The Flower Arrangement

The Flower Arrangement

Ella Griffin / Sep 19, 2019

The Flower Arrangement Golden peonies bowing their heads beneath blue delphinium bells Delicate pink anemones threaded between freckled green orchids Soft apricot roses woven together with velvety purple irises Every bouque

  • Title: The Flower Arrangement
  • Author: Ella Griffin
  • ISBN: 9781409145837
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Golden peonies bowing their heads beneath blue delphinium bells Delicate pink anemones threaded between freckled green orchids Soft apricot roses woven together with velvety purple irises Every bouquet tells a story And every story begins at Blossom Grow, a tiny jewel like flower shop in the heart of Dublin Here, among the buckets of fragrant blooms, beneath theGolden peonies bowing their heads beneath blue delphinium bells Delicate pink anemones threaded between freckled green orchids Soft apricot roses woven together with velvety purple irises Every bouquet tells a story And every story begins at Blossom Grow, a tiny jewel like flower shop in the heart of Dublin Here, among the buckets of fragrant blooms, beneath the flickering candles and lanterns, Lara works her magic Translating feelings into flower arrangements that change hearts and lives But what about her own heart Has she really healed since she lost her chance to be a mother What will happen when her own story takes a sudden turn Can the flowers that heal the customers work their magic on the florist Drawing together a delightful cast of characters, Ella Griffin brings her warmth, wit and wisdom to a captivating tale woven around a Dublin florist.

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    1. This novel brings with it the scent of flowers and the impact they can have on both the person receiving them and the person selling them. You can almost smell the flowers. Lara, the owner of Blossom and Grow sees flowers brought for special occasions but also for all sorts of reasons, from husbands saying sorry, gifts for new mothers and their babies and just about every other reason imaginable. It is the flowers to the maternity ward, Lara finds hardest to deliver since her baby died weeks bef [...]

    2. Dear reader,I must admit to loving this deceptively charming and clever book. It tells the story of Lara,a florist,who,having lost a much wanted baby,puts all her energies into her business,Blossom and Grow. Her brother,Phil,a courier,has had a string of beautiful girlfriends but,at nearly thirty,has yet to settle down. Katy,a bridal magazine editor,finally realises that the man she is living with is more a flat mate than her soulmate,so makes a decision that Fate happily smiles upon. Her sister [...]

    3. Loaded with the cast of characters that you can connect with, the author dives into a wonderful story where all lives intersect and connect together in one way or another.Relating to flowers and feeling comfortable with plants is the way that Lara learns how to cope with her life’s ups and downs. We all have struggles in our life, some days are more difficult than others, and finding that comfort that works for you whether it is family, work, or just peaceful surroundings, is a necessity.The a [...]

    4. In Blossom & Grow, a Dublin based flower shop, Lara combines her talent for arrangements and her ability to match a flower to a customer, resulting in an intuitive bouquet of emotion. With the help of her brother, Phil and some part time help, running the shop is her calling. Her marriage is stale and she finds comfort in the surroundings of beautiful blooms. Seasons change and so does the stock. Each customer is ordering arrangements for a reason, and Lara has a knack of matching the flower [...]

    5. I was lucky enough to get a review copy of this book in advance of it hitting the shelves and I absolutely LOVED it. Ella has a really light touch as a writer and handles often deep and emotional subject matter in a warm, genuinely beautiful way. I loved the way that her characters stories were interwoven though the flower arrangements they bought - and the one story in particular about the man in hospital really stayed with me for a long time afterwards. Gorgeous stuff from a really talented Ir [...]

    6. You can judge a book by its cover, it seems. Yes, I readily admit I wanted to read this book on the strength of its pretty cover alone. And for once, it turned out to be a good move because I found The Flower Arrangement a total treat.I’ve read books with food porn and chocolate porn and wine porn, but I can’t remember reading any with flower porn, and despite my lack of floral knowledge or interest in gardening in general, I loved that aspect. The descriptions of the flowers were not only g [...]

    7. I loved this book! I'm not typically drawn to chick lit but something about the blurb on this one made me want to read it. Firstly, it's set in a florists in Dublin- my city. I loved all of the references to streets, pubs, different buildings etc around the capital. The main character was instantly likeable and not your classic run of the mill heroine in a story like this. Furthermore, all of the (even minor) characters are explored in some detail, meaning you get insights into many different pe [...]

    8. I enjoyed reading this light-hearted, though often sad, novel. It is based around a florist shop and particularly its owner, Lara, who is a likeable and well-drawn character. The novel gives us a web of interlinking relationships, each bringing someone to the florist shop, e.g. someone's boyfriend's ex - girlfriend and her new boyfriend might come to buy flowers. All the characters have a link of some kind to the shop and its owner. At one stage, I felt it was a book about the breaking up of rel [...]

    9. Three and a half stars: A book with lovely writing, a cozy setting and a mix of eclectic and interesting characters, but there are too many story lines that are left open and a lot of heartache. Lara flicks on the fairy lights and eyes her little floral shop with its shelves bursting in a profusion of bright flowers and color. Her little shop is what saved her from unbearable heartache, and in its quiet confines, she has found a life amongst the flowers and her customers. Lara firmly believes th [...]

    10. Every since she was a little girl, Lara has believed in the healing power of flowers. Now as an adult Lara has her own florist shop and has the uncanny knack of knowing just which floral arrangement each of her customers needs even when they don't know it themselves.The Flower Arrangement is a delightful story about love, life and of course, flowers. At the beginning of the novel Lara is broken and dispirited but with help from her family, friends and the flowers she sells she rebuilds her life [...]

    11. This is a beautiful book, I love the way the contrasting stories are interleaved. Emotionally deep but very readable. Ireland's next Maeve Binchy.

    12. I really enjoyed The Flower Arrangement, I loved the author’s style, Ella Griffin managed to make me cry and laugh on the same page. It is a fast-pace book, which touched my heart. Every chapter has the name of a flower and tells the story of the people who enter in Blossom & Grow. Every chapter tells a heartbroken tale and also hopeful ones. A novel of betray, lost, love and hope.Blossom & Grow’s owner Lara is a gifted woman who touch the heart of all her customers. She is going thr [...]

    13. A really enjoyable read with a number of short stories all linked by a Dublin flower shop. The charcters are well drawn and sympathetic. I thought the ending was a bit weak otherwise would have given it 5 stars.

    14. Once again, Ella Griffin has created a story that is warm and uplifting, dealing with serious and complicated issues at times, with a wonderfully created lead character at it's heart.The star of the novel for me is Lara's florist shop; Blossom & Grow. I love flowers, and adore florist shops. For me, there is something incredibly special about entering that cool, damp air that every florist shop has and picking out a bunch of flowers that exactly suit my mood. Somedays it could be beautifully [...]

    15. Loved learning about flowers, loved the cast of characters, loved the quirky turns of phrase and the emotions they evoked. A wonderful read.

    16. Such a hard book to rate! I've changed it from 3 stars to 4 and then back again 5 times.even harder to review;All I can do is break it down:It's beautifully written. I loved every page and every individual story. I loved the main character and connected with each and every character in the book. I loved the cover picture, the shop, the flowers, the meanings behind the flowers. I loved the heart & soul of it.But.It isn't a full story with a beginning, middle, end. There isn't a 'plot.'It's a [...]

    17. I usually read thrillers but I absolutely loved this book. It had me in tears on more than one occasion but the joy and hope in the book also shone through. The story follows Lara and her brother Phil through some painful and life changing events. I would really love a florist like Lara, she always knows which flowers suit her customers as she is so knowledgeable in floristry. A compassionate and loving woman whose strength ultimately helps her along her path. Her brother came across as fairly s [...]

    18. FeelingsThis book was astonishing- the depth, the writing, and the hard work that was so obviously devoted to such a project.I am in awe. I had been trying to quickly get through this book because I wanted to return it to my local library before I went on holiday this summer. I managed to do it but I wish I had appreciated all the stories, and lessons, a little more.This is not a book to be taken lightly, even with its infinite sweet moments. This book obviously became a favourite, I was hooked [...]

    19. .4.5Posted in full reviewedthebook/2015 The Flower Arrangement is such a peaceful, relaxing read – the kind of book perfect to curl up with and lose a day to, to smile and laugh and cry at, to fall in love with the wonderful cast of characters. I wanted to wake up and find myself at Blossom & Grow flower shop, to smell all the gorgeous flowers and to chat tirelessly with Lara, watching all my worries disappear. There’s personal, impactful messages all throughout this story and I can’t [...]

    20. The Flower Arrangement by Ella Griffin is set in Dublin and follows the life of Lara, the woman who owns and runs a flower shop. Really it is not just any flower shop, Lara has a gift for relating to people, their hopes and losses, their joys and sadness as she provides them with just the right flowers for them.Lara herself has experienced loss, beginning with that of a child. Her marriage brings unexpected challenges and for awhile Lara flounders and goes into a deep dark hole. However the need [...]

    21. Review by ireadnovels.wordpressElla always wanted to be a writer and it shows in her lovely words that she generates throughout The Flower Arrangement. Woman love receiving flowers for any occasion and we adore seeing the flowers growing in our garden. Watching garden shows is so relaxing. And reading The Flower Arrangement is charmingly relaxing.Lara gets a brilliant idea that she wants to open a flower shop, but her husband Michael seems not keen on Lara's idea. He makes it clear to Lara that [...]

    22. This was a cute fluffy book. Some of the love storylines were a bit unbelievable and the amount of grief and despair in the book can get a bit excessive. I mean come on really? Is all that loss really necessary? I mean how much can one woman take? I know that there always needs to be some kind of conflict in a book to get the ball rolling, but the story is about a woman overcoming grief and learning to live and to love again. I just felt like certain things in the end did not need to happen. I t [...]

    23. This book was recommend by my favorite author Marian Keyes "on the Twitters." It was chick lit with substance and feeling. Loved it!

    24. Step into Blossom & Grow, a wonderful little flower shop that knows what you need before you do, and thats all down to one lady - Lara, some people have a gift for flowers, and people - Lara is one of them. She never planned to run a little flower shop, when her heart breaks after she loses her baby six months into her pregnancy she throws herself into work and surrounding herself with flowers avoiding the one topic her and her husband need to actually talk about. Then, when her father passe [...]

    25. What a magical book! Ella Griffin deftly weaves the different characters' stories and lives together until you suddenly see how everyone is connected. It's rare that a multi-narrator book seems to flow so seamlessly, but after the first transition I found myself actually looking forward to the next change as I saw the world - and flowers - through so many different eyes. It's filled with stories of life, love, sorrow and friendship, all intertwined and overlapping, some directly while others are [...]

    26. This book was about Lara and her flower shop. Usually when you think about flower shops, you think about birthdays, Valentine Day, Mother's Day, you know happy occasions. That happens in this book. However, a lot of it dealt with death. So get out your tissues. It also dealt with breakups. Maybe, get out two boxes of tissues.I really liked the story and the characters. It was very sad and it did have its happy moments as well. I really grew to like Lara and I hoped throughout the whole book that [...]

    27. A charming book, with lives interwoven on perfumed blossoms, some sad, some joyous each marked by a flower and it's meaning. Made me wish that florists actually sold flowers with perfume, not hybrid beauties with no soul.

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