crucial mistake They ve given an engineer who understands the nature of magic time to build things Warning This novel contains graphic violence, inventive sex, unconventional opinions and a protagonist who has no interest in being normal Read at your own risk.

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        Hey, folks I m just a middle aged American guy, writing fanfics for fun after a long day at the bit mine.Likes Heroes who actually go out and solve their problems instead of sitting around whining about them Especially if they have to use their brains and do some badass level grinding along the way.Dislikes Clueless idiot heroes who survive on pure luck and the bad guy s mistakes Gritty urban fantasy heroines who cause most of their own problems, and then constantly bitch at the male love interest who has to save them Whiny little beta boy heroes who let the girls beat them up, and then wonder why the princess doesn t appreciate their awesome sensitive wonderfulness.


    1. This is such a fun book. Sure the book is basically all fighting, sex/sexually related, or problem solving but its done beautifully. The storyline is interesting and there was even a twist i didn't see coming (possibly because i was so absorbed by what i was reading i didn't have any time to consider it). I would recommend this book for anyone over the age of being comfortable with sexual content. Its not overly sexual but probably not for children.Don't look for huge moral issues etc. this is a [...]

    2. This book and its predecessor are rapidly becoming my favorite books ever. Great story, not to much angsty love nonsense. Perfect.

    3. A really good readI believe that this book might have been better than the first book. Now the bad part - the wait for the next book. Really a good reading experience no issue with edit, or grammar or anything to pull you out of the story. Exceptional for a new author - a lot of work put into writing process to create such a good product! Definitely worth time and price to read. Especially if read the first book and liked the writing. It is written for I was going to say adults but mature reader [...]

    4. Great follow up book to the first. While it still did have sex scenes they did not take up as much of the story as in the first. Definitly liked how the author provided status updates to the readers and even teasers the several weeks before coming out with the book.Will definietly read the next boo and can't wait.

    5. Well doneBetter and longer than the first, which was already pretty decent. a very rich universe, in fantastic creatures and magic. good adventure with a lot of building up and creating, which adds to the attraction.

    6. Although I very much enjoyed the bits of the story where the main character used his wizardry to overcome problems and discussed the logistics of its use, this is the most puerile and misogynistic book I have read in a decade. The big-breasted, cooing female characters couldn't be more one-dimensional if they were actually blow-up dolls. And, as the main character uses his magic to alter their bodies to enhance their sexuality and sexual attributes, they ARE sex toys. The female characters enjoy [...]

    7. Loved itThe blending of world's that started in Fimbulwinter continues with new blending of mythos across the world and Black keeps finding creative ways of dealing with the continued threats. Cannot wait for the next book.

    8. Love of old and new conceptsLightsaber + chainsaw= grinder. I just love it. He just loves his overkill options. Can't wait for the next book.

    9. Great book If you liked the first book in the series you love this one. This was an awesome book, my only complaint is that it was to short.

    10. This book is not for everyone. I read the first book Fimbulwinter and it was pretty good so I decided to go ahead and read the second book in this series Black Coven. I am so glad I did. This book is better than the first and you really need the first book in order to understand what is happening in this book. The story and action in this book was really great. I found myself thinking about Daniel Black and trying to figure out what I would do in similar situations and being effected emotionally [...]

    11. Sword and Sorcery with a twistA good story line and great characters set in an almost familiar setting. A good solid series beginning. I am looking forward to more of the same.

    12. First, let's deal with the elephant in the room: sex and sexuality. All of the women in the book are there as sex objects. Each one of them is more beautifully and lusciously curved than the next, and if they aren't, well, the main character's magic can certainly craft their bodies to his liking. But don't worry. The women are happy to be altered and can't wait to jump into bed with either the main character or pretty much anyone else. There are no graphic or extended sex scenes, by the way - ju [...]

    13. Entertaining 'fish out of water', wish fulfillment story, part 2.Daniel and his increasing entourage continue to struggle to survive. The story pretty much takes of where the previous novel ended and takes of strong from there. Not seeing a lot of opportunities to survive in the hinterlands Daniel and Co travel towards the nearest big city and hope to improve their chances there. But even there things are dire and the work is never done. For war is coming.In general this novel is quite a bit lik [...]

    14. As a continuation of Fimbulwinter, there weren't many suprises. Not that it's a bad thing at all! As I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, I continued to enjoy the second. Sure, graphic violence and sex were present in the book, but I can't say that any of the scenes were excessive. In fact, the protagonist agonizing over the different moral structure of the alternate universe was sort of distracting (although I believe that to be the point). The author did a pretty good job of creating those mom [...]

    15. Good sequel, one of the best wish fulfillment in another world series I have read. Definitely worth reading, if you are into that kind of stuff.It's well written, has a lot of action, and great pacing. More world building, and less character interaction, than previous book.I read taught this in single sitting, and then read it again the next day. Has some rereading value.I was bit disappointed with the erotic scenes not adding to the plot, and going nowhere, unlike in previous book, where it had [...]

    16. Book 2 really steps it up!Book 2 does not disappoint. Writing was very good and the magic was combined with a lot more battle strategy, and explanations of weapon and building development, which are some of the things I really enjoy in fantasy books. The 'Mageborn' series by Michael Manning also does that well. People who enjoyed Mageborn and similar books will enjoy this one. Not as sexually graphic as Fimbulwinter but still a mature read.

    17. Better than the last one but there were still some things that I didn't like or that I think might have been done differently.I've never really been a fan of alternate worlds and characters being dragged from our world to a new one. But here it's been handled pretty ok.Main character is a bit inconsistent. Has big trust issues amd yet shares some of his secrets a bit too freely. We'll see what the third novel in the series brings

    18. As good a read as expected, now that I finally got the book I blasted through it in little more than a day (where I literary did nothing else) totally worth it!I just like the way Daniel is. How he acts, his attitude towards the harsh medieval world. He does not agree and tries to help but he is not a knight in shining armor who sacrifices everything he has priorities, and I totally like the way he uses his magic, I`m always eager to find out what kind of nifty gadget he will build next.

    19. I liked it a lot, butI really liked the book, but right in the middle of it I felt really bogged down. It picked up though after about the 55% spot and sped through to the finish.

    20. This wasn't as good as the first book but I do have hope for the series.This is about a month after the end of the first book, Daniel and the witches are being chased by Loki's monsters and seeks to set up base. They eventually set up shop in a walled off city and Daniel spends most of his time building his house.That's all he does during this whole thing, he builds. Nothing gets resolved, little to no character development, could have just chucked a hundred pages in the bin.The author is improv [...]

    21. The second book was better than the first one. With the Universe building required for a good fantasy, the first book can get caught up in explanation, character development, and universe development. Fimbulwinter did all of that, and managed to come out with a good story. Black Coven took that start and made it into a book worth re-reading. I've just finished re-reading it a second time, finding the fruition of the hints from Fimbulwinter, which I had to re-read just for that, and the setups fo [...]

    22. I found this book to be a pathetic daydream of a lonely programmer fantasizing about a sex life he wish he had in real life. There is very little plot and the author, for some reason, puts incredible amount of detail into every little aspect of the building that the main character does in the book, as if he was filling pages in the absence of any story flow. Lots of gratuitous sex scenes to feed any male ego got really old.

    23. Firstly you should know that this author had a lot of credit with me when i started this book I'd read his more recent 'Perilous Waif' and really enjoyed it, then searched out more of his writing, found the first book in this series and enjoyed it enough to go on to book two. By about halfway through this book none of my positive opinion was left. It's disgustingly misogynistic. To the extent that i had to put it down for a while and calm down. I came back to it thinking that it couldn't possibl [...]

    24. Great series The entire series is a great read. I binge read the three books in under 48 hours. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    25. There is something that Jars me in this series that i didn't mention in book one. When the protagonist talks modern terms, or words, no one says "what is that". He had to explain a few things at th start, but a lot of others slipped through the cracks.(view spoiler)[I knew who Loki's daughter was since Daniel saw that she had such great fire magic I thought I was going to be wrong because all the signs were just too obvious to be true. I thought there was going to be a flip on my expectation. Bu [...]

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