Eden III

Eden III

Georgia Le Carre / Sep 17, 2019

Eden III Lily I ve been such a fool Such a fool He saw me coming and tied me up in knots And I let him After Vegas my heart and mind have been thrown into complete disarray Is it really possible that what we

  • Title: Eden III
  • Author: Georgia Le Carre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lily I ve been such a fool Such a fool He saw me coming and tied me up in knots And I let him After Vegas, my heart and mind have been thrown into complete disarray Is it really possible that what we had all that blazing, unquenchable passion was just an illusion I know I ve lost his trust, but somehow I must find a way to repair the damage I have caused and find myLily I ve been such a fool Such a fool He saw me coming and tied me up in knots And I let him After Vegas, my heart and mind have been thrown into complete disarray Is it really possible that what we had all that blazing, unquenchable passion was just an illusion I know I ve lost his trust, but somehow I must find a way to repair the damage I have caused and find my way back to his heart.I have to make it right whatever it takes.Jake She is my wife now, but I know she s not mine Not really Not properly Not the way I want You see, I want it all Every last bit of her heart, mind, body and soul.And I m prepared to move heaven and earth to make that happen This is my mission and my promise Watch me make her mine or die trying

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        Georgia Le Carre writes contemporary and adult romance and is the bestselling author of the 1 bestseller,the billionaire banker series.She lives in a little old 19th century romantic cottage, surrounded by the most magical garden, filled with fruit and walnut trees and teeming with wildlife.Her diet includes all things chocolate and a voracious appetite for Romance reads, particularly new authors with a fresh voice.When she is not feeding words into Amy, her precious laptop, she can be found lost in a long walk in the woods, particularly on moonlit nights and often with the man of her dreams.Want More Hot Romances Click on the link below to receive news of my latest releases, fabulous giveaways and exclusive contentt 10e9WdE


    1. ★★★★★! Eden III, part 3 of 3. Sizzling times amidst chaos for Jake Eden & Lily!“It’s a done deal. All nine inches.”Books in The Eden Trilogy should be read in order:Book 1: Eden IBook 2: Eden IIBook 3: Eden IIIIn Eden, part 1-2 Lily Hart aka Jewel was hired at Club Eden, an exclusive gentleman’s club much thanks to catching the eye of its owner, the infamous businessmen and alleged gangsters Jake Eden. They both had an intense attraction to each other and soon landed in bed [...]

    2. Eden, part 3 picks up where Eden, part 2 ended. While in the previous book we get to know Lily better, in this final installment we find out more about Jack’s past, how we became successful and how he revenged his father’s death. I have to say I really sympathized with him. In some way he was just a victim.Now that Jack knows everything about Lily, who she really is he’s determined to keep her no matter what. He doesn’t care she lied to him. All he knows is that she’s the woman for him [...]

    3. This third and final installment did not disappoint. I loved this series so much, and I’m so sad that I have to say goodbye to sexy, dark Jake Eden. The big finale of this amazing trilogy provides us with the closure and answers we all need. There were many things I loved about this installment; on the top of my list would be the character development of Jake and Lily. From the previous ones, we already know that Jake is passionate, caring, dark, possessive and protective who wants to dominate [...]

    4. Fanfuckingtastic!! I rarely do this, but I'm giving it a 1o!!My spoiler free review of book 3 and the series as a whole ‘What do I love more than my wife? Nothing.’-- Jake Eden PRE-REVIEW:Call me addicted, but I need this one

    5. ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 STARS I loved it!!This was the last book of the Eden Trilogy and it was very well written. The story development was interesting, there's a turn of events I didn't expect. Jack Eden was as hot as in the previous 2 books. I loved everything about him. I liked Lily in the first part of the book, in the second half she pissed me off, because she was acting stupidly naive and with her behaivor she put in risk both their lives. But by the end everything went fine, and I understood h [...]

    6. What a journey we have madeThis was a great one! It was so much better than the previous ones.I don't really know how to explain what did it.Maybe it was because this wasn't rushed and no more secrets coming from around the corner.When I finished this one I was smiling not because it was done.But because it was actually a very great ending.Don't take my review to heart, read it yourself and then you'll know if it's the same for you.Or if you loved it.

    7. Great series. I like that it managed to surprise me at times. Also I have never read a book where the hero is British gypsy. So it made the hero a like bit more unique than the typical OTT crazy alpha. HEA (view spoiler)[Yes. Series is complete (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW (view spoiler)[ Safe from cheating. Hero owns a strip club where heroine worked at the beginning. (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: 4.5/10Heat Level: 9.5/10

    8. As I suspected, this book was the most entertaining of the series. I liked the bit of drama with Jake's ex (although my heart hurt for Lily), the tension between Lily and Jake's mother, and the interesting twist in the plot. I did NOT see that coming. I enjoyed the connection between Jake and Lily, but I wish there was more to their story so that I could see that bond strengthen and grow. Overall, a nice and easy read.XO

    9.   Amazing and amazing end for Jake and Lilly story,i m sad that is over but in the same time happy that Jake and Lilly got there HEA,the writing is phenomenal like always.Georgia can make you cry for the charachters one minute, then in next lough with them and that ability have only the greatest authors.Once you start reading you will not put it down until last page and then you will want more and more.Eden 3 is full with mystery,romance,amazing alpha hero,likeable heroine and one true love.Ede [...]

    10. Love Jake, love Lily, love this series!!!Jake, holy hotness, omg he's is so damn fine, dark, sexy, loving, protective, loyal.So happy, love where you took these twoThis was fantastic

    11. I can't get enough abought this authors writing! Georgia Le Carre grabs you by her two strong hands and wrestles your body and soul into her story telling. she has you on the edge of your seat with all her hot creative, suspense and passionately hot sexy storiesEden is a part 3 must read trilogy about Jake Eden and Lily Strom ' s love and indescribable passion for each other will their love save their souls? A must read then when your done read all Georgia ' s series you won't regret it.

    12. I absolutely loved this series!!! I'm a Prime member so I was able to read these for free, but I would have gladly paid to have read them.This was one one of the best romantic/erotic books I've read in awhileJake and Lily are the perfect couple!!! If you've read the Billionaire Banker Series - you will love this tooif you haven't read that - well duh?! Get on it!!!Georgia Le Carre - you're awesome!!!

    13. "I wanted to call you Lotus because I looked into your big blue eyes and I felt the sheer strength and purity of your personality. Like the Lotus she can remain in filth and mire all her life but she will rise out of it clean and pure."Can Lily really leave the grime of her past, move on through the pain of her double life and be a wife to Jake? After the cliffhanger ending of book two I could not wait to see where this enigmatic couple would take us next. a stripper pole to the glowing lights o [...]

    14. “After this life is over I will seek you again, and I will find you again.”The story picks up after the most intense cliffhanger I have ever encountered and damn, I don’t know how to react. If I will still be hurt or hot and bothered.I like how the story takes you into a totally perspective again. You think you figured it out and you know where this will lead, and then you will be taken totally by surprise by the choices the characters make and the secrets that are still uncovered.I love h [...]

    15. The final book in the Eden trilogy did not disappoint. It was gritty and raw but with a beauty and emotional depth to the writing, as I have come to expect from any of Ms Le Carre's work. I am usually good at spotting twists coming, but this one caught me out and made the finale even more special. Will Jake's mothers prophecy of Lily leading his to his death come true? There's only one way to find out, grab a copy and read it now. Great creative and sizzling hot storytelling.**I was provided wit [...]

    16. From start to finish this series has been amazing and absolutely brilliant. I love the way Georgia`s books flow so fluently and her descriptive stories are memorising. Jake and Lily were made for each other. The storyline of the modern day undercover cop really draws on the imagination and the added twist towards the end makes for a fab ending.

    17. Loved this book and the entire series! Alpha male who knew what he wanted and went after it. No cheating or OW drama. Highly recommend!

    18. 5 She sure wowed me stars!Another great series. Ms, Le Carre definitely has the gift of amazing stories in the palm of her hands. Keep writing!

    19. Brilliant Final InstallmentI loved reading this the third and final installment of this series. I really enjoyed the way the characters developed throughout the series. I love Jake and Lily together. I have been rooting for them this whole time, so to finally get this far, and see for better or for worse, what happens is thrilling. We get to understand Jake, and the reasons behind why he is how he is, plus the ways that he evolved with Lily. I also loved watching Lily develop as her story unfold [...]

    20. Review of Eden III (The Eden Trilogy #3) by Georgia Le CarreReview done for Hooked on Books4 out of 5 starsUgly truths are coming to light in Book 3. Both Jake and Lily are in danger and they don’t know who they can trust.Lily has seen the light and realized her love for Jake. She will do whatever she can to protect him. Jake knows everything about Lily know and he knows that she is the one for him. He needs to protect her though.People Lily has trusted turn out to be her enemy. When she reali [...]

    21. What do you do when your world comes crashing down on you? Do you run away from it all or do you stay and face the music and fight for what is yours?Lily's cover had been revealed and she didn't know what to feel about it. She realized she loved Jake and now this. What would she do?Jake knew all along about Lily and yet he was so in love with her he was willing to fight for her, but will he goes against his mother premonition?Lily knew his mother didn't liked her and now she knew she had to prot [...]

    22. This is the third, and final, book in a trilogy. It must be read in order or you will never make sense of some of the best books ever written (IMO).I have been waiting for this book; anxious to know how Jake and Lily could move on from the astonishing revelations of book two.The dual point of view is a perfect way to show how both Jake and Lily are thinking and coping.The coming together of these two is explosive. Georgia Le Carre does not write love scenes or sex scenes but blisteringly hot ero [...]

    23. Eden book 3 picks ups right after the 2nd book and it didn't disappoint. I really loved this series by Georgia Le Carre. I loved the story of Jake and Lily and the struggle that these two went through. After getting married in Las Vegas things start out a little bumpy. Jake finds out that Lily is an undercover cop and is trying to arrest him for drug charges. Lily is in shock when Jake found out that she was a cop and she fights for her man Jake. She realizes that she is truly madly deeply in lo [...]

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