Healing Gabe

Healing Gabe

Muriel Garcia / Dec 08, 2019

Healing Gabe From the day he was Gabe s life changed drastically He lost both of his parents in a tragic car accident and had to raise his years old sister Nicole All he wanted to do was party and enjoy his

  • Title: Healing Gabe
  • Author: Muriel Garcia
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  • From the day he was 18, Gabe s life changed drastically He lost both of his parents in a tragic car accident and had to raise his 8 years old sister, Nicole All he wanted to do was party and enjoy his teenage life and go to college Instead, he had to mature really fast, find a job that would allow him time with his sister but also bring enough money to keep a roof aboveFrom the day he was 18, Gabe s life changed drastically He lost both of his parents in a tragic car accident and had to raise his 8 years old sister, Nicole All he wanted to do was party and enjoy his teenage life and go to college Instead, he had to mature really fast, find a job that would allow him time with his sister but also bring enough money to keep a roof above their heads, pay the bills, feed them and make her happy.As if things weren t bad enough, Gabe finds himself in the middle of two clubs at war On one faithful night, he meets the one woman that will hold his heart forever, becomes the target of the most vicious MC around Louisiana and becomes a prospect for the Last Hangman.What happens when the love of your life is taken from you and you have to witness her horrible demise Things aren t always what they seem.Vivian had to keep a low profile after running away from home twelve years ago She lost everything that same night and has been left empty and feeling scared for years, but she s done feeling scared She wants to be happy again and for that, she comes back to New Orleans.What happens when Gabe and Vivian see each other again Both of their past catches up with them, bringing down innocent people Betrayal, new found family, love and hate.Gabe never thought he could love again, Vivian only wants to heal him and make him feel whole again.Can they find their happiness together or will their past be too strong and tear them apart forever

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        Muriel Garcia is an indie author from Belgium She started writing in 2005 but never published anything until 2015 when she decided to bite the bullet and just do it She s grateful for all the amazing people she got to meet through her passion for writing The Last Hangman MC Series is the one that made people find out about her but since then she released a contemporary series Love At Firsts and a dark gory thriller trilogy The Reaper Trilogy which people have compared to Stephen King on crack thing she s rather proud of Some of her favourite things include snowy days, live music, horror movies, ghost stories, travelling and of course, a cosy day spent with a good book Feel free to keep in touch with Muriel, she loves to hear from her readers.Fb page facebook authormurielgFb group facebook groups 38412Website murielgarciaTwitter twitter muriel__gInstagram instagram itsmurielgPinterest pinterest authormgarcia authormuriel author murielga


    1. To some readers who want hearts and flowers, happy endings and nothing to heavy, then this will be right up their alley. As for me it was okay, not one of my favorites. It lacked the intensity, suspense, the continuous buildup that I crave. Everything was laid out in the open, I felt the story was being told rather than feeling apart of it. Muriel Garcia has one hell of a storyline, but ultimately felt she dropped the ball. A twin's death and a guy who once was involved with one of them during a [...]

    2. Less teasing, more f*@kingI already liked Gabe who I met in a previous book, so I enjoyed getting to know him better. I always enjoy hanging out with the other characters that reappear in every book in the series. I agree to the loving description of them being, "one massive dysfunctional family". They are there for each other and the humorous banter that is always present keeps me amused. I'm enjoying the women in the series too. They have overcome a lot of shit and managed to maintain their se [...]

    3. ~*~ Obsessed by books arc copy given in exchange for an honest review ~*~ '"Trust me Gabe. You're making the right decision." He smiled and extends his hand. I shake it feeling like I just signed a pact with the devil."'And maybe Gabe didis is his story, how he became part of the Last Hangman MC, what broke him and how he became the fierce but aloof brother of the MC. Following on from where the previous novel left us, the club has declared war on their long time nemesis club and cultivated a fr [...]

    4. I received this book for an honest review.Book 3 in the Last Hangman's series. This book revolved more around the MC and was very good. The author keeps getting better with her writing. The story was interesting and kept me reading. It's nice how the books all are connected to each other in a continuing story. I can see several different people she can write about next. Gabe and Viv's story, what a story. Some things are just unbelievable with a few twists you don't see coming. There was plenty [...]

    5. Both Gabe and Vivian have been to hell, and just when they thought they were coming back from it, they were sent there again. No one ever said being in a MC would be hearts, flowers and HEAs, right? There were some moments, some decisions where I thought for a bit, ‘good grief, what in the heck??’ But in the end, I realized how and why it played out like it did. And there is a lot that goes on in this story in general; it’s fully action-packed with twist and turns that I definitely did not [...]

    6. This third book is my favorite so far. Gabe and Viv are perfect for each other. This story had so many turns and twist in it that it made the ending bitter sweet. I will continue to follow this author. Excellent writing and amazing storyline. Highly recommend.

    7. Healing Gabe is the third installment in the Last Hangman MC series and to tell you the truth I think it is so far the best one. We met Gabe in the previous two books and was made aware that this MC member was a little different than the rest.Since his parents death, Gabe was the sole caregiver to his little sister Nicole. He did everything he could to do right by her but one night everything changed. With Nicole attending a sleepover, Gabe decides to go to a bar to let loose for a little bit. H [...]

    8. Healing Gabe is an amazing book about love, loyalty and true justice for Gabe and Vivian who cross paths in 2003 when Gabe sees a woman being harassed and possibly intended victim to a man trying to drag her from the alleyway. Gabe is uncomfortable by what he sees and rushes to Vivian's rescue. Jared who is with the Hade's Kings doesn't take kindly to Gabe coming to the rescue of Vivian who he intends to have as his and her uncle has given his blessing for her to be his. Gabe not knowing any of [...]

    9. 4.25 CrownsBook 3 in the Last Hangman MC series. Each book covers a new member but as with the previous book, situations that happened in both books 1 & 2 are mentioned. I think to enjoy this book fully you should read the books in the order in which they were written.So the time has arrived for Gabe's story. An important member of the Last Hangman MC and best friend to Ant and Aleck, he has always been the constant within the club. Book 3 starts with us finding out why Gabe joined the club, [...]

    10. SNS Rating: 4.33~~~~~~~~~~Kirsty's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~I love this book. I love how the author goes all the way back and explains everything so there's no plot holes. Vivian is such a strong character she has gone through so much and still keeps going. Gabe has been through a lot and is still fighting what happened all those years ago and when twists happen in this book they are utterly shocking! This for me is more than 5 stars but alas highest I can give is 5. MUST READ!!~~~~~~~~~~ [...]

    11. This is the Gabe’s story and it is a story that just needed to be told because the world needs to hear not only history but HISTORY.And we get it all, what lead to him joining the hangmen, what left him doubting all around him and forced him to become the man that you would never want to have to face , be you a brother or not.Taking up from the end of book two, the club is a complete flux, they are at war with one club but trying to form new ties with others in a bid to finally wipe the crazin [...]

    12. I received a free copy for an honest reviewAs the third book in the series we know a little bit about Gabe. We know he has a troubled past, one which has caused bad blood between him and the Kings. Healing Gabe tells the tale of how Gabe joined the Hangmen and what really happened all those years ago.After a horrific accident when Gabe was younger he became the sole carer to his little sister. Looking after her became his life, that was until he stepped in on something he shouldn’t have and ch [...]

    13. Review from Abibliophobia Anonymous Book ReviewsThis is the third book in the Last Hangmen series. You really should read these in order. Some things from the previous books do carry over into the next. You’ll be missing out if you don’t. You won’t be disappointed at all!This is Gabe’s storyWow, I don’t even know where to start with Gabe. His parents died when he was eighteen and his younger sister was only eight. He fought for custody of her. He raised her, and he did a great job too. [...]

    14. This is my second book from this author and I was privilege enough to receive this arc in return for an honest review.Get ready for a wild ride that is all I can say. I met Gabe in the previous book so I already knew his character a bit. In Healing Gabe you get his story and what lead him to join the Hangmen club . Gabe hasn't had it easy after losing his parents in a tragic car accident, only having to grow up to care for his little sister. At the end of book 2 the club is at war with another c [...]

    15. Wow! What a wild read. It was the kind of book I just held on and went for an amazing ride. There was so much drama, so much action, so many hot scenes, all wrapped into this suspenseful book. Even though Gabe is such an alpha male, he also has his caring side. The side that stepped up to raise his sister when their parents died when he was 18. He's done everything he could to protect her from the MC life he is living. Viv, just like the other female characters in this series, has overcome a lot [...]

    16. y Review 'Healing Gabe' is the third book in the 'Last Hangman MC' and in my opinion. the best so far! Gabe was young and reckless when his parents died in a horrific car accident. In an instant his world changed forever and he was forced to grow up fastttt. Suddenly a single ''parent'' He joined the MC as an ''easy'' way of making money and ensuring that Nicole could stay with him. Gabe did everything possible to shield her from his lifestyle and to ensure that she grew up the way his parents w [...]

    17. **********WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND ADULT SCENES**********This book was given to me for my honest reviewThis review may contain some spoilersGabe has always kept his past to himself. Now it's his time to get over his past. After losing his parents Gabe fought to keep his little sister with him. Now he is young and a single parent, but to protect his sister he joins the MC. Gabe has lost everyone he has ever loved to a rival MC is wants payback. He will get payback, but in th [...]

    18. Gabe's story may be my favorite in the series so far. I loved him. Now don't get me wrong I wanted to give him a shake or two for picking the wrong sister, but this man is really incredible. When his parents are killed in an accident, he steps up to take care of his sister. Coming into the MC might not have been a choice he would have made, but circumstances aside it gave him family. Viv came back to town because she missed her extended family in the MC. She had been drifting since she lost her [...]

    19. I received a complimenty copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest review.This is book 3 in the Last Hangman Series and tells us Gabe's story. Gabe is 18 when his parents are killed in an accident and he has to take care of his younger sister Nicole. One night he finds himself in the middle of an altercation between a biker and the women who will steal his heart. This night will change Gabe's life forever. Viv is a strong woman and falls for Gabe when they meet but when Ga [...]

    20. *** ARC provided by Obsessed by Books for an honest review ***OMG this book was by far the best book in the series. I loved reading Healing Gabe. Muriel Garcia didn't disappoint with this one. I couldn't put it down it was so good. I really love this series and how the story flows smoothly and hooks you on the first page. Healing Gabe continues right after the events in Teaching Aleck.This is Gabe's story and how he became a member of The Last Hangman MC. After loosing his parents he is in charg [...]

    21. I have to say out of all the characters in these books, besides Anthony. I have to say Gabe has been one of my favorites in this series.I really liked getting to know Gabe better in this book. And getting to know his backstory better. My heartbroke for everything he has been through. He had to grow up quickly after losing his parents and having to take care of his sister.Viv was a very likable character. She's returned back home after spending years from running. I thought Viv also showed that s [...]

    22. Gabe is the 3rd book in The Last Hangman MC Series. You won't be able to help fall in love with the big bad boy biker even with the walls he has built up around his heart for protection and any feelings. Gabe hasn't had an easy life, and wonders if it will ever get any better. This is my favourite male in the series to date. Gabe will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to come or happen next, so prepare your self for a roller coaster ride of emotions through this story. Ga [...]

    23. This is book 3 in the Last Hangman Series, and it features Gabe.This has got to be my fave so far by Muriel Garcia. She really went all out in the deep soul that is Gabe, and let the reader experience the hurts, the why's, the pain and get a real understanding of why is where he is in life. And she also gives him Vivian.The story of Vivian and Gave are so tangled and intricate that you just feel for them and you just root for them from the beginning there is a gritty twisted story with them that [...]

    24. I received this for an honest review I have to say I have loved all of these books. Gabe's book was a wonderful addition to these books. Gabe lost his parents early in his life and has taken care of his little sister since their passing. He met the Hangmen in a time when he really needed them. Vivian lost her parents and her Twin sister and has been on the run from the Kings MC for 12 years when she decides she is ready to be home with people she knows. This was a very good book and it was wonde [...]

    25. *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review* I have been counting down for Gabe's story! I just knew it was going to be Awesome too!! Since we were first introduced to Gabe I was constantly wanting to know more about what he was all about, what his story was & now we get it! If you ever questioned if you would like Gabe (which I doubt), this bk will make you LOVE him!! He's got some demons & he's one hot biker that you will wish you could be the one to help him overcome those de [...]

    26. 4 Star The story has laughs, rejection, secrets, suspense and heartbreak. This is Viv and Gabe’s story. Gage’s had a hard life. He has a lot of loss in his past. He just wants to take care of his club and his sister. Viv is so tired of running. She is returning home after 12 years of being gone. She has been dealing with a lot of guilt and pain. Secrets will be revealed. Will anyone be the same again? Is there even a possibly at a second chance or are they both fooling themselves? Can they h [...]

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