Out on Good Behavior

Out on Good Behavior

Dahlia Adler / Feb 20, 2020

Out on Good Behavior Frankie Bellisario knows she can get anyone she sets her sights on but just because she can doesn t mean she should not when the person she s eyeing is Samara Kazarian the daughter of a southern Rep

  • Title: Out on Good Behavior
  • Author: Dahlia Adler
  • ISBN: 9780990916857
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frankie Bellisario knows she can get anyone she sets her sights on, but just because she can doesn t mean she should not when the person she s eyeing is Samara Kazarian, the daughter of a southern Republican mayor No matter how badly Frankie wants to test her powers of persuasion, even she recognizes some lines aren t meant to be crossed.But when Frankie learns she s beenFrankie Bellisario knows she can get anyone she sets her sights on, but just because she can doesn t mean she should not when the person she s eyeing is Samara Kazarian, the daughter of a southern Republican mayor No matter how badly Frankie wants to test her powers of persuasion, even she recognizes some lines aren t meant to be crossed.But when Frankie learns she s been on Samara s mind too, the idea of hooking up with her grows too strong to resist Only Sam s not looking for a hookup she wants needs the real thing, and she s afraid she ll never find it as long as Frankie s in her head.Forced to choose between her first relationship and losing the girl who s been clawing her way under her skin, Frankie opts to try monogamyunder her own condition 30 days of keeping things on the down low and remaining abstinent If she fails as hard at girlfriending as she s afraid she might, she doesn t want to throw Samara s life into upheaval for nothing But when neither the month nor Frankie s heart go according to plan, she may be the one stuck fighting for the happily ever after she never knew she wanted.

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        Dahlia Adler is an Associate Editor of Mathematics by day, a blogger for BN Teens by night, and writes Contemporary YA and NA at every spare moment in between She s the author of the Daylight Falls duology, Just Visiting, and the Radleigh University series, as well as over five billion tweets as MissDahlELama She lives in New York City with her husband and their overstuffed bookshelves.


    1. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

      Happy Pride Month, My Lovelies!Buddy-reading will commence on June 27th. 2 I’m-just-not-sure StarsExpectations. Expectations can be the root of all that is evil in a book-lover’s world.I have always loved diversity. Even when, as a teenager, I lived in a small town that seemed to be obsessed with trying to stamp it out entirely. To say that I had pretty high expectations when I discovered that Frankie’s character was pansexual is an extreme understatement. You see, one of my best friends i [...]

    2. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestWe read OUT ON GOOD BEHAVIOR as a nod to Pride Month in my romance book club/discussion group, Unapologetic Romance Readers. Dahlia Adler has made a name for herself advocating diversity and intersectionality in YA and NA, and I've been meaning to read her for a while, so kudos to sraxe for getting the ball rolling on that with her recommendation.OUT ON GOOD BEHAVIOR is a love story between a pansexual girl named Frankie Bellisario and a lesbian n [...]

    3. If you read the book and couldn't quite figure out all the YA references, check out Samara's Reading List Revealed!

    4. I was caught between whether I should give this a one or a two, but because I spent most of it being annoyed, I decided to round down after thinking about it some more, I decided that one was an unfair rating, so I rounded up. Honestly, I don't know why I continue to bother picking up NA books. It's the same tropey mess over and over again. And yet, when I go long enough without reading one, I wonder was it really that bad??? Yes, it's reaffirmed again and again. Yes, it most definitely was. And [...]

    5. It's Pride month, yay and I am so glad I read this!I usually don't review NAs but in my opinion, not talking about this book would be a disservice to all the genre-defying Dahlia A does in this novel.I believe, Dahlia Adler is one of those few writers today (Elliott Wake, Courtney Milan among others) who show the bird to the misogyny which has started to plague the NA genre.Also, f/f sex OH, MY FUCKING GOODNESS. *puts away her vibrator*So! I like how this book rises above slut shaming.I like how [...]

    6. Is it me? My age? My specific experiences, my way of expressig my sexual orientation?Because I really didn't fall for this book, and I had been specifically asking for a f/f story.No, it's not me, it's the damn book.The conditions for a great read were all there: opposites attract, one truly pansexual character, one totally closeted still, bantering group of friends. Right. Wrong , so wrong. I think what really bothers me the most is that at the end of it all, the book left me with nothing. I wi [...]

    7. Buddy read with the Unapologetic Romance Readers group.28/6 - This was my first f/f book, so I have no idea how it compares to other f/f books out there, but I thought this was pretty great. I felt the same reading this romance as I have with most previous romances - warm and squishy when love is finally admitted, frustrated when problems could be cleared up with a simple conversation and in need of a fan during the sex scenes. For my heart and brain it doesn't matter what bits go where or what [...]

    8. That was sweet! This is my first book from the author and I think is also the 3rd and final book of the series. First is from Lizzie then Cait and finally Frankie. They're best friends. Actually, I'm tempted to read the first two just to read something about Frankie. Let's see about that soon.Goodness! I can't stop smiling throughout the book.I ship them hard! Frankie and Sam!!! I want to read more of them.Frankie is a party girl. She enjoys quick hook-ups, she plays around. That's the life she [...]

    9. Trigger warnings: Slut shaming, LGBTQIA characters stressing over how their parents will react.3.5 stars. Let's do this as a pro/con list, because it seems easier on my poor brain at this point in time. PROS- Pansexual protagonist!- Adorable F/F romance! - Great female friendships! - Excellent background diversity! - It's a compelling story! CONS- A lot of the story is based on misunderstandings- It's not a particularly long book (less than 200 pages), and probably two thirds of it is build up t [...]

    10. “It isn’t just the way she feels, or smells, or tastes; it’s the way she sighs into my mouth, like: finally. Like: you found me. Like: this is everything I dreamed it would be.2☆warning: english isn't my first language, so probably this is going to have a lot of mistakes, but whatever i need to talk about this.This is going to contain spoilers, but not about the plot, more about the representation this gives to lgbtqia people (pansexual and bisexual):1) First of all, this book series is [...]

    11. College romance between two young women: a promiscuous pansexual named Frankie and a shy, inexperienced (and very much in the closet) conservative politician's daughter named Samara. For the first half of the book, I was really enjoying it. The author captured Frankie's voice perfectly, and the depiction of college life seemed much more believable than in many similar novels. I enjoyed Frankie's art studies and how she had realistic concerns, like needing a part time job to pay for her field tri [...]

    12. Out on Good Behavior is the story of how a life-embracing, blue-haired art student with roses tattooed on her cleavage and piercings you can’t see in class falls, hard, for her best friend’s cute blonde roommate, a sweet girl who doesn’t drink and prefers books and gentle hangouts to clubbing.How does the party girl–and this is such a lovely, positive portrayal of a party girl who really enjoys herself as opposed to, like, secretly not actually having a good time–handle her attraction [...]

    13. I liked this! A lot!I rarely venture into the world of NA, but when I heard this one had a pansexual mc I thought it would be perfect. And it was. If you read NA - or even if you don't - please, check this book out! It's cute and fun and sexy.

    14. I'll be posting my full review of this one on Books and Ladders as part of New Adult August!I still don't think I'm 100% sold on the New Adult genre but that's okay because I did really enjoy this one. I really connected to Frankie in this one because I too am of the persuasion that I don't need to be in a relationship to be happy. But I was still rooting for her and Sam to get together. I thought their dynamic was really interesting and I am glad I read this one. I am going to read Last Will an [...]

    15. 4 starsI love Dahlia Adler, yadda yadda yadda, so yeah, I needed to read Out on Good Behavior the instant it was available to me. And man. This does it. The Radleigh University series is one of the best and most solid new adult series out there. Consider this my vehement recommendation to anyone who has ever expressed any interest in new adult books.Whereas the previous books in the series have been a combination of romance and familial drama, Out on Good Behavior is pretty much pure romance - a [...]

    16. 4.5 starsDahlia Adler, glorious goddess that she is (and friend of mine blahdiblah), constantly outdoes herself. While Out on Good Behavior isn’t quiiiiiite my favorite of her novels (of which I’ve read all 6 because YES and my favorite may always be Just Visiting though who knows what with Dahlia’s awesomeness), but it is the hottest of her novels. And that is truly saying something because there’s sex in all of her books. And there are actually only a couple of sex scenes in Out on Goo [...]

    17. 3.5 stars rounded upI enjoyed this book very much. Frankie is part of the trio of friends we are first introduced to in Last Will and Testament, and I had too many issues with the first two books in the series to actually like them, but the one huge redeeming quality all the books share is the friendship between Lizzie, Cait and Frankie, so it was really good when we got her book too.Sam and Frankie were a great couple to read about. Frankie was my favourite of the three girls and to be honest s [...]

    18. When I heard Dahlia Adler was releasing another f/f novel, I knew I had to read it. Unsurprisingly, I loved Out on Good Behaviour. I have read and loved all of Adler's novels (except one, shh!) and this novel is no exception.Frankie is no stranger to one night stands and hookups, but the person she's eyeing may be. Samara, one of her best friend's roommates, is a book-loving sweet girl and Frankie knows she should stay clear or suffer her friend's wrath, but that doesn't mean she does. As Franki [...]

    19. 4.5 starsWell that was perfectly ADORABLE and super hot and hilarious. Fuller review TK, but I'm pretty sure the very best thing about this book was the dialogue. It was funny and real and quippy and flowed and it just made me feel like I was hanging out with a bunch of really awesome really real besties (all of whom have disgustingly cute romances, obvs). Seriously, the friendship was maybe my fave part, except that I'm completely in love with Frankie Bellasario, who is a kick ass hilarious rel [...]

    20. I expected this book to be super hot (check), hilarious (check), feminist (check), fun (check), friendship goals (check) and so much morebut I wasn't expecting how sweet and romantic it was. And I LOVED it. This is a happy book. It's a book about these two very different girls falling for each other while dealing with the world, and it's so lovely and life-affirming and fun. There's a little drama, of course, as any relationship has, but overall? This book makes you smile. It has depth and heart [...]

    21. I loved this so much, and it might be my new favorite contemporary f/f romance. I couldn't get enough of Sam and Frankie and I'm sad it's over. I couldn't put this book down from page 1. I read it in one sitting because I couldn't wait to see what happened between our leading ladies. This was my second read from Dahlia Adler and it definitely won't be my last.

    22. This book is such a strong finish to Dahlia's NA series! I quite enjoyed getting more of Frankie's thoughts; though she and I are very different, I absolutely adored her. And to see her experience the ups and downs of romance was so compelling!

    23. [[4.75 STARS]]review will be up on my blog soon but i loved this so much. so cute and fluffy and queer. my love#DiversityDecBingo - pansexual main character

    24. This is not a review, I haven't read enough of this book to review it. Just like with Let's Talk About Love, I tried to read this before the T5W romance topic and I was just not in the mood for it. I probably won't try again, but I didn't think it was awful, and I did like the pansexual rep. However, I thought Under the Lights by the same author had better writing.

    25. Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.Dahlia Adler's Radleigh University series is easily one of my favorite new adult series. I've loved the first two books and I was more than ready for Frankie's story when I got my hands on an eARC of Out on Good Behavior. I was totally intrigued by her character and, while I've read a number of NA and adult M/M novels, I've only ever read a YA F/F book. It was time to change that and what better way to do it than by reading a book from a series I l [...]

    26. To be honest, I didn't expect to like this as much as I did. I was hyper-critical of the Daylight Falls books because they take place in LA, and while I enjoyed Adler's writing, I kept getting stuck on minor details. I don't know if I was just really in the mood for this after reading The Love Song of Sawyer Bell and looking for another queer new adult book, but I read this in one day because I couldn't stop. Out on Good Behavior didn't have most of the pitfalls stories about queer women tend to [...]

    27. Such a cute quick romance read!Out on a Good Behavior is a NA contemporary novel about two girls falling in love. It's really light-hearted and cute.The protagonist's name is Frankie. She's an art student, pansexual and she's a passionate,open person. I loved reading the book from her pov, she has such great energy. The love interest is a closeted lesbian from the South Carolina,she's of Armenian origin, her name's is Samara, she's majoring in politics. Samara is so cute and these two girls have [...]

    28. “It isn’t just the way she feels, or smells, or tastes; it’s the way she sighs into my mouth, like: finally. Like: you found me. Like: this is everything I dreamed it would be."This is such a good book. Even though I forgot everything about the first book in the series I'm sure I'm going to remember this one. It's so important that we get a NA book with a F/F romance with a pansexual main character and a lot of different characters with different sexualities, races and religions. Also, rea [...]

    29. I read Out on Good Behavior in one sitting, I couldn’t help but get sucked into the ebb and the flow of the story. There’s something delightful about a pansexual girl liking a closeted lesbian bookworm. I dig it a lot, Frankie is a revelation as always, but it’s Samara who I could identify the most. I know some of my friends and peers would also feel that way. It’s not an everyday occurrence you get to read a book about a Sapphic who’s a voracious reader!Out on Good Behavior deviates f [...]

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