Abendau's Heir

Abendau's Heir

Jo Zebedee Teresa Edgerton / Aug 21, 2019

Abendau s Heir Kare s seen planets destroyed by the relentless expansion of his mother s empire Children killed His own family murdered With her power to manipulate minds she may be invincible Only Kare might have t

  • Title: Abendau's Heir
  • Author: Jo Zebedee Teresa Edgerton
  • ISBN: 9780992907754
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kare s seen planets destroyed by the relentless expansion of his mother s empire Children killed His own family murdered With her power to manipulate minds she may be invincible Only Kare might have the power to stop her He has to try, or face the horrifying future his father foretold But in opposing her, he risks everything his friends, his loved ones even his sanKare s seen planets destroyed by the relentless expansion of his mother s empire Children killed His own family murdered With her power to manipulate minds she may be invincible Only Kare might have the power to stop her He has to try, or face the horrifying future his father foretold But in opposing her, he risks everything his friends, his loved ones even his sanity.A fast moving Space Opera, epic in scope, Abendau s Heir combines gritty themes and military sci fi all told by close, memorable characters.

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    1. This audiobook was provided by the author at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Boom.DNF at 27%. The story was okay, if a little elementary, but the narration was the worst I've ever heard in an audiobook. It's so bad that this book is going into the abandoned book pile.

    2. This is the first novel by writer Jo Zebedee and published by the small independent publisher with big aspirations, Tickety Boo Press. As with previous publications there is nothing wrong with the presentation of the book and it would happily fit on the shelves of any reader, or indeed bookshop where it is already finding a home.Abendau’s Heir is the first part of an epic space opera, the Inheritance trilogy and to say that she has done herself proud is an understatement. For a first novel thi [...]

    3. Abendau’s Heir is author Jo Zebedee’s debut novel. And I’d like to put it out there before you get any further in this review: this was an excellent book. It may be her first release, but Zebedee proves that she can easily go toe-to-toe with many of the pros out there today. A powerful empress who controls multiple planets, and holds sway over most of the major families is seeking an heir to take her place. She finds a mate who has powers like her own in order to assure that the offspring [...]

    4. Abendau's Heir, the first in Jo Zebedee's Inheritance Trilogy, is the tale of Kare, who has grown up on the run from the vast shadow of the evil Empress he has the misfortune to call mother. The relentless expansion of his mother's empire has destroyed entire planets and killed countless people. With her mind manipulation powers, the Empress is all but invincible.Unless Kare, who has inherited both his parents' formidable psy powers, is willing to step in and lead the rebellion himself, facing t [...]

    5. From tentative purchase to 'wow!': Abendau's Heir is a best buy.In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that I 'know' Jo Zebedee (in that vague internet sense), through both of us being members of the same online forum; I've also done a bit of early beta-reading on a couple of her other projects.So, I bought this book reasonably confident of her ability to write, and intrigued, if not entirely convinced, by the blurb. I am very glad I did, for this has turned out to be one of my better pu [...]

    6. I don't normally read this genre, I am certainly glad I did. The Author's confidence in her world allowed me to step beyond my comfort zone and sink into Kare's reality. It is well written making it visually and emotionally rich as we follow Kare through a world ruled by a less than benign Empress. It might well be a debut, and from a small press but neither fact impacts the narrative or presentation of the book. The use of familiar tropes is the balance against unexpected events dealt out to th [...]

    7. Abendau's Heir (The Inheritance Trilogy Book 1) by Jo ZebedeeThis is one of those novels that I wanted to really like maybe even love. It has that potential. And yet, in my enthusiasm I kept stumbling through the first chapters with this odd feeling of disconnect that confused me. I had to read through a second time to try to figure out what my problem was. Style choices the author made might have resonated with me in a rather unusual way. I would have to definitely recommend that others not tak [...]

    8. I was lucky enough to read the Abendau trilogy as a beta reader. I can see since how much work Jo has put into the final versions. Ignore the negative reviews from people expecting a hard sci-fi - this isn't that and I don't believe it's been marketed as such. Abendau's Heir is a space opera - if you want to read stories about *people* in a world you can escape to, then this is for you. Strong writing and great characters, particularly Lichio who became my favourite.

    9. I didn't buy into the world and the characters as strongly as I did for Innish Carraig (Jo's other book that I've read) but I still enjoyed it. The plot pulled me along and I found myself reading far past 'lights-out' time. I have bought the other two books in the trilogy and will be reading them soon. Have to know how it all pans out!

    10. Abendau's Heir is the first in a trilogy (The Inheritance Trilogy) by first time author Jo Zebedee, although you wouldn't believe it to be a first time effort. The general gist of the story is that there is an 'Evil Empire' vs 'Rebels' war in progress. Our hero, Kare, is the key to the future, to victory for one side over the other. His Mother is The Empress, his Father the leader of The Rebellion. They both want Kale on their side but what Kale really wants is to survive. Just from that synopsi [...]

    11. Jo Zebedee should be proud of her debut scifi novel, Abendau's Heir. From the first page the reader can feel her love of the genre and her love of the characters that inhabit her universe. It’s clear that she has been percolating the story for many years as the depth in the characters and subtle nuances that they display, in a continually shifting plot, are impressive.Abendau’s Heir is not a book that I would normally pick-up off the shelf and it’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s a dark [...]

    12. Jo Zebedee doesn't pull many punches with this, her first novel, first in a trilogy, and one of Tickety Boo Books's flagship titles. Right from the off the reader is hit with imprisonment, torture, prophecy-induced PTSD, and a stark line in the sand - major characters will die. This is bravura plotting, and the promise of a climactic confrontation does not disappoint.It would be easy to flag Abendau's Heir as a grimdark cousin to Dune and Star Wars - the scope is just as epic, but battles flash [...]

    13. Abendau’s HeirThis review is tough. I really wish we could give fractions of stars—most of the book was three stars for me. But the ending transcended that and deserves four.I have reservations. The story starts in the POV of the father, and his character is so vivid that his son (the main POV character) never quite came into focus the same way. On the other hand, the son spent most of the story trying to live up to his father. And in that case, it could very well have been intentional on th [...]

    14. I realise I started this book in June at the start of the summer and made good progress with it, it is very dark at the start with Kare’s sister, this really took me aback and I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, which kept me going fast.I flew through Kare’s training with the Banned but then I started to stall: I found it hard to believe in the love story between Sonly and Kare, it just was too easy and I think this is about the time where I closed the book to move on to a new one. Then about [...]

    15. I've been 'Abendau'd'!While not as strong as my all-time favourite space opera, Dune, Jo Zebedee's first ever offering is grand enough to have me chomping at the bit to get the other two books in this trilogy under my belt.Abendau's Heir is a roller-coaster ride of emotions from start to finish; sensitive readers may want to skim over or skip the darker bits as they really are quite distressing. I found the world (universe?)-building a bit lacking, but that's just me - I like an in-depth cultura [...]

    16. I struggled with the first few chapters but once Kare got older the booked flowed along nicely.Kare, brought up in secret by his aunt after the death of his father and his twin sister finds his life turned upside down when his mother the empress discovers where he is. Along with his cousin Silom, he flees to the Banned. It brings back a lot of bad memories for Kare, they turned his father and twins away leading to the death of his father and twin. He had to stay, his only protection from the emp [...]

    17. This story is, I think, Space Opera not SF; indeed the hard 'show-me-the-equations' SF fan will not be happy with several aspects of this tale (e.g. small spaceships that can be piloted by chilren, do interstellar travel and also land on planets). Indeed this story could very easily be transposed to a secondary world fantasy setting as it is a classic coming-of-age, taking up powers and responsibility tale. It's strength lies in the well-drawn characters and their interactions and this is where [...]

    18. I reviewed the audiobook on Audible; great read, and I've already started reading 'Sunset over Abendau'. :)

    19. LOVED THIS BOOK! I haven't been "stuck" in a book like this one in awhile. I really didn't want to put it down.

    20. No sci-fi hereThis is a fantasy, not science fiction other than they drive space ships instead of cars. How the supposed space ships are able to travel FTL is, well, they just do. Magical mystical "powers" are also a given with no explanation or common sense. The rest of it reads like a rejected plot from Game Of Thrones. 23 percent was way to much for me. Thank goodness I can cleanse my Kindle with the delete function.

    21. I loved Inish-Carraig and hope this would be just as gripping. The start certainly was, but for me the story extends over too many years as Kare grows up. I began to lose track of his friends and his motives. Jo Zebedee writing is outstanding, and I'm sure a huge number of readers will love Abendau's heir, unfortunately it didn't make 5 stars for me.

    22. "First ScFi Book I could not finish"I hate to admit it, but this is the first science fiction book I was unable to finish for many different reasons which I hope to touch on in the following review. I really liked the premise and was hoping that things would improve, but over halfway though I could no longer continue. The book had some redeeming qualities, however it was like a bad day of golfing where you cannot hit the ball at all and then you hit one good ball and want to keep playing this gr [...]

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